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How Do You Improve Your Body Image



AI: Summary © The guest discusses the importance of body image and how it is linked to one's health and appearance. They suggest that people may not notice physical differences between themselves and others, and that negative body image can lead to uneasy feelings. The guest also discusses how people may try to change their appearance and body, and mentions a seminar on trends to help people evaluate their current body image.
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How do you improve your body image? The Muslim Institute presents q&a with sad this lame. Well, first of all, what is body image? Your body image is how you feel about the way you look, notice not how you look. But how you feel about the way you look. And I say that, because sometimes the way we feel about the way we look is different than the way we actually look. So someone may look in the mirror, and they may see someone who's ugly. But that's not the reality. No one else looks at you and says, oh, that that person's ugly. Or sometimes someone may focus on a specific physical traits. Someone may say, yeah, I've got a big nose, or I've got a crooked nose. And that's what they see.

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That's what they that's how they feel about themselves. But no one else notices that. Maybe if you would have pointed out to someone they may say, Yeah, I guess so maybe. But that is a problem. Because now that is a problem in your perception of yourself. And it makes you feel anxious, it makes you feel uneasy. Someone with a negative body image, they may be comparing themselves to others at all times. And that's a terrible way to live your life. So how do you go about improving your body image? How do you feel comfortable and confident in your body? Well, it's very important that we can differentiate between health and appearance. Our goal in life is to be healthy. Our goal

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in life is to be the best version of ourselves, to live a healthy life. Our goal in life is not to look a certain way. societal standards change what people consider to be beautiful or handsome is constantly changing and evolving. And if we become a slave to other people's perception of us, if we put our self worth in how other people see us or how they liked us or not, we're always going to have problems. So we focus on health, and not on appearance necessarily. And there's other ways which I will share with you and we're going to discuss in my seminar called trends. And so I hope to see you there Angela said, I'm wanting to live