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Pink For Men

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Saad Tasleem

Channel: Saad Tasleem

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What do you think about my case? Is it too girly? feminine? Or is it manly enough of a sunset? For me? That's a sunset. Yeah, it sounds like a pink sunset before for you haven't been out long enough pink. Hot Pink Sun Tzu. Do you see we get that? I'm not saying i'm not i'm not saying I'm just I'm just oh like us the question we don't remember. You know when you seem really defensive about your case. No, I love to say you seem really defensive. Have you never seen a pink like there was this one time I caught off the train at the metro stop. I like how all this whole whole story is to defend your case is the husband's case you're talking about pink sunset? Okay, like hot pink? Yeah,

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like up. Like, come on, man. Like

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this is the problem with being a nocturnal individual. And this guy only comes out when the stars are out. Me and Batman.

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You know, there's a person called Bruce Wayne to during the day not really yeah much. Sleeping during the day. Whatever. Do