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Preparing for Ramadan – EP06 Intimacy in Ramadan

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Saad Tasleem

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Episode Notes

Episode 6 – Preparing for Ramadan. On this episode: When it comes to intimacy what is allowed while fasting, what is not, and what would break ones fast?

Episode Transcript

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu welcome to episode number six of preparing for Oban. Today we're going to be talking about intimacy during this month. Now I know this topic makes some people a little bit uneasy. Some people may not want their kids to watch and all that. So I'm just letting you know ahead of time that we're going to be discussing some sensitive material. There's some sensitive topics here. And if I were to rate this episode, I'd rated PG or pG 13. Somewhere around that. All right, getting right into it. In the previous episode, we talked about those things that would break a person's fast and we mentioned one of them was sexual intercourse and the like. Now

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this is taken from the Hadith of the person, send them in which a man comes to the parser send them and he says, oh, messenger of Allah, I am doomed. The rest of them said, Why? He said, because I had intercourse with my wife. During the day during Ramadan, the process they sent him said to him, Are you able to free a slave? He said, No, the President said, Are you able to fast for two months consecutively? He said, No. Then I sent him said, Are you able to feed 60 poor people? And he said no, at that point, they waited for some time until someone brought the press to send them a pail of dates. The first time I took that payload, he gave it to this man who said go feed the poor, the man

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replied and said O Messenger of Allah, there is not a single household in Medina that is poor than my own household. And I said, I'm smiling with this and then told this man, go feed your family. Now a couple things we learn from this video, first of all, is that sexual intercourse would break a person's fast. Second of all, is the expiation for having intercourse while fasting during Ramadan. So what is the explanation first of all freeing a slave that doesn't apply to us so we move right on to number two, which is fasting for two months consecutively. However, if a person is unable to do that, then it is permissible for the person to feed 60 poor people and even in that case, that

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person is not able to they can afford to feed 60 poor people, then in this case, this explanation would drop upon the person, that person simply makes up that fast. Now, this explanation only applies to a person who has certain conditions fulfilled, number one has to be during the month of Ramadan. So if a person is making up a fast from Ramadan, outside of the month of Ramadan, and they happen to have intercourse with their spouse, this explanation would not apply to them, they simply make up that fast. Second of all, it has to be a person who fasting is obligatory upon and also the person must be someone who doesn't have a reason for not fasting. So if the person for example, was

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sick, and they decided to fast anyway, or they were traveling, and they decided to fast anyway, and then this happened, then this expiation would not apply to them. Lastly, actual intercourse has to take place. So it can't be things like foreplay or things like that it has to be actual intercourse. It is only in that case that this expiation would apply to this person. Now, let's talk about some of the other thing, common interaction or intimacy between spouses, touching, kissing, caressing, all of that is permissible, it's allowed and actually spinnery to us a person would actually kisses wives during the day during the month of Ramadan while he was fasting. So there's nothing wrong with

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that kind of stuff. As long as a person doesn't fear that ejaculation or a release of seminal fluid may occur. So a release of semen or seminal fluid, if it happens intentionally, then it does indeed break a person's fast something like masturbation, for example, that's an intentional case. So masturbation does break the person's past the present has to make up that fast. However, if it happens unintentionally, then a person is not responsible for that that doesn't break their fast they simply continue in their fast an example of that would be something like nocturnal emission or a wet dream, that release of semen or seminal fluid didn't happen intentionally that was out of a

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person's control. So in that case, they would not make up their fast and they continue in there fast and it is not broken. last issue I'm gonna discuss is pre seminal fluid or the release of pre seminal fluid, does that break a person's fast or not? The answer is no, it does not but a person should be careful that that doesn't lead to a release of actual semen or seminal fluid. So that's a quick overview of intimacy during the month of Ramadan and what is permissible and what is not permissible and what breaks it fast and what doesn't and as always was kind of touted knows best. I'll see you all in the next episode inshallah. Giada. Take care we'll sit on what a cool what

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happens Allah, he want to catch you