Yasir Qadhi – Lives Of The Sahaba 41 – Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas

Yasir Qadhi
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine.

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So now we are continuing in our episode regarding the 10 who are promised paradise, and on hamdulillah. We have an Abu Bakar and Omar earthman. And Ali, we have done both hands away we have done Abdur Rahman live now. And now we are going on to the next, the seventh of them after this we have to so today we'll do sad, even a B what cost side is going to be what costs saddened me because I had already mentioned he is from the tribe of the Bonura, along with Abdul Rahman now so there are two of the 10 that are from the mini tribe of de Bono's, Zahara and the marudhara. We should all be familiar with it because as I said, and a reminder it is the tribe of Amina the mother of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Amina been to Wahab I mean, I've been to what is the mother of the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending him and what have had a brother who habe will have had a brother will have and will Hades son is a walk cos and that will cause son is sad, sad, even a B will cause even more hype. Okay? So in this sense, said even though we will cause is a type of Han a type of uncle of the processor from his mother's side, or to be more precise, is actually a cousin but they would call the people from the mother's side Han and there is a hadith and Sunnah Timothy slightly week but the Prophet sallallahu I said, I'm so sad that nobody will pass. And he said, This

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is my heart. This is my uncle. So show me who can have a heart like this. So it's the type of boasting that surprised foresight, even a beat walk boss, that he is from the acquire from the mother's side of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Saudi Arabia, of course, was born around 17 years before the preaching of Islam before the preaching of Islam, and he has been described as being short and stocky, not a very strong build, dark complexion, flat nose, he has a coarse skin and very curly hair. And it is also said that he had a sort of flat nose and he had a lot of hair on his body. So sadly, even ever, you will cos rhodiola Thailand was not known for his physical

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strength in terms of his his looks. Nonetheless, he was known for his acumen for his intelligence. And he was especially known for his eyesight, how good his eyesight was. And that's why out of all of the Sahaba, sadly, maybe well, cause had the reputation of being the best marksman. The marksman means the one who can shoot a bow and arrow and get the mark. He was the best of the Sahaba in this regard. And he was, as we said, 17 years old when the Tao of Islam began, and he accepted Islam, the seventh of all of the people, and he was one of the five whom avocode converted to Islam. So he is of that original batch of abakada Sudhir. And it is said that when he converted to Islam, he did not

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even have any facial hair on his on his face, which means again, around 17 is the is the perfect age to describe him. So he was essentially a teenager when he accepted Islam and his daughter Arusha. Later on reported the story of his conversion that she said that before sad converted to Islam, he saw a dream as a teenager, he saw a dream that he was immersed in darkness. And he could not see anything. He was lost. And he saw the full moon come in front of him. And in front of the full moon, he saw Abu Bakar and Rothman and Zaid even had it that he saw all of these people in front of the full moon. And he went to them and he said, Where did you find this moon meaning I couldn't see the

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moon now you are all here. When did you find this moon? And they said we have just found it. We have just seen it right now. And the next day he then heard about the Prophet sallallahu. I said don't throw Bucher and he knew that Ali had converted an earth man had converted and Zaid had converted and so this was the interpretation the moon was our Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Sahaba had found the moon and so he converted to Islam, the seventh convert to Islam and all of these 10 all of these 10 they are of the earliest batch of converts, and they have done each and every milestone for the protection of Islam. It appears that side even though we will cost his father had passed away I

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could not find any mention of him in the books of Sierra that I have at my disposal, and it appears that his father had already passed away. By the time he converts. He does not have any mentioned at all and sad was very close to his mother.

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And this story is well known to all of us. This is one of those famous stories we hear about all the time, the story of sad and his mother. He was, of course, typically when the father passes away, so then especially the son becomes especially attached to the mother. And there's a very tight relationship and bond and side converted to Islam. And his mother was a strong believer in the idols, she was a ardent a fervent believer in the idols, and she was very distressed that side had accepted Islam. And she begged him, pleaded with him, got angry, attempted everything that a mother mother does, and sad, would not leave Islam. And so when all else failed, she then resorted to

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emotional blackmail. And she said to sad, that I have heard that your prophet teaches you to listen to your mother's.

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And I have made a vow, I will not eat or drink until I die, unless you leave this religion. So obey me, as your Prophet says, or else you will be the cause of my death. That's like the worst emotional blackmail, right? And sadly, maybe will cost was very overcome emotionally and he left the house, he didn't want to see what his mother would do. And his mother followed through with that threat. She refused to eat or drink for the next day, the second day, the third day, she is going in and out of consciousness, and she is literally dehydrating. You can only stand, you know, maximum, what, two, three days without water for days, then you are gone. And she is going in and out of consciousness.

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So some of the relatives aside, drag him back to the house and say, Look at your mother, look at what you have done. And remember, this is very early Islam, the Quran is still being revealed and all of the rulings that are going to come have not yet come. So sad does not know what to do. He thinks at the time, he doesn't know there could be a third option, which we'll come to in a while. And he doesn't know what to do. And he visits his mother and she is in and out of consciousness and she awakes and sees him and she becomes happy thinking that Okay, now you're going to come back to worship the idols, you've come back to me, this means you will come back to worship the idols and

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sad is very emotional, but he says that, yeah, Mama or my mother, even if you had 100 souls, and each one of them left in front of me. I would not go back to worshipping the idols. I will not go back to the Dean of coffee. So eat or don't eat, I am not going to change. So he event essentially called her bluff. He essentially said, I'm not going to eat it doesn't matter what happens. I'm not going to go back. Or sorry, I'm not going to go back to the religion of the of paganism. So when his mother saw this, then obviously I mean, what is she going to do? She then broke her fast and did resume eating and drinking. And it was because of this that Allah revealed in the Quran. Surah

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Lockman is because of this Allah revealed Soloman, the famous verse sort of local man. So this verse came down as a result of sad even Abby will cos that Allah says in the Quran, that what was signed and insanity what a day he sent, or her snack that we commanded man to be good to his parents. And then Allah says what engine Dhaka either and to shreeka Bhima la silica be here in moon, Father toto Houma Warsaw Hey boohooman dunya meroofer and if they try to force you to worship the false gods, do not listen to them

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and continue to accompany them with kindness in this world, well Slavic woman for dunya meroofer continue to accompany them with kindness in this world. So Allah azza wa jal affirm that silence should not have gone back to idol worship. And he told Syed and all of the people that even if they are harsh, and and and want you to go back, don't worship the idols, but treat them in a manner and say to them words that are good and kind. And so any sides technique and tactic was appropriate for his time. And it might be if if a similar situation were to be, were to be repeated or whatnot. As we know, in Islam, there are concessions given that if sad simply said something to make his mother

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eat or whatnot, he would have been forgiven, but at the time, he doesn't know. And at the time, the those details have come down, and also, nobody knows side's motor better than sad. And he probably understood that she was going to eat which is what she did. When he called her Bluff, she ate. So we also have to give credit that sad knew what he was doing, and it wouldn't have led to his actual mother's death which was in fact exactly

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What happened? So this is one of those famous stories that sad is well known for. And that is that his refusal to go back to idolatry, even though there was a very strong emotional blackmail from his mother to do. So sad also has the distinction and the honor

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of being the first person to draw blood defending Islam, the first person to get into a fight, and this is drawing blood. And this happened in one of the early stages of Mecca, when the Muslims would pray in one of the valleys of Mecca. So this is, before they had the outcome of an outcome before they had that outcome. Where would they pray, they couldn't pray in front of the camera, they would go and pray in some of the nooks and crannies and crevices of the valleys of muck, they would walk outside, and they would find their places because muck up was lots of valleys up and down. And the people of muck knew these valleys inside out. So groups of them would go out and they would pray,

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and then they would come back inside the city. So in one of these occasions, side MW, of course, was with the Sahaba. And the processor, they were praying, and a group of the youngsters of the chorus, meaning the teenagers a Hirsch followed them, wanting to teach them wanting to harm them. And when they were praying, they then attacked with their sticks and stones and whatever. And this was one side and why because they didn't have any weapons on them. They're not going armed and prepared. All he had was a stick that was used for the camels, you know, the camel, which you hit the camel with, that's all he had. And so he used this to defend the Profit System and to fight back the people. And

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that was when he hit one of them. And that was the first blow that caused blood to flow in the defense of Islam. And the person that he hit, by the way, is also very famous in the CLR. He is one of the worst of the whorish. His name is Abdullah or Abdullah bin Hassan. And he is mentioned numerous times in the Sierra as one of the worst of the worst. So you can imagine this guy goes back. He's attacking the Muslims while they're praying. And this is the person

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who remembers I wouldn't have been offered any names any

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authority mentioned his whole story. Two years ago, or three years or whatever.

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No, not that one. No, I've done what I've been done was the one who in the conquest of Makkah, the profits of Solomon gave a list of six people. And he said kill them wherever you find them. Right out of the six three were eventually forgiven. Remember, only three actually were killed. And Abdullah in a thought or hot water or mentioned was one of them. And so Abdullah bin, ran to the Kava and held on to the doors of the Kava, right. This is an outlet. So when the Sahaba found him there now this is the most sacred place in all of the world.

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The process that I've said, and they came to his Yasuda, he's holding on to the doors of the cab.

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So even though the processing had made no exception, right? They thought they find him in an alleyway. They find him in his house, they found him in front of the cab, and even the Sahaba they're like, we don't know what to do now. So they went back to the process of they said, What should we do? He's holding on to the Kava, and that was when asked to do who killed him even on the Kava, these are the no exception given for those six people. Not three of them even repented, and they were forgiven. So Abdullah was one of those who didn't repent to the very end, he did not repent. And what did he do? Again, there's a long list of things. But one of them was that he

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pretended to be a Muslim, he came to Medina as a Muslim. Then he became motivated and he killed some Muslims, he stole their property, and he went to it. So there's a long list of treachery and deceit. When he returned to Medina to Makkah, he then did a number of things as well. paying money to write hijet which is the worst type of poetry of propaganda and whatnot so he definitely did a lot of things but this goes back all the way to the beginning I build up enough on or hop on society that'd be world class is the one who first hits Abdullah even awkward side does not seem to have migrated to Abbey senior he did not migrate to Habesha perhaps because Allah knows best but there was no

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threat for him from him physically alone knows best why that is the case but he seems to have been safe in Mecca. And he was of those who obviously migrated to Medina he migrated to Medina and in Medina barely a few months after migrating the Prophet Sal alongside him appointed him the commander of one of the first expeditions against the Mirage This is before the Battle of button by 910 months so even before that, he is appointed a military commander of a small expeditionary force that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent to attack some of the caravans of the horray. Now even though the caravan was not actually caught, because

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is the process of said to sad that go to such and such a point, if you don't get them by that point come back. So sad, says it when he's narrating the story that we traveled all night every night. And during the day, we would hide. Nobody could see us wherever they were hide in the mountains and then they will travel the whole night again. for five days, we traveled nonstop for five nights, until we arrived at that location. Then when we arrived at that location, the Quraysh caravan have already passed by so we realized that we would not be able to catch them. So we returned back but the point being that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam appointed sided who cos as a commander of the expedition,

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from very early on, and we will see sad about the Allah who excelled as a military commander. He was a military genius. And to him we owe a huge credit by the blessings of Allah for some of the future victories that are going to take place. Sad as well participated in the Battle of butter. And he fought one of the bravest, one of the most ferocious battles, one of the most ferocious fights in the Battle of Britain. And in fact, he was the one who took two prisoners of war and also managed to kill one of the oroshi. Tragically, his own brother died in the Battle of other fighting for the Muslims. His brother was also a Muslim, and he died. One of the people who died one of the few

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people who died in the Battle of butter was the younger brother of sadly, Obi Wan, cos.

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An interesting point at the Battle of butter. Was that sad. When he killed this person from Korea. He took the armor or the sword. And he went back to the process of and he said, O Messenger of Allah. I'm the one who killed this man, can I get his armor or sword? And realize that up until that point in time, there was no law about what is to be done with vanilla, there's no shediac revealed, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was aware of the previous shediac What was the previous Sharia,

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you keep it

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You You You are not allowed to take it. It was how long to take it. And in the time of Moosa, they would gather it all up and allow would cause a thunder or lightning to come from the heavens, and it would cause the entire honeymoon to disappear in front of their eyes. So the honey Emma had previously been made out on to the previous omens. So when sag brought the sword, the processor said, this is not permitted for me, or for you. Go and leave it, go and throw it where you found it. So sad, went back, and he put it back where it was found. And he felt in his heart because it's human nature. But he said Savannah wattana what Allah what His Messenger has willed, then that is

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fine for me. And when he was still on the battlefield after the battle, but somebody came to him and said, the process of his calling you. So he went back, and he said, the process that I've said that I had told you to leave it. Now I am telling you, you can take it because Allah has revealed verses in the Quran. And then he recited surah tell and fall Yes, aluna Canada and fall golden and follow the law. He was sued for taco loss and the verses go on. So essentially ensuited and fad, Allah allowed the aneema to be taken by the people and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, five are the things that are made halal for me. They were not made halal for anyone before me. No one before made

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this was permitted for it is now highlighted for me. Allah has made it easy or permitted for me, and he lists some of the things a few of them, by the way, is jewelry that an older Lita Horan, that this whole earth has been made a place with the Holden woman's jacket and a place to do will do and a place to pray. So wherever a person is, they may do will do and pray right then and there. whereas previously, you had to go to a synagogue or a church or whatever to actually pray their weekly solid or whatever. And to this day, they have to go to a temple or a place to pray. They cannot do that prayer outside of the temple, and this was the God of Masada. His Sunnah was the sheer Sharia of the

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previous prophets. You need to build a tabernacle, you need to build a holy place, and that holy place have to have these conditions, then you have to pray inside of that place for our Shetty. Alhamdulillah we pray in our offices in our cubicles, we pray in the sand we pray in the auditorium we pray wherever we are. This is a concession given to us it was not given to any other prophet as well. The concession given of will do how to do we'll do some how to live if you look at the account of the rulings of especially some of the ultra orthodox of the Jewish community. Honestly, it is mind boggling that how they can do a Torah is very difficult for them. So for them

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The water has to be natural water that is running. Okay, so the water cannot be stagnant if the water is in a pool, this is not a pool, imagine a pool or a container, you cannot do your whole soul from that water. Now, if you're living next to the Mississippi River, you're fine. But if you're living in the middle of a place where there's no constant rain, and there's no river flowing, what are you going to do? They have their techniques, by the way, I was talking to her about a few weeks ago, I mean, they have their their techniques to get out of it, somehow the waters flowing and whatnot, but technically speaking, they must do hosel from rainwater or from flowing water

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that is not kept stagnant. So they cannot take a bucket and fill up from the running water and then take it to their, to their their place. And that is why ultra orthodox synagogues This is something maybe some of you don't even know, ultra orthodox synagogues. They actually have a special whistle chamber where the local Jewish community has to go take a hosel every time they need to take a holster and can you just think about that now? Okay. Think about how difficult that will be. Every time you need to take a hosel with my utmost respect, sometimes the women complain about the hustle issue and whatnot. Imagine they making the hustle you have to go all the way to the temple every

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time to make wholesome right thank Allah Arshad er says turn the the shower on and just do what's in there. Okay, because they're gonna have to go get an appointment. And I'm not joking. This is the I mean, obviously we're talking about the ultra orthodox not the conservative and reform right there. Shetty is so strict in this regard. So our process on him said what, that the whole world has been made a place of the whole wherever you are, if you have water any water fine. If you don't have water, we have a concession they didn't have and that is Tam. They did not have that concession. We have that concession. Right. Anyway, I'm going to my tangent, what else is in that five list was a

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NEMA NEMA no profit before me had been allowed to aneema and Allah has made it highlighted for me now sad, even Abby will cause was the one on whose question and Hans lynnium became hallette Okay, so this is of the blessings of Saddam and Obi Wan cos. We already mentioned that side was well known for his sharp eyesight, and the fact that he was the best marksman out of all of the courage. And this was especially shown in the Battle of Ohio, and the Battle of Woodside received his highest honor from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that is when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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was surrounded in the most one of the most traumatic or one of the most difficult incidences in the entire Sierra of the prophets. The lawyer said them and that is when the contention of hadith of nobility it had doubled back. And he was only left with a small group of people. And sad was one of those who eventually found him the first contingent to eventually find him and side began shooting arrows at every person that was coming. Every person that was in the vicinity and he could see and it was coming up the mountain side began shooting arrows and our processes and was inside the crevice and side was on top of the crevasse handing him the the arrows, some of the other Sahaba

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were collecting the arrows and the process is handing the arrows to side and side is the one now taking his boat and constantly shooting the people that are coming. And that was when our processing gave the highest honor to side when he said feedback on me It made me sad that go and shoot them with your arrow May my mother and father be given in ransom for you. And I'd even have you thought I've said that famous statement that mama never use solo I said and been a boy he's got a lovely Saturday we will cost the profitsystem never combined between his mother and father, meaning the expression May my mother and father be given for you. He never combined between his mother and

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father except for saddam Debbie waqqas. Now we said in two weeks ago that this is the statement there's one more Sahabi that this was also said for and that is

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zubaid variable, a one one was it said

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on the night of

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on the night of high bar on the bedroom corridor one when it was Zubaydah banana one who want to check on the bundle corridor, and then he came back so this is also authentically narrated but it's not as well known. It's not as famous. This incident of sad is much more famous because there were more eyewitnesses and it is also reported in more books of Hadith. So this is why it said nobody was combined except for side but we know that sorry Zubaydah was also combined between them. An interesting side note here it is said this is one of the theories. We don't know exactly who did it. That's why the one who injured the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Battle of word, the one who thrust the javelin and cause the, the the teeth of the process to fall out. It is said that this was the older brother of saggy roots. But even Abby waqqas, it is one of the names given. Again, it's as we, when I mentioned the bottle of water I mentioned, one of the biggest issues about the bottle of water is to reconstruct in detail, because it was a tragedy, we have snippets here and there to try to piece it together to form a coherent whole. And to have each and every one of the names. We don't even know exactly how many injuries because again, different books give different things. No doubt, the worst injury was

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the pre molar of the process and falling out. And the fact that it had to be pulled out and the blood was coming from his cheek. So who did that injury, there's two or three names mentioned in the books of Sierra, two or three candidates, two for this worst person over the holidays. And one of the names mentioned is the older brother of sad, and that is even a beat what costs and Allah knows best who it was who it was. sad, sad, as well, of course was well with regards to this phrase feedback, it will only sad himself narrated this as well that I heard the process of say this about me and his children narrated from him. So rightfully, he was very proud of this praise. And it is

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narrated from him and from others as well that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this as well. He also participated in the other battles. I looked through the Sierra, I mean, nothing that we can say is of extra significance. He is being a part he's doing his duty within all of the other battles. And his main, if you like, claim to fame after this, after the feedback of he will mean was to be appointed in the time of the end of Abu Bakar in the beginning of Ramadan, Bob robiola who Thailand to be the General of the Army that marches against sassanid Persia, and this really is the greatest legacy of sad even Obi Wan cos after the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that is

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to be the leader of all of the armed forces that are going against what at that time, was the single most powerful political and military entity in the whole world. And that is the Persian Empire. Sad is the we will call the five star general. He is the big guy, everybody is underneath him. He is put in charge of conquering Persia, and what a great honor that is, and what a great responsibility. So side and of course, how did the new lead went the other way? Right, how did went to the Byzantine Empire, so Khalid, so essentially it can be said that side and holiday Normally these are the two greatest military geniuses of the Sahaba. So the one of them is sent against the Romans, the other

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is sent against the Persians and it is sad, who then goes and fights the Persians. And therefore, we owe him with the blessings of Allah and by the Baraka of Allah. We owe the conquests of Iraq and Iran because that is the assassin Empire, Allah blessed sided Nebula cos to be the one at whose hands the largest conquest occurs. This is not to trivialize how to the new elite, but in terms of size, side wins. In terms of sheer land mass side wins hard it had some very difficult fighting with the Romans. And we are not at all trivializing the significance of conquering half of the Byzantine Empire and conquering Damascus. And of course, how it gets better knock this. So there's no we're

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not competing here. But in terms of land size, side of nebby will cost concrete more than harden heavily, even though the both of them of course they have each one has their father, but look simply to be compared with hotter than elite shows you who sat is simply put to be put on the same level, you're in charge of this, you're in charge of that. This makes us understand how great was the military genius of Saudi Navy war costs and sad went to what is now in the famous ladder, the Valley of Odyssey, the famous plains of Odyssey, and at the plains of Odyssey he began a series of dialogues and emissaries with Lou stone, the general of the Persians. And as we all know, this was

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when the famous conversation took place with a normative nemacolin and rustem. When Norman says to rustem, that jetnet lyrical jewelry by them and embedded in a body lie about the durability but we have come to free people from worshipping other people to worshiping the Lord of the people. That famous conversation. Sad is not there because it's not befitting that the governor that the the general himself walks in to the general's office that's that's that's just not what you do. But sighs the one sending the emissaries. He's the one trying

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To make them basically avoid a military fight, as you know, the Persians insisted to fight. And so the famous battle of Odyssey begins, and the Battle of God, the CEO is the one that opens the door for for Iraq and then Iran, Iraq and Iran are right now under the assassinate rule. And the Battle of Odyssey takes place. It is a battle that lasted four continuous days, it is one of the most difficult battles of early Islam. And it is simply an astounding miracle. There is no other way to explain it. There is no other way to explain it. Were a small group of barely I mean, numbers differ, as I said, 10,000 12,000, however many you want to put it, you are fighting against the

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Persian Empire, the least of which is going to be 150 200,000 at that point in time, and you're fighting against, yes, the job and you fighting against the people that have trained for centuries, and the Arabs had trained for hardly anything to fight against these people. There is no question that these early conquests are a miracle from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And sad eventually will cost is that the head of this miracle when it comes to sassanid Persia, now Simon himself, by the way, when the battle was taking place, he was afflicted with a very, very severe fever. And they say there was some type of ailment or disease that he had, that his skin was was suffering and whatnot.

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So he was not able to physically fight in the car. He was extremely sick. But despite his fever, and despite his sickness, he would take military charge reports will be given to him continuously. He would be updated in his tent, even as he was lying sick. And he took charge of the logistics, and troop arrangements from his headquarters and they say his headquarters and called the CEO was a old Iranian fortress that had been abandoned. So sad, took it over and he reconverted the fortress into a living fortress, an actual fortress, and then he took charge from that fortress. And as I said, the battle lasted for four days, three days and three nights, essentially, non stop fighting, people

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were fighting in shifts. And the the first day the Muslims were suffering the second day they thought they had lost, but in the third day, they redoubled their efforts, and they continued fighting and sad, eventually will cost was the one who gave them the tactic. The one of the main problems that the Muslims had was the elephants, the elephants in the army of the sassanids. And the Muslims did not have any experience fighting against the elephants. And it was Saturday who cos who, again, being the sharp military marksman that he is, he saw the elephant's armor, covering everything, except, of course, the eyes. And so he commanded the archers aim for the eyes of the

00:32:59 --> 00:33:43

elephant. So panelo Can you imagine how far they're going to be. But this is now the military genius now. So when they started aiming for the eyes, obviously, the elephants went wild with rage and blindness. And they began swirling and attacking their own, because when the elephant is blind is going to do anything. So it kind of worked against the sassanids. Right, so they found the elephants trumpeting against them. And this was when the Muslims then managed to gain more ground. And on the fourth day, that was when the general was killed, and the great victory of Odyssey took place. And this victory of how the CEO was not the greatest in terms of military might, but it was the first

00:33:43 --> 00:33:52

domino and you know, the first domino is the most important one, that when this fell, the the fear that inflicted the Persians,

00:33:53 --> 00:34:39

and the courage and morale boost in the Muslims was simply unprecedented. He has the yard himself fled from his palace, because of qadisiya, or the seer is not taking place outside of his palace is taking place at the borders. But when hard to see it takes place. This is one years the job panics and he flees with his family, not immediately, but after a few weeks when the news and all that he that that essentially, it was the most important Domino to fall. And it was the first battle and it was a resounding victory for the Muslims. And so sad marches onwards. And now he makes his way straight to the capital of the sassanid. Empire after Odyssey sad and marches to the capital, and

00:34:39 --> 00:34:40

what is the capital called?

00:34:43 --> 00:35:00

muda and telefone. Okay, his forehand is in Iran. As far as Iran, the capitals were in Iraq right now. Now, of course, back then Iraq and Iran are one land per se, right. Only later, Iraq becomes aerobicized. And so it is now Arab culture, and Iran remains on the region.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

language of the Zoroastrians, with Arabic conditions, which is Farsi, okay. Otherwise, at this point in time Iraq and Iran, essentially are one land assassinate Empire. So everybody is speaking

00:35:12 --> 00:35:57

Persian. Nonetheless, Iraq did have more Arabs because it's closer. So there was more of a familiarity with Arabic And even when the conquest took place, this is a tangent, you're not related, even when the conquest took place. You had massive amounts of migration to Iraq, not as much to Iran. And so iraq becomes aerobicized. Right? You have large groups of the blue Tamim in particular, migrating to Iraq, you don't have that many migrating to Iran. So Iran retained its language and some of its culture. And that's why Iran would never spoke Arabic throughout its entire history. Iran always spoke Persian, but Iraq, let go of dispersion very early on, it became

00:35:57 --> 00:36:39

aerobicized, especially when I leave Nepali move there. And then of course, afterwards, there are buses move there to Iraq. So obviously, when there are buses are moving to Iraq, and the buses are pure Arabs and there are from the Polish, what's going to happen, Iraq becomes billable, it becomes a pure out of land, so much so that nobody speaks Persian anymore. by enlarge. You know, I mean, in the sense that as a mother language in Iraq, right, so in any case, back to our story here, so Saudi Arabia, matches on to an Arabic is called the medallion in English is called test sifan. And it's a silent CCTV test if en si te es, si, te Si, p h, o n telephone, and telephone is the capital of the

00:36:39 --> 00:37:30

sassanid Empire, it has been the capital for over 300 400 years, the city test sifan goes back 800 years, it is one of the most magnificent cities in the world at the time. It is Some say the largest city in the world at the time of his not the largest, it's in the top two or three. It is one of the most beautiful cities, why would it not be one it is the capital of Iran, can you imagine the glorious Empire of the Persians of the sassanids is now concentrated in test sifan. And sadly, nebby will cos goes to this city. And there is the river of the digelar. The the Euphrates is outside of it. And he camps outside, he camps outside and the river is between him and testifies on the other

00:37:30 --> 00:38:07

side, they don't know what to do months go by. And they're attempting to figure out ways to cross. And then here is where some books say a miracle occurred. And some say that he took advantage of a basically a low tide or whatever, whatever the case might be. And it is not surprising if a miracle occurred. Some of you might have heard of this this story. But when you really go back to the sources, Allah knows best, the earliest sources don't portray this as a miracle. Now, we believe in miracles, and that we have no problems affirming miracles. But most earliest sources don't view this as a miracle. It seems later sources kind of read in a miracle Allah knows best. And that is that

00:38:07 --> 00:38:46

the horses and the people walked over the water, when they crossed over. Allah knows best it doesn't seem in the earlier sources has happened. It's simply seeing that side of inevitable cause was monitoring the situation. And when the time was right. And after a long and protracted, if you like, siege, saddened labor costs, told his soldiers push her to Auckland in a law, we're going to cross over now. And they in fact, did cross over. And they had a battle in test sifan. And yes, the judge had fled already because he was worried about the Muslims coming. So he and his entourage and the Elite Guard had fled already. And again, this is not the final battle, there's going to be a series

00:38:46 --> 00:39:36

of battles for the next 10 years 10 it'll take eight years actually to conquer sasanian. First, it wasn't a one year thing. But the two most important battles were the Battle of the Battle of qadisiya and this battle of medallion or testify. And these are the two most important battles. And then after this, there's going to be continue, continue continue until finally, all of all of the sassanid Empire is conquered. And so eventually the Muslims conquer, test Stefan and they conquer muda in and it is here, in my humble opinion. One of the most profound and mind boggling and significant snapshots of the history of Islam takes place. And the more I think about it honestly,

00:39:36 --> 00:39:59

my mind simply boggles with wonder and amazement. Unfortunately, and this is the reality of early Islam. We don't have detailed eyewitness accounts and how I wish How I wish there had been chroniclers and historians writing down every detail. We don't have that. So we have to fill in with our own imagination. But just imagine if you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:52

Will this city of testify and in the center of the city, imagine and you don't even have to imagine because the remnants of that center are still standing to this day, the greatest Palace in perhaps, amongst the history of humanity, the top four or five palaces and of its time, the greatest palace it was far more beautiful than the Palace of the Roman Emperor. This is the Persians and the Persians loved pomposity, the Persians loved arrogance and show. And to this day, that palace, which is called Iwan hospital, Yvonne Hospital in Farsi, and talker kisara, in Arabic, bhakti, Catalan Arabic To this day, the remnants of that palace, you still have something standing here and there.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:34

And it is, of course, the United Nations World Heritage Site people go there to to just, you know, look at one of the wonders of the world. This is one of the Ancient Wonders of the World, the Palace of kisara. It was built over centuries, because every kisara you know, what happens when the king comes, they want to add, they want to, they want to make it bigger and bigger. So every kisara is essentially expanding and making it bigger. And to this day, the largest single span vault of unreinforced brick work stands, the topic is sort of To this day, 3000 years or 2000 years after it was built because it was built before the conquest, right. I mean, obviously understand, the palace

00:41:34 --> 00:42:26

is built before the conquest of Saudi who costs it is built in a previous time, right? This is like the Aya Sofia type of thing like one of those iconic buildings of the world. But it is far more beautiful than anything the Romans have ever done. And to this day, it stands a towering 130 feet, a single beam without any reinforcements. We see it now. And we are amazed. Can you imagine the Sahaba who haven't even seen a three story structure in Arabia? There is no three story structure in Arabia. There is no unreinforced beam that is 10 feet high. The Arabs did not build this type of stuff. Can you imagine them walking in the streets with fountains with marbles with actual gold? And

00:42:27 --> 00:43:13

to top it off, and to me again, this is what like I mean, you think about it and I want you to really imagine this you know, when you go back home even just imagine this Subhanallah here you have sad even Obi Wan cos still wearing his gruff woolly cloak and garment, still dressed the way he would have been dressed in Makkah. This is somebody who has seen Bilaal being dragged in the streets of Mecca. He has seen Amar a vinyasa, tortured almost to death. He has seen yesterday and sumaiya stabbed with the spear. He has seen what has he not seen. He has participated in budget and offered and 100 an exam and the conquest of Makkah. He has seen all of this. This isn't one of the new

00:43:13 --> 00:44:02

converts. This isn't one of the tablet room. They were the bulk to me what is mind boggling? You have sad even Obi Wan cos walk in to the palace of kisser Ah, I mean, if that does not blow your mind away the the the image of this early convert right from where to where? Where did Islam begin? And now where is it heading up? Well, like just absolutely mind boggling. And who is at his right hand side, the one so happy that deserved to be there. And what is going through his mind? salmaan allphotossee? I mean, absolutely. If I could go back and take a look well lucky. What would I give just to take a look at their conversation and their talk and whatnot salmaan and fantasy who is over

00:44:02 --> 00:44:48

100 years old at the time, and he and his youth has never come inside the palace. He must have seen it from the outside. His father must have taken him there because he is a Persian because he's from a noble family. But he is not from the royalty right now. He enters the Palace of kisara as a conquer Subhana Allah and they walk in to the Ivana kisara they walk into the most magnificent room in the world that doesn't even have pillars and beams is just a standing structure, actual marble and gold and fountains and they're in the middle of the room is the most magnificent throne known to men of that era, the throne of kisara himself Subhana Allah you have sadly Nebbiolo cos walking in

00:44:49 --> 00:44:59

and he sees this throne over here and the first thing that they do right then and there in the middle of the room in the middle of the Atlantic is what do they do right then and there.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:47

cellulari will cause calls the event it's not time to pray one of the five prayers but it is time to pray to Allah says that the sugar and they stand in Salah eight continuous or cause one after the other after the other after the other notice Lim just sugar to Allah subhana wa tada for having seen and witnessed this dazzling beauty. Honestly for me, this words do not I cannot describe even the emotions. What you know, just imagine this year of Saturday we're seeing any there is no nothing. You know my words lose me here. He is there. This is now his he is the Conqueror before the light the other and he sees there is of Islam going in a way that only Allah could have done a group of

00:45:47 --> 00:46:32

people who have no education. They have not trained in the arts of war, but they have a law on their side. And kisara was not able to defend his throne from the likes of Sandeep levy will cause and send managed fallacy. So they walk into this grandiose palace and they pray to Allah subhana wa Tada. And they then convert the Ivana kisara to a temporary Masjid, the very room that kisara would use to dazzle his guests to confound his his his emissaries to show them, you know how fancy and how rich he is, that room is now being used to pray five times a day, the first thing the Sahaba did when they conquer the land before they built a house for their own. Before they had a roof to sleep

00:46:32 --> 00:47:12

in, they dedicated a place for the seller. And so for temporary time, in the smack middle of the park tickets are all the talk that goes through, that's where they made the messages. But it was temporary. They eventually built a Masjid outside, and then they moved it obviously over there. To this day, we have remnants of the palace. But as you know, so many years have gone by all we know and Google that when you go back home, google it you know Ivana kisara, or tacos row, and you will see for yourself some beautiful architecture and massive columns and whatnot. And they are beautiful to our eyes. And we have seen what have we not seen. I cannot even imagine what the Sahaba would

00:47:12 --> 00:47:58

have been thinking as they walk into this and they look at all of this power and opulence and wealth and glory. And these are the very people especially sad out of all of them sad has been there from the very beginning. And to me, I don't know of anything similar, because Khalid and Nisa conqueror but Khalid converted right at the conquest, you cannot compare harder to side, side, the side from the very beginning. And for him to now see all of this truly it is something that is mind boggling. So and then of course the conquerors go on and on and on. So essentially, we thank Allah for having blessed us with Sidon wl cos, because it was sads military genius and tactics that blessed us with

00:47:59 --> 00:48:48

this entire lands of Iraq and Iran. And then from there, obviously, this opened the door for all of these other issues. It stands, you know, avani, Stein, and to jika, Stein and Rebecca's and all of these were opened, obviously, this is after sad, this isn't the time of the oma years and earlier buses. But sadly, who is one who opens that door and he conquers the entire sassanid land, and because obviously of his conquest, so I'm going to be how Bob blesses sad with the governorship of Iraq. You conquered it, it's yours now. Meaning you you take charge, and this was when groups of people that were not the best Muslims began to migrate to Iraq. Iraq became a thorn in the side of

00:48:48 --> 00:49:13

the Muslim Ummah, from the early times. They were always problematic issues the insurrections, the resurrections, the the mutinies, the and and that is why, by the way, a different point here. That is why she is and flourished in Iraq, because she ism, allowed a theology of discontent, a theology of rebellion, right, she ism in its initial stage was not

00:49:14 --> 00:49:53

as much aqidah as it was politics. The point was that we have an Imam, and that Imam is going to be the halifa and we don't want your Khalifa. So she ism primarily was about politics in the beginning. It was about we have somebody that's a better fit for the New Yorker diva, and that is somebody from the debate. And so they would have their particular people and they would go and fight the Obama years and their buses and whatnot. And as you know, lots of different Shiri revolts took place. And so she is and that is why it is an adoptee phenomenon, because iraq the the the people there they never really liked the rule especially of the whole affair. And then the Romanians, they did not

00:49:53 --> 00:50:00

like the rule of the Romanians. And even when the ibises came to power, and the she I helped them come to power. They are

00:50:00 --> 00:50:07

So we're not converting to your ideology, we're going to remain Sunni. So the Shia, I felt that they had been betrayed by their bosses. But that's besides the point here. So

00:50:09 --> 00:50:48

what we're saying so sad took charge of a very large groups of people came from a lot of Bedouin tribes. And unfortunately, this is the very beginnings of what Iraq is going to forebode what's going to happen in Iraq, the rebellions and the constant irritations remember most of the people who came to killer Uthman were from the newly converted Egyptians in Iraq these these are the two people that came to to kill Earth and by the way those are that are from Iraq and Egypt in our times. I'm not sure this is back then don't Danny don't read it now. This is 1300 years ago, okay. And Iraq is in the audience. We're not talking about you. This is 1304 50 years ago.

00:50:50 --> 00:51:17

So the the the the the new converts and the newcomers to Iraq, they began increasingly getting angry at somebody who costs and they began complaining to him, and eventually when it wasn't solved, they began complaining to our model. We have no hope that side does this side does that side does this side does and they kept on complaining, complaining, until finally they even said, and how ridiculous is this? They said he doesn't even know how to pray.

00:51:18 --> 00:52:03

Now these new converts think they know how to pray better than Saturday Nebbiolo costs. So when all of these complaints came, I'm gonna go hop up called sad to Medina. So he traveled all the way to Medina. And he asked him Look, they're accusing you of this, this this this, what do you have to say? And each and every accusation side was easily able to explain or, or whatnot. And Omar said, that's what I assumed about you. I knew this is all you know, lies or fabrications. So go back and return and resume governorship. And sad says that, do you expect me to go back to a people who assume I don't even know how to pray properly, go find another governor, I don't need to be a

00:52:03 --> 00:52:16

governor. I have no interest in politics. And he refused to become a governor of any place. And he essentially resigned from political office after this. And he remained in Medina

00:52:17 --> 00:53:11

for the next 35 years. until his death, he did not get involved in any political issue whatsoever. And, in fact, when the fitna took place between the Sahaba sidefx, who of course, was one of the senior most who there was a small group, who refuse to take part, Sadie who cost was the senior most of that group, who refused to take sides. And he did not get involved at all, so much. So He even told his sons and his grandsons, don't even give me news about what's happening between those two parties. I just want to keep my mouth ears even shut, I don't even want to hear what they're doing. Don't even come and tell me. That's how neutral he became, because he didn't want his college even

00:53:11 --> 00:53:54

to be affected by about the people that he knew and he left. So, he refused to get involved to the point of not even getting information about the battles and who was killed and what not let it be. And therefore sad, or the love of Thailand was neither on the side of it nor on the side of Maui, he did not participate in German, he did not participate in Sofia, he did not participate in any of these battles. And he lived a very very apolitical life in Medina, just a bother and his own business day to day take care of his family. And and that is it. And in fact, it is said that in the time of Maui, viola one one while we have became the halifa and it has now basically left the scene

00:53:55 --> 00:54:34

that while we visit Medina and of course it is now the senior most Sahabi alive at this point in time. So while we visit side of Novi with us, and he says Why didn't you take sides Why didn't you help me like now that it's all done I want to know why didn't you come and help me and sided Who said that? I saw a thunderstorm a dust storm you know, the desert has the dust storm I saw a dust storm in the distance the dust cloud you know the the the the dust thing that comes you know in the in the desert, right? I saw that in the distance and so I gathered my close like you know, you're going to cover yourself up and I said

00:54:35 --> 00:54:43

and I walked around it until the dust storm left away. I'll clean up is like just your expression of disgust

00:54:44 --> 00:55:00

What is this I don't want anything to do with this right? So I just gathered my clothes protected myself and I went away. I walked the other way until the storm left. Now I can walk normally. So this irritated while we are immensely here the loved one irritated immensely and he said I haven't

00:55:00 --> 00:55:41

Read in the Quran, Allah ever say often rather, what Allah says in the Quran, we're in the middle munakata Lu, if two groups fight, then try to bring soldier hand join one of the sides, and you didn't join this site and you didn't join that side means I would even understood if you joined the other side. Right? You remain neutral. So he's trying to prod him, like, I didn't read this, and you're talking about, I read a law say, if one group is busy, then you have to fight for quarterly Wi Fi. So you were neither on this side or that side, which side were you on? And here is where we see side's bravery. While he is now the Khalifa. And we know the tensions that took place and we

00:55:41 --> 00:55:50

kind of glossed over them. But clearly there were some very strong tensions after all blood was shed 10s of 1000s of Saba died, and sad him who said,

00:55:51 --> 00:56:35

It is not possible for me to fight against somebody regarding whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you are to me like how long was to Moosa except that there will be no nebby after me. Now, this is a famous Hadith about Alibaba, and everybody knows it. Right? So he is saying you wanted me to fight on your side against Ollie, no way between the two of you if I would have chosen, it would have been him, but I chose neither. That's essentially what he's saying that you cannot compare to Alibaba. Without him. There is no way I would have joined you. But I chose neither. And so he lived his life in Medina, and he passed away. And he was the last of the national Bashara to

00:56:35 --> 00:57:30

die. The last of the national Bashara to die, he lived until the 55th year of the Hydra 55th year of the Hydra. So essentially, he died at the age of So 68 was that and then add 7879, so 8380 8283 years old, okay. He lived to 8283 years old, which is a very long age for that timeframe. And then he passed away, and he was buried and He is buried, I should say, in both areas. So his grave isn't clear a lot of but, and sadly, of course, as with most of the Sahaba, and especially the Ashura of the time, he had plenty of wives and milk, I mean, a total of at least 11 women with whom he had children with and so he had over 19 sons and 18 daughters around 40 children Mashallah Tabata cola

00:57:30 --> 00:57:34

around 14 children Mashallah. And what sad is known for

00:57:35 --> 00:58:04

was that he was Mr. Jabu da, this is what sad was well known for amongst the Sahaba, his daughter would be responded to, and everybody was scared of the drought of sad, sad dujour would be responded to. And we there are many stories in the books of history, about sad to us, and especially when somebody had done boom to sad and sad would respond to that with a DA and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

00:58:06 --> 00:58:21

it tells me that with a Muslim for in the whole laser vein and obeying the law, hijab, beware of the law of the loom. Because there is no veil between that law and the law. And sad, who cos

00:58:22 --> 00:59:01

would make a time's against those who are doing don't loom against him. It is said that once a man Kirstie Alley and a Zubair during the times of fitna, and the sad was there and sad, became angry. And he said, take that back. And the man laughed and said, What are you going to do? If I don't take it back? What's your Who are you? What are you going to do? So he said, I will make against you. So the man mocked him and said as if you're a prophet, and you're there is going to work. So the man refused to take it back. Sad then did will do and pray to Raka and raised his hands to Allah and said, Oh, a lot. If you know that this man has cursed a group of people who have already done good

00:59:01 --> 00:59:42

that you have accepted and whose and your pleasure is already on them. And you know that his cursing has angered you, then make him an eye for those after him. Make him a sign that nobody should curse the Sahaba and he's cursing aliens who obeyed during a time when a lot of people are cursing audience debates, right? This was a time you know, you understand in the early May your time this was common. These are things that are awkward to mention, and they're very bad to hear. But it is a fact this was happening at this time and place, but not in front of set. Nobody should do it in front of side when this man continued to do it. So So I made that up. And it is said that shortly

00:59:42 --> 01:00:00

after this drop, a rabid camel camel that has rabies ran out of the pen wild and charged into the crowd. Everybody jumped out of the way and the camel charged straight to this man and stomped him to death in front of the

01:00:01 --> 01:00:33

It is also mentioned in Sai Bahati, this hadith is in body so sides do as you're well known as mentioned side body, that when the complaints came from the people of Kufa for the first time, I'm going to show how Bob sent somebody to verify who is going to testify that side is doing blue, because the complaints were all lies, sad is living lavishly, sad, the stealing money. Sad is I mean, complete lies. This is the people of Kufa, right? These are the same people, they're going to be sending letters to Hussein, by the way, or that group of people, you get the point here, right? So they're, they're complaining about

01:00:35 --> 01:00:37

wl cos, so Omar sends

01:00:39 --> 01:01:09

trustworthy people go verify. And this person goes to the masjid stands him says, Who is going to testify that size during vote, nobody stands up, he goes to another machine, nobody wants to blatantly you know, come out and put the name that I testify until one man stood up. And he goes, I testify that side has done voting. And I testify that he's and then a whole list of lies, complete lies. This isn't my body. Sad, raised his hands and he said, our law

01:01:10 --> 01:01:13

if this man is lying,

01:01:14 --> 01:01:56

because look, when boom has been done to you, you have the right to make dua against this person. And that is the weapon of the oppressed. If this man is lying, means he's just once fame and he wants to hurt to me for no reason if this man is no, this is Lumia halifa is verifying whether Assad has done boom, you're going to testify blatant lie that he's done, boom. And you are nobody and this is sad. So sad, raised his hand says Oh Allah, if this man is lying, make him blind. And allow him to live a long and miserable and wretched life span Allah, what a da.

01:01:57 --> 01:02:48

And the narrator from side, his student says, I would see this man. Many years later sides gone. Now, many years later, his eyelids had gone low because of how old he was. And he had lost his sight for many decades. And he would be a lecture harassing the girls in the streets as a blind old man, like people despise them. And whenever somebody would ask him, What is your story, my shot Look, he would say, I am an old miserable man who has been afflicted with the DA have sat sides da has worked against me. That's what I am. That's his story was. So this is sad. Even Abby will cost a lot of time. And as usual, we're going to go over some of the ideas now side rhodiola and he actually

01:02:48 --> 01:03:25

inherited more headaches than many of the other eyeshadow. Why is this because he lives the longest amongst them. Right? So there are probably around 130 a hadith narrated from Saturday will cost much more than 500 under 100. Now much more than them, obviously not as much as Ali and others because they were judges and whatnot side was never a judge. So I was never pleased to be a judge what we always do, we mentioned some a hadith about saddam Nebbiolo, of course, just to get an idea of the Hadith that he narrated. And we're choosing the book mystery vomit, which is the easiest one to find, the editor suddenly will cause

01:03:27 --> 01:03:45

the first headache. And this is perhaps the most famous headache of suddenly will cause that sad says that after the conquest of Makkah, I fell sick, a very severe sickness. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came to visit me. And I was worried that I would die

01:03:46 --> 01:03:55

in the land that I had left meaning Makkah, now pause here, the Sahaba many of them did not want to die in Makkah,

01:03:57 --> 01:04:06

because they felt that if they died in Makkah, and this is another correct feeling, but there was this was their own home Sure, their own extra humility,

01:04:07 --> 01:04:14

even though it's a bit too much, but that's their own Eman. They felt if they died in Makkah. It's as if the hedgerow has been canceled.

01:04:15 --> 01:04:58

They've come back to the land they left. And their point was they wanted to be blessed to perform the hedgerow which was one of the biggest blessings of the Sahaba. So he said to the Prophet salallahu idea, he was setting them almost and drove a law. I am scared that I'm gonna die in the land I emigrated away from so please make dua to Allah that I be cured and I don't die. He doesn't want to die in muck. So the prophets of the law while he was selling put his hand on his chest, and he said a lot much beside a lot much facade Elon Musk beside and said, It is as if I can still feel the coolness of the hands of the process that I'm to this day. Still I can feel that if I think

01:04:58 --> 01:04:59

about it, and then he said

01:05:00 --> 01:05:15

And this is the most famous editor have said, This mentioned all the books of fiction because this is where all of the rulings come from, as you will see yellow suit a lot. I have a lot of money. And I don't have any sons.

01:05:17 --> 01:05:23

And I have but one daughter. So should I give all of my money to charity.

01:05:25 --> 01:05:38

So the problem is, and so he literally think he's going to die. Sad is certain he's going to die. Of course, SubhanAllah. Not only is he not going to die, he is going to live another 40 years and have 40 children.

01:05:39 --> 01:06:30

But he doesn't know this now. He has about one daughter. And he thinks How much will she need? She is going to marry a man that will take care of her she doesn't need anything. So he says a Western general law, should I give my entire money in charity? So he said no. So he said, okay, two thirds. said no. Okay, one third. He said no. Sorry. Oh, one half, two thirds, one half, one half, no. Okay, one third Yasuda law. Then he said that famous phrase which every single student of knowledge memorizes, a photo through or through through caceis. Okay, there's a very famous Hadith in Bukhari, and Muslim every one third, okay. But even one third is too much, or it's a lot, meaning one third

01:06:30 --> 01:06:35

is the max you should give away, as we'll see here, and the rest should go to your,

01:06:36 --> 01:07:24

to your family, okay, and even one third is a lot to one third, and even one third is a lot for realize that every single piece of money that you give to your family is sadaqa. And even giving food to your wife is sadaqa. And if you leave your family wealthy and with money, it is better than you leaving your family poor, and they have to beg people for money. Okay, so this is that famous Hadith that we all know about this hadith. And the next time that we'll do that, one day, Saturday, who cos was with his sheep outside of Medina. And this is this is in the time of of muawiya. This is the time of the oma years and whatnot. And one of his sons who was known to be not as righteous a

01:07:24 --> 01:07:57

little bit more, you know, wanting to be powerful and whatnot. One of his sons comes riding on a horse in the distance. And he says to the other son, are Billahi min Sherry has a Rockabye seek refuge and a lot from the evil of this rider. I don't like what he's going to be doing. So the other son comes and he's rude to his father and he goes yeah, I better Oh, Father, are you contend to being a better one taking care of your sheep? While people of your caliber are getting plots of land and power across the country? Meaning what?

01:07:59 --> 01:08:00

Meaning what?

01:08:05 --> 01:08:52

Get in charge of something. You're sad. You're not you can go right now and be given an entire city an entire province instead. And he's acting crude. Probably like a teenager still does too. These days, right? You're a better one taking care of your sheep. Are you happy taking care of your sheep? When your friends your peers are getting, you know governorships and whatnot. Right? standard You know, that's the thing that get do something more I want some more money. And the side of who cos he hit his son in the chest, and he goes to school, quiet. For I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, in the law has origin. You have blab the turkey Allah honey and coffee, beautiful

01:08:52 --> 01:09:37

Hadith. In the law, how you have beloved Ronnie Al hafi, beautiful, simple Hadith. Allah loves the righteous servant who has enough for his needs and who is hidden, not public. Right? He has taqwa. Allah honey here doesn't mean the rich al-ani here means the one who has enough as long as you have enough to eat, and all huffy and puffy is the one who is hidden. He's not in the public eye. I want to be that person. I don't want to be the Mr. publicity person. Right? The next thing that we'll do the famous honey that all of you know that the prophets of Allah that Saturday buses are heard the prophets of Allahu Allah who was sent them say,

01:09:38 --> 01:09:59

whoever eats seven ajua dates from Medina. Nothing will harm him on that day until it the nightfalls right so there's the famous editor of seven dates. It's narrated by Sadie and it will cost the next ad that will do the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said so remember this hadith in light of sads history. That's why

01:10:00 --> 01:10:35

I personally love to read the Hadith narrated by the Sahaba because you get a window into their psychology. You see why they live their own lifestyle. One of the main hadith of sad that sad is well known for is this one sided nobody will said I heard the Prophet sallallahu I said him say, there shall be fitna there shall be trials and tribulations. So the one who sits is better than the one who stands and the one who stands is better than the one who walks and the one who walks is better than the one who runs meaning what.

01:10:41 --> 01:11:20

staying away from fitna, the one who sits is better than the one who stands the one who stands better the one who walks the one who walks better the one who runs means go sit down, don't do anything. And times of fitna do not get involved in fitness. So we understand why Syed did not get involved in the fitness between the Sahaba. The next time it will do on Saturday, well cos he said that. And sad, by the way is one of the main narrators of the blessings of Medina so many a hadith about the blessings of Medina and where did he live the rest of his life? in Medina Where did he die? in Medina, some of the blessings of bhakti some of the blessings of dying within are narrated

01:11:20 --> 01:11:50

by side so some of the all of this psychology is over there. The Saturday will pass said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that between the two mountains of Medina I have made it a home like Ibrahim make made Mecca the harem. Oh Allah make the barrack of Medina to Baraka make a double, the Baraka of Mecca, and Allah bless the people of Medina, in their weights and in their measurements. So he has a hadith about the blessings of Medina.

01:11:52 --> 01:12:37

The next study that will do just a simple beautiful hadith of that Saturday who costs one day that people saw him pray one replica of Witter and then go back home. So somebody said to him that do you only pray one record with a no pause here? Remember, some of the any Sahaba and type your own. The winter for them was always at the end of the night towards fidget. Remember, witted in Hades is usually synonymous with the head. Good. Okay, so winter and tahajjud are synonymous because that's what we did is prayed. Now one day said, for whatever reason, he's not going to break the hedgehog. So he prays the winter. So the he said, Yes, I pray with it. And then he said, I heard the Prophet

01:12:37 --> 01:13:14

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that the person who prays with it before going to sleep is wise, is a wise man. And this is also narrated in a similar era that are narrated that the prophets are some advised me to never go to sleep until I have prayed my winter. Meaning what is the meaning here, if you're not going to pray to hygiene at the end of the night, then pray to God before going to sleep and finish it off with winter. Okay, this is the meaning here, that if you're not going to pretend you that the end, pretended that the beginning and finish it off with with it, and then go to sleep.

01:13:15 --> 01:13:58

Saturday will cost said that I remember on the day of offroad I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was surrounded by two men wearing completely white garments. I had never seen them before. And I never saw them after and they were defending him like I have never seen anybody fight before. So sad is narrating on the day of boyhood, I saw two angels. He said he didn't say angels, but he is essentially describing angels that two men complete white and I never saw them before and after. And they were defending the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in a manner that I never saw anybody do before or after.

01:14:00 --> 01:14:42

Saturday we will call scenario that one day the Prophet system was sitting and the women of operation his wives were demanding and asking many things from him and some of them raised their voices. Then the hot tub came and they all quickly stood up and ran behind the hijab. Now this must have been before the ayat of Pooja will revealed because after that, he will real sad could not have been there. Okay, the ayat of hijab will reveal most likely in the fifth year of the hedgerow. Okay, so before the 50 of the Hydra, the Hydra were not revealed. And so, it was permissible, you know, for many women to be sitting in this manner. So sad is narrating what you saw before the verses of

01:14:42 --> 01:14:48

hijab. So when Omar calm came, they all stood up and they ran inside.

01:14:49 --> 01:14:59

And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave permission for Omar to come. And he began to laugh, no more didn't understand why he's laughing. So he said out loud

01:15:00 --> 01:15:11

cyndaquil rasulillah which is an expression in Arabic, Allah syndic, may you continue to laugh? May you continue to laugh on messenger of Allah, what is the reason why you're laughing? So sorry, the process that I'm said,

01:15:12 --> 01:16:00

I found it amazing that these women that were around me continue to bring their complaints or what not. But then when they heard you, they stood up and they and they fled inside, okay? And so I'm going to Bob said, bas, you are mastering Java law have more rights to be feared and shown respect to than me. Then Omar turned his voice to the chambers. And he said, in speaking in the feminine and Arabic, all you females who are enemies of their own selves? Are you scared of me and not scared of the profits of the law? Why didn't you send them? And so one of them responded back, Yes, we are. Because you are harsher and stricter than he is. And the process of laughed even more. And then he

01:16:00 --> 01:16:40

said, I swear by the one in whose hands is my soul. Even if the shavon sees you on a path, he goes on a different path. So sad is a witness on that one. Okay. Sad is a witness to this beautiful Hadith and he's narrating it to us, you know, many, many years later. And sadly, nobody will cause that the Prophet sallallahu I sent him said, Whoever does not attempt to beautify the Quran is not one of us beautiful Hadith, simple Hadith. Whoever does not attempt to beautify the Koran mela Mia tahun nebelhorn Annie for a seminar, beautiful idea from Saudi Arabia, Obi Wan cos from Saudi Arabia will cause he's one day one of his sons was making drop. And he said, Oh Allah, I asked you Jenna,

01:16:40 --> 01:17:24

and the blessings of gender and the silk agenda and the palace agenda. And then he said that I seek refuge in You from the fire, and from the chains of the fire, and from the depths of the fire and from the boiling of the fire. So his father's side says to his son, you are asking for much good and you're seeking evil refuge from Allah from much, much bad. And I heard the Prophet sallallahu I said him say that people are going to come and exaggerate and making dua and it is enough for you to say, oh, Allah give me Jana, and bless me to do the deeds of the people of Jenna. And I seek refuge from jahannam and cause me to not do anything that leads me to Johanna. Because once you get Jenna,

01:17:25 --> 01:18:03

you'll get everything inside Jenna. Meaning sad is teaching his son the proper etiquettes of da Okay, don't go ridiculous. Indra. Oh Allah, I want to be in one version that says, I want the very first house on the right hand side when you enter agenda. Okay? Like I want the choice property light. And sad. This is not this one another very sad says, ask Allah for agenda you'll get what's inside it. You don't have this is typical of this is going to an unreasonable level of detail. So this is the point of this heading that you asked a lot for that which is reasonable and not to go to too much detail. The next Heidi.

01:18:04 --> 01:18:43

One day the profits aside set to the profits of the law. Why do you send them all messenger of Allah? The one who guards the army, meaning the one who is not actually fighting, but he is set to be the guard and who was the guard who was the one who set on the corners? The one who's not physically strong. The one who's not the best fighter? He's put in the peripheries. He says Yasuda law, the one who's guarding and the one who's fighting should they get the same share of the battlefield of the honeymoon? Usually the question here the sad is because sad is a warrior in that sense. Like he is a military guy he's in the battle and he's like, why should the guy who doesn't

01:18:43 --> 01:19:14

actually fight because realize so again, not everybody is physically capable of doing you know, every job and there are many many people who are not physically that strong, but there are other things that need to be done and of them is to guard of them is to be a scout they're not probably going to carry the sword but they are doing a role that is important and dangerous. So sad the same should they get the same and this is a beautiful Hadith memorize it. Sad says thank you let's get started president's psychological

01:19:16 --> 01:19:25

event or massage any May your mother lose you is like Are you serious? Are you can you actually say this? Well, hello tourists. akuna watunes sorona in libido alpha?

01:19:26 --> 01:19:59

Is the famous Heidi. Why else do you think Allah helps you? And Allah gives you risk, except because of your oppressed and weak people. The Alpha are the ones why we win battles, not the strong people. The weak people are the ones whom Allah helps more than the strong people. How else do you think Allah as it is and blessings come except with those Blaffer that you are saying they should get a share of the of the booty or not right. So this is a very, very powerful Hadith. Time is running up as usual.

01:20:01 --> 01:20:21

But there are so many people I just mentioned a few more sad said that on the day of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam combined between his parents for me, this is the famous one side is narrating to his son, or his students Sorry, sorry the room will say the famous side, he will say, the profitsystem combined between his mother and father for me on the day of offered

01:20:24 --> 01:21:12

the next Hadith sad said I remember a time when I was the seventh of seven along with the prophets of the law, why do you send them and we had no food to eat, except for leaves and grains like seeds. That's all we had to eat. And we began deprecating, like the sheep defecate little droppings like the sheep difficut that's how we would and now we are a people that and he mentioned the new asset the sort of one of the tribes of Iraq that the people of the new asset are now complaining that I don't know my religion. Now what's going on here? He is saying who are these people to complain about me? I remember a time when we had nothing to eat and there were only seven Muslims and now the

01:21:12 --> 01:21:31

bundle acid tribe is saying that I don't know my Islam will lie if that is the case then I have lost and I have become any LD like I've become by that means he's criticizing the this this group that is now saying that they know more than Sadie and OB what costs let's just finish up

01:21:33 --> 01:21:37

let's just finish up over here with one or two important how did that I thought

01:21:38 --> 01:21:42

okay, the famous Heidi This is a good one you should know this one as well. That

01:21:44 --> 01:22:32

side interview of course says that one day I came across the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he was making the out to a law and so I stood and I listened to his job and he made a long time. And then I asked him what do you make? So the processor said I asked a lot for three things. He gave me two and he didn't give me one is the famous idea I asked a lot number one that my own man not be destroyed by a plague. So he gave that to me because many previous almost were destroyed by plagues. Number two, I asked a lot that my own man not be destroyed by a calamity or disaster or drowning. He gave that to me. Number three, I asked a lot that my oma not fight amongst itself. But he did not give

01:22:32 --> 01:22:35

that to me. So this is our famous Hadith that

01:22:36 --> 01:22:42

the Prophet was one to something and for wisdom known to Allah, he did not get it, he did not get it.

01:22:44 --> 01:23:01

Okay, we'll finish up here. I remember there was one very beautiful headache that I wanted to do or an important study that I wanted to do. And that is the idea of sad eventually will cause saying okay, with this, we conclude inshallah, okay, I missed over. I missed over a lot of them because of time as usual.

01:23:02 --> 01:23:32

Sadly, Oh, of course, says, Allah revealed four verses in the Quran regarding me. four verses came down, regarding me. So the Sahaba would monitor which verses would come down regarding themselves, and they would consider it a matter of pride, why wouldn't you? It's a big matter of honor when a lord reveals verses about you, for you, regarding you. So he says four times Allah revealed something about me. Number one, he said, I

01:23:33 --> 01:24:03

captured or got a sword. And I asked the profitsystem, can I have this sword? And he said, leave it. So I left it. And then and the President said, Go, Go, put it where you found it. And then Allah revealed in the haoran suta and file Yes, aluna candid and fast. So this is number one. Number two, that my mother once said to me, doesn't your Lord command to be good to your mothers and to listen to the wily Dane

01:24:04 --> 01:24:14

while law he I will stop eating and drinking until you reject Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So she stopped eating and

01:24:15 --> 01:24:54

she stopped drinking so much so that when she would become unconscious, my family would put some drops of water into her mouth. And Allah then revealed what was slain insanity whether the hematoma 101 until he came that one injury I had a girl and she gave me so this is a second I will give the story. Okay. The third is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam entered upon me while I was sick. And I asked him almost in drivel law should I give was the year for all of my money, and he forbade me so I said, half he forbade me, I said Thanos and he was quiet. And so the people took that from me. Now this

01:24:55 --> 01:24:59

it appears that there's no explicit AI in the Quran about one third

01:25:00 --> 01:25:42

However, perhaps what he's referring to is that Allah mentions and sort of the Nyssa the clear fractions for everybody. And a lot also mentions that there was he should be enacted. So how much of the we'll see, this hadith kind of explains the Quran. So it's not as if an idea came down because of it. But and as I said, when I was talking about this headed, you cannot study inheritance without this head, this head it is fundamental for and you cannot understand the Quran or implement the Quran without this hadith. So it's as if you say, because of me, the Quran was explained, the one third, which is very true, the one third all of us know 130 came from sad. And then the final one,

01:25:42 --> 01:25:57

the final one, he said that one time, a man from the unsought cook some food. And it was at a time when Hammad was allowed, and he invited people over. And so people ate and people drank. And when they drank,

01:25:58 --> 01:26:43

they started speaking, and they started boasting about themselves. And the answer said, we are better. And then more hydrogen said, we are better. And the two began to raise their voices, until finally, one of the Ansari came and smacked one of the Mahajan with a whip or a stick or whatnot. And he broke his nose, and side's nose was broken. So his nose was flatnose. And perhaps because of this, they say, and he didn't mention it, but we kind of assume that's what he's saying that the unsightly smack them hadn't. They're all drunk now at this point in time. And of course, it's not a sin to be drunk at this stage. And so because of this, Allah revealed in the Quran, yeah, you will

01:26:43 --> 01:27:21

know the nominal animal homebrew will may see what unsolved Islamic religious human revelation 21st and it will allow them to fly home that Allah revealed the prohibition of Homer. So these are the four rulings that came down from sad even available costs. And with this, we come to the conclusion of the story of sad ebin available costs and inshallah next Wednesday inshallah I think we'll have to do the two of them together because we don't have that much information, especially besides urbanization, very little information, and why is this the case I'll also tell you inshallah, so we'll probably finish up the both of the the last of the two Asha mubasher inshallah, Tada.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elucidates on the life and times of the next great Sahaba who was promised paradise – Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas. We will be acquainted with his lineage, his personality, his outstanding traits and what was his contribution in the way of Islam. A few hadith will also be explained citing the greatness of this great man to have walked the face of this earth.

Saʿd ibn Abī Waqqās stepped into this world in Mecca in the hands of Abu Waqqas Malik ibn Uhayb ibn Abd Manaf ibn Zuhrah from the Banu Zuhrah clan and Hamnah bint Sufyan ibn Umayya ibn Abd Shams ibn Abd Manaf.he had around 40 children and prominent among them were – his sons Umar and Aamir and his daughter A’isha. He was the seventh to have converted to Islam at the tender age of 17 at the hands of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq RA and left this world at the age of 80.

Sa`d RA was an embodiment of generosity, gratefulness,loyalty and benevolence. He was blessed with farsightedness and had a short and hairy physical attributes. He is commemorated in Islam to have been the first to shed blood in the way of Islam . he was credited with the nickname – Mustajab ud Dua – his Dua never missed acceptance, or his Dua was always answered.

He was a military genius which is clearly demonstrated in his leadership acumen in conquering the  Sassanid Empire with a display of immense skill and prowess. His command in The Battle of Qadisiyyah and in the conquest of Persian empire displayed a force to reckon with.

Allah has revealed a verse highlighting the firm resolve of Saad RA in the wake of his mother’s rage towards her son for having accepted Islam. It is hence revealed: “But if they (both) strive with you to make you join in worship with Me others that of which you have no knowledge, then obey them not .” [Surat Luqman: 15]

When the Prophet ﷺ saw Sa’d RA giving a firm fight in the Battle of Uhud, he praised him, “Throw O Sa’d! May my mother and father be sacrificed for you!” . The Messenger of Allah SAW made Dua for him too for him -“O Allah! Make his arrows hit the target and make his prayer acceptable!”

For many such interesting Hadith and anecdotes, please listen intently to Shaykh Yasir Qadhi .


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