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The ongoing French terrorist attack on Muslims, including the killing of two Muslims in Paris and the recent killing of a woman in Afghanistan, is discussed. The use of Islam as a excuse to achieve justice and peace is also discussed. The conflict in Syria is attributed to multiple factors, including the killing of opposition leaders and the killing of opposition leaders by the enemy. The speakers acknowledge the natural feeling of revenge and the physical world is being handled like the Muslim community. The need for reform to improve religion of peace and mercy is also acknowledged.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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Praise be to Allah. And we begin with the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the most compassionate. This is all stemming from chapter 25. In regards to the events recently in France in Paris, actually,

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the way I found out about it was on the Saturday morning, I'm still working at rubbing my eyes from asleep when my wife mentioned to me that there's been a blast or some shooting of some kind in Paris, and I was half asleep thinking to myself, Oh, God, I hope it's not some crackpot lunatic Muslims. And lo and behold, unfortunately, as I woke up on Sunday morning, unfortunately, that happened to be the case. It was some butchering, coward, murdering Muslims. And of course, the idea of them shouting, God is great and lava came through as well, first and foremost, of course,

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our hearts and condolences to go out for all those who murdered in such a terrible way. And the victims still in hospital and those who come out of hospital and all the families,

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the names of which it's impossible to mention, for those who lost loved ones for those who were injured, and may God give those who were injured, quick relief. But while we mentioned that, of course, these murdering wretched counts have not been at work in murdering people just in France. But we have to mention that our hearts and condolences also go out to those who have been murdered and butchered by the same category and kind of people in in Beirut, in Lebanon, just a few days before the Paris attack, also, in Turkey, and constantly what's been going on in Iraq and in Syria, and regards to murdering and killing Muslims. And whether it's Muslims or Christians are you see

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these, all of them under this

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ISIS title, and claim to be fighting for the truth and for this so called Islamic State. And yet nothing is far nothing is so far from the truth of this claim itself. That these people, of course, do not represent the Islamic teachings and they summit values. Many of these young people that are many factors that work for why this group is around in the first place, but primarily the young people who have not been taught through Islamic teachings and don't really have any respect nevermind for Muslim governments, but certainly not for the vast majority of the scholarship from the past and president of the Muslim world. Young people, especially young men, testosterone driven,

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full of hate and revenge, isolate the center of it. And as in many other cases, the reality is not to do with religion. But religion has been used, I would say being abused for these motives of revenge hatred, which is filling the hearts and minds of these young people and hatred. revenger, which is, of course, is driven by multifarious multiple factors at work throughout the Muslim land issue of Palestine, and the killing of innocence and butchering their can, cannot be ignored either at the hands of the Zionist state. So our hearts and condolences go out to those who have been butchered at their hands as well, the vast majority being a families, men, women and children who

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are caught up in the fire and the occupation of that land. But beyond that, of course, we've had for years now

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before the whole

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massacring and infighting and civil war that's going on in Syria, of the Assad regime, which was evil and cruel before they started a few years ago in capturing torturing people who spoke out against the dictatorial

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Rule of his government for decades actually his father before that did much worse in dropping bombs on a whole population in trying to target one or two so called terrorist individuals. So

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in all that mess, we have some people who in full of revenge and rage have twisted the meaning of Islam, a center which is justice and peace. As to these people, when people become full of rage and revenge and hatred, then you can twist, people say always somebody did something good with the Koran is so much to do with Islam. Actually, if you're twisted in your mind and full of hatred events, or you can use the story of the fetal pigs and the wolf chasing them from house to house to kill them and eat them. You could use that as an excuse to go and attack and kill people. So it's not the issue to do with Islam and the Quran itself, in fact, encountering this kind of approach and

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attitude says, God Almighty says in the Quran, well, I actually meant the commission Allah comin, Allah, Allah Taku at Lu, Accra, bola taqwa do not God is saying, Do not let the hatred of a people make you bend and twist from being just be just that being just is the nearest being God conscious. So it couldn't be more clearer than that, and chronic self began with God is that God of mercy and compassion. So there are far off the mark in this regard. And it's also interesting that many of these people are fast majority young people, they're not led by any great scholars are full of their rage and hatred. They're also a high proportion of Congress who learned very little about Islam, and

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others who are learning the ABCs of Islam, and therefore abusing and twisting to, to carry out their cowardice attacks all over the Muslim world in a constant way. And this one in France as well, which we deplore. Nevertheless, in regards to this, I think what's important is that we make some comments on what kind of response of course when we see this kind of hatred and cowardice and killing going on. And most of it's not shown to him, which is happening in the Muslim world constantly are handled these people.

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There's, there's a natural feeling of when we're going and kick some butt, get some revenge, wipe them off the face of the earth, I got no problem with that free like that, that we bring these people to the court and to be tried, justly try and give them the death penalty. That's what they deserve. found to be guilty in that regard. But what is a problem is how we are quite comfortable with nevermind,

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the French, really boosting up its military effect and throwing more bombs for a few nights to score a few more points. And the Russians will have been throwing bombs, week in week out for months and perhaps years. And we just turn a blind eye to it. Because we have this image in our minds. And we seem to be comfortable with it that underneath all these bonds are lined up these long buried scarf wearing balaclava wearing carrying rifles and grenades on themselves young men online lining or queuing waiting for the bombs to drop on them. But actually, that's far from the reality because they are in civilization in populous areas. They are there in various areas. But they're innocent

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civilians who also are sick and tired and are actually at their mercy as well, who are already being suffering at the hands of visa. Now we throw bombs on those people. And so women, men, children have been killed in schools and hospitals in the streets. That innocent life as well. And their blood is just as red as a blood of the Parisians that died in that horrible attack. But unfortunately, the bombs dropped. And we think we think we're in some sort of game, we see some lights falling from the skies, and we get no pictures on what's actually going on the ground. Wouldn't it be interesting and horrific to see what actually happens when those bombs land on the ground, and reality, perhaps

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we'll come home to us. So this is not the way forward. This was only only drive more young people into race and to realize that there's one rule for some and a different rule for others, and that perhaps the Western European, our prison blood is more precious than the blood of those others who are on the ground in in Syria or Iraq. So that kind of response, their response needs to be a dialogue as we went to the table for dialogue with

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The IRA, and that was the best way forward. Again, that's what needs to happen. And we have to be fair in our commentary, and how we respond, and not the kind of response that's been coming out to America from the likes of Trump and Ed Bush, I mean, Trump's suggesting that we need to register all American Muslims, millions of them, like we detect them, that kind of racist hatred is so far off the mark. And that's the other side of the scale of,

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of lunacy, and deplorable has been accepted. And he's the leader in the race for the presidency. And the and the response of the likes of a bush saying that we should refuse all Syrian refugees. And I hope and pray that France and

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Europe does not respond in a way to stop refugees from coming. Unfortunately, there have been problems with that already. And the way Greece and others have been treating these poor refugees, these people, 99% of them are more, I've been running away from the same murderers counts. And if we put a stop and put a block to them, and treat them badly, because of that, that will be great injustice, and inhuman, and that we must keep in mind. And as far as the finish with the our British government, which is now trying to drum up support to join France in throwing more bombs. That's not really going to solve anything, except make some people feel good. And if we do feel good and feel

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good in doing that there's something really biased and unjust in the way we're dealing with this. And I hope and pray that our prime minister also in regards to this whole terrorist theme, and there are multiple, multiple factors at work here. And ignorance, actually, of society and on Islam is a major factor. But I hope it doesn't follow the narrative of those self proclaimed Muslim experts who are very little knowledge, what and the fringes of the Muslim society, I hope he doesn't give a 20 year to them, and therefore alienate the majority of the Muslims, who themselves have always been and still are against this cowardice murdering

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kind of people, those likely if they see something like that in their children have gone to the authorities to inform them and said, This is not right. And those are Muslims as well. So I would hate that the vast majority of Muslim is the community in Britain is alien a trick, or Islam is eliminated, by the way the government behaves, and the media behaves and the public behaves. But the good thing is, the vast majority of British people are thinking people are fair minded people. And we know that I've been brought up here, I know that, and I hope people do think with a fair mind. And therefore the response is appropriate and humane, and a thoughtful response, and in which the

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whole community is involved. We pray to God for things to be better in the future. There are challenges great, and the reform within Islam in the Muslim community is going on, is going on and it doesn't need the input of atheists doesn't need the input of self proclaimed Islamic specialists who know very little about the religion of Islam. But the experts within the community are already and the community itself is going through a reform. And we hope reform is for the better. And this reform continues to give us a better understanding of the religion of peace and mercy and flower