Iftar Parties

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Iftar Parties!

June 17, 2016

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Sit I'm on a coup de la hora, katsu. We're talking about the tricks of shavon in the month of Ramadan, and like I've been saying before, just because we know that the shell thing are tied up, it doesn't mean all of the shelving are tied up. ship on, for example, may not be tied up or our personal chef on may not be tied up as well. So Siobhan can very much influence us in the month of Ramadan. Now, one of the things just common and people usually fall on fall in one of two extremes, the gardens issue, that is the issue of the thought, or if third parties. And so you'll hear some people say that, no, you should never have enough thought of party because people end up eating too

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much food, blah, blah, blah. So you should never have a fun party. On the other hand, you hear people say that you know what, you should definitely have thought parties and so on, so forth. And as you know, the truth usually lies in the middle. If third parties are actually a very, very good thing. As long as some conditions are met, it's very good because that hadn't been enough. In the month of Ramadan, you feed someone and if you can do that, in the month of about having a thought a party, you feed someone into paddler, you get the reward of every single person that you have fed. And so I always say, you know, if thought parties are actually good, as long as that if Bob party,

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as long as the other acts of worship, or for example, are always prayer or mug, shot prayer, they're not suffering because of the Islamic party or Japan, although one of the problems with a lot of parties is sometimes we'll commit sins during this thought party. And, you know, this kind of goes against the whole spirit of the month of Ramadan where we're supposed to cut out all sins. Obviously, we cut out all sins in the whole year. But especially we're we work extra hard in the month of Ramadan. So make sure that you have the thought party at hamdulillah make the intention that you're feeding your brothers and sisters make the intention that you're bringing people

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together, make the intention that you are encouraging one another to do goodness and all that are great reasons to have thought parties. But just make sure that the thought party is not causing you like I said delay your Muslim or not prayer or delay your thought all we are not pray thought we had all hamdulillah one of the sinners I think one of the things that we can all implement is invite people over for a thought, but use that as an encouragement, encouraging people to worship a lot and say you know what? I'm doing that we had a nice thought. Let's go pray Muslim together. hamdulillah we had a nice thought. Let's go pray Russia and let's go catch that Are we together as a

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congregation, and by that somehow you can defeat champion No matter how much he tries to convince you that you know how to assist enjoy yourself. It's a thought a party everyone's here together, you can defeat Siobhan by doing multiple acts of worship. Not only are you feeding one another you're feeding your brothers and sisters. You're also encouraging one another to worship almost penalty Adam and less penalty I don't know as best until next time, inshallah Giada said I'm on a coma to lie about a cancer.