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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is your brother sight this name. I have a very special person here with me somebody who just did an interview with me. This is a brother. I'm sure you've heard of him. I'm sure you've seen his videos. There's so many Muslims that have benefited him dilla Eddie, with the deen show, check this out. So I'm on a committee of salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah Hoover occurred to me the peace mercy and blessings of the Almighty be upon you How you guys doing salami? Mashallah. It's It's so amazing title. I know, brother Eddie, he interviews everybody. But I wanted to interview him. I'm just gonna ask him a few quick questions and shout out

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and I actually I caught him off, I caught him off guard. He didn't know I'm gonna do this. But I was like, I'm here. Eddie's here. Let's ask him a few questions. Eddie, I know, you interview a lot of people. And you hear a lot of inspirational stories here about how people came to Islam and what they went through.

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Is that would you say that's one of the ways that you have managed to try to maintain your email and increase your email is to have that real connection with real Muslims and their stories, when you look at this phone, that you're recording with, the cameras that we just use, they got a certain battery life, and that battery life gets drained, right, and then it's worthless, it's not good. And you had you had mentioned a hadith where the prophet SAW someone talked about the heart, as a, there's a morsel of flesh in the body, if it's sound, the whole body of sound, and the fuel the battery life

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is the is for the man is the knowledge. And when I get to sit with people like yourself, with people of knowledge, hearing these wonderful stories of people accepting Islam, I get empowered, right. Many people, and I talked about this today, when you don't get empowered by the owner of power, Allah, the creator, it's temporary, it's weak. And I find that when I when I'm able, and this is what hamdulillah we're going on over humblot 10 years over 500 episodes, Russia, and it's like my life, my heart comes to life again, man, you know, we go up and down. When I'm when I'm able to recharge, you know, through knowledge, I always, I always try to make sure if I'm in the car, you

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know, suppose a free time I like to, you know, do things with the kids family and whatnot. But I tried to make sure that it's not wasted time, I make sure that I'm recharging and through the things that that you know, every time you're reading a book, you're listening to a lecture, you're listening to a talk a dialogue about Islam, something that has to do with the DEA, you aren't alone time clock, you know that right? Yep. Right. Yeah, actively bother. Yep. And it's so much different than sometimes you can get caught up into doing something that's a waste of time. And you're not on the last time you're not getting rewarded for that time. And then the man starts, it starts

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affecting the heart. Right. Definitely, you know, was had a lot what Eddie mentioned, I get this question. A lot of question about you, man, like, how do I

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maintain my Eman? And I'm always like, a man. It's not It's not an on and off switch. Right? It is not, like, on or off. It's our day to day stuff, you know, like constantly working on our Amen. And that's why, you know, I think it's, it's amazing that you know, what all the content that Edie has out there. You know, even if you and this is this is a personal testimony. And you know, I didn't know I was gonna say this, but

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just listen to some of these interviews and revive your email. Right? None of us are perfect or umount isn't always going to be at 100%. But we need things like this. We need knowledge. We need inspirational stories. We need experiences. And that's why you know, the Orlan is full of what? stories write stories. Why? Because that's a means of inspiration for us. Real quick, Eddie, I'm not gonna keep this long. But if you can share with us one story, one incident from your life, and I know I'm putting you on the spot. I apologize for that. But something from your life that you know, you found to be inspirational or that helped you out in sha Allah, the moments of motivation,

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inspiration is usually

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when I sit down with different individuals. There was a Hispanic brother. Not too long ago, I did it I did a program. Because we talked about when I interviewed you about getting burnt out. A lot of times people who are you know, everyone has to, to at some point, you might have an Arabic or you got Muslim name, and then you just going through the rituals, right? And taking it for granted. And what happens is when you see the struggle that people have gone through to come to Islam, this brother was kidnapped. This brother went through all sorts of trauma and drama until he just was like God, wherever you are. And I see this when I talk to people I see this when someone opens up

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their heart and they just add something so basic and so simple, but people they go around the world and back and they don't do something there's brilliance and simplicity allows made it simple. And if you ask Allah for guidance, he will facilitate a way and his

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Brother and I see so many people and I get touched by this, I see how the struggles that they had to endure and how much more they appreciate the D they appreciate it. He was like God, just wherever you are, if you're in Buddhism, if you're in Hinduism if you're just guide me, and humble Allah opened up that door. And there were so Pete So many people who stuck it out a lot tested and tested their sincere sincerity, and they're still with a strong today I get inspired by that, that motivates method what you got to complain about. Look at that, man, these people who have just, you know, look, anything that's worth anything is in the ground. It's deep in there. So people have with

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the Islamophobia machine, it's a 200 plus million dollars annually, it's spent to debase Islam, throwing dirt on it, so not test you see, you got to dig a little bit, you gotta, you gotta find that treasure, like without digging, what's awesome work. So along those you put just amount of the amount of work precise that you have to do. But if you're sincere, and when I want, listen to these stories of people, that inspires me, that inspires me to keep more, keep doing what we're doing to share these that hopefully now you can get inspired by hearing other people's trials and tribulations like, wow, hummed it in LA, you know, I'm so thankful for this blessing. It's a price.

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Islam is a priceless gift. Don't lose it, don't lose it, appreciate it, live it get empowered by it. And these are the kind of things that every week, 30 minutes a day.

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Every Friday, we put out a new show with people who've been empowered by Islam by this beautiful way of life experts who talk about you know, many of the different dilemmas that Islamophobia challenges how to deal with it in the best way. Tune in tune in what do you got to lose nothing but so much to gain is that go ahead, brother Eddie, you know, that's a such I'm so glad you mentioned that. Because sometimes we think, you know, if my mind's not going up with this, or that particular thing, then you know, what's the point? You never know what will be the source of your email and going up, it could be a video it could be a conversation, and we just got to be conscious beings. We got to

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have our hearts open. knucklehead brother Eddie, I'm not going to hold you up for too much longer. I want to shake your hand so I don't have to switch hands. The spin Now let's try this. Zack said brother Eddie, and I make the odd that unless patata blesses your efforts and keeps you going and I ask everybody who's watching this to keep watching brother Eddie's Deen show. Allah bless him. Allah bless all of you. Take care. What's that? I want a co

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