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The speaker discusses the norm of people practicing praying while wearing shoes, which is not unusual at that time. However, the norm has now changed, and people are now practicing without shoes. The speaker warns that individuals should check their shoes to see if there is any impurities on their shoes, and if there is, to remove them and pray.

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Assalamualaikum and welcome to another episode of forgotten suddenness. Today we're going to talk about something slightly controversial and that is praying while wearing your shoes.

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Okay, so first of all, there's no doubt that the Prophet sallallaahu I do send them would normally pray with his shoes on. And there are numerous authentic narrations that tell us that for example, inside the body, it is mentioned that the companion unassembled the lower arm was asked if the person would pray with his shoes on and he said yes, imagine the companion oast says that he Rasulullah sallallahu I know you send them you suddenly Fei Li he said I would see the Messenger of Allah sallallahu I do send them pray in his shoes Not only did the presses send them himself pray with shoes on he actually encouraged the other companions to pray while wearing their shoes as well

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narrated in sudden libido the prophets that I send them he said Hon, if when you hold, but in normal use, I know nothing nearly him walking furphy him he said differentiate yourself from the Jews because they don't pray while wearing shoes and they don't pray while wearing socks or leather socks. And by the way, this was the norm at that time people prayed with their shoes on we have to remember that the machines back then are not like the machines that we see today. So now we're used to having nice fancy carpet and beautiful marble and so on and so forth. Back then the mesh did floor was dirt and dust and yeah, it would get muddy sometimes when it rains. So obviously everyone

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wore shoes when they were praying in that environment. Another important point that needs to be mentioned is that if we know that we have some impurity on our shoes, then we don't wear our shoes. It is narrated incident me though that on one occasion the person send them was praying, he was leading the companions in prayer. And during the prayer, he took off his shoes and he put them on his left side, the companions upon seeing that they all the whole congregation, they took off their shoes, and they put them on their left side after the prayer the person asked them he said, Why did you do this? And they said, O Messenger of Allah, we saw you doing it. So we did it as well. The

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first time then explained to them, he said, the angel Gabriel came to me during the prayer and let me know informed me that I had some filth on my shoes, and that's why he did it. And then he told the companions, he said, so when you come to the masjid, you should check your shoes to see if there's any filth on them. If there is you should remove it, wipe it off, and then pray. So without a doubt that was how people prayed back then that is how the person prayed. So yes, it is part of his Sunnah. But very, very important disclaimer, and I have to say this, this son should be practiced, where normally people would wear shoes. So we don't walk into a machine with clean carpet

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with our shoes, or muddy or dirty shoes. And we start praying and we say I'm following the pseudonym because the norm has now changed the norm in this case is that people pray without their shoes to keep the carpet or the machine clean. However, if there's an environment where people wear their shoes, so let's say you know, you find yourself having to pray in a parking lot. In that case, the Sunnah is to pray with one's shoes on and not to take one's shoes off. Obviously, as long as we said that a person who checks to make sure there's no no jassa or filth or impurity on their shoes. So this is one of those cylinders that can change depending on the environment that one is in and

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allows pilots IATA knows best until next time, I said I'm on a goon we're not going to lie when I got to