Omar Suleiman – The Amwas Plague – A Yaqeen Documentary

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallam and his followers killed many companions, including many in battle, during the pandemic, and during the time of the pandemic. The importance of the Prophet's actions during the pandemic, including his actions during the pandemic, and his actions during the pandemic is emphasized. The segment also discusses the political and social context of recent protests in the United States, including the return of the low tide to the sky and the return of the Prophet sallama to the throne.
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Allah subhanho To Allah grants him a different type of Shahab. This is one of the most special visits with my life. Nobody comes to him to lie about a cat. So we're here at the location of one of the great companions who passed away. And Tyrone home was in the plague of Hamas, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all understood this concept of shahada and thought that they would die in the battlefield and SubhanAllah. What ends up happening is that this plague takes 25,000 companions into burying some of the greatest people, many of them being from the hygiene of RBW and Jawaharlal the Lautaro. I know that I mean of this on my heart of no job at all. The Allahu

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Taala animal the master of the villa mark, the master of the scholars, Shura, Hamid, Hassan Ali Allahu taala. And who, who was probably the companion that you could credit, the majority of Jordan, what is now Jordan coming into Islam, all of them pass away the Ottoman as what will be allowed to pass away in this particular plague, And subhanAllah when you think about 25,000, companions and Targaryen and the impact that's going to have on the Ummah and how much hope that this gave to the Ummah one day learn from the prophets of Allah hasten that this is one of the means of Shahada. These were people that never thought that they would die outside of the battlefield, but Allah

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subhanaw taala decreed something else for them. And what we have in their stories is this beautiful hitam this beautiful ending, where each of them expresses a complete pleasure and tranquillity with the decree of Allah subhanaw taala as Allah subhanaw taala takes their lives and we have an example from them, and how we are to act when Allah subhanaw taala strikes us with a disaster of the sorts or with a trial of the sorts so inshallah Tada we will go through and we will visit in this episode in sha Allah Tiana abora Veda I'm gonna Jawaharlal the Allahu Tada. And while I didn't know who the Allahu Anhu and his son under Imam or the Allahu anhu, who are right behind me, as well as the roar

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of the world, the Allahu taala. And may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with all of the shahada of Hamas, all of the martyrs from this plague. So join me as we first start with a companion that many of you probably have never heard a lot as the Allahu Taala and

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snow hammer last last summer, he was

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buried here is one of the most fascinating companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whose life with the Prophets lie some is very limited, but whose life after the prophets lie some in this panel are extremely fascinating. When you think about highly dependable evil of your longtime animal, the companion that we're speaking about, and that we're visiting here, the lot as well, the law of town and a lot of them as well was the right hand man of high level of the law. And someone who is extremely skilled in battle, when he actually became Muslim is debated amongst the religion that you'll find is mentioned from inside the hijab and from other famous historians of the Sahaba

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and you'll find some information about his sister Hola, not in the same documentation, but who's become famous sort of a legend of sorts for fighting the battle as well. But the model the longtime to animal became Muslim sometime after today via possibly even after Fatima and there are was known for being extremely wealthy and extremely courageous and skilled with all of the arts of war. And when he met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he famously told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I own 1000 camels, should I donate them all for the sake of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and the Prophet slicin told him that if you donate all of them for the sake of Allah Subhan Allah to

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Allah, then it will be a profitable transaction, and he donated all 1000 of his camels for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then he dedicated himself to war to battle, and he participates in every single direction and every single one of the battles after the Prophet sallallahu some of the major battles until the date of his death, he participates so he takes part in some of the legendary battles against the Persians, against the Romans, even fights and some of the battles that take place in Africa. He's someone who goes around the world and who participates under the guidance of hydrogen believe it will be a long time and when multiple conquest multiple battles, his most famous

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incidents, is actually in the Battle of edge. Nadine, as Nadine is considered the battle that broke the Romans back. This was really the most decisive battle between the Muslims and the Byzantines. It takes place around Philistine around Palestine. And this was the battle that really changed the narrative and change the direction of the battle between the Muslims and the Byzantines and in the Battle of edge. Nadine, what he does is he goes out, and he takes off his armor and he takes off his shirt and holds up the sword and then he proceeds killing over 30 of the opposing arm.

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So he himself takes out over 30 of the Byzantines with his own sword or the alongside and who without wearing any armor and without even wearing a shirt. And they called him the shape on who was shirtless. That was what the enemies called him. Shape on it. So the the devil who wasn't wearing the shirt, but of course he's the Shaheed Subhan, Allah who wasn't wearing a shirt, because they couldn't understand how this man could literally take off his armor take off his shirt, and that was so quick with his sword and so quick with his movement that he went through 30 People without a single scratch on him. And this was the most prominent incident that took place in Edge, Nadine,

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because the Byzantines understood that if the Muslims could produce people like this, then they had no chance against them. And so battle after battle and the Battle of the MOOC, he also called the alongside and he went forth with a battalion under ExxonMobil. The alongside on who all of the men that were with him in his particular battalion were Shahadat, except for him, he came out with other scratch. And so imagine this man that would stand next to Khalid nobody will be along Thailand. And when the opposing army saw him, they basically saw him as an Army by himself. And that was the description of God will be alongside and will, that he was an Army by himself that when the opponent

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would see that a lot of us a lot of the A lot of times, they knew that he was capable of taking out an entire battalion by himself. So he fights in Persia and Rome, in Egypt, deep into Africa and multiple places in the world. And Allah subhanho wa Taala grants him a different type of Shahada. He is one of those who passes away in law when I was in the plague of homeless though he did not die on the battlefield and he was too skilled to be touched even in the battlefield. So you might not have heard about him before. But he is the Shaheen that would bear his chest that literally stands up an edge in the beam and takes off his shirt takes off his garment and then proceeds quickly to go

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through the arm and Harley there'll be a long time and who saw him as this right hand man that could not be harmed by anyone from any opposing army and because of what Allah subhanaw taala gifted him with all the allotted time on the last panel to accept him as a Shaheed as he died in the league of homeless

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Santa Monica Monica, why would a counselor allow him to allow fire to slam on the law while early he was like me Sahbihi women who Allah, the prophets of Allah Heidi was salam so that the Amin Amin will have the Ummah, the trustworthy one of this ummah is obey the natural law will be allowed to run on

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men that I'm standing in front of it'll be a law on who was given a title that the profit slice on himself was known as a mean, while Lena what they said about the profit slice on the trustworthy one, we are satisfied with him. And the scholars say that there is no other person at the profit slice and bestowed a title that was known for him upon other than a lot of a lot of the allowance data. I know. What does it mean to be mean? It means that not only is the person truthful, it means they're trustworthy, it means that that person always has your best interest at heart always is just thinking about the amount selfless for the moment, starting with the most beloved and the most

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precious of this on the head of it was sort of loss on Allahu alayhi wa salam. So let's talk about him for a bit Ahmed ignorance of law of water VEDA while the alongside, he's one of the first 10 people to embrace Islam, and he embraced Islam at the hands of Abu Bakr, Siddiq or the longtime animal and he is one of ashram Augustine agenda. He's one of the 10 people promised paradise, and he was someone that was particularly skilled with all of the arts of strategy when it comes to war. He was the only person that was known that can be both a Bowman an archer as well as a foot soldier, he could easily alternate between the two he practiced how to ride horses and camels and different

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animals and to shoot stationary targets non stationary targets all of the techniques that were necessary for battle he was trained in them, he can go to a place and he could scout it out and he could come back and tell the profit slice and and how many soldiers were there, where they were from the types of animals that were there based upon just looking at the waist, the dunk of the animals and all types of tracks that he could give you an exact estimation of what it was. So he's someone that has a special eye for these very specific skill sets that came into not just benefit for the Ummah, but really raised his his status with the prophesy son with the companions of Russell was

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alive it was. So when he becomes Muslim, his father tortures him so badly that he basically disappears his persecution was so severe and Metka that some of the scholars say he migrated to habita. Some of them say he never got out to Habesha that that's how severe the persecution was. And when he migrates to Medina, not leaving his Deen due to the persecution, you're going to fall upon the day of whether he was one of those who had to fight his father and had to kill his father.

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are in that battle because his father came after him on the day of bed while the Allahu Taala and, And subhanAllah the Abba Aveda or the Allahu Anhu was one of the most handsome of men one of the most beautiful and character and eloquent he used to wear rugged clothes and if you met him, you would notice two missing teeth and you notice a list in his speech. Why? Because the Amin of the summer when he saw the profit slice on them on the day ahead, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had his helmet beaten into his face, I will obey that will the Allahu Anhu remove the links of that helmet from the face of the Prophet slice on with his teeth until he lost his teeth. And it

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affected his speech for the rest of his life. While the Law No this was the type of person that he was always out there. He showed me a lot of data and he mentions in one narration that the most beloved of people to the Prophet slice on after Abu Bakr and Omar was about to be the ninja law will be at law hotel. And we saw this time and time again in the era of qualified Washington in the era of the righteous for the fat, particularly a Wilbekin and Alma won't be allowed to Anoma so who is a board of a little the law on who has the mean of the soma, or not appoints him as the Emir of a sham Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine all come under this man on the law to handle he built massage

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throughout a shot he built some of the world's first hospitals in fact, some historians credited him with the first true hospitals in the world. Remember, he's the Amin of this, he was sending aid to different parts of the soma when they were struck by any type of natural disaster. In fact, even in amodal, Amanda the year of ashes when Medina was struck, he sent 1000s of camels of aid from a sham to Medina to support the Ummah in Al Madina, Munawwara in the presence of the Khalifa, Ahmed, Pablo, the Allahu taala. And he was the one who prepared the scene in Jerusalem and acquits May Allah subhanaw taala liberate at once again, let's say normal will be Allah Tada and who came he was the

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one that set the area for him. He was the one that Omar will be alone who you imagine the person I'm going to help out with the law and who was a role model the law on who would try to kiss his hand when he would see him that's how precious he was to save now model the law on imagine when our own model tries to kiss your head and our model the Allah Tada and when he would check on his governors and he visited his house obey the tried not to let them in his home and he said, why he said, you know, just trust me, you don't want to enter into it. He enters into it and he doesn't find that there is some sort of, you know, a stolen treasure or anything that's been taken or confiscated that

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rightfully belongs to the OMA No, the Amin of this OMA and the image of a sham had nothing in his home. And almost all the law on will started to cry. And I've already made this that I told you, you're gonna cry when you see my situation. He told him, don't enter into my home and see how I have nothing And subhanAllah when I'm worse when the plague spreads, when almost all of the law and we did not enter into the sham, it was more of a there will be a law no such thing as a federal and other law. Are you running away from the decree of Allah and Omar's response was historic. It's a very important lesson for all believers. Omar says I'm running away from the decree of Allah to the

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decree of Allah. And then he explained it. He said, You know, if you guys had a group of camels, and you had like a land, and on one side of the land was very fertile, there was a lot of food for the camels, and they can graze there and they can eat, if you choose to put them in that land. You're doing that by the color of Allah by the decree of Allah. And he said, if you put them in another place where there's like, no food for them, it's like barren, don't have anything to eat. If you choose that land, you're also doing it by the decree of Allah by the father of ALLAH. So he says, that's why we're going back to Medina. And he explains, is very important principle that a lot of

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people get confused about, how do we understand what is the decree of Allah? Like, what does Allah want us to do? And how does Allah know everything that's going to happen in the future? So Omar is basically saying, whenever you make a decision in your life, you don't you don't know what the outcome is going to be lets you use cause and effect or Omar will be Allah and when he saw the severity of the plague, he wanted to save up or Aveda, he knew that if he told us our Aveda will be Allah on who the Amin of the Ummah to come to Medina to save himself up or Aveda would not listen because I will read the cares too much for this OMA he's a man of the OMA he struggles with the

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Ummah he's not going to leave his people to die and come to Medina to be saved. So I'll never be alone who sends him a letter and just tells him to come to a Medina without giving him any explanation. And Allah VEDA will be Allah Tada I know response to him and says, Yeah, I mean, I know what you're doing. But I'm patient with the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. I'm going to stay here in a shot, which is like Allah haha. You don't have to send a messenger to come and get me again. I'm going to stay here and of course, so you know, I'm always the one who he is, of course declined. And he said, I'm not going to be leaving. I'm not going to leave my army. I'm not going to leave. My

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manga leaves people to die and I am running away. So for Hubbard Medina they said when amaro the Allah and who read the letter of Allah Aveda, he started to cry. And they asked to Amata because of how he wept they said that Allah obey the die and he said, No, not yet. But

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He's not going to last very long, most likely, right? Because he's going to stay in the middle of the plague trying to serve the people and help the people. That's exactly what the mean of the OMA did, and SubhanAllah. As the plague breaks out of waterbay, there will be a lot of data on who being made of a sham is struck by the plague. And as he is passing away, he reminds the people about the reality of death, and says all of the children of Adam are going to die. And the most intelligent of the children of Adam are the ones that prepare for this day of theirs. So prepare for this Day of yours prepare for this Day of yours. And he spent his whole life in Mecca embedded in through the

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falafel our bucket and Hallmark preparing for that day to sadaqa jariya of of obey the law, the law and all the masajid in a sham that are built through him all of the services, the way that he facilitated eliquids the way that he facilitated so much hate for the summer, he prepared for that day of his Libya low tide and when he was only in his 50s when he passed away, and the order was done, that his brother will either be Jabba won't be allowed China no would be appointed as the Emir and when my little the law I know heard about the death of Avila available the law and we said in that Eli when they have all German to Allah we belong unto Allah we return radula and mean and a man

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who has a mean he was truthful with Allah subhanaw taala and with the people what can Allah have enough see here how Lina and Allah azza wa jal was great inside of him to his chest he held Allah in such high esteem. And that was the source of the way that he used to deal with the people the way that he used to carry out his covenant with Allah subhanaw taala and the way he will take care of this OMA and so it will be a lot harder when he passes away here and this is of course part of a shot and Subhanallah for a moment I want you to imagine I Omar will be allowed I noticed that if I'm alive, and then when it comes time for me to die, aboard obey that will be Allah on who is still

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alive, I will appoint him as the Khalifa without any other consideration. And he says if Allah asks me, why did I appoint him? I will respond that I heard the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him say that every prophet has a trustworthy person of the Ummah, meaning someone you can always count on someone you can rely on. You think that's why I appointed him after me that he is the mean of the summer that he is the trustworthy one, the truthful one of this ummah, all the Allahu Taala and, and he lays here Subhanallah Of course only in body but the soul of the Shaheed travels far in a sense far and has gathered with its companions with the nighttime Ella gather us

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with them Alana

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Salam Alaikum Aditya

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you know slim you know meaning unto Mousavi Conaway, Nan sha Allah we Kona headcorn

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A subtle Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Hafiz

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is one of the most special visits of my life personally. And we're here with my other job that will be alongside I know in his son that I'm on well they allow Todd 101 Abby, everything about my other job is love, the love of Allah the love of the Prophet slice and then the love of people for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala a biodiesel Hello Danny, or the allow Tyler Han who mentioned when he first met my other new job LDLR I know he saw the people gathering around him in the masjid in Damascus. He said he was so handsome, pearly white teeth, beautiful everything about him irradiated with beauty and the people surrounded him that he

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went the next morning when he saw my little the low tide I know praying and he sat next to my little the low tide I know and he said in the book Allah I love you for the sake of Allah. And Maha little the alongside and he says to him, only for Allah he's had only for Allah He said only for Allah He said only for Allah He said only for a lie said only for Allah. He said then Glad Tidings to you because I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam say that Allah subhanaw taala has said that those who love each other for my sake will be under my shade on the day of judgment. And then you see the prophets Allah Allah Allah He was selling himself and the prophets of Allah Azza wa salam

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said to my little the Allah Tada I know one lie you live in need book Oh my God. I want you to know that I love you one of the companions that I will say I am specially jealous phone, say Nemo had a new job in case you wonder why? Because he was one of the if not the only Sahabi or Roswaal is on himself at rest him in one of the Hadith by saying Allah here MA in

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Yama and by Allah I love you. So you can imagine if this is you, me and Allah so Allison, call me by this in New York. I love him. And we have all to think when do we love someone or what makes us love someone and we are

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ordinary human beings, when they sought to address us or have a companion with this word in you really have to look and see who is this man. And then the advice came, and this is for us also very good advice from Roswaal risotto Sam but came through love. And he said, the meaning of don't forget, after each Salah to say a dua that we all know these days say it and Hamden level down on you know the story behind it to make you even more keen to know the Doha along my knee Allah decree commercial Kritika Maha snake valid, your Allah helped me and a new cricketer. Remember you are sure Craig can be grateful to are hosting a vanity to worship you but not just to worship you. Excellence

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in worship worship you in the best way I can do? So this is an advice from a lover to beloved, the one who loves and this is the number one and this is one the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was bidding him farewell and sending him to and he was sort of Rasul Allah He was so I met this young man at a very young age when he came to Mecca at the hands of Masada been remade with the alongside I know and he came to give the Prophet slice under pledge and ber Tanaka on my other all the ultion who came in he joined the messenger SallAllahu wasallam. And Dr. Tanaka, he immediately distinguished himself with his beauty with his knowledge with his intellect with his literacy with

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his love for the Quran. So much so that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hodl Quran and herba take the Quran from for people from wild little the Allahu Taala and home from obey human capital the Allahu Taala and from Ibn Massoud little the low on one silent moda, a big believer, all the Allahu Taala and, and the prophets lie some said Allah more on mercy will highlight even the most knowledgeable on halal and haram was more have had bingeable Although the Allahu Taala and in our model, the Allah Tada I know used to set an IRA that whoever has anything any question about fic let him go to my algorithms. And as he distinguished himself as the scholar of the the most

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knowledgeable person of halal and haram that everyone would go to the profit slice on him, sent him to Yemen, the muscle loss, I said, I'm told him that I love you. And he gave him all sorts of advices. And he told me a little bit louder. And while it may be that you won't find me, after this year, it may be that you come back to Medina and you find my grave and you find a masjid and lie a little bit louder and who cried. And the Prophet saw a sudden turn towards Medina and he said that ABCYa ma Do not cry, Oh my god, they looked up on an older NASA be tough on that those who are closest to me are the people of piety, the people of Taqwa Mentone, who heighth who candle whoever

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they are, and wherever they are, and he somehow there will be a lot of time off to Yemen with instructions. While there will be a lot of time and who went to Yemen and what to do in Yemen is actually to teach them Islam. And this is the also one of the very well known Hadith, and also highly sought to Saddam asked How you going to give HUD one so he said I'm gonna first look into the Quran. And also Ali salatu salam asked him how about if there was not in the Quran? And that's, by the way, is how we these days, the the principle of also the fact that the principle of FIP was derived from one of them. One of them is from this hadith, he said, I will look into the Sunnah of

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Roswaal the salt. And then he said, How about if it's not in the sun? Now this is a new Maha Mudra that Sahabi he said, I will do my best to give my opinion, of course, based on the Quran and the Sunnah, not clearly, but he will derive from them. And here at Roswell, ASR Tucson, put his hand on his chest and he said Alhamdulillah it's I am so grateful to Allah, that the one I have assigned to teach people is basically teaching them the way that makes me happy. This is the meaning of it. That signum why the Bucha and then he eventually after leading in Yemen, was appointed in Assam. And as he came to a shaman or the Allahu Taala on home, the great scholar that he was the great leader that

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he was, oh model the longtime man who put so much trust in Him in the Sahaba put so much trust in Him and our model the low tide and who he said, If death comes to me and a board of a little the Allahu Anhu is still alive and I will appoint him as the Khalifa and if I'm asked by Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment why I will say because I heard the prophets lie some say that every OMA has an amine and the amine of this another trustworthy one of this almost a Barbados will be allowed to have and then he said if I pass away, and if aloo Aveda is gone, then I would appoint more or the bingeable as being the next Khalifa. So this shows you the status of a person like Marley, Ben

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Jabba. And then he said, If Allah asked me, why did I appoint more eyes as being the leader, he sang because I heard the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings

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As be upon him say that more oz will be among the people who are leading the scholars the people of knowledge on the Day of Judgment. So shows you the high status of a person like more Ozzie Benjamin, whose life was also taken in display. Here see the retina Yamanaka Yama, the master of the scholars on the day of judgment and Subhanallah as time goes on a broad array that will the Allahu Anhu died from the plague and wild little the low tide and who was appointed as the enemy and Maha total, the Allahu Anhu had full Villa full pleasure with Allah subhanaw taala to add, he said, in a whole Rahmatullah beacom Without Otonabee comme le capital, slidey Hina public that this is the Mercy of

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your Lord. And it is the drought of your messenger sub Allah, Allah, he was Sunday and it is what took the righteous before you. And so he said, Oh Allah give more I've got all the law on hold the largest share of it. And while there was the one who in fact narrated many of the Hadith about the plague being a form of shahada, so he knew this was shahada of the Allahu Taala And subhanAllah.

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It's, I really did not anticipate how beautiful this is until I actually came here. But if you follow me, one of the most beautiful conversations that takes place is the conversation between my little the Allahu Taala Anil and his son, Abdullah, who's actually right here. Well, the Allahu Tada and hola and more Earth, what are the Allahu Anhu used to say to Abdul Rahman that if you stand up for Salah, then pray as if it is your last prayer, some little Salatin Lloyd there, this is a conversation between the Father and the Son and as you see this conversation and I want you to just anticipate the conversation between the more I thought of the low tide and who would lose everybody

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in his family before him from the plague. So more little the Allahu Anhu was last conversation with his son, Abdul Rahman, who was his most righteous son.

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My level of the low tide and who asks

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how are you? When I'm that man was sick and he was dying. And I'm there my mom will be a low tide and who says to my little, the Aloha animal. And how come and Rob beaker fella takuna, nominal monetary, that this is the truth from your Lord. So do not be from those who have doubt. And maravilla the Allahu Tada and who responds to that? And he says, What, NSL Tassie Dooney in sha Allah, I'm in a sloppy city, and you will in sha Allah find me from the patient. Their last conversation with each other in this dunya was actually a conversation which wasn't Hey of the Quran from each of them. And Abdurrahman will the Allahu Tada and who passes away.

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And then it's more of all of the Allah Tada and hope who starts to suffer after losing his family, the greatest share of the plateau of the plague. And this man who was the one who avoided this whole learning or hemo loss that I came to, and I just told him, Allah He in new humble kalila I love you for the sake of Allah. And then why a little deal on who narrated the Hadith could see that the prophets lie some said that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has said that those who love each other for my sake are going to be under my shade on the day of judgment. And this man will the Allahu Taala I know who the Prophet slice and I'm set well Allah He in the little handbook Yamaha I swear by Allah

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I love you and while follow the law, I know sodwana book a lot of sort of luck, and I love you oh messenger of Allah. His last words as death is coming to him well the Allahu Tada and who was

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to say, oh, Allah

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go ahead and strangle me with us. Let it take me in Nikola Tesla and knew I couldn't book an academy hymnbook Oh Allah you know that I love you, you know that my heart loves you. What are the Allahu Taala on while he passed away from Tyrone unless he was the next person to go after or beta hold the law on hold. And then I'm gonna bring also the law of Town Hall took over an entrepreneur also the low tide and who survived Ultra own he took the people into different parts of the mountains and separated them and quarantine them essentially from each other, so that they were able to survive, but we went to obey that will be a long time to handle and here we are Subhan Allah in this room.

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Can you imagine for a second the conversation between father and son

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and Allah subhanaw taala accept them both as shahada and Allah subhanaw taala join us and our families with my little bit longtime Einhell and his family and with our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in May last pazza forgive us for our shortcomings

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Hello everyone I'm Florida cards I'm snowed heavily last night last summer I was so lonely that he was so happy

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to be the brother of sad did not have your class will be allowed on on hold

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can be very intimidating. But I'm an ignoble castle. The low tide animal is the sahabi that we visit today. This young man at the time was the younger brother aside little Delano. And he witnessed his brother having this heated discussion with his mother saddled the law and we're having this heated discussion with his mother were saddled the low tide and who insists on becoming Muslim, and his mother refuses to allow it and she says that I will go on a hunger strike and I will let the lice come to my hair if you continue to insist on a smile, and saddle the Aloha unholy love this mother and begged his mother to please eat and drink and to take care of herself comes to the profit slice

00:30:46 --> 00:31:25

of them in such a deep pain and Allah subhanaw taala reveals we'll assign an insanity YT to hear Santa that we have enjoined upon man to treat his parents only with the best of manners, but if they tell you to do something that is in opposition to what Allah subhanaw taala commands phenethyl seroma then don't follow them in that and it'll be Allah Han who was the one who actually narrates much of this dialogue between Samuel the Alonso and his mother, an arm that embraces Islam alongside his brother saddle the law of town I'd hoped but being the younger brother he suffers in the persecution he's not able to leave the home the way that sad little the allow I know does. So where

00:31:25 --> 00:32:08

does he go? He goes to habitat he goes to Abyssinia under the leadership of Jaffa a playoff Joshua gonna be thought it'll be a lot of time and he stays in Abyssinia while his brother Siva will be low on who migrates to Medina eventually and his youngest brother or maybe it might be will cost migrates to Medina as well. And our label the low tide animal becomes one of the Shahadat of a hurt, sustained upon being there with all the low tide I know and when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in these deep moments you have admiralty law and all along in alongside Jaffa with the law and and the Muslims and Abyssinia for a solution for a way to be with the messenger Salama how to

00:32:08 --> 00:32:46

summon an island that will be a loud tongue is not a bad day. He's not someone who got to attend but he's not someone who got to attend overheard. But he comes on a boat, with Jaffa all the little town hall from Avicennia to El Medina to be alongside the prophets of Allah on he was sunnah. So I'm at all the at low tide and I was one of those who has the special distinction of being from us harbor his routine, the people of the two hits us. And then as the rest of the years play out, he doesn't get to spend that much time with the prophets of Allah or USA does the best that he can to exert himself visa vie de la in the Cause of Allah subhana wa Tada for whatever time is left with the

00:32:46 --> 00:33:24

profit slice on the feed off of obec it'll be a lot of time and hope. In the pinata of all, we're gonna have Bob it'll be a lot of time. But it will be a lot of time in lis in multiple battles. He spreads the data as well to different parts of the world like his brother, but then he passes away but the whole town I know here in Jordan, what is now in Jordan, just a few miles away from my other little the little town hall a few minutes away. And while it's not for sure that I am it'll be a lot of time on who died and I'm lost. That's one of the assumptions that he may have died from the plague of homeless. But in any case we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept him as a Shaheed and to

00:33:24 --> 00:33:32

join him with his brother who is one of the astral movers. 13 of the 10 promised paradise and with the Prophet slice Allah as parents and join us with that.

00:33:36 --> 00:33:50

Now insha Allah to Allah, we're going to enter upon one of those Kuttabul huahai One of those who wrote the Revelation, but who was very quiet except in the battlefield, he was very active while the Allahu Anhu the Muslim commander should be or the Allah to Allah and Hassan

00:33:52 --> 00:34:34

the man that we are standing next to his grave right now is the man for whom much of Jordan and much of Palestine is indebted to in particular because he is the one who brought Islam to most of these lands should be ignored HASSAN AL The Allahu Taala and who is one of the first people to embrace Islam in Makkah and what you'll notice about these Sahaba that we're covering, especially those that died in the playground losses that many of them were makin, and from the early misogyny should be able to be a lot of time when embrace Islam early on with his mother has sunnah although the whole town and and she's actually his adopted mother and they both embrace Islam and they find that the

00:34:34 --> 00:35:00

circumstances in Mecca are very difficult and they are amongst those who made hits to Abba sin yet so first our beloved Sahabi went from Mecca to have a show and then afterwards like I would be well cast makes his his rock from Habesha to Medina and so he's from us, Hobbit his routine those who made the two Hitler's and then he spends a long life as a commander in the Muslim army. There is

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

no army that sort of have been ever served and except that he was a central commander except that he was one of the main people in the Battle of India mama, he was the number two in command after Hyla didn't leave all the longtown I know. And then when you go on into his life, you find that many of the conquests of the sham have to do what should I be able to be allowed to do in the Battle of edge Nadeem, he played a central role of rollback of all the law of town and home sent him as a commander to some of the main forces that went into a shop and in the fall of Bush law on we talked about the shahada of what they were sending a message to the people of Bush law in the fall of Bush law should

00:35:36 --> 00:36:18

be well, the Allahu Taala and who was central and then we come to Jordan, and we come to Palestine, and he is constantly involved, there'll be a lot of time and hope. He was so senior amongst the companions that when abora Veda and all the along with Tana Han, who needed to depart from one part of a sham to another or appoint a general or a substitute in his place. He always appointed to rugby, Hassan Radi Allahu Taala and her to be in his place. And subhanAllah allow them Subhan Allah, if you want to think about how devastating the plague of Hamas actually was, imagine this panela he passed away on the exact same day as our Barbados mental health, the law on the days of COVID This

00:36:18 --> 00:36:55

came to us again and again and again. We were not the only nation that was tested. We will not the only nation that was tested by something new. Nobody knew what it is, where did it come from spread very quickly. And we all remember these days who can even forget one of the things that's helped us to cope with it was that you know, you know what, it's happened it's time will stay normal. May Allah be pleased with him and may Allah subhanaw taala make us always remember and learn from the stories of the people before us they were people like you and me. Imagine how devastating it is to the Muslims to lose in the same day of water available at the LA hotel. No, and should I be live

00:36:55 --> 00:37:34

mahasin Are they allowed to handle there aren't many narrations from him the prophets of Allah audio Salam used him and certain armies and battalions the prophets lie Selim in fact used him as he conducted his kneecap, too heavy bubble, the Allahu TADHANA in Habesha in Abyssinia. Surah Amin was the one who delivered the gifts in the MaHA there in Abyssinia. But he was a quiet commander whose efforts resonate loudly with us today because how to love this entire area in fact is named after him because the people here might not have never received Islam had it not been for the efforts of this man at all the Allahu Tada and hope passes away on the same day as the Amin of this award a lot

00:37:34 --> 00:37:40

of the a lot of time on hold May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him and be pleased with all of the companions of the prophets that alone and he was

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