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Ebrahim Bham
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah filled me he told me Well if we buy the opportunity was salat wa salam O Allah say you did Gambia you want more saline while he was happy was seldom at the Sleeman cathedral,

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Amana dewfall mobila humana shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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Kuru facil, Mika

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Sara colloquialism. Maria respected elders and brothers in the verse that I have recited Allah subhanho wa Taala says all believers enter into Islam completely and wholeheartedly. Islam is not a religion of few Ibadah of few customs. Islam is a complete way of life. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us commands with regard to every aspect of our life. It has given us commands with regard to our Ibadat our human human yet our conduct our many monetary matters and each and every aspect is covered by Islam to such an extent even things that you and I regard is insignificant. Islam has given us commands as it ceremony Farsi to the allow Turner was one day approached by a non Muslim

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who said, your profit teaches you even how to relieve yourself. You know, if we repeat us, we would have said Yeah, but it's not an important part of our deal. As a manufacturer, see, what did he say? He said, Yes, I will never He taught us how to relieve ourselves also. And then he went on to go in enumerate the teachings and guidelines with regard to a stranger. So this is the beauty of our deen. It is a complete way of life. Islamic Muqaam multi storey hierarchy in general Zuma can Omni commands up the hierarchy. Archie scooper Allah subhanho wa Taala Kia come here. It Matera kisi capers sermanni farsi kiparsky Achmea to Nikka. Hopkin, Debbie Alquist entropy Tsikata don't go Nana

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coochie sassy country Camus Ira Nichia e ka ki Ji Tsikata perfect Johanna would put in his Tindak a comma.

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Now to give you an example with regard to this, I just want to give you one example. And you see images and examples are a very important part of Quran An important part of our deen Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says what typical another Rebo had in us well my Abdullah in middle of the road, we give you examples in the Holy Quran, only those who have intellect, they will understand imagery and and understand examples. And some of the Sahaba when they didn't understand examples they used to cry, they used to say Allah Allah says only the intelligent people understand examples. So in a hadith, in jam you terminate or just to give you an example with regard to how our NABI made mention

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of examples, he said my example and the example of the previous Amelia who salat wa salam is like the example of a beautiful building

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and everyone comes past and says What a beautiful building but this one portion is left uncomplete is not completed. Maybe the cream sauce them said I am that complete portion of the building. So the the structure and the beautiful building of Newport and prophethood I am the last portion I have come to complete profit today is no more no Nabhi to come. I have completed and not completed perfected prophethood

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in a similar manner with regard to the comprehensiveness of Islam. Let me give you an example of a beautiful building. That if you want to build a beautiful building or you want to sell a masjid anything what do you do first? Sip SIP pelea agar aapko to Anna wall. makan Tamil Karna how to sub spell aapke crypto So tune or founder foundation rattail The first thing you do when you put up a beautiful building is you put up a strong foundation and you put up the pillars. If you don't put up the foundation you don't put up the pillars then you will find that no matter what a beautiful building you put up there after that building is going to come crumbling down. Now what a beautiful

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building you put up beautiful tiles you put up beautiful carpets you put a beautiful everything that building is gonna come crumbling down. It's a hockey cut without without foundation without spittoon. Without Palace, the founder of the building will not be able to stand and many times you find that all of a sudden a building came crumbling down and then you find that there was corruption

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Because the building inspector didn't inspect the building properly. We see it happening all the time because the foundation was not right. In our history, one of our greatest architects was Sinan. Sinan put up one all the beautiful Masjid you see in Turkey, for example, in Bourassa and other places was put up by CNN. So one day this was done told him to put up a building. So he put the foundation and he went away. After a while he came back after many months, everyone was angry. The Sudan was angry, you put up the foundation, no one knew what to do after that. So CNN said I wanted the foundation to set because this building required a strong foundation. Now the foundation is set

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now put up the building. Now in our Islam, the building of Islam, what is our foundation and what is our pillars booni al Islam Allah.

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Allah has kept Islam upon five, five pillars, Iman, Sara, zakat, Hajj and Ramadan fasting. Now these are our pillars. If you can put up your foundation correctly, then all other matters are secondary. You can put up a beautiful structure of Islam, you can complete Islam without the foundation. Foundation, Imani Imani and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the most important thing. Sahaba asked Nabil himself about Abdullah bin Zayed and Abdullah bin Zayed an was a person who was a humanitarian. He gave a lot of charity. He helped a lot of people. There are Sula, will he be saved. He didn't bring him on

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in past Eman, Anita so to NIDA so there is no salvation for him. So this is the first thing that we need with regard to any building. You put up the beautiful structure before you put up a structure you put up the foundation, you put up the pillars when the police arrived then you can do everything. And of course we all know with regard to the importance of these pillars, maybe a cream sauce from said our room or your house it will be up to your multiyear Matias salah. The first thing Allah will question you on the Day of Judgment will be solid.

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If that is found to be one thing or say in a year to some could say Neoga to Jenna Islam came Will Come on honey cake missile way Tamil or eight mechanical Tamil Kannada to subset panoramas to tune or foundation correcto are for Islam gift to tune chi. Good here Islam Allah comes here to enter my pan so tune your matura Eman, Salah zakat Hajj or fasting to hear subsidy Pella Sukkot. So tune after we have put up without it as Amara, the Allah to do was on his deathbed. Right. And while he was at the time of Sadat, he said, remind me about the time of salad. People said you as wounded. You are not well, so there is no there is no there is no portion in Islam for a person who doesn't

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perform Salah Islam, Mel's Kakui Sunni just anatomy

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they used to be a person I read his obituary Dr. Sayed Ramadan. So when he passed away someone wrote an obituary about him. So in that I found a very amazing thing. He said when someone came to talk about him about the affairs of the Ahmed Ahmed mejora Ahmed my whare comet is like this year they are persecuted they are they are persecuted towards the one carta to us to ask the question, did you read your Fajr Salah?

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So when the person replied he said right now speak to me when he didn't miss it now what can I take you seriously when you have not been able to read and make your foundation strong? subsea homcom apne cranny to add a quarry Alma cubera MCAP kabaka What will you talk when you don't haven't put the foundation correct. But now after that, after we have put the foundation, our iman our Salah was occurred our our our fasting, that is a palace but then after that what if you ever saw a building which only has a foundation and only as pillars and daily there it left in and no one does everything after that when anyone would stay in such a building. Would anyone go and stay in a

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building which only has Palace only as foundation and you come and see someone come and stay here the foundations are very good. Foundation is bought must put his very very strong which person is going to stay in that building. You see by camera now. Furniture Dallow put up the beautiful pain put up the beautiful type of structure around the building then we can go and stay in a seminar manner after you have done the foundation of Islam. You can remain like that and said I have completed Islam is only one portion of Islam you have completed now you have to complete the other portions of Islam to make the the building of Islam beautiful. And by no matter how strong and you

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need a foundation. The beauty of a building is not recognized.

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By the foundation in the palace, the beauty of a building is always recognized. And it is admired by what? By the painting, by the aesthetics, the carpet, and all the decorations that makes a building beautiful. In a similar manner with regard to Islam or the respect of others, we need the foundation without which the building will come crumbling down. Without it our iman is not completed, our Islam is not completed. But that is not the entirety of Islam. Three things our alumni have written, however, that must be correct, our financial dealings must be correct. Our clock in our conduct must be correct. And our more accurate our social relationship with people must be correct. That will be

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the completion and the perfection and the decoration of our Islam just is in a building after the foundation. All of these decorations complete the building and makes it beautiful.

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The Mohammed our financial dealings Nebia Karim Sawsan one day came to perform someone's janazah and when he came to perform someone janazah he asked for so perhaps you perceive Did he Did he leave behind a debt? He I put on a Crosstourer came

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to look in a car.

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He has debts. Maybe a cream saw sort of walked away from there didn't perform the Janessa Salah didn't want to perform the Janaza. Now you ask yourself the question, why didn't he want to perform the Janaza? Because he didn't read salad.

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He didn't give zakat? No, he didn't perform and he didn't want to perform the janazah because he didn't fulfill his financial commitment on Kibana to

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say he needed Mosca. But let's say our Sahaba

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doesn't mean he left behind a financial commitment. It really allowed me what I would prefer I will pay his debt on his behalf. One or two Sahaabah took over the the responsibility. Let me ask them to perform the salah. You are also Illuminati about

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who you Oprah prophets of Almighty Allah What am I saying? The hadith says Allah commands the prophets about a command that is equal to all the Muslim in to all the believers eat halal, then do righteous deeds marmelade say eco was kebab to * you will find it easy to do righteous deeds MAMARAZZI Neoga if your financial dealings are not correct, even with great effort, you will find it difficult to make it but you will find it difficult to do good deeds keep your wobble and correct then you will see you will find it easy to do righteous deeds bots

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Nebraska Genie chatter we don't feel like making about it. But what do you expect? If you're if you're earning is haram then you're not gonna you're gonna find it difficult to make salad

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and that Allah in the Quran, only one place Allah has been mentioned with regard to declaring war against Allah is Rasul Allah Cassatt Alanna jumpseat eight eight Amal Kumar

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Okis kissed us give our parameter Muhammad Akbar Amen it's with regard to financial dealings. It Aquila was a rumor bhakti Amina Reba for il mtef alpha and then we'll be Halaby min Allah you want to stay away from interest if you don't declare war against Allah in Israel. So if we don't correct that, our Eman is not complete. Our Islam is not complete the beauty of Islam is not complete. The second thing my dear resected Brothers is

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o'clock Admiral Marina Eman and axon or axon

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the person whose email is most complete, he's the one who's o'clock and his conduct is correct. That means even if we have performed the hatchet prayers and your opponent is not correct, your conduct is not correct your Eman is not complete your Eman is not complete. For this this Eman

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completes our iman perfects our Imam and it is also the way of showing the beauty of sniffs lamb to others

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people will not understand the beauty of Islam by your Ibaadat v2 that is between you and Allah Tala he boarded up your Allah della Kinderman lo cuscaden Islam Islam to whom it and doesn't the university and does Islam get who we can desert Accra or Mamilla to try to see the beauty of Islam. You need your proper financial dealings your correctness in your in your material things in your in your in your monetary matters. Any new Aflac no deal recently there was an alum who came to our German office, Mullah Muhammad had just started so

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So he raised the incident of mana Shepell Islam Maulana Madani Rama Fulani. He said when Mara Madeira finale in his freedom quest for freedom was jailed by the British. So when he was J, the people used to come and sit around him in the prison. So there was one non Muslim Hindu person who came and he was sitting there and he used to come every day it was a moment but Neeraj toolani income setting the gathering. So, a few other days after while he didn't come

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to Milan, I sent a message asking why is it not coming?

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To he sent a message but he said, Man, I want to come every day. But I'm afraid if I come after I've seen your o'clock and your conduct, the way you conduct yourself, I'm afraid I will become a Muslim.

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I'm afraid I will become a Muslim. Therefore I know I'm no more coming. So this is the aspect with regard to our club.

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And if you don't have it, if you are flat is not good. And you got tattooed. There look at the hadith of Nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam Sahaba came and asked about a woman. He understood Allah she makes so much of Ibaadat but she abuses the neighbors. She's swearing the neighbors, she is not in good relationship with the neighbors to be a cream sauce and said if she does not correct herself, in this particular matter, she will suffer the punishment of the fire of Jana with Bardot

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why because o'clock was not correct. So even if you have Ibaadat your immoderate will not be able to see if you if you're

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a clap is not correct. In fact, we find from the Hadith the other way sometimes can work that we agree Mr. Aslam was told about another woman who didn't make a lot of Nuffield Ribera cheetahs made a phrase but her o'clock and conduct was good, maybe a cream sauce and said that we'll do and we'll save her with regard to the extra Ibadah that she doesn't do.

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Maybe a cream sauce and said because of our club. She will go to Jana. And of course the last thing with regard to it is our washer, our dealings with people. My dear respectable this is part of Imani now. Now you see if you don't have these things your Islam is not complete. Your Eman is not completed and perfected. And the building of the beautiful building of Islam will not be completed and not be decorated and will not be adored. These things will be the adornment of Islam. These things will be the adornment of our religion.

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labia Kareem saw some of some, Maulana Mufti tattoos money makes mention of a long incident I won't have the time and they he released this one in Houston on Eman maintaining of relationship is part of human part of The Long Kiss at Midnight with our parents, with our relatives, with our our spouses, and with every person who may come into contact with a person one day came to my attorney rom Tillery his name was Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Ali. He came in he said the state of your son to worship Allah as you are seeing Allah otherwise Allah is Seeing you I got debt in my salad.

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So expect him what I'm here actually to praise Him. There is only one portion of Deen. Now bring the state of Assam in your relationship with every person whom you meet.

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Now when all of that is complete, my dear respective brothers, that will be the beauty and adornment, then the building will be complete beautifully. The foundations are strong, the pillars are strong, the decorations are done, the doorman is done, the tiles are done. Then the building comes nice, you know Islam that in a similar manner, after our foundations, our suit on our pillars, then we have the correctness of our monetary dealings, our conduct and our social relationship with people. Then we can say hello facil Myka enter into Islam completely perfected perfectly, perfectly and wholeheartedly Inshallah, we will try inshallah to bring every aspect of our religion in our

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life inshallah. Allah Tala Ji was a toughy

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