Who was the Father of Prophet Abraham

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Every man his salon

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began with this type of jihad with his people.

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They had to kill him

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from his biography, and as mentioned in the books of

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Abraham Ali Salaam was born in a country that we know by iraq now.

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And he was born to

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people who worship idols.

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Some of them worship in the room, the stars

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and some of them worship the idols

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and his father

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was one of the people who used to make the idols

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imagine your your father is the maker of the false gods

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his father's father's name is awesome.

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We call it Ibrahim Ali ad.

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And you will hear from people who explain the Quran says no, no, no that's not his father, that's his uncle.

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And some says no other is the name of the idol.

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Or sometimes they say other is

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a means of

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why why why do you go ahead and limit them and why

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they are making it a little bit big that the father of Abraham is not a Muslim.

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He was not a Muslim.

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Why not?

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In Salah

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Lee, well actually, specially if you did your job.

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A person will not be basically should not feel that disgrace because your family member is not a Muslim. As long as you did your part you call them to Islam you did your because of Islam and Islam is in the hands of Allah is not in your hands.

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It's not in your hand. And a lot of the people who went that way of explaining the verses in the Quran about the father of Abraham that it was not as are these doing this.

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They sort of knew was a Catholic.

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The wife of Luther was was not was not a Muslim. was not that was America was a calf era.

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And if this person, when you explain the Quran would have just gone to the Heidi.

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One Hadith would have solved the whole problem. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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can you explain the Quran just by your talk by the Arabic language? Now you first

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you do not explain the Quran based on the linguistic. You must find out what the prophet said about this man in the Hadees

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Abraham Ali Salah will meet his Father

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in the name of resurrection

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on the face of barakato

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would have solved the whole problem. for him. His name is Arthur