Shaytan’s Greatest Tools – Hopelessness & Despair

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The lack of a better gazoo welcome to everyone who's starting to slowly inshallah, join us for the third installment of our webinar series for deception online, which just adds esteem. I'm just gonna give a second for people to start trickling in, I see that you guys have started Alhamdulillah. Please drop your names and your locations in the chat, let us know where you're coming in from it says on the screen as well. And of course share this stream as soon as you've joined in your you know, we're going to go live in just a little bit the shift is ready and raring to go for our topic today on shavonda greatest tools hopelessness and despair. My name is Sarah hafsa I'm gonna be your

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host, your host for this experience and then inshallah also your host for many of your private live q&a sessions with chicks that for those of you who are registered and are registering for deception online, that is the course that is the the sponsor of this experience and hamdulillah. So I hope that you guys take a moment to make the offer for the team and for everyone who's been behind to making this possible. And of course that you support enjoying the experience as well to benefit yourself as we navigate a lot of the topics that we've been covering in this webinar series. Welcome to Hamad and sobey I see from coming in live from the UK Mashallah coming in quite late in the

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evening. Does that look for your sacrifice of sleep to join us for today's session, inshallah, it'll be a beneficial 30 minutes. So I hope that you guys join us quickly. There's a good we're gonna kick off really soon with the shift and then the time is going to run away from us, your registered sobey Welcome, that's amazing. You will be able to access everything inside your student portal and that will be all emailed and contacted to you throughout the next few weeks does brother Dinesh I see you want to come and sit down with Allah lovely to have you back with us, Sr nerima. And yes, does that go out there for everyone who's commenting? Once again, let us know where you're coming in from and

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how you're doing so far what time of the day it is inshallah today. And where's Hamada? Didn't see how much comment just yet. Oh, I did Mashallah. And Hammad was first, so it does not go up everyone who has joined us. This is our three parts our fine finale for our three part series, which just adds to sleep. You've had of course the pleasure of the chef and Chef I'm Marcia curry hosting you for these experiences I've just snuck in right at the end there. Just as we're closing off, and I hope to see many of you who have joined us for these series in the student portal for deception online joining us with the shift asking him your questions and engaging on the topic of deception

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inshallah, of their mind is coming in from Somalia, Masha, Allah. Aneesh is coming in from San Francisco, beautiful, beautiful weather in San Francisco right now, I believe, and from tamela Laila, please correct me how if I pronounced that incorrectly does that Collette there for those who are dropping in and please everyone take a minute to share this stream. We're going to start with the shift really quickly. So I want to make sure that as many people who are able to join us can benefit are coming in are raring to go for our final session with the shift before we are soon to close off this session and before this free webinar series is going to be over if you want to

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continue this journey you guys already know the links are already in your descriptions whether you're coming in from Facebook or YouTube from shake sides face from your mother page all that lovely stuff is in the description so make sure that you do check out the links there and that you do make sure that you you lock your spot in for deception online coming in from the Mel deaves Maryam This is that's where all of us want to be right now. Mashallah zakka look here for taking some time away from the lovely weather in the Maldives to join us for today's session and ifisa from Dayton, Ohio. Mashallah. Does that clear to you all for making time for us today. And once again,

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whether it's your cat who needs to be pulled in front of the laptop screen, whether it's your sleeping family member, whether it's your mom, your dad, make sure that you do get everyone benefiting and get the ledger for that inshallah. So if you're on YouTube, of course, you can also subscribe to our channel plugin for notifications as well. Like, share, spread the word inshallah, as we get started, the topic of the shavonne is a really underrated topic in our community. There's a lot of misconceptions. There's a lot of fear, there's a lot of stories that are made up and then hamdulillah this course has been the one comprehensive experience where you get to learn that a

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tizzy, what the shavon means in our life, the actual the reality of his existence, his actual characteristics, the actual control that he has, or lack of control that he has over us and how to conquer him that is massive. And with that, I don't want to take any more time because I know we only have about 25 minutes or so left with the shift. So I want to invite with us she excited to see who's going to be covering for us in his final webinar, the topic shade lawns, greatest tools, hopelessness and despair a cinema aleikum wa rahmatullah Shahzad, how are you doing today? What a coma set I'm gonna have to live but I got to the I am well hunting really happy to be here for our

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last live webinar iluminar for this seminar inshallah. inshallah Allah, I'm actually really glad that we left this topic for last shift. The final topic for today hopelessness and despair because I feel like a lot of Muslims get stuck in that rut, get stuck in that perception of other shades on having all

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control over them and causing so much drama and so much difficulty that they become hopeless and they start to despair about their own control over their life and the mercy of Allah and the potential that they have. Because of the their perception about the shavon I know we have 100 plus people hanging out with us already raring to go, inshallah we double that I want to make sure every single person here shares right now with one more person who could benefit, but I would like to pass it to you chef, so that we can cover, you know, the topic of hopeless and despair and how Muslims can tackle that when it comes to their relationship with the shape on this menasha Mr. Isaac Miller,

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Hyundai la Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early you will be my mother. So sister was like lucky for introducing this topic, and bring up this very, very important topic, I actually want to go take a couple steps back from this topic. And what I mean by that is making the connection between the shield bond and hopelessness or despair or losing hope. Because I think that's one of the areas where there are a lot of people who do lack in that. And what I mean by that is that the connection between the shield bond and that feeling of hopelessness, that feeling of despair, of losing hope, specifically in the mercy of Allah is kind of data, not being able to see one's path to

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Allah, not being able to see one's path to if someone has sinned, someone has, maybe they're leading a life where they feel like, you know, I'm distant from Allah, I'm distant from my faith, I've just not feeling my spirituality, you know, I don't feel like it's intact, I don't feel like it's complete, I'm missing something. A lot of times people aren't able to make that connection and understand the role that the Shere Khan has to play. In that, obviously, the sheer fun cannot force us to feel a certain way. And this is something that we spoke about earlier. And you know, what abilities this ship on actually has in the ship and cannot force us to do anything, but an ability

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that Allah has given to the ship on and if you want more details about that, we do get into detail about detail, details about that in the seminar. And that is the whisperings of the shield on how that works and, and what that's all about. But in general, Allahu Allah, Allah has given the sheer power and the ability to whisper to us. And then after that it is upon us what happens or what we do, or our reaction to those whispering. So it is not that, as I said, that she had thunk and forced us to lose hope or that she had been can make us despair. Rather, it is those feelings, it is those thoughts in which you know, those whispers that we're talking about. And a lot of times, we don't

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identify it, because it's just internal thoughts. It's just those internal feelings that we have. And when we don't deal with those feelings we don't, when we don't deal with those negative thoughts, it can very much have a negative impact on many aspects of our lives, many of the aspects of our lives we're going to talk about in the seminar itself, but how those internal feelings internal thoughts, and that internal dialogue, which she thought has a role to play in how it can affect all many different aspects of our lives. You know, we talked about relationships, how it can affect our relationships, we talk about, even our motivation, there's so many so many aspects of it,

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but this is one aspect of it, the aspect of, you know, that feeling of losing hope, losing hope, specifically in our spirituality, in the in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. So, as I said, that is the first step that understanding that the role that the Shabbat has to play in in getting us to that place, not by force, but by that whispering of the ship button, where you know, we fall prey to this attack and and you know, this attack of the ship on and one of the things we do in this seminar is we we go over the methods of deception of the ship button. There are many different methods of deception, we kind of lay it out on the table, and we have a proper discussion about the many

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different ways this ship on may attack us. But this method of deception of the ship been, you know, despair, hopelessness, loss of hope. This is something that is one of the most powerful methods of deception of the sheepdog and this is the this is like that winning play for the ship on the ship, one may try many different things, but does she have fun knows that if he can, if he can get through to a person if he can, if we can get that person to fall victim to this method of deception, that is the only case where they shift on can actually truly truly feel good about himself can can feel like he has secured some victory. And I say that because of the following. Look, the ship on May deceive

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us and yes, it is upon us to stay vigilant. It is upon us to protect us. It is upon us to protect ourselves from the ship fun but

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Love is kind of to Allah has given us the ability to return back to Allah. As long as we are alive. As long as we are breathing, as long as we have a breath to breathe, we can return back to Allah no matter what path Misha Thawne leads us down. And not to say that once again, those those methods of deception are, it's very important to know and understand those, so we don't fall prey to them in the first place. But the point is that if the sheepdog can get us to a point where we don't feel like we can return to Allah, then that's almost a guaranteed victory for the shift button. Because now a person doesn't make the effort. And this is why, you know, in the seminar we talked about, we

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don't just talk about despair and loss of hope. We actually talk about this method of deception and all of the methods of deception in a way that we we understand how the she upon may use these methods of deception, how he may tailor them based off of who he is dealing with. So for example, we talked about, you know, how the ship on may approach someone who is struggling with their faith, someone who is feeling like their emotion is low, or they're having doubts in their faith. How do they How did the ship on attack them? versus how did this How does this ship on attack someone who is very dedicated in their faith, and then how does this ship on attack someone who is even a

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scholar, you know, we talked about in seminar, how, you know, the scholars and Imams and people of knowledge, people in positions of leadership, they're not immune from the attacks of the Shia fun, it's just that the Shia fun tailors his attacks to them, to what they may be struggling with. And we all struggle with different things. We all have different challenges, we have different trials from Allah, Allah, we have different things that are fitting for us, our temptations trials for us. So the sheer fun, he tailors the attack based off of that. And so this is very important, because oftentimes we hear about the methods of deception of the ship on and people say like, oh, here's a

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method of deception. So today, you know, we're talking about despair, despair. Well, that's great. And theoretically, that's cool. But me as an individual, based off of the life that I'm living and what I'm going through, what does that mean for me? And so this, this, you know, this seminar is really about understanding who we are, first and foremost, that's why I always say, the seminars not so much about the ship bond is more about us. Because once we understand ourselves, we can understand how the chiffon may approach us, and we will shut lucked out to be able to counter the attacks of this she have been. And so I want to mention just a few examples today, of certain

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predicaments or certain places that a person may be in, you know, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, where the chiffon can break through. So there are those who, you know, they believe in Allah has hunted to Allah, they want to worship Allah, they want to get close to Allah, but they feel like they have no control over their sins. And so they may feel like you know, I commit sins, and because of those sins, Allah will not accept my repentance, Allah will not accept my forgiveness. And the she upon will come and whisper and say, every time this person tries to make Toba every time they tried to repent and turn back to Allah, this she upon will come and remind them

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of their sins. And then she will say, how do you think you can ask Allah for forgiveness, when you just commit this and are you just committed this and are you just did this now give you a very clear example of this, the Salah, the prayer, this is something you know, an obligation upon is praying five times a day, the first thing we will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment is something very, very important for and an integral vital part of our Deen, a person who is struggling with their saw. Now, the way that she works is if this person is struggling, this year plan will not come and say don't pray. Because that's that's, that's very simple. And depending on a person's, you

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know, level of faith and their commitment to the faith, as we said, the shape one will tailor it. But in general, if someone has some type of commitment to Allah, Allah to Allah to to Islam, the shift button won't directly come and come and say, Hey, don't pray. Because a person may understand because of their commitment to Sunday, I understand that, you know, I need to pray. It's an obligation but library brings me closer to Allah is my connection with Allah and so on and so forth. However, what will this ship on do? So the share plan may wait for a person to have something lacking in their prayer. So it may be a prayer altogether. So, you know, I know a lot of people

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struggle with the federal prayer getting up early, early in the morning for various different reasons. People may struggle with that prayer. It is common, it happens a lot. So let's say a person misses the federal prayer, and the chiffon will use that to his advantage. And now let's say the prayer comes, the chaplain will come and say, Hey, listen, you miss the federal prayer. What do you think this is a lot of prayers.

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Gonna do for you? Right? You started off on the wrong foot? What is the point of now you're going to pray? Like, what is the point of that? And the person may lose hope and say, yeah, you know, I didn't pray for each other what's the point and then that argument gets even stronger because now a person misses a jump that Miss will have now I still have time to sharpen has more ammunition, the share button comes and says, You must budget and you want to pray. So now, right? You missed two prayers like your day is gone. Like you have nothing, no connection with Allah today. And then obviously, for Muslims, it becomes stronger. And there may be some kind of law that by that time,

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the knifes itself the person, they themselves are desperate for some spirituality, they're desperate to connect with their Lord. And some of you may have experienced this that if if a person leaves off worship, then the soul itself begins to cry out. And the soul the neffs itself wants to worship Allah and it may push us and drive us to worship Allah. So maybe if a person has reached the end of their day, they've come for Ayesha, it's at that time, or maybe they before they go to bed. And something within you, your your your Fitbit, or your natural inclination, your nature is telling you just at least pretty sharp

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shear plan will come and say, What is the point of praying Aisha, you didn't pray the whole day. And now you think you can come? And you can pray the prayer and it's gonna make everything okay. And you know, so how to live the way the ship bottle works? Does she have fun if we don't understand the way he works?

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With a lack of knowledge, his arguments can be very convincing. And his arguments can seem very logical, they can seem to make sense. And this is why it is important to know and understand the arguments of the Shia thought and know his methods of deception because at this point, when a person is already struggling with their faith, they're already there. emotion is weak or their emotion is low, that she often comes and says, What's the point? There's no hope for you? Right? Look, you haven't prayed out of five prayers. You missed four prayers. You're just a bad Muslim. You're just you have your Eman is almost non existent. So what is the point? The sheer thought knows that even

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that one prayer could be the prayer that could change this person's life. And we know that when we approach an act of worship, we approach that act of worship with this is it. This is the act of worship I'm going to do and I want to attain Jenna when I attained paradise with this act of worship, but it's hard to get there. Sometimes when the Shia thought is clouding our mind. The shaitaan is coming and saying you're a bad person you committed this and even though a person had made Toba right, and when it comes to is very interesting to have a lot when it comes to when it comes time to make Toba that she upon will not remind you of your sins, because he doesn't want you

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to make Toba. But when it comes time to moving past, after the repentance, after the is the fall after seeking and less forgiveness, when it comes time to move on the ship will hold us back, the ship on the wants to get get caught up in those sins. So we can't so we can't move forward. And this is something that she upon in the shape one knows that the children of Adam,

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we are not perfect, that we are all going to sin, we're going to make mistakes, it's bound to happen. And because of this, she had fun was there at the very beginning. And in the seminar, we go over the whole history of the shale fun and everything. But because he was there in the very beginning, and he's been there, and Allah gave him life and you know, we talked about why Allah gave him life. And you know, even last week, we talked about the wisdom behind the creation of the ship. And another question that comes up is why did Allah allow him to live? Why did Allah allow him to live until the Day of Judgment Why? Because for us that that's the problem, right? But we'll talk

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about that inshallah data and the seminar. But she thought and from the very beginning, he's been he knows men calm, he knows that he knows his very, very well. And he knows that part of part of being human is that we are going to or we're going to make mistakes, we're going to sin, and so he will use that against us and so he will look and he will wait for moments where our event seems to dip down. When we are feeling alone or feeling isolated in those moments. When the cure to our loneliness is to turn to law, the shift button will come and say you're not worthy. You're not worthy to return to Allah has pedal into Allah. And this is why if you look in the Quran, and you

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look at the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim, there is reminder after reminder after a reminder of the mercy of Allah who's Penwith, Dianna of how Allah has Penwith to Allah forgives sins as long as we asked for Allah's forgiveness, for example, Allah says, when a birdie say My servants and living in a sort of Island cuisine, those who have transgressed against themselves in our scholars say Subhana Allah here Allah is not speaking to Mr.

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Amazing Muslim, Mr. Perfect Muslim, Allah is speaking to the sinful Muslim here, the person is feeling down the person who's feeling low, the person who's losing hope, and saying, you know, maybe I just don't have it in me. Right and, and, you know, we're going to talk about comparison how the shift button comes in starts comparing you to other people. Look at that person. They're so amazing in their faith and they pray five times a day and didn't do this. I look at you, you can't even do this simple act of worship. But I look at you, you committed this sin, knowing that no one else is struggling with this sin is that there have been, you know, distorts reality we're gonna talk about

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distortion of reality is one of the methods of deception of the ship and distorting reality for us. But no, we're gonna leave that for now. So this one comes in, and this is this is the month this is what lies speaking to, that those who transgressed against themselves Allah says, not tempted not to.

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Do not despair, do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah who's petalite data in the law higher bureau bureau by Jamie, Allah, certainly his emphasis here in the law young little little by Jimmy I certainly Allah forgives all sins in the hula for Rahim certainly, Allah is all forgiving and All Merciful. I know you've probably heard this before. I know that this you know, you know of the mercy of Allah. And before we recite the Quran, we say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Right, we mentioned a lot as being merciful. And this is this something we know. But the point is, are we able to counter the attacks of the Shia been in the moment, or in the moments that we are feeling? Like there's no hope?

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And Subhanallah? I've taught this seminar for for many, many years. And I've taught it across the world, actually, it's kind of luck. And I always think sometimes it's always a part of me that says, Is this still a problem? Do people still lose hope in the mercy of a lion, and I have those feelings because when I teach this seminar, it reminds me, and it really emphasizes for me the mercy of Allah, not in becoming lacs, not in leaving off our obligations and leaving off what Allah is commanded us to do. But it reminds me of the mercy of Allah, in always having hope and always struggling to return to Allah. And so I hear these reminders for myself, and I talk about them. And

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I always think to myself, is this still a problem? And Subhanallah I can tell you, there's that you know, it is always I always come across someone who comes to me, and I've had a few different sub panel experiences where someone comes to me and they they're like, you know, I want to ask you a question, and this and that, and whatever it may be. And I'm like, what's up, you know, what's, what's going on? And people break down in tears. And they said, I don't think Allah will forgive me. I said, What are you talking about? They said, No, no, no, you know, you don't know what I did. And you don't know what my sin is like, and this and that. I'm like, Look, man, first of all, we don't

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know each other since. Right? We don't, we don't look at someone we know. We know their sins. You know, this is something Allah protects us. Allah preserves us, you know, we ask Allah to preserve us. If we ever when sins were, were out and exposed that no one would talk to anybody really, somehow to love. Because we all have weaknesses, we all commit sins. This is this is how we are as human beings. So look, I'm not here to tell this person. I'm not here to judge you for your sin, but I can tell you this. Whatever your sin is, I know that Allah has promised forgiveness, as long as you sincerely ask Allah for forgiveness. And I know there's always a putting still the person says

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to me, no, no, I don't I don't think you understand. Like, this sin is just is so bad. And I feel so much guilt. And when I don't see Allah forgiving me, and I'm surprised that I'm not surprised. I'm surprised. Because I'm like, you know, sometimes it's after this, this, you know, after introducing the seminar, someone comes and says this thing. And I there may be someone right now feeling this, as I'm talking about the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And so that surprised me. But I'm also not surprised because I know the Shia thought is clouding this person's mind. They should have thought, as much as I may tell this person, the chiffon is telling them as well. And so this battle is taking

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place internally. And this is why it is important to equip ourselves with the tools to fight the sheer fun, because you know what, I'm not always going to be there. someone's not always going to be there to remind us, when we're having those feelings of despair of losing hope of, you know, there's no returning to Allah, that is where our knowledge and our understanding and our tofield come from Allah. That ability coming from Allah has kind of data where we have really, really understood the mercy of a lot we have understood that in the end of the day, look, one of the main themes of this seminar is that the ship one is active with all the reminders about the ship and we have so many

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reminders in the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Actually, actuality the shear plan is weak, but only if we are armed. It only if we have learned how to defeat the shield plan.

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Only if we continually remind ourselves and only if we continually fight against the ship on the moment we let our guard down, the ship on is no longer weak, the ship on is no longer weak, the Shia thumb gained strength over us, the moment we let our guard down, and that is why it's how long you know, there's one incident. And I'll end with this agenda to add I don't want to go on for too long. A lot of this, you know, I you know, I go in detail in seminar inshallah, but this narration

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it's been narrated about Mm hmm. I admit that I have a lot of data, that on his deathbed. You know, he was in the throes of death, and he was going in and out of consciousness. And his children were on his deathbed. You know, they're surrounding him. And they kept saying to him, they kept saying to him, saying that, you know, Lola, sailor in high Lola, which we know is soon to encourage the person who is on their deathbed to encourage them to say that, you know, hello. And they were shocked, because they would hear mud. They would say, you hear him say, No, no, la, la, la, but not yet. Not yet. And they're shocked, like the children, their children shuttler. Why are you saying no, no, not

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yet. And even my man he was in and out of consciousness, and he would regain consciousness. And they asked him this, and you're saying, No, not yet. Why were you saying that? I mean, I'm, I'm alone data, he says, because the shift button came, like I felt him I felt the influence of the ship on the ship on came to me. And you know what the ship on said, the ship on said, You have won.

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You're victorious. You're going to Agenda this year plan was reminding me you know, you've done this. And you've done that. And you've taught these people and this knowledge, and so on and so forth. And he knows that even while he is dying, the Shere Khan is trying to get him to put his guard down, in his last moments that she upon is trying to convince him Oh, you won. So he lets his guard down, say, Well, I'm just saying love, but not yet. Not yet, that I will, I will stop defending myself against you, Oh, she had been when I meet Allah has, but not yet because I'm still alive. So in those final moments, he was seeking Allah's protection. In those final moments, he was

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seeking forgiveness from Allah and making Toba to illustrate that with hope. And that hope is important. But that hope and this is you know, our balance when it comes to fighting the ship bug, that we don't give the ship on power over us. We don't we don't let this she have been convinced this that he can he can win, or he's going to win. But at the same time, we know that we have to keep working against this year pot. And really, that is what this this seminar is about. So I hope if you haven't signed up for this seminar, I hope you can join me in gela data. This is one of my favorite seminars to teach. This is one of I would say not one of this is probably the most

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requested seminar of mine. And I'm, I'm always surprised. And I'm not surprised as well. Because I think you know, that the topic of the ship one is a topic that,

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you know, the average person, they think about the ship, and they say, you know, I know about the ship, I'm like, I know what the ship is, you know, I've been, you know, I'm maybe hearing about Satan or the devil or whatever it may be, however, it's, you know, conveyed to this person from a young age. And we see depictions of Satan and the devil and demons and, and in our culture, you know, it's just become something to be afraid of. Right. And I think I mentioned this last week, it's almost become like, you know, the only purpose of this thought is to scare us, is to frighten us. Right? So Halloween, we hear about demons and, and shouting and this and that, like, that's

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always become, right, just a fear thing. And as believers, we're not afraid of the ship. Right? It's not a it's not it's not it's not a horror thing is that we, it's not a horror film or something that we're, oh my god, I'm afraid of she upon our relationship with the ship. And the way we deal with this ship on is on a spiritual level, meaning spiritually, we know that the ship bond tries to block our path to Allah, this year Thorn tries to weaken our spirituality. And that means and even, you know, people ask me all the time, you know, what do we teach our kids about the ship, but I'm gonna teach your kids about the shield, but teach them that which is correct, and they're not supposed to

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be. It's not It's not something they're supposed to be frightened of the ship on in the sense that, you know, the ship plan is scary. And this, and we're gonna talk about, you know, what Islam tells us about what the ship on actually looks like. And we'll go into details about that inshallah. But really, to set set the record straight, and to clarify a lot of these misconceptions that people have that and also, as a spiritual seminar, really, and to me, I believe that if I teach a seminar and it doesn't bring one closer to Allah, then for me, there's not a lot of value in it because it was just about collecting information. You can do that anywhere. You could open up a book and read

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

about the ship on and so on, so forth. Great, you've collected information, you've collected knowledge, but if it's not having an impact on our lives does not you know, on a spiritual level, it's not bringing us closer to Allah.

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

Helping us strengthen our spirituality then for me, at least, what I do. And when I talk about there's, there's a lot less value. So as I said, if you haven't signed up yet, I hope you signed up. And I hope to see you there because we have live sessions as well. And I think maybe Sister hafsa will will mention some of these points as well. But we actually one of my one of the exciting things about teaching this in this manner, you know, an online seminar is that we it's it's not just me, we have guest speakers as well. Some some amazing people. I didn't want to give it away, but I think it's been given away so far, but I'm still not gonna give it away. So amazing speakers coming to to

00:30:38--> 00:30:39


00:30:40--> 00:31:16

supplement this seminar with some amazing talks, and yada yada. So I hope to see you there will LaHood to Ireland to Haleakala behenic, a shadow stockbroker, why do we like zakka l'affaire for that shift said and I hope that you guys are feeling I think some of you already are from the set from the state of the comments, the same way that I am in the same way that you will feel in shallow when you're going into the seminar, deception online itself is that you start to use you're almost like reeling, like, there's so much knowledge that you felt like you were just you've never ever experienced this level of, of empowerment of the knowledge of other shavonne. Because it is

00:31:16--> 00:31:47

empowering, it's empowering to to have the control to have the the knowledge of the subject that you can actually do something with that you can actually take action with. And that's why deception is such a mind blowing experiences because and I can say this personally, especially having gone into the courses that there's no place that you can find all this knowledge, you can have all this empowering information in one location. And then you can go back to the instructor, and you can ask for further clarification. In the live q&a sessions that we have, which I've said he mentioned just a little bit briefly. But for those who have not yet taken in a local online experience with us, you

00:31:47--> 00:32:20

have the full modules and all the course prepared, professionally edited, ready for you. The first three modules are already there in the portal, Adam Agha online if you register in the link that you see on your screen and in the description below. So make sure you don't take you don't miss the opportunity, because the course is closing soon, you're going to have those modules ready. And then you're going to have an opportunity to actually sat in lengthy q&a sessions about the questions that you have in relation to the course and in relation to the effect of the shape on in your life. I hope that you guys really enjoyed this deep dive into the topic of the chiffons greatest tools,

00:32:20--> 00:32:55

hopelessness and despair. And hopefully you're feeling a little less hopeless, a little bit more positive, a little bit more engaged, and shifts that before you go. I know we're a little bit past time. But I did want to ask you, what is the I don't want to end on a low note. But what's the danger of, of not empowering yourself with this kind of information? I know, there's a lot of misinformation around the ship on I know, there's a lot of that everyone has a very complicated relationship with this topic. But what's the danger in not not seeking this knowledge? And what's what's what, you know, what's the con of this? Coming to? Well? Yeah, well, really SubhanAllah. For

00:32:55--> 00:33:27

me, it's, you know, a lot of my seminars come from personal experience, and like real world experience, and, you know, just what I see and what I what I experienced from people. And honestly, I have seen how people's outlook changes after this seminar, because there's things that seem, you know, and I use that word a lot, but you know, cloudy, right? confusing, hazy, and outlook, and really, with the world that we're living in today, so I've had a lot, the complicated

00:33:29--> 00:34:10

world and with so much going on clarities is is is very important. And that is what our Dean does, as a whole, it's supposed to give us clarity, unfortunately, for some people, as they, you know, get into, you know, studying the dean or they may, they may start approaching setting the dean because there's, you know, there's all this information online and electric elected there, sometimes you can cloud them even more. And so, you know, this information is meant to give us clarity, and to start to make sense of, you know, things happening the world things happening in our own lives, in our relationships, and so on and so forth. So, for me, it's, it's an opportunity for people now the

00:34:10--> 00:34:40

opportunity where people would can miss out on finally having clarity on a lot of these issues, and a lot of things that people don't people don't be honest, and people don't realize the impact that the ship bond has on these matters in their lives. And, you know, I've heard some students who've had a lot that, you know, it's like, it's like a door was open for me and I could see things that I was never able to see before. And this is not something supernatural or anything like that. This is just clarity and it comes from understanding of the deen.

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

And this is why you know, my unit didn't that will be hired out if we deem that whoever Allah wants goodness for he gives him an understanding of the dean. And that goodness in one's life comes from understanding and understanding this knowledge. So that's really that's really it's about missing out on that having clarity in our lives and clarity.

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

What's going on in the world? Beautiful and I think definitely once you tackle the issue of the shavon I feel like this is one of the the biggest fights of your lifetime This is one of the biggest things that you need to kind of you know struggle against from the beginning to the end of your life but once you know hystrix once you can manage your relationship with the shavon then you can conquer the world then the world's your oyster hamdulillah but it's getting to this point and I know it's it can be a daunting topic initially but you guys can already see that the goal of this course is not to stress you out it's it's to relieve you of any hopelessness or despair or confusion or difficulty

00:35:33--> 00:36:04

that you have in your relationship with her she's gone and you're the that his role in your life inshallah tada so I'm really excited to delve right into this every time I take this course I feel like it's a blank slate I feel like I'm taking it again. And the years struggle with the shape on it comes all the way back I know a lot of us are coming out of Ramadan and and having that like okay shavon is back and this is why my life is getting my stuff let's actually get to the reality of things and find out what role the chiffon has in our life and how to tackle it and how to how to fight it *. I'm super excited to see you on the other side to catch you in the Q and A's and to

00:36:04--> 00:36:07

bombard you with questions from Allah.

00:36:08--> 00:36:28

And, inshallah any last parting words before we close off our session today. know exactly what said such a hub setup or facilitating this and thank you to everyone who joined us live. It's always a blessing to have you know people come live it's, it's always great, I'm done. I hope to see you all in the seminar inshallah tada and our live live sessions during the seminar.

00:36:29--> 00:36:43

Once again, links are all below if you have any questions, you can always send us a quick message at our motor Institute's We look forward to seeing you on the other side for deception online with chicks at the same for now take care stay safe, as cinema Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh