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The speaker discusses the concept of contentment, which is a feeling that is fleeting and is not at all. The feeling is not just a test of travel or vacation, but rather a promise of fulfillment. The speaker also talks about the importance of being the one person who is the one person who is the one person who is the one person who is the one person who is the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

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Today's topic is contentment. Allah's parents, Allah created us, He knows us better than anyone does. Even ourselves. We all have within us a search for something to make us feel whole, the heart is a vessel that is not full, it needs to be filled in order to feel content. There are many things that we try to fill this vessel with, whether it's material, things like possessions, or money, or things that we purchase, things that we use, or whether it is the emotional side of things like trying to obtain the approval, or the love or the validation of those around us or society at large. There are many different materials, there are many different substances, there are many different

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things that we think will make us feel content,

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a lost power, and tada, he tells us in the Quran, in a statement that is very direct, and is very definite, that as much as we try. And as much as we, you know, aim to fill our hearts and to feel whole at the acquisition of these things. We'll never feel content. Think about it the last time you bought something that you really looked forward to getting that Amazon box that you were waiting for in the mail, right, or that thing that you saved up for and you drove over to the mall and you purchased it, it felt really good opening unboxing setting it up putting in the batteries using it for a while. But then it's just a matter of time, a few weeks, maybe months and all of a sudden that

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prized possession that you drove home with or that you treated with such carefulness and such, you know, delicacy. You look at it and it's just stacked up in the pile of your room. Or it's on the floor or it's in a bookshelf somewhere. And the thing that you spent hundreds or 1000s of dollars on no longer gives you that contentment that it once did. It was fleeting. Allah subhanaw taala created us and He knows that the contentment we feel from this dunya is fleeting. So he tells us and sorta rod, what contentment really feels like? What full heartedness, right contentment is just a nice way of saying full heartedness. What that really feels like Allah subhanaw taala tells us Alladhina

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amanu, Ottoman inward Kulu boom be the gorilla, those people who believe and those people who their hearts are filled with satisfaction by remembering Allah, that this is the one thing that gives them peace, LLB degree lie, total material globe, that verily, only in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts actually find contentment and fulfillment. This is the promise of ALLAH SubhanA Tada. And you know, it's amazing. I've been blessed to go on Hajj a few times now with Mufti commodity and Czech wellbeing and the kalam team, and how does amazing experience and one of the things that you realize on Hajj, because Hajj is not just a test of travel and ritual, and you know,

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energy versus fatigue, it's not just that it's a test of pulling you away from your comfort, taking you away from the things that you love, whether it's your home, whether it's your belongings, right for a person who's married and has kids, their family, or personal lives with their parents, their mom and dad, there's so many things that had detaches you from sounds silly, but people were talking one year about how they miss driving their car, right? Because they miss driving, they love driving. These are the things that had tests us with and I'll never forget one year we were sitting with a brother, who mashallah did very well for himself lived in a nice house, beachfront property. And

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he's sitting in Mina.

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Mina is literally a tent in the middle of the desert. And you have a bed that is as small as any mattress I've ever seen in my life. And you're laying there and it's hot outside, and the air conditioner is lukewarm at best. And it's time for us to leave Mina. We've been there now for three days. And it's the fourth day we're leaving Mina now. And everyone else has packed their bags, excited to go to the hotel, because we're going to have a nice bed, nice food, nice air conditioning. And this brother is sitting in his bed in Mina on the floor, empty tent that he used to share with like 50 other people, but he's crying.

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And I walk in and I said what's wrong?

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And he said, I am so worried that what I found here, I'm going to lose it when I leave and I'll never find it again. I heard being like what do you what do you what do you what did you find? And he said, I have everything that I've ever wanted, and I still never felt whole but living here, making dua praying spending time or

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remembering Allah. This is the only time that I felt complete. My anxiety is gone. Everything that I feel back in America, I can't feel that here. I feel so much better in this moment. And I'm afraid that if I leave it, that is done. So we sat there and we talked about how the place is definitely special. But it was the person who he became. That's what made it really special. Ramadan is a time where we all experience more contentment spiritually, because we do more we engage more with Allah. Remember that this contentment that you're feeling? Ramadan is definitely a great environment for it. But whatever you're doing this month that's giving you this feeling, you can keep doing it.

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Allah is giving us the training opportunity so that we can do this year round, we asked Allah Allah to give us this remembrance of Him all year round so that we can be content as much as possible, I mean,

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Kalam is dedicated to the mission of making the knowledge of this beautiful religion of Islam, accessible to everyone, from the millions of people listening to the podcast, to the hundreds of 1000s of people watching these videos, to the 10s of 1000s of people that are taking online classes, and so much more work that Kalam is doing. We here at Cologne are committed to continuing this good work. And this is where you come in. We're asking you to partner with us to secure your sadaqa Giardia of all the people that have benefited from Kalam continue to learn from Kalam and in sha Allah in the future will continue to learn and benefit from all the work that Kalam insha Allah will

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continue to do please go to support and donate generously. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh