Omar Suleiman – The Beginning and the End – EP 59 Feeling Insecure

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © Shavon's proposal to create shavone's shiny shiny shavone image is creating insecurity and pushing people to change their behavior. The proposal is designed to create insecurity and prevent evil eye attacks, and is linked to shavaon's control over Islam. The proposal is designed to create insecurity and prevent people from achieving their goals.
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So we mentioned the plan of shape on all of his plans entail selling you an insecurity or giving or creating an insecurity and then selling you something that's how to deal with that insecurity. So let's take, for example, the two specific things that shavon actually mentions in his tantrum as he's talking about how he's going to lead us astray. He says two things that seem very awkward. He says that, you know, as a result of me coming to them from in front of them from behind them from the right from their left, what are they going to do? He says, fella, you bet he couldn't have done an arm well arm or unknown fella, you lay your own Alcala, that as a result of my data to them, they

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are going to cut the ear of a cow or the cattle phenomenon know him and then I will commend them follow up Rhonda Falco Allah and they will change the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. So all of a sudden, we're hearing about cows ears, and we're hearing about the changing of the creation of a loss of power. What does that even mean? And why is shavon bringing these two things up as like these primary things, because if you're reading these, if you're thinking he's gonna talk about murder, and he's gonna talk about adultery, and he's gonna talk about these types of things. But let's go back to that equation that we mentioned shavon tries to create insecurities. Now these two

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things First and foremost, cutting the ear of the cow, what what's being referred to here is a good luck charm, or you know, superstitions, horoscopes, you know, people wear a rabbit, you know, rabbit ears, or, you know, some type of tooth or whatever it may be, right, something that belongs to an animal or some sort of good luck charm, are people actually start to believe that, you know, if this person is at my game, and if this person is wearing this color jersey, then we're gonna win the game, then you know, everything's gonna be okay. People start putting their beliefs in these silly things. And they seem very silly fortune cookies, right? Although I don't remember the last time I

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met someone who actually believed in a fortune cookie, but they must be out there, right? But people start believing in these little things. And they start believing that those things actually can affect their outcome in life. Right? Now, what is the insecurity? The insecurity here is the ultimate insecurity that you're not sure that Allah is really in control. That's the ultimate insecurity, you are questioning Allah subhanaw taala has control. And Allah Subhana ties authority, and allows power. Now what does shavon do? He tries to make you resort to superstition, good luck charms, right? These, you know, these little things were this and it's gonna save you, instead of

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doing what the prophets lysozyme said, you see these blue eyes that are hanging on everyone's cars, and you know, not actual blue eyes. No, I don't think anyone actually has blue eyes. But those little things that have, you know, the blue eye there, and this, this relic is supposed to protect your house from envy and protect it from the evil eye. And if you were, then it's going to protect you, and so on so forth, you start resorting to all of these things that are hot on, because you have this insecurity about the control and the power of a loss of Hannah Montana, and the way that Allah subhanaw taala truly controls your future and your outcomes. So that's an you know, a major

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insecurity. And the second one, that they will change the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, one of the ways that you can clearly, you know, identify insecurity in a person is when they start to alter themselves, when they start to go through cosmetic surgeries when they start to not for any need or necessity, but they start to change the way that they look. And unfortunately, that's something that's praised in the society, right, a person goes under, you know, under the knife for 16 2024 hours to change something about themselves, and that's praised, right. But the problem is, is that what we're not addressing is the insecurity, the insecurity, I don't like the

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way Allah created me, I'm not satisfied with the way that God created me. I'm not confident with what with what God has given to me. And so shavonne creates insecurity, then shape on says, we'll try to change it in an impermissible way. Here's how you can start altering yourself, here's how you can start changing yourself to look better. Right? So you're not pursuing the, you know, you're not pursuing the sight of Allah subhanaw taala you're pursuing the sight of people and you're pursuing the sight of people in all of the wrong ways. you're pursuing the sight of people in ways that are degrading to you and degrading to the purpose that Allah subhanaw taala gave to you. So in both of

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these situations, insecurity is created. And it's a major insecurity that represents something far larger than what meets the eye. And shavon proposes something that is explicitly prohibited by Allah or his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not because these little things and that's one of the reasons why these little things are mentioned. Because, you know, if I was to see someone bowing to an idol, right, then I would, I would assume certain things about that person as opposed to someone that you know, just had a good luck charm on their chest. But they could both be committing an act of Schick right they could both

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be committing an act of disbelief. It's not about the size of the idol, right? If you're worshiping a huge Buddha statue, or if you're worshipping a teacup, right, that has a picture of a Buddha statue, or of your favorite, you know, pop star, whatever it is, it's the same thing. It still should. So one of the reasons why shavonne proposes these small things, is because these small things represent major things, and you're more likely to not take them as seriously. And instead of addressing the insecurity and addressing, you know, the problem that you have in believing in the loss, pantiles authority and control and how are lost parents it created you so that you could

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fulfill that instead, you resort to these things, and that, you know, those things are symptoms of a far greater problem and we ask a loss pantai to grant us security and the right things and to not let us become insecure in a way that shavon could feast on our insecurity.

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In this episode, Omar Suleiman talks about shaytaan and how he plans to leads the mankind astray by creating insecurities amongst mankind to an extent that the authority, control and power of Allah SWT comes under doubt. May Allah SWT protect us from falling prey to shaytaan.

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