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losing a loved one has caused me fear and anxiety in regards to death, how can I start to see death in a healthy way?

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One of the things about the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is that they address the Prophet seisen with very human questions at times, and that's a blessing and benefit us. So I showed the love on her when she heard the prophets of Aloha and he was and I'm sad man, I have barely got Allah whoever loves to meet a lot of love loves to meet them. And whoever hates to meet a lot of law hates to meet them. She said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but Jada sort of like a messenger of Allah, we all hate death. And the Prophet sighs Southern proceeded to explain that this is not what he's speaking about. But when the believer is given the glad tidings of the pleasure and

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the little one, the mosquito, the pleasure and the forgiveness and the mercy of Allah, then they love to meet a loss of Hannah Montana. And when a person is given the opposite of that they hate to meet Allah, meaning they don't want to have that meeting with a lot. So death is an uncomfortable, you know, idea. It's not something that any person is meant to like. However, the way that we can start to see death in a way that's productive is that it activates us to live life in the most meaningful and purposeful way. So we're not supposed to, you know, to despair to a point that we do not properly prepare for death, nor do we live life to its fullest. But instead, we're supposed to

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look at death as this inevitable transition that we're going to have. And so for myself, the healthy processing is looking at death in a way that it activates me to make the best use of every single day. And as for my relatives and my family, it's like a person going to another place and not having cell phone service, not being able to be communicated with it is merely a transition of the soul to the next place, and the believing souls gathered with one another. So we asked the last printout to allow us to be amongst those believing souls that gather in that place, and then are gathered once again for the next transition ultimately, in general, for those in paradise alone. I mean, listen,

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I'm already

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