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[REVIEWED] Every one all people, they get up in the morning, what do they do? They leave the house. You're going to go out, right? In the morning, early morning, you get up, fine. What happens on the day?

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What happens on the day? Allah says, during that day, every single day, everyone who gets up on the day and you've got life, you sell your soul. That's what you do. You sell yourself. <> you sell yourself you work, you do something, you get up what do you do? You do some you breathing, right?

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You either sell yourself in a way that you freed yourself from the fire, or you have enslaved yourself trapped yourself and imprisoned yourself into hellfire. It's your choice. Allah says every day you will get up by the end of the day. You on that day you sold yourself you did something whatever you did during the day, I either freed you from Hellfire

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or got you trapped into it. That's the Hadith.

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Look at this. So why I am saying, we need to go back to the words of the Prophet Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam, when you sleep in the night what's the Dua? You say? <> right? And Other says <>, okay? Oh Allah in your name, I, I die. And I come alive.

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Do you know that sleep is actually considered the small minor death? Because according to the correct verses of the Quran, your soul and its attachment to the body, when you're asleep is not exactly as its attachment when you're awake.

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Allah says in the Quran, Allah tala fun fusa Hina Moti ha Balaji lambda mode theme anime Ha. Allah takes the souls away two times.

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When a person dies, soul is gone. And when a person sleeps, the soul is taken. How I don't know. But it's not exactly like that death. It's a smaller minor death. Do you know why? Allah says for humans equal to Kabbalah? masala El Moussa.

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Allah says that when you getting up in the morning, Allah sins back, in fact, he holds the souls of those who have passed away in their sleep, so it's gone.

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And if death is not written for you in your sleep, you know what he does, he actually sends that soul back for a period of time, because you still have life written next to your name.

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That means when you're sleeping, your soul and its connection with the body is not the same as when you're awake. Now when you get up in the morning, I was just giving you a new day. Allah has given you what a new day in order to prove yourself to get closer to Allah and when you go to sleep that next day, by that time you would have known did I waste my day or did I use it correctly? If you wasted it, the loss is yours for coolness you have to do for NASA who for more depot, Home Depot, ha, every single one of us, we will come out we have to actually get up in the morning. We have to do something we have to go out to achieve. We are breathing, we go to work we do whatever through

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the day. You can never ever survive unless you get up out of your sleep and out of your bed. Because you need to eat.

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You need to go to the bathroom and so on. And you know what Allah says, Well, during that day, you either sold your soul to the devil or to Allah. Basically, that's in a nutshell the meaning. It's up to you.