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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the title " Hope" in Arabic language, as it refers to the belief that the Prophet sallavi was allam. They also touch on the topic of "IT" and the use of it in public, as it relates to the clout and manners of people. The speakers emphasize the importance of fulfilling the commandments and character in Islam, and mention a new video featuring a guest who is a banana. They end with a promotional message for a VRSC event.
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Masha Allah,

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handler of Allah Allah means that Allah cinnabar kind of Jana Muhammad Allah wa salatu salam, the steam and Katha mama But tonight we have one of those, for me is one of the most beautiful a hadith about the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Very very short, but extremely sweet about the prophets or about the lie was that I'm sorry I didn't number 1847

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I did number 1847 Devil Salah hain. God one Aisha Radi Allahu Tirana. Got it. Kind of Hello conda V sal Allahu Allah wa salam Al Quran, Ra Muslim, I shall be allowed to run her. She said she's the manners of the prophets, Allah Salam, the conduct of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was entirely according to the Quran. Now that's rough translation. The Arabic text says gynecological Quran. His manners was the Quran itself. What does that mean? does explain that a little bit hydro Muslim, but to understand what's the meaning of this haircut when she said the Quran, his o'clock his manners, his etiquette his conduct was the Quran itself. So how what does that mean? How was that possible?

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Let's see the context specifically. See the context come from the fact that some people went to I showed you a lot Rana and they asked her about the prophets of Allah salams manners and conduct and a flock. I mean, you guys tell me is a Professor Sam when he was a Sikh was a secretive person? No, he was a public figure, right? You will see him in the measure the walk in the streets. So you want to the people in the marketplace, he was all over the place. So what are these people asking about? I mean, you could see him in public, you could hear him you could interact with him, normally and naturally. So you should know should know how the Prophet saw some behaves how the Prophet SAW said

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his conduct is but the question wasn't about this. It wasn't about the Prophet sallallahu the public figure that wasn't the case. But these people ask and answer the Allah Tirana is what we are all as human beings assume of ourselves, right? How many of you here can say that you are at home or martial law? Exactly that you are in public?

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There's a smiling mashallah, what does that mean? You say yes, I am. Or, please don't ask the question. Like, I dare any parent to give me their child to ask him how is mom at home? Or how is dad at home? Is there any parent that says that? Because you would say you have to coach your children before you could give them to anybody to talk about these issues? Right? Look as human beings, unfortunately, we don't have that, you know, how the constant and consistent behavior we're in public have that public image that public face the smiley face the professional image, you know, the one who's mashallah everybody's loved and cared about blah, blah, blah, then public one of two

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things that's at home one of two things, whether you're consistent as much as possible, like a Hamdulillah, you have the same demeanor, and the same code of conduct at home. Or you're that

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alarm Stan, someone who's all complete personnel, different personality. You go home, your family all hide out immediately. That is home. That is always when my kids go hide in closets. And, you know, your wife goes to pretend sleeping and this is the one around you

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Lumsden, it's awful. Sometimes the lead is actually the same thing too. So the idea is that it's extremely important that we be genuine and true to who we are. So these people when they went around asking I showed the data and about the profits or some condoms, what were the exactly asking about? They were asking this simple question. Is he at home? Exactly as he is outside, but he's awesome in the masjid

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in public with the people he's amazing. Everybody loved him

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as he as mashallah as beautiful as sweet as as he is the same thing at home right now. So I shared a lot Rana she wanted to kind of cut the this whole conversation short.

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Instead of defending the profit or saying this, she said, like as if she was telling them stop it. Don't waste your time on this. Don't try to investigate why? Because gonna hook the whole Quran

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she was telling him to do do you read the Quran?

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The answer is yes. That's one of the narration actually, that she asked, do you read the Quran? And the person said, Yes, I do. She goes, that's his got his o'clock.

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He doesn't fluctuate. He doesn't change circumstances, do not change the professor some behavior. When he deals with people, he deals with them based on whose standard of clout and manners his orders

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what what standards in MA his, and what was the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam standard o'clock and manners. The top Allah azza wa jal acknowledged that and ALLAH SubhanA wa testified for him. When he said Subhana wa Tada about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or in Mecca. The Allah Hello Canady yah Muhammad you

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are indeed on a high standard of character.

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So if Allah Subhana Allah is telling us his standard is the best. And then I actually was asked, how was the prophet Sessoms at home? She said, It's the Quran. So what does the Quran say about the Prophet SAW Selim is the best.

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And what does that exactly mean? Now in practical terms, the Prophet saw some was the manifestation of the commandments, whether they're positive or negative, that's in the Quran. Anything that Allah subhanaw taala said to do in the Quran, he will be the first to do it.

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Anything that Allah Subhan Allah says to stay away from it, he'll be the first to stay away from it.

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Are we clear on this as

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to what level

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to the top to the best? So Allah says Wake Up for tahajjud how much says hold almost all the Knights have 1/3 Two thirds more or less? How are the professors and do it exactly what was mentioned the Quran sometimes they will decide in one way, but five, six, just one single record. Sometimes it makes it shorter. So what the Lord's Rahmani Hey, wake up at the beginning of the night, middle of night, that part of the night he will deal with sorrow at the loss and Amani ALLAH SubhanA speaks about being charitable and he was the most generous that Allah Allah was.

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The Prophet says about the virtue of reading Quran he was the first person to do that. So kind of colloquial Quran Salado Salah Okay, so that how much how does that translate into our personal lives? It does translate into personal life when we fulfill the commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala which was also mentioned the Quran for us to look at cannula config rasool Allah He was one Hashanah, you shall find there in the manners of the Prophet Salah Salem and the flag and the conduct of the Prophet. So I said, I'm the best example. And what does that exactly mean?

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Is that is Allah subhanaw? taala? That's news about the Prophet Salla. No, he's given us and He's given us a recommendation, like live by His standard, live by his

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brothers and sisters, just a simple message for you. When you deal with people, you deal with them in a manner that suits who's you are them. You suppose that I deal with you based on my standard of character, not their standard of character. Some of us all the time when I see people do misbehaving, I said, Yeah, why do you say that? Why did you do that? Oh, well, he started it.

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She started so that sounds like kindergarten anyway, every tip for tat. Don't do this.

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Doesn't matter who started with what matters is what? Who's going to end it.

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And usually used to be the one when you deal with people deal with them based on your standard of character. Now that sort of character. You don't owe it to them being kind and nice and gentle and forgiving. You don't owe it to them, you do it to Allah subhanaw taala and to yourself.

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This whole thing that he started she started with, it's not going to take us anywhere. It is not going to take us anywhere. So if you fall for the example the Prophet SAW seminary class with the people with everybody, it'd be the best inshallah that the Prophet saw some said to us, Karnataka and Mr. lategan Emma, don't be a copycat in Astra nurse and to us you know when I say I want to see you that if you do good to you, you do good to them. If they do bad you do God. He said what I can walk them on for so come adapt in our seminars and test you know, if they do well you do better when and we do bad Dogen Naboo is Adam avoid reciprocating that. Now that's the highest standard of

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character. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us among those who hold on to this handstand. We are a banana and a question Gemma.

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avoider is which means don't don't reciprocate what they've done don't do like they did or even worse, said stay at the level of doing good will Lohana

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the Thanksgiving. So Jonas is not molucca salam ala como la Rocha.