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AI: Summary © The importance of happiness and gratitude is discussed in various aspects of life, including work, family, and life. The speakers emphasize the need for gratitude and offer various methods for achieving it. They also remind family members to remind themselves of their gratitude and appreciate their existing knowledge, and encourage people to show gratitude to their employers and share experiences with them. The importance of gratitude is emphasized in shaping one's life and making it possible to achieve success, and small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small small
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If you ask, what

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the secret or

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what will ensure someone happiness, what is the secret of happiness? How do we become happier people?

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Most people will be different people, obviously will give different answers. But most of these answers will revolve around something possessing something that

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you either don't have, or

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possessing something of,

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you know, worldly materialistic nature, right? Happiness, and obviously, happiness, you know, to different people, you know, can be achieved through other through different ways.

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But they say that true.

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and the shortest distance actually to happiness comes through

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a quality that most people lack.

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And believers are supposed to actually struggle to,

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you know, make sure that they have this quality.

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And that quality that are out refers to it as sugar,

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gratitude, the ability to or to be in a state of gratitude and the ability to be thankful and grateful.

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Right? It's not about what we don't have.

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It's about being grateful for what we already have.

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See, Allah azza wa jal in the Quran makes a declaration, the ancient tomb that as he didn't know, if you're thankful for what you have, I'll give you more.

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But most of us, what we say is that, give me more so that I can be thankful and happy.

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And if you're not thankful for what you already have, how do we know that you're going to be satisfied and thankful for what you're going to be receiving in the future, as it is, you have things that many people the world don't have?

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For instance,

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we live actually,

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in one of the if not the most privileged society.

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And I don't want to go through the numbers of how much of the world's resources we consume here, in spite of the fact that we're actually a fraction of the world's population.

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And we have, you know, the average person here has more than more than 97 points at 4% of the world's population. So we already have plenty to be thankful for. But if you ask,

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or if you check, you'll find that many of us were not happy or we're not satisfied because there's that one thing that is missing, there's always that one thing that is missing, and if I have it when I will

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be satisfied and I will be thankful and then I'll be happy.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah tells us, illuminate your chakra that very few of my servants are truly thankful and grateful.

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Many people are reminded around this time of the year of this quality, right, and people will sometimes think hard, what am I thankful for? But what we don't realize that if we practice this and

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Read, they will actually be happier people this is actually not a, just a hypothesis, or this is actually proven. There's plenty of research done around this one of these research resources that were done. A study was done on a group, a couple of, you know, one large group of people, they were split into two,

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two groups.

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One group was told that they need to actually prepare and write a letter to someone that have impacted them, and express their gratitude and appreciation for what that person has done for them. And that they have a week to come up with an amazing letter, right?

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In which they need to actually let this person know what what they are, we're thankful for another group, they were told, they were not told to do that. And the level of happiness of both groups or the entire group actually was measured.

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A week later, those who had a week to think about things that they were thankful for, with regards to one person, one individual,

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right, or one entity.

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They reported much higher level of happiness and satisfaction.

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Experts tell us that those who count their blessings every day, and express gratitude.

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Right are

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actually much calmer at feasts and they're happier.

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Is he Allah azza wa jal chooses the best. And when Allah azza wa jal introduces new Hala SLM the Quran praises him as

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reexamine HeMen Nam. I know Ian, who cannot evidencia Cora. He was a thankful service. It was a very grateful, thankful service.

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Right? Allah as we have chosen to carry this message.

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Musa alayhis salam expresses gratitude in his own way, in Neelima and delta Elysium in hiring a copy of whatever good or Allah you have blessed me with it. I am always in need for it.

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I'm desperately in need for whatever I already have.

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Now, I want more. I want what I don't have no I'm very grateful for what I have, Oh Allah, but I desperately needed. Allah subhanho wa Taala commands the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says welcome Minister curry Valley la would welcome Mina Shokri worship Allah and be amongst the thankful and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on manifestation of this quality. Right came in one of the Hadith I shall obey Allah and when she saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praying extra prayers and you know, exert exerting a lot of effort.

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She said Messenger of Allah, Allah as it has, and I want everyone to listen to this, especially young men. Listen to this, you know, sometimes we were like, bothered by the obligations that you have to pray five times a day though, the product itself besides the five times a day and all the Sunnah, and and all of that He actually prayed at night he woke up at night and and he prayed for long hours. So as you said, messenger of ALLAH, why do you have to do this? When Allah has already forgiven your sins? You're given I don't want to call it three paths, but you're done your,

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your place in general is is is guaranteed. Why? Why do you have to do all of this? For Allah who like a method that I mean, then become at a o'clock? He said, I should then fly a corner evidencia Cora, then shouldn't I be a thankful servant?

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Right. Should I be thankful? Should I express my gratitude? I'm worshiping Allah subhanaw taala I'm praying because I want to thank Allah subhanaw taala for what He has blessed me with what kind of probably Allah Allah Allah Allah Lima right. It's, it's I'm saying thank you Allah for what you have blessed me with.

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So that's why he you know, someone tell him he couldn't get enough of Salah Salah isn't obviously he wasn't, you know, some Allahu alayhi salam praying 24/7 But the problem is Islam, Salah was not a burden on him, it was actually a great opportunity for him to reconnect with Allah and thank Allah as we get them praise him for and when we stand in Salah that is an expression of gratitude. We begin our Salah by saying what Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen This is Allah subhanaw taala teaching us to be thankful, but you know,

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and our task Inshallah, starting from the Juma prayer that we're going to do is from now on, just think about what we're saying, especially that first word, and hamdulillah Are you really you really mean it? Right, the province or insulin teaches us to thank Allah azza wa jal and praise him every morning and every evening.

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Oh Allah, I'm so blessed.

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Oh Allah, I am so blessed.

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With all of these blessings,

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my dear brothers,

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this is something that we need to remind ourselves with, and remind, and I will continue to say this remind our family members, my fear is that if we

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fail, to be thankful, and to have an attitude of gratitude, right, that whatever we have may be taken away from us.

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And that we're going to regret it.

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And also, it's a reminder

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that we need to really appreciate what we already have, instead of dwelling and getting fixated on what we don't have. That is a recipe for misery.

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Because every time you get that, that one thing that you want, for which you're willing to stand in lines, from midnight, until, you know, five or 6am, when the stores open, the dedication of some people just amazes me. And then once you possess it, you have it a week later, it becomes used, and it's no longer as exciting, right? And then consumerism that, you know, then we're looking for the next thing, or the next model, for the next version, and on and on and on, we're never happy.

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Right? But if we're thankful for what we have, especially if it's functioning, if it's doing its job, right.

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Then we will be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala whatever we have will be blessed and we will be much, much happier I ask Allah azza wa jal

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to grant us inner peace and happiness in this life and in the hereafter. Akula has already said no to myself to Allah. Hi Leo. Welcome first of all, we have a whole lot for overhang.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala evading Medina suffer that ensue, right look, man.

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Verse 12, Allah subhanaw taala tell us about the story of one of the wisest men that ever lived and he is praised in the Quran Allah says well according Taina Lachman and hikma

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and each Karela

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we have certainly given local man wisdom. He was a wise man.

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He was a wise man.

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Some people study and pursue wisdom

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and they major in what is known as a subject or a discipline known as philosophy,

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pursuing it, Allah subhanaw taala says, Look, man was granted wisdom. And Allah azza wa jal says, An ich kuraly lair

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as be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala as if the eye is telling us that true wisdom comes through what?

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Through having the attitude of gratitude, being thankful, thankful people are some of the wisest people that you would ever meet. Thank you people who are content with what they already have with what Allah azza wa jal has. And when we say content, that doesn't mean that they don't aspire to produce more and to to give more, but usually it's not for their, for themselves, usually, for others, for reasons greater than themselves. Right.

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But they're already content with what they have. And they express gratitude and escuela and they have confidence.

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Allah azza wa jal then says well MAY Yes, go to for in Nimesh cool Quran NFC and whosoever is thankful and expresses gratitude. You're only doing it for yourself. In other words, when you tell people who have done your favor, or when you obviously Allah subhanaw taala has done us the greatest of all parents, right. But when you say thank you, when you're grateful when you feel indebted to someone that has done you any favor, right?

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Deep inside, not only is that a sign of wisdom, but you're actually doing it for yourself. So that goes back to what we were talking about in the first hope, but about that research, that people who were trying to come up with words to express how much gratitude they felt towards individuals who have done them some favor, right? These individuals actually were happier. So if you are thankful, it is for your own self.

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Right. Once again, shortest distance to happiness

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is through gratitude.

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Right. So by

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urge you I urge myself

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to sit? You know, very often, by the way, the more you do it, the better off you are.

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We know that in the Sunnah we recommended to do this at least twice a day.

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But actually, you can do it throughout the whole day. As a matter of fact, big American hair. I want you to listen to this, if you get nothing out of this, hopefully except this one, right?

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I don't want to say by show of hand I know this is Joomla All right, so sometimes people feel

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very awkward interacting with email, but it really I want you to show of hands how many of us want

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Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and to forgive us our sins.

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Allah be pleased with us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam says this is a gift. I want you to take it home with you to yourself and share it with family members. In Allah Allah.

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Allah azza wa jal will be pleased

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with his servant.

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Yeah, Kulu econetic Mudumalai where shall we shall better?

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Allah will be pleased with his servant when he or she eat something and enjoy halaal turkey. Right? Whatever.

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Eat something and then express gratitude to Allah thank Allah azza wa jal, they eat it, they enjoy it and they said, Hamdulillah this was delicious.

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And they drink something and they enjoy it. Right? They take a sip of that, you know, whatever Frappuccino like seasonal flavor that they have. And, man that is good and hamdulillah

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right hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah for the ability to have it and hamdulillah for the ability to enjoy to taste it. Right to digest it, to afford it.

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I mean, multiple things, there are multiple layers here, right? And hamdulillah they're thankful for it. Allah azza wa jal wouldn't be pleased with you.

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All it takes you take a sip you enjoy something and then you thank Allah Subhana Allah for it. Right? Then Allah Subhana Allah will be pleased with you. Woman Tamiami Shoukry Allah azza wa jal sure crewman as the Elena Moussa

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and also to fulfill gratitude and being thankful to Allah azza wa jal, you must also say thank you, and be grateful to those who serve you.

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Those in your life who try to basically write someone who does any any if even if it's a little favor, lash Corolla, hammer lash Coronas, the person said, He who does not thank people does not thank Allah subhanaw taala.

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So just keep that in mind. Insha Allah Allah next time we enjoy one of the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah upon us. Let's practice gratitude as often as we can, next meal next, next, sip that you get, right, the ability to be able to enjoy to afford it and so on and so forth. thank Allah for all of that and see your life changing.

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See, you will you will transform right, everything about yourself. Gradually.

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May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with us may Allah Subhana Allah

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allow us to enjoy his blessings upon us and make us of those who are thankful and grateful to him along with another Krishna Killeen, like a victory. Like when have you been? Yeah, hey, we have a younger medic and he also had a Shetland Akula wallet back in that time Allahumma Atlantis hola como de vecchio wiser mana feel like a seller but they may

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well have an easier time equally bill while Pozible agenda one major thing right now. Aloha mahalo Elena. Elena Allahumma how are they now Anna Elena Allahumma in Anna's are looking at Rush medical leave me alone and I'm going to apply aka Robin.

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Robin I have been I mean as well you know the React you know Kurata argument or jamnalal mustafina Imam Allahu Maliki when and and most of you will see me that he's clearly McCann koulamallah technically called la mala tiempo being emotionally Daniela la him. Allah him in nappy hope La Nina whilst the hula mooring Yeah How are you? Are you a leukemia medic? Hello camera medic and SLR camera Hermetica are behind me because Allah in Allah has said what you tell them when Hanif Asha will move through a bell Yeah, it will come and I look into that coal will Corolla has got a commercial well Annie I'm here is it political? Why Akbar Allah we are animal medicine now. It's

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starting to sprinkle. So we have few spaces left there so the brothers in the front row can inshallah Zildjian take advantage of the space over there in sha Allah, upcoming salah.