Saad Tasleem – MotoVlog – Episode 04 – Giving Salams in the Trump Era

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of giving set arms, which is a way to increase love. They emphasize that it is not a social norm and that giving set arms is a way to build a sense of community. The speaker also mentions that they have been in situations where they give gifts to someone who is not their friend, but they feel uncomfortable giving them.
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is an upcoming superstar.

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He doesn't believe in social media, but um

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Look out for him.

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Find him at a town near you.

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My show dirty man. I haven't cleaned it this whole season so shameful.

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It looks fine, but it's actually 36 years.

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Not sure how it's gonna turn out, it's getting dark. So I'm not gonna have time. But let's see, let's see, shall LA.

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let's talk about

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the importance of giving set arms, you're like, oh, man, I know the importance of giving set arm or whatever.

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But this topic, I think, is so relevant right now. And I don't wanna say like, more relevant than ever, because it's always relevant. But it's extremely relevant right now. And I'll tell you why. First of all, the importance of giving set arms.

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Don't come in my lane, please. Thank you. Yeah, give me Sam's obviously, we know the person who told us that it's one of the ways to increase love amongst one another.

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And not the whole point is to increase the love that that is supposed to be there. Even amongst people you don't know, right? Your brothers and sisters that you don't know, it's supposed to increase the love and said arms. That's what it's done. That's what it does

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not tell you that, you know, which will increase the love that has between you he's upset and spread the sound between one another. And we know that if someone gives us set on it is

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worship upon us to reply to that set up. It's the right of a Muslim

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that we reply to those setups.

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And I know like in America, or whatever.

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I think there's more power in America, maybe less. So in the UK, I don't know. But a lot of times we'll see a Muslim and we know it's a Muslim, and we still won't give setups because this like kind of awkward or whatever. Especially if it's like

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a sister and brother. He sees a sister, he's like, I don't know, man, she may take it the wrong way, whatever. So I refrain from giving sounds and a sister, man, I guess, to a guy, you know, brother, because I Oh, you know, it's, it's awkward, or somehow it it's not modest to give set arms. And that's not the case at all. So kind of law, you know, to build a sense of community and to build that brotherhood and sisterhood. We should never ever be afraid of giving setups. Right? And somehow lights, it's it's messed up when the headline is convinced this that giving set arms will

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take away from like our modest behavior. Right. Sam should be given across the board.

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We should

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when we when we see a brothers sisters, how long? Especially you know, we're, we're a minority in this country? And how are we gonna build that sense of community if we're not even willing to give set out which is like one of the basic, you know, parts of our Deen? You know, it's one of the it's one of the it's one of the identifying factors of Islam, you know, this set is so even non Muslims. They know, that Muslims say I said I'm Aleykum

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so why is that we are afraid of that statement that that we make for one another.

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It's important.

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Now more than ever, it is so relevant. So important, because, you know, with the post Trump era, right, with Trump being elected and the spread of hate crimes, and, and and in, you know, intense Islamophobia. It's important, especially, especially, especially, you know, our sisters are so often targeted, you know, because of their hijab, and because they got identified as, as being Muslim, they get targeted. So,

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you know, to make each other at the very least to make each other feel comfortable, to make each other feel good. We should be giving set arms, and actually I'm making a point now, like, when I see a sister,

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you know, or brother, obviously, as well, but the sister, you know, you know, just to show her that, you know, we're a community and we're here for each other. So, you know, it's important that we give those sometimes a, you see, and I know, I know, like I've been in situations where, you know, at the mall, or this or that or whatever, and sees, you know, someone like, give them synonyms and they're like, oh, because we're not used to hearing those sounds. We're not used to giving synonyms to one another. But we need to change

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This, you know, this, we need to change that aspect we need to get used to getting set on from quote unquote, strangers, right? To build that love and to build that sense of community.

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So Pamela, sometimes you'll have non Muslims give given gifts. And I know one of the reasons why they do that is to show you that, hey, we're here for you, you know, to support you, especially like I said, in this time of like, hate crimes and, you know, our sisters being attacked and people are being attacked and important that we have that sense of that sense of community and we're able to give each other set on

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