Stop Rushing to the Masjid!

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Gotta stop rushing to the masjid when you're getting late. So we see something like this happen all the time someone may park their car, and then they hear that the prayer starting so they start running to the masjid or unfortunately for some people, they may drive fast to the masjid when they're getting late. And sometimes even driving fast in the masjid parking lot. Not only is this wrong, because we're putting people's lives in danger. It is also wrong because the prophets of Allah who I didn't send them told us not to do this, the prophet civili send them said that if the prayer has started, don't rush to it. rather walk in a calm and dignified manner. Whatever you

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catch, pray it, whatever you miss, make it up. So it is important to remind yourself in that moment that you feel like you're getting late and you have to rush that your reward comes from Allah. And it is the guidance of Allah's Messenger that even if we're going to catch less of the prayer in congregation or sometimes none of it that our reward is actually more because we're following his guidance by slowing down