The Greatest Way to Seek Allah’s Forgiveness

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Istighfar, or seeking forgiveness, both prevents hardship and is a means of relieving hardship. Sh. Omar Suleiman describes one of the best du’as to make for seeking Allah’s forgiveness.

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The speakers discuss the loss of a beautiful worker to COVID-19 and the need for forgiveness to prevent harm. They stress the importance of seeking forgiveness to prevent harm from behavior and the need for constant forgiveness to alleviate hardship. The speakers also touch on the importance of forgiveness in love and how it can lead to a worldly mistake. They briefly mention a webinar on "verbal and malicious behavior" at a particular location.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I will ask me, a parenting seminar.

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Whatever you want. I mean, when are people to subpoena last

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weekend? What happened in Salalah? And he was

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only he was five years of emphysema and caffeine challenge, just as you all are logging on. I wanted to first and foremost acknowledge the loss of a beautiful brother to COVID-19. Brother, yeah. May Allah have mercy on him.

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It was a person who overcame great difficulties and disabilities to be, you know, to give constantly to the community. He was someone who was always volunteering. He was a beautiful young man that gave a lot to this community and Subhanallah he just passed away, due to COVID-19 vecka, loss pantalla, to make him a martyr to make him a Shahid to grant him the full reward and

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comfort his family as well as Powell, I spoke, I spoke to his family today. And I thought about when the profit slice of them said learn according to the law, we don't say except that which is pleasing to our Lord, even in the midst of our tears, even in the midst of our heartbreak. And it was a beautiful patients that his family displayed from his mother to his brother, no one said anything except that we, we expect nothing but a loss reward, and we will be patient. And even though they're heartbroken, they also are connected to their Lord and do believe in his mercy and do believe in the night out that their that their son, brother has been accepted as a Shaheed. And that Allah will

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certainly guided them again. So please keep doing your job today. And his family's actually running a fundraiser on his behalf for my son

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for Muslims understanding and helping with special education needs, which I'll share in the comments, and Shawn Montana, which is just very beautiful, because he himself overcame disabilities to do so many great things. And so for his family to be fundraising for an organization dedicated to special needs, dedicated to special needs in this time is very beautiful. So please keep them in your garage. Okay.

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Once again, I was blessed to be learning ministry.

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mean, what are one Illallah blinding mean? When are people to mix up in a lot more suddenly, we're selling with avocado, avocado, so we can have an insular life and he was telling me he was like he was selling for cement. So typically, when we find ourselves in hard times, there's a debate about whether this is God's punishment or God's reward or God's mercy. What is happening to us right now? How do we contextualize everything that's happening. And of course, we've spoken about how when things of this sort happen, it's a punishment. For some it's a reward for others, it's a relief for others. And all of that ultimately comes down to how you respond. And one of the things that we

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cannot lose sight of is that it's too far seeking a loss forgiveness is a means of two things. Number one, it's a means of preventing hardship in the first place. Because Allah subhana wa tada says that they would not be punished while the messenger sell ally cinemas amongst them and they would not be punished with homea stuff going on, while they're in a state of seeking forgiveness. So seeking forgiveness is a means of preventing hardship from coming on people. The second thing is that seeking forgiveness is also a means of relieving hardship. Okay, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that Manila zeeman is to find that whoever is frequent to whoever is

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consistent with their seeking forgiveness, then Allah subhana wa tada will make a way out for them from every hardship that Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah will lift every anxiety and that Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant them whatever they ask. And so it's default, seeking a loss. Forgiveness is both a means of preventing harm from coming in the first place. And it's also a means of lifting harm. Once we are in it's either in the collective sense or in the individual sense. So it has a bearing on us both as individuals, and as communities for us to constantly be in the state of seeking a loss of habitat forgiveness. Now, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that the best

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way to seek a loss forgiveness is to recite this prayer of say that is define the master of seeking forgiveness, the chief of seeking forgiveness. And I want to talk about this throughout the supplication and the prophets. lysozyme said that if a person says it in the morning, and then they pass away that day, then they're from the people of paradise. And if a person says it in the evening, and they pass away that night, then they're from the people of paradise. So that's, that automatically should make you to make you pay very close attention to how amazing the supplication is, that if a person says in the daytime or in

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The morning they would and they pass away then they will be from the people of Paradise and if a person says it in the evening, and they pass away, then they will be from the people of paradise. And I want to break down this drought and point to something very particular in its alone until I'm be Oh Allah, you are my Lord La Ilaha Illa and there is no god but you remember we talked about the drought of unicity Islam, the drought of the prophet Jonah, the supplication of Jonah La Isla hotlanta sakana get in the Quantum albinoni that there is no god but you how perfect Are you verily I was from the wrongdoers and that light Allah is the best form of remembrance. So hear the

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testimony of La ilaha illAllah comes in the very beginning a lot until I'll be Oh Allah, you are my Lord, La Ilaha Illa and there is no god but you hot up Tony, what an optic, you have created me and I am your slave, I am your servant, I am your worship. And of course it contains all of those meanings that I just mentioned. Okay, well and I decaf, well, why deca must apply to and I am in accordance with your covenants and your promise to the best of my ability, I will live up to it as much as I can, I will do the best that I possibly can to live up to the covenant that you have taken from me when I had to try and you must apply to the bigger men, some women, some are too, I seek

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refuge in You from that which I have committed. Now, by the way, this is this isn't an interesting sentence because you're not supposed to associate or attribute evil to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, and hydrocodone will be at a push of release a lake that good is all from you. And evil is not to be attributed to meaning when when we commit acts of evil, that it's us, right? It's our wrongdoing. And it's a part of, it's a part of our own accountability that we own our own sense, okay. But here are who who became Michel de sanaka tool, I seek refuge in You from the evil of that which I have committed

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to the baker, I seek refuge in You. And that's something that's very important because even when we own our sins, we should not we should not think that we own our forgiveness as well. Forgiveness is all in his hands. Forgiveness is up to him. And we can hope for it and we can ask for it. We have a Lord that is merciful and forgiving. But that belongs to Allah subhanaw taala and we seek refuge in his mercy not in our ability to get it right because you know what we might be very sincere and are seeking forgiveness at the moment and then we fall back into the same sin again, not that we intend to, but that it might happen if we if we get caught in that same week moment that we fall right back

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into that sin again. So who the leaker man shall remaster not to I seek refuge in You from the evil that of which I have committed. Also notice here we say I am going to say Paul Raji we say I seek refuge in You from the recursive double here, I seek refuge anew for myself. I seek refuge in You from what I have committed because there is you can't properly own the sin if you blame the devil for it. You can't blame the shape on for it. No, the sin has been committed I own it are who the weaker men shall we muscle not to I seek refuge in You Oh Allah from the evil that I have done. Not that the shape Vaughn has done he tempted me to it. It's my fault for not resisting the temptation I

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own it and I put my trust not in my ability to get it right from now on but in your mercy to forgive me. Ruby can mean suddenly muscle not to boo like can be an aromatic Aliya, what a boo will be them. B. This is my favorite part of the drought by far. I admit to you, your blessings upon me. And I admit to you my sense, here's something that's extremely important that I want you to remember this, you cannot you cannot appreciate the severity of your sins. If you don't appreciate this, the the the greatness of allows blessings upon you. You cannot appreciate the greatness of your sense unless you appreciate the greatness of allows blessings upon you. Why is this so important? Because what

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has a lot given to you,

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for you to respond with disobedience? What how many blessings has a lot showered you with for you to then turn around and to respond with disobedience. And I cannot appreciate the severity of my sins. If I have not taken a if I've not taken the time to appreciate the multitude of his blessings upon me. By knowing his blessings upon me I should become too shy to disobey Him. Right? And that's what I want to get out of. This is not

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To do not just a supplication, but a shyness and a modesty and a shamefulness from disobeying him and sinning against him with everything that he's provided to me. And that's why a man came to Ibrahim Rahim Allah. And he asked him for he said, give me permission to sin, give me permission to sin. And he said, Well, if you're going to send the first three of the five things he told him, he said, if you're going to send them send in a place that doesn't belong to Allah, okay? He said, Well, every, every everywhere belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said, Okay, well, if you're going to send the sin in a place where a lot can't see you, send but Allah sees everything. He said,

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Okay, well, if you're going to sin, then don't eat or drink from the sustenance of your Lord. He said, But everything is from the substance of my Lord. Right? So it's, it starts off with those three things, then how could you then sin, right? How could you then not feel shy from doing so? Right? So pull back a little bit and be like, wait a minute, I can't, I can't appreciate how bad the sins are, if I can't appreciate how great his blessings are. And of course, what is greater than the blessings that he has bestowed upon us is his greatness himself. So kind of what is his greatness himself? And that's why it matters. shafr ame Allah said, Don't look at the smallness of your sin.

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Look at the greatness of the one that you have sinned against. Okay, don't look at the smallness of the sin. Look at the greatness of the one that you've sinned against. So you cannot appreciate your sins or how severe Your sins are until you appreciate his blessings upon you. And so before you know as you admit your sins will have been aromatic Allah Yeah, what uh, what will be them be? Before you even admit your sense, I admit your blessings upon me. I admit your blessings upon me, I affirm and acknowledge all the blessings that you showered me with what will be done be and I admit my shortcomings, I admit my sins, fairly fit into who they are here within Oba Allah and so forgive me,

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because Verily, no one forgives sins except for you. So how to love this is such a beautiful, a beautiful way to actually end this day. It started off with a llama and Toby our law you are my Lord, and you are the only one who is my Lord. It ends off with Oh Allah, you are the only one who can forgive me. You are my only Redeemer. Why is this so important? There are numerous gems that we can extract from this last part of the drought. I'll give you two. The first one is this, that often, when we commit sins, we don't feel bad about them until we suffer some worldly repercussions. someone gets mad at us or we get exposed and embarrassed. And then we feel bad. And so if if the

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shame is gone, and the worldly repercussions are gone, then we become complacent with that sin once again. Here. It's like saying Oh Allah, if you don't forgive me, I'm not satisfied. If you don't forgive me, I'm not satisfied. I need your forgiveness. I need your forgiveness. Okay. And that's why last penance Allah, He says in the Quran, when Medina irrfan author he sheds a lot more emphasis on the Kabbalah for stuff who didn't obey him. Why may you feel the no but in the law, what I'm used to refer to the more those who, when they wronged themselves are when they commit an act of, of, of shame. Are they wrong themselves, that kind of law they remember their Lord Christopher Rudy's and

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obey Him and so they seek forgiveness for their sense. It's not that they got caught. No, they remember their Lord. That's the first thing they think of Allah subhanaw taala to commit a sin they remember their Lord istockphoto didn't obey Him and so they seek forgiveness for it. When they feel a little bit in Lala and who forgives sins except the loss of Balaton, Oh Allah, I need you to forgive me. Right? I need you to forgive me. And the last thing that I want to say about this, so the second gem of this, the prophet sly, some said that a lot of Shai, when his servants raises his hands into and supplication to let them come down, empty without being answered. Allah subhanaw

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taala in the La Jolla and Kadima, Allah subhanaw. taala is shy and generous, so that when a servant raises his hands to the sky, there's no way that he lost pounds, I would let those hands come down from the heavens, empty and rejected. And when you're calling upon a lord who is shy of you, even though you should be shy of your sins, right? He has nothing to be shy from us because of anything we've done for him but it's a lot generous, merciful, loving, that Allah subhana wa tada is too shy, that when someone raises their hands to the sky, and says, Oh Allah to let those hands come down empty. So how is it that when you're calling upon your Lord and how your Lord who is shy and saying

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Forgive me because no one can forgive?

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Except for you. You think Allah is gonna let your hands come down without you being forgiven if you're sincere when you make that supplication? May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be sincere when we make that supplication. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and have mercy on us. May Allah Subhana Allah continue to shower us with his generosity despite our shortcomings May Allah Subhana Allah grant us His forgiveness despite our sins May Allah subhana wa tada grant us his complete mercy despite our inherently deficient good deeds Lama Ameen is that Malala hyena and I'll see you all tomorrow and Charlottetown the same time as I've said, we move this now to 915. Eastern, and

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then on Wednesday night in Charlottetown. We will have

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Ramadan prep webinar in sha Allah to Allah with 10 tips for a successful Ramadan to make this one the best of your life inshallah at the same time at 915, Eastern insha Allah and then on Thursday night we will move in in sha Allah to Allah to Oracle and 3430. Summarizing an extract extracting the gems from each chapter of the plan over 30 days and that's going to be at 10pm. Eastern every night of Ramadan, starting this Thursday night, whether it's a bomb or not, so does that fit into all the western America over the counter?