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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the limitations of the laws and the need for people to not up Police to be careful with their behavior. They also mention a woman who asked for a marriage, but the speaker argues that it is impossible to pray for the woman. The speaker also talks about the importance of not letting people the wrong thing and not letting people the wrong thing happen.
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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah salam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. Anyone who's a parent would know that the love Allah has put in his heart or her heart for her child or his style is something that cannot be explained to a person who has not experienced Parenthood. It's just unique. It's just amazing. Parents look for their children, they give their lives and this is something and hence Allah has put the obligation on children towards their parents. And I say this in reference to the tale of the Prophet no Holly, his Salatu was Salam. He was a prophet of Allah. He was amongst the owner lasma ambia as the Quran makes mentioned about it, shareaholic Amina de

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Nima wasabi, he knew how Allah do hyena la como se NaVi bara eema, Musa Musa, the five great prophets that are referred to as Zulu lasan first will come out sobre la Zmi. Allah references say the value in that as well. So when I say that our new alayhis salaam son cannon did not heed the message of His Father, and the Father appealed to his son and said, Come on the arco my son and leave your shenanigans and your arrogance. And he's like, I'll take shelter on the zenith of the mountain and I'll be rescued and the father is like Listen, my son, it's not going to work. It's not going to happen. And then the father in His love and His desire and his passion for the rescue of

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his son he prayed for his son in a Bunnymen athlete, or in our local hockey.

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Hockey mean, oh my lord, my son is from my household. And you had promised me and surely you are the best of all judges. So I want to speak about something very, very important and that is the limitations in the law. Of course, we got to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala. for guidance, we ask Allah for everything, but sometimes we we venture into things and we ask

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for salvation or ease in matters that we don't know what is the correct thing. When the Prophet no supplicated Allah for his son, Allah subhanho wa Taala then admonished him and said, ya know, in the whole a seminar like, ya know, in the old days, I mean, Alec, our new Your son is not from your family. The first thing we learned from this was the scholars of the series tell us that nobility of lineage, if it is not coupled with virtue, then it is Cal Adam, it has no value in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you couldn't have a more noble lineage than being the son of a prophet. Wow, what a great status, rank and position in society that you are the son of a newbie and in the baby

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is born in a in a great family. Right The famous incident in Buhari the Hadees, when

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he rupal had asked the Boo sofian regarding the lineage of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And Abu sufian said who afina Luna Sabine, he was a man of great lineage, he was a man of great lineage, and that is the condition with all the profits and so did Heracles then say, that's the sign of his profit would because ambia come in great families, and they come from noble background. So the son of new can an whose father was the Prophet, he had a noble lineage, but because it was not coupled with good action, it did not avail him in anything. The messenger sallallahu wasallam said man, but abiy Ahmed who Allah muesli, Bina Sabu, a person whose action has driven him away from Allah, his

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noble lineage cannot bring him close to Allah. So Allah then told the Prophet no philatelists le ma li silica be here. Wow. Now this is something for us to understand that do not ask me regarding something you do not know. And this is mentioned in the Tafseer that malaise Allah carrying the unknown husaberg over euro swabbing for your cool now you're worried and famous double haul, that if you're not clear about something, it's very it's ambiguous, you're uncertain about it, then it is not correct for you to supplicate a lie in that regard. It is not correct for you to ask Allah in that regard. What you've hamo Minho, hello, my aluminum facade better eating Ola. And something that

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you know is totally wrong. A person is asking you make dua for you know what, I want to marry this woman who's married. So that means you are wishing either her marriage must break or husband must die. That's precisely what you imply. I know a young man would once come to me he proposed to a girl he intended marry now her father had reservation. And he said can I pray that my future father in law dies. I said

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That's true, that's brutal. That's harsh. How are you going to have goodness and literally this edit happen. So you cannot supplicate Allah for something that's unclear, vague, ambiguous and all the more you cannot supplicate Allah for something that is wrong and forbidden but your comes you know the the most concerning fact that that we deduce an alert from the verse of the Quran was only maybe he had no idea at Messiah if there is a man in a year the owner be Colima util admin home Wow.

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The professor writes that this verse sounds a strong warning for many of the contemporary scholars of our time, who are quick to prey on the request of their disciple. meaner whoa sumati when manasi that share or start tomorrow I have a god case. Just pray that Allah grants me victory. There's a dispute on a land, just pray that Allah grants me this land, and you hasten to the prayer and you pray in his favor, whereas he's the perpetrator. He's not the innocent party. He's the guilty party. This is sounds a warning that it is not correct for you to merely make the offer anyone and everyone Yes, a person is asking for good health pray for him. He's asking for blessings in his sustenance

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pray for him. He's asking for reconciliation in his marriage pray for him. But something that is vague or he's the guilty party. You've harmed woman who we learn from this that that is forbidden. When Allah told the Prophet knew Holly his Salam fellow, Eleni Malay, silica be here I do not ask something that you do not know. Therefore, I'm saying it is important that we understand the limits the boundaries and the parameters, we supplicate and implore Allah subhanho wa Taala. But anything that is doubtful or unclear, or we don't know who's the guilty party. We cannot pray for such a person because we could be praying for something when that person has incurred The Wrath of Allah.

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May Allah grant us the correct and the holistic understanding of this great aspect of supplication and drop