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Talk about this in question. What do you got going on here? Well, this is something that I want to do actually for a long time. Okay. Is come out with Okay, let me be honest. Yeah, not so much a calling line. What I've wanted to do for a long time is make my own clothes. Okay, one of the things that like your own fashion through science Yeah, like I'd rather just make my own stuff is started in Medina because you can go there and get like a thorough made Yeah. to your specifications. Yeah, tell him and his cheese that common. They're like, it's very, it's very common, okay, because it's so cheap, like, compared to like, a ready made off the shelf though. It's like a 10 $15 difference.

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So I was like, yeah, dollars realized I did the I did the math for the exchange rate, whatever. Gotcha. But approximately, so I've when I was in Medina, I was just got my own stuff made. And then coming back to the states and shopping and buying stuff. One of the problems that always had is that if I'm wearing a shirt, say I go to like h&m or wherever, yeah, I buy that shirt. I know why someone?

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someone in the audience is probably wearing the same shirt. Yeah, right. Someone's got that same shirt or whatever for you to have like that. unique factors like Yeah, exactly. And it Look, I understand, like, it's a lot of has to do with how you put it together. And that's cool as well. Yeah. But to make my own stuff the way I want it to be. That's something that I always wanted to do. So it was like, the clothing line is kind of an extension of that, like, I'm doing it for myself. Why not share it with a certain amount of people? And that's why

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is that why you come out with a limited cut? Yeah, so it's it's a collection rights collection? It's okay. Very limited. Yeah. This coming collection is coming soon, inshallah it's on the way.

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It's four to five to pieces, about four or five designs, we haven't settled on the last one yet. And 100 pieces of each of each. Gotcha. And that's like four or 500 pieces. Yeah. And it that's it. And that's it. Once it's done, it's sold, it's gone. It's done. It's gone. And you will never see that same piece being done by us ever again. Like next season, we're gonna do new designs. We're moving on, like, I'm sure people will copy like our designs and stuff. Right. But we don't care because we're done. That's like, it's done. We've made it. But that's kind of, I mean, that's kind of how the fashion industry is. Yeah, right. Like, they always come up with a season of clothes and brand

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or whatever. Yeah. And then, but it's just like, let me ask you this. What is it that makes some of the stuff that you making? What's unique about it? Well, first of all, it comes from my sense of style.

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Fashion is a word that I don't reject it. It's very subjective. I don't like the word fashion was what's stylish is what you feel the best in like, you feel good. And like you can put on the most fashionable clothes. Yeah. But if you don't feel good in it, I'm also gonna say this, if you can go too far in the other direction, too. Like there's certain things, at least me personally. You're free to do whatever you want to do, right? Like, who cares what people think. But me personally, certain lines should never be crossed.

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Or even worse, even worse, socks, and then putting crocs on or socks and sandals, socks and crocs together just defeats the purpose. Right, but that doesn't remove the fact that they're terribly ugly, atrocious, atrocious.

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We're gonna get a bunch of hate comments right now. Everybody who wears Crocs, actually, who actually wears crocs. A lot of people work really hard. But like I said, teach their own you know, if you feel good, you do you write true. So, but no judgment here? No, a little bit of judgment. But who cares? I remember the the first edition of your self esteem collection. Was it the one from Malaysia? Yeah. So people thought. So that is what happened was that what happened was for I want to do like a soft launch, right? Just to get the idea out there that I'm coming out with a clothing line just to get people used to the idea because I get it, you know, like public speaker or *,

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whatever. And then, like a fashion line. It's like, it's just weird. I don't really I mean, I don't even know this. But I mean, I know you've mentioned it, but like you got a design background. Yeah, I do. I do. I have a design an art background. So yeah, it's for me, it's completely natural. It doesn't jive well. Yeah. I mean,

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honestly, there's very few instructors, that I can explain a concept to design wise, advertising wise, communication wise, and you get it right. And we can just get right into the crux of the content of what needs to be displayed, where other people is just like no one like this one. Like that was like What are you talking about? That doesn't even make any sense. I call it client talk. Yeah, like make it pop. Make it you know? Yeah, exactly. What's the objective you trying to accomplish? Like you just wanted to pop? Like, but, but like having? And I would assume that a big portion of that design background lends itself into the definition. Definitely. Definitely.

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Definitely. Like I said, for me is completely natural. It's a natural thing to do. But I get that for people who don't know me. Don't understand my design background. Like it's it seems weird. So just

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Get that idea out there. I did like a soft launch, which was we'd printed some shirts, and just had like a little design on a T shirt. Just you know, we sold like a certain amount. There are limited amounts on so people thought were a T shirt company. And I'm like, No, no, no, we're not. We're not a T shirt company. There's a lot of T shirt companies out there. Yeah, the T shirt market is actually super saturated. Yeah, like everyone's doing t shirt work. We're not doing so easy to make a T shirt design. Obviously, you get whatever t shirts unless your T shirt is like one thing that I haven't seen from t shirt companies if people actually use that dry fit material, the polyester

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blend. Yeah, look, I mean, look, I'm not saying I'm never gonna do a T shirt. Actually, who knows? Maybe in like a summer collection, we might add a T shirt, but it is. It's what you said. It's about how you do it. Right. It's about the fabric. It's about the feel. It's also about the cut. It's about what you put on there. So yeah, you're right. It does. You can do cool stuff with it. But I just want to be like, we're not a T shirt line. Gotcha. Is that why you haven't reproduced another t? Yeah, we're not we're not doing those t shirts anymore. Like I said, if we do a T shirt, it's gonna be just like over the shoulder. Yeah, shake. I'm always rocking it. He had Yeah, he looks

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internet. Yeah.

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I'll put up a picture or something. Yeah, yeah, but no more even one of those. And I was I was considering doing another run. But I was like, No, I'm not gonna do cuz I don't like that principles. I look, we're done. We're done. Yeah, and that's the idea. Right? So I like I'm okay with sharing my clothes with about 100 people. Right? Yeah, beyond that, sorry. That's why every piece and I'm gonna be I'm but I'm personally gonna be wearing this stuff, right? You're gonna see me wearing it on my classes, conferences or whatever, you know, formal events or whatever. And so I'm going to be wearing this and you know, I'm okay with having about 100 people in the world having

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the same day, it would just be awkward. Like, more than that. I'm like, I like the idea that okay, it's done is done. Yeah. And

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it also keeps it interesting for me. And, you know, I mean, I've been designer works, man as well. He's actually a fashion designer. But it keeps things interesting for us as well, because we don't want to just do the same stuff over again, we have to challenge ourselves every six months or every year to come out with new fresh designs. Yeah. So what has been the challenge thus far? With the second with the next one, like you're talking about? It's gonna be soon, but I would assume that there's been whatever delays or there have been delays. I mean, this is obviously we've been talking about this for a long time, our Instagram pages have Yeah, we have a Facebook page checks out, by

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the way, we're on Instagram sound collection.

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But yeah, we've been talking about for a while. So one of the one of the big challenges was

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having my designs, having our designs

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come out exactly the way we wanted it. So for me, like I said, this is personal for me, like I'm gonna be wearing these clothes. So before, even like, the people are gonna be buying these clothes, I have to be 100% happy with them. So those little details, like making sure everything is the way I want it, things have to look a certain way, okay, and they have to feel a certain way.

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I don't want to give away too much. But so whenever it sounds, we have a pattern or a print on

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on the garment. Okay, so the way that that that print is done, like you can do in a different ways. You can do a digital transfer, you can do screen printing, etc. Yeah, exactly. So and all of that makes it impossible. I guess it depends on the material that you print. Right. Exactly, exactly. So, so when you screen print something on to a fabric, it's gonna feel different, it's gonna look different certain lights, as opposed to made like digital printing. Okay, so just that little detail, make sure that looks right. Look, make sure it looks the way I wanted it to look. Okay. And so we've been, we've have our to do that it is it? Definitely. I mean, this is even like me, in my

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mind and my designer as well. moraine. for both of us. He's very passionate about it as well. We're super passionate about making sure it's it is it is honestly, like I know this sounds cliched, but yeah, it's a business as well. Don't get me wrong, but for me, it's it's the process of creating it. Like that's the fun part. For me. Everything else is like I sound like I need somebody else to handle like the business side of it. Because first of all, I don't have time for that. Yeah. Second of all, it's completely boring to me. Like I'm not interested in that, like I'm interested in just like the creation process. Yeah, creating the this all of those details, details. It's not the

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details. Yeah. And that's that's the other thing, right? Because we're doing a limited amount. And I'll just be honest with you, it's gonna be a little pricey. And I understand. Yeah. So and I understand that most people are not going to really, I don't know, maybe they will appreciate those little details, but some people will. Yeah, that like the stitching and this is not like the small subtle things that we did. It's for the people who will appreciate that.