Nouman Ali Khan – Our Relationship With The Quran

 Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan acquaints us with some blessings from the beginning of Surah Kahf. he also shares some insights that some great scholars of the past have had with this remarkable Surah.

It’s part of the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and part of the tradition, where different ahadith have mentioned reading either part of Surah Kahf, or all of it, before the Friday prayer (Jum’ah). Of the various instructions and teachings of the Prophet ﷺ, is the idea that this Surah has to do with protecting us from the Fitna of Dajjal. So it has something to do with protecting us from future troubles and difficulties. 

In the very beginning of this Surah, Allah offers a really interesting warning, after describing the greatness of the Qur’an. What is that warning? 

Allah goes on to tell His Messenger ﷺ that – “Is it a possibility that you will worry so much that it will destroy yourself, thinking about their consequences.” And the Prophet ﷺ is so worried about these consequences that Allah is telling him that he is worrying so much that he will almost kill himself out of grief.

Allah says at the beginning of this surah, ‘All praise and gratitude belong to Allah that sent upon His slave the ultimate/final book. And He didn’t leave any crookedness/deviation/room for criticism or attack in this book.’ an elaborate explanation for the same is also shared and makes for quite an interesting listen.

Quran itself is a conversation between Allah and every person. And that’s the first step in us fixing ourselves as an Ummah – to once again engage Allah in a perfect conversation, to become more connected with Allah, especially in our Salah. The Quran is not just a book about Haram and Halal; it’s not just about Jahannam and Jannah.  No scholar, no Imam is going to talk about the Quran so as to give us the beauty when Allah himself says something. When Allah says it, it has a different effect.