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Saad Tasleem Responds To Youtube Comment – Part 2

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Welcome to another episode of tagalong I'm your host, Bilal Khan and I have here with us sad to see basically sad is here developing some added promotional material for his class trends, which talks about, you know, culture identity, self esteem body image, the general principles that go into fit being somebody who not only is helping produce some of the advertising and marketing material. I also get to see a lot of the comments so I'm just gonna go right ahead into it on YouTube for the video what is Islamic fashion and it is by Khalid bin Walid men should be proud to show their Muslim not be obsessed with fitting in. And look and and that's,

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that's correct in general. Okay. Right. But it's being applied incorrectly. But I think the the application of that would be like, Alright, it's time to pray. You go pray, regardless of what everybody of course so so that statement itself is correcting Muslims, not just Muslim men, Muslim women to Muslim chill, everybody. If you're Muslim, you should be proud of being Muslim. And no, we're not obsessed with fitting in. We don't want to fit a particular mold if that mold goes against Islam. No, right. Right. And those and by the way, they're not necessarily contradictory. But can you can fit in and be and be proud to be Muslim at the same time? The other factor that comes into

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like, what does it mean to fit in? Like, there's various environments that are individually exactly right, exactly. Got your work environment is I like, I would turn that question around, right, and say, Look, okay, so what do you say to a man in Saudi Arabia? Okay. Right. You could literally say the same statement to him. Oh, you should be proud to be Muslim. You should not be obsessed with fitting in. And by wearing a white soap and a red shoe mouth, you're just trying to fit in. Okay. Right. Do you see the fallacy? The problem with that statement, but doesn't that also go against the principle and understanding of you should be respectful of the culture. Exactly. Exactly. And that's

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exactly. That's the other problem. Yeah. Right. That, you know, cultural norms. And as we said,

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He's one of the things he said is, the sun is actually the were the clothes of your people. Yeah, that meaning that's not as soon as and that's encouraged. Right, something that is praiseworthy in Islam, as long as it fulfills the Islamic requirements, okay, but it's praiseworthy. So the Saudi God versus Saudi, that's, that's a good thing. Yeah. Right. But from that person, if you apply that rule, So would it. Would it be inappropriate for a Saudi guy to be like, yo, off with this stuff? I'm gonna be dressing like a hipster. Look, I mean, I don't like to speak for other cultures. Okay, right.

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So I'm not that's acceptable. That's something that should be asked to the scholars in Saudi Arabia, they would say, you know, this is not the norm here. It's an it's an odd dress. We don't wear this dress here. Okay, it looks very strange. So they may say, you don't know it's not appropriate here. Okay. Right. But like I said, at that point, it's not even an issue of Hello haraam is more an issue of what's appropriate. Yes. Okay. There's other things that could make a particular type of dress, how long? Those are other guidelines and principles. Okay. Yeah. Okay.

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But it's just the I mean, is it. I mean, the idea of fitting in, like, it's human nature to want to fit in, of course, and fitting in within of itself is not a bad thing. It can be a bad thing. If, like, for example, we place our self worth in fitting in Yeah, that's a bad thing. Okay. Right. We need we need to in order to feel good about ourselves, we have to be liked by people or accepted by certain groups. And that's when you run it is perceived as being part of a certain group. Exactly. Okay. Exactly. So the I mean, as simple as cliques in high school Yeah. To being like, Oh, he's part of the doctor class Yeah. Or look or look and and and the point here is like I said, the the essence

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of it is is correct, right. That if we're compromising our Islamic morals to fit in, yeah, yeah, that's a problem. But who's to say like, well, I don't want people compromising Islamic morals. I mean, the the simplest thing comes to mind is like Alright, you know what? You're with a bunch of professionals is happy hour you go out for a drink No, but even even ticket that's a clear, you know, you know, this go back to dressing club, there's a lot of peer pressure there. There's a whole desire to fit in maybe right promotions. Yeah, exactly. Sounds like that. Let's even give an example from clothing. Somebody says, you know, in a corporate environment, guys don't have facial hair.

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Okay, like most people don't have to So, you know, enforcement, or law enforcement, you know, yeah. And so the person says, you know, even though having a beard is something which is you know, and we before he asked like, the details of this issue, we discussed the beard at length and the different opinions were on the beard and the length and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, but in general, right. Having a beard of some type is an Islamic requirement. Okay, so now person says I have to shave my beard to fit into the corporate environment. Yeah, then that that's obviously a problem. Okay. That it now that that has superseded ours. So what about the scenario where is to fit in? But it's like a

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policy factor, for example, you got firefighters? Yeah, their requirement is don't have a beard because it's a safety issue, especially if you look for those are different cases. Okay. Well, those are the specific is specific cases can be different. Okay, Brian, I'm not going to get into specifics here. Because and I believe those

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issue should be done on a case by case basis. Okay, because there's so many other factors that are involved there. But in general, you know, the the the default is no, we, if we're able to grow a beard, we have to grow beard. Okay, then it goes into why don't you teach something worthwhile to youth? Like skateboarding? Yeah, that promotes fitness. And I have a feeling that that person wouldn't be okay with me teaching skateboarding either. Really? Yeah. But like that's, it's Is there anything that's but it's imitation of non Muslims. It's about you know,

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that's a waste of time. It's sinful people skateboard. There's a lot of reasons why you know, skateboard.

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Here's a question. Kind of off topic, but on the subject skateboarding By the way, if you didn't get that I was being sarcastic because some people was just like, like, Why? He said skateboarding is how

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sarcastic well have you? Are you able to do a halfpipe?

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Like those skateboard parks and now with them? No, I'm getting old man. I'm getting old. I try to take it easy on the skateboard now. Okay. I don't take as many risks as I used to take back in the day. You ride a motorcycle? Yeah, move on. Well, we'll go to this topic.

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You're really wasting everyone's time with this rubbish. Yeah, all meat. All men need to know. Cover the hour look presentable and not imitate the kuffar. Very good. So now he mentioned some of the general principles and guidelines. Right? He said, number one, cover the era, correct? Right.

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My question be, is my router covered?

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Yeah, in that video covered number two, what a second guideline image second guideline is look presentable, look presentable, that's kind of vague. That's very vague, right. And, and, and actually, what is presentable would differ, not only from culture to culture, but also from situation to situation, setting the setting setting, so you can go to the gym, and be like, I gotta look presentable, show up in a suit and tie, you know, well, I have worked out in slacks and a polo shirt, but you understand that you are the exception. So we never go based off of what you do.

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Um, the definition of counterculture in this regard.

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Oh, yeah. Third requirement. The third requirement is not immature. I don't take non Muslims. Yeah. And so the point here is he mentioned a principle which is imitating non Muslims Okay, person I've said mentorship Bobby home in Birmingham, they want to imitate the nation, that they are from them. Okay. And so the principle itself is correct. We're not allowed to imitate non Muslims. But how do we understand that? When so the principle itself, right imitation of non Muslims. That's a that is that sounds very general. And that's what we didn't know. We know exactly what is meant in Islam by Oh, you're not allowed to imitate non Muslims. Okay. What is meant here is imitate non Muslims in

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those things that are bad, okay. Number one, or to imitate non Muslims and things that are specific to a religion that is a non Muslim religion. Okay. Right. So because, you know, if we would apply this Hadith, the pressure lamp, you know, we would say the percent of imitate non Muslims, well, he wore the same clothing as them. Right. Right. So what we say that what about the idea of when they went to Medina, and he saw the Jews fasting, and he said, You know what, we're gonna fast because mu says more to us than there right. But that is something already in Islam. Okay. Right. So that's, that's something but but if there's something that is specific, for example, wearing a cross, right,

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does anyone is that? Is that a is that a general thing? Or is it there's very specific beliefs attached to it is it's attached to a particular group of people or a particular religion depends if the cross is upside down or right side up. But they both have bad bad meetings. So

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that would be imitation of normal. Okay, right, a type of dress where you look at that and you say, Oh, it's not, you know, or, for example, the robes that monks wear, okay, like the orange togas. Exactly. So if a Muslim wearing like a, that type of dress, would you like, you just you wouldn't be able to tell us as a Muslim or, you know, in fact, you would be like, straight up Shaolin or Buddhists. Yeah. So we said yet that that is that is the invitation, that person and actually, you know, that's why in the class and I don't think it's, it's, it's right to these, this is just one of the evidences, but they need to be discussed fully. Okay. So here's the thing that comes to mind. Is

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that alright, so you just described different attires that other faiths identify themselves with from an outward appearance. So a priest will have the color, right, you got the monk, the Shaolin monk, yeah, you've got that like the Jews, they got the yarmulke. Right. Is there something specific to Muslims? That's overtly? That's religious attire. Look, you have to understand that our religion is not a religion of just symbols. Okay. And, and that's one thing that makes Islam Great. Okay. Right. Is that, you know, you think of Christianity, or you think of, you know, he and you can think of the cross right, you think of statues of Jesus.

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statues of Mary and so on and so forth, or, you know, particular robes and this and that whatever Islam had done that is a universal religion. We've got the whole moon wars.

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Yeah. Okay, so the moon Crescent. Yeah. But still, you may go into another culture where the moon is not, you know, is not, you know, you won't find it on machines. Okay. Right. And even like, the, the, even the movies more of an ottoman thing. Right, exactly. And that's how it was brought into the culture and so on, so forth. But so when it comes to specific, like islamically, it's not specific tight, as I said, specific types of clothing and you say, you know, this identifies you exactly as a Muslim. Right. And we don't need those specific symbols. We have, like, even the beard, right? Somebody, some people say like, oh, the beard is the Islamic, you know, symbol for men. Okay,

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up to five years ago. Exactly. So what happens in hipster culture? Right? Yes, that doesn't change the fact that we Muslim men grow our beards, right? Whether it's in fashion or not, we always grow our beards. Yeah. But that's not the symbol like like, that's it, like, that's what defines you. It's our heart. It's part of the way we dress. One could argue that hijab is one of those symbols. Yeah, but even even the hijab, there's different styles of hijab, there's different ways in which the hijab is set. So what is the requirement, okay, that hijab is worn that, you know,

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the head is covered, and you know, the neck is covered. So as long as those requirements are fulfilled, how the hijab looks, okay, the color of it, the way it's tied? Well, when he's wearing Hijab by wintertime, mostly, mostly, mostly, if it's cold enough, so they need to cover their outfit look presentable and not imitated before. Exactly. So, you know, once again, if you if he's applying that to me, I would say, look, am I wearing a type of clothing that only non Muslims were okay, that you would look at and say, Oh, that's not that's only clothing that non Muslims. Now, here's a question. Is there any attire that non Muslims would wear? That's not specifically? That's not

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specifically religiously oriented? That's an interesting question. And that's that, and that the answer to that question will differ according to the place that you're living in, or the culture living in according to the time that you're living in. It all differs, and that's why there's no hard and fast right? these are these are guidelines that are that are applied to principles that are applied to the time and place where and grow their beard more than a fistful. Okay, that is an opinion, okay. Amongst the opinions. I don't actually hold that opinion. But in the class, we will actually go through all the opinions. If and by the way, if that was the case, then the majority of

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Muslim men would fall into the category of you don't you're not you don't look Muslim. I wonder if he does.

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We don't know how to do this. I don't know. But I'm just wondering, that's why I'm wondering. That's it. It's interesting. And that's, you know, a lot of these comments, a lot of times, you know, these are anonymous people and that gives them a certain level of comfort.

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makes it easy to make these comments. We aren't trying to be models on the catwalk and look, this is the idea that Oh, you shouldn't try to dress nice. Okay. Right. And that's absolutely false, especially the person you know, we have that payments hidden at the press that I'm said in a larger meeting while you're on a large beautiful and he loves beauty and another narration in the law you Hippo and Yara thora nanomaterial Abdi that certainly Allah loves to see the effects of his blessings upon His servants. Right. And you look at the companions, their companions were dressed very nice. There's our early scholars. You know, I give some of these examples in the class as well

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don't like a mimetic meme, hustle and bustle. Some of these guys dressed in the finest and nicest clothes, even a mama hanifa had a textile business. And there you go. So yeah, we have examples. So I wouldn't agree with that. Yeah, if you're talking about specifically like walking on a catwalk and you know, maybe some sins that will be attached to that, what if it's your business to be selling that stuff? Yeah, that's, that's another issue. Okay.

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So I don't know. Like, I don't agree with that. And I think most people, some would instinctively actually even reject that concept that Oh, you're just not supposed to dress nice. Hmm. But when does it go too far? Right. Can it go too far? Yes. We're not allowed to do what is called is set off. Okay. Right. And some people translate that as extravagance, well, right. Or labasa Shahada, like ostentatious pneus. When we start showing off what our clothing are, we start to feel proud because of our clothing. Yeah, that's when it goes back to the clothing to promote it.

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It's really awesome. It's a very good question. You should attend my seminar.

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A good question to ask during the seminar. It's like it's a $10,000 suit. But because the company that made the suit once I get it out there, they gave it to you for free? Yes. So anybody looking at us judging you, like Oh, look at this guy. Yeah, wearing the most extravagant clip, and it's just free for you. Right? There you go. Good example, product placement and actually, actually is one of the more effective uses of social media, specifically Instagram, where a lot of these product makers, they will reach out to hundreds. Yeah, I mean, I'm users like, I'll be honest with you, people, people reach out to me all the time. Okay. They're like, Hey, can you whatever and, you

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know, like, will you be our brand ambassador? and Brandon says a lot of Brandon. Yeah, I would if I didn't have my own brand, you know, but it's not something

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Same collection. Yeah, coming to maybe soon, one day, soon inshallah it's coming. It's coming. We're working on it man working hard. It's got to be it's got to be perfect. It's sad to see a graduate from Medina wasting his time when he could be teaching far more useful things and actually benefiting people. You know, he talked about utility or what's useful. Yeah. And I mentioned this in my seminar. So those of you taking seminar, you've heard this. I talked about how to talk about what's useful. clothing is something that takes up our whole life. Right. You talk about the fear of prayer. Okay. Right. One of the most important things to study Okay. How are you praying? 24 hours a

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day? Well, I was how much have you not used specifically?

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Here, I've heard you know, somebody okay. By prays five times a day. Yeah. What takes me 2030 minutes out of their day. So that is relevant in those 30 minutes. Okay. You learn the fifth of 23 and a half hours ago, exactly. You learned the physical fasting. Yeah. Right, one month out of the year. Okay, maybe do some stuff fast enough and fast, more rest of the time. You're not applying that filter?

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of funerals? Okay. Right. somebody dies, I think the more practical fit would be the flip of money. Yeah, so that's a very relevant topic as well, but clothing, were always 24 hours were either closed or unclothed. And both of those topics are from this instance from the subject. Right. So whether we're conscious of it or not, we are constantly applying these guidelines and principles. So I would say this is one of it isn't a very important thing that we should know and understand what those guidelines are, what those principles are, that we're wearing clothing that you know, not only makes us feel good and that you know we're wearing our nice clothes, but also clothing that is pleasing to

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a loss pattern. Okay, from what I understand he actually shared this comment in your son. Yeah, I do. I do because I honestly mellows out a reward the brother or sister or sister, right, who left this comment, and I still don't know honestly, sometimes, like part of me is like, maybe they're just trolling. Okay? Like the whole thing is a joke. It's possible. I love Trump. But

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we don't always reply to trolls, which that goes completely gets my policy I never reply to and I reply to trolls, and my first my first post

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has not been Yeah, it has not been for the comment is like, okay, maybe, maybe they're genuine in their comment, and I will address the first comment with genuine passion. Okay, and then after that, the response will be clear to me as to whether or not they're trolling a troll. It's open season, baby. Hey, nobody got time for that.

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But Millis further reward this brother or sister because so much benefit is coming out of this comment. Yeah. So and you know, it's beautiful. It was fantastic and bring benefit from the most unexpected places? Well, one thing that you mentioned that there isn't, there's an irony to this comment. Yes. Okay. What's the irony, man? So in the seminar, we talked about a incident that occurred

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with hybridity and the percent of salary, the actual salary, the actual Sahabi. Okay, in which and basically, you know, it's, it's a, it's a lengthy discussion, so it can't get into all of it. But basically, the point of mentioning that narration is to mention how Hartmann what he himself he was able to distinguish between what is religiously good, and what is culture? Okay, right, what is what is considered culture and that, you know, that can depend from place to place and so on, so forth. And how do we lead had that knowledge? Okay, but this, how do we lead? Unfortunately, the irony is strong is wrong. Okay, God, I got it. But I'm just curious, what was it? What was the scope? Like?

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Is this something that you could briefly sum up? Um, it I really feel like a lot of these topics that you need to do justice to the topics, okay. And that's my whole thing with online stuff. And, you know, just quickly mentioning something, because I feel like size is like pulling teeth. Yeah. And that's why people get the haircut question all the time. Right? Just tell us, you know, what is it? How? I'm like, Look, horses Hold on. That's why he's doing well, not anymore. More, but it might change a lot.

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But you know, cars and all that kind of stuff. I'm like, Look, this is not the place for it. Right on online to try to argue prove their points. I'm just wondering, what are the things that tends to get people to go into a lot of detail in your in your program? What do you mean? Okay, so like, for example, had these a lot of detail in it. Yeah. And so you spend some time quite a bit of time on it. Yeah. So what would be some of the things that would like you, could you you think you could list off a bunch of things? Yeah, for sure. Obviously, right, the issue of haircuts, and I try to approach this in a way where it's not just like just the filk right. So we actually talked about we

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start off talking about the hair of the process and

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the hair of the companions, you're talking about hairstyles at that time. What are common hairstyle Okay, and people would genuinely be surprised Okay, what's the most surprising hair cut style? At the time? I'm gonna leave that surprise for the class when you come into Houston soon inshallah

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but yes,

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guy's been saying soon for the last two years. Yeah. You can't go wrong with a soon you know no as soon as relative so it's not again soon means like next month depends.

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People take my seminars they say you say depends a lot. I'm like I do I do that on purpose. Like I don't want to ask because life is not so black and white life is not so yeah, this guy dresses all black and white. Not always reason. But these days, I've been feeling black, a little bit more. Okay.

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But yeah, this is you know, this guy comes to Houston when it's 90 plus an old blush. Yeah. Anyway, thank you for joining us. A lot of times these structures don't like to, or are not necessarily reachable. This is one of the benefits of this program. These tagalongs is that if you have questions, I can always just send them on over and we can discuss them just like this comment right here. Alright guys, thank you for joining us. See you next time.