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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, welcome to the deen show. Peace be unto you I'm your host. And today we have on the show to share his story with us is the bodyguard, former bodyguard for the world renowned, famous

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heavyweight champion of the world now you got to know this man Muhammad Ali. That's right Muhammad Ali. His former bodyguard is going to be talking to us need lane shake need lane Mohammed is going to be on in a few.

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So you don't want to go nowhere? Because it's gonna be an exciting show. When we come back here on the show, be right back.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe maybe it's just a break the ice. Welcome back to the deen Show. I'm your host. And just in a couple minutes, we're gonna be bringing out the former bodyguard, Elaine Hammad. There's also a black belt in many different martial arts. He also started training the most effective martial art not just because I trained at Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but because the Gracie family indeed proved that it was. So he's somebody that I got a chance to sit with. very remarkable man. Before we bring them out, which is gonna bring you up to speed on some current news.

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Some things that are going on in the community. We want to talk to you about our brother nomen Ali can want to send a shout out to him he just had a baby boy. May Allah bless you and your family.

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We also have

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chat Snap Chat Islam with the shakes that everyone needs to know. Sade ugly. Shake Mohamed Sayed Ali and Sanam NME, we got a chance to be with down in India at the peace conference, such a wonderful man. And I like to also think all the other chicks that I had a chance to meet with down India at the peace convention and do some big things over there incredible peace, the solution to humanity to an inner peace TV, wonderful channel. Now, they can be watched at chat snam that can check that out. You want to increase your knowledge, look into the programs that they have on the weekends, Friday and Saturdays. Now before we bring out the lady Mohammed, former bodyguard for Mohammed, Li. Couple

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more things want to bring you up to speed with Islamic online University. Dr. Bill Phillips,

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check it out is free, increase your knowledge and earn all these wonderful rewards.

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Another thing that you want to really check up into, we also have a wonderful brother, and many of you who are out there, thank you for supporting the deen show. This brother actually started a downward drive DVD drive. You know, we started the DVDs for dalla. We've gotten a lot of these wonderful shakes. A lot of these do a lot of these people who are out there, trying to help people understand the most misunderstood way of life. And we've gotten to speak with them sharing their stories, sharing their experiences, sharing their knowledge, putting it on, where you can actually watch all of it for free, at the deen show calm but some people want to have

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the brother by the way, is a beautiful brother who started also have he's trying to get married. So we encourage all

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The sisters to get your guardian, check out have Dean calm and see if we can get those single people to get together not to go on dates, not to go out and do things that they shouldn't be doing but doing it the right way doing it how the Creator of the heavens and the earth wants you to do it. That's right through marriage. So check out this brother Mohammed's website have date. That's where you can learn more about the dour drive, contribute, get involved so we can get the deen show out so you can get this message of peace out to the world. And at the same time check out have Dean and you can check out this brother he put his portfolio there and hopefully inshallah God willing to get

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this brother married.

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I think they're signaling we got our brother, former bodyguard for Muhammad Ali. That's right. Muhammad Ali. His former bodyguard shake the lane shake the lane. Can you hear me brother? Yes, I can hear you. Good. Thank God. Thank you for being with us on the dean show. Thank you very much. I'm glad to be here. This is my first time. So as we hear it, you used to be the bodyguard for the former champion of the world heavyweight champion, the world famous Muhammad Ali. Yes, sir. For those people who might have been locked up in a room for a long time, they haven't been out. And they don't know who Muhammad Ali is. Tell us a little bit about him, please.

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Well, Mohammed Ali was a former heavyweight world champion in the United States are well all over the world. And

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what he done in the boxing world is unmatched. And what he also done outside the boxing world is unmatched. So most people who is one of the most recognized faces on the planet, and I haven't had this gracious opportunity to work with him as a bodyguard. Someone might think why would a champion Heavyweight Champion like him need a bodyguard? Well, there's certain things that he

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can't do for himself. You know, you don't have eyes, on the side of him and behind him. So you need someone to keep certain peoples away from him that are approaching him, and to have a critical eye and watching and protecting him, because he was a very public figure. And even though Muhammad Ali was a person, that is a person that everybody seems to love, but you do have people who maybe have some mental sickness, illness, and that might approach them in a way that's inappropriate. So the job of the person to secure and figure like that is to make sure that this don't happen. Now, you're also a top ranking martial arts blackbelt. Is that correct? Yes, I've been doing martial for a

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period over 35 years. But I teach is our bootcamp world, the swarm Academy of martial arts, that's in Jamaica, Queens, as well as in Atlanta, Georgia. If you go to the website, SWAT USC, what we teach this call, colleges, kazoo boxing girl jujitsu, jujitsu. So as a young man, tell us did you grew up in a Christian household?

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Yes, I grew up in what you could call it was the infrastructure was based on Christianity. My father, mother.

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I first started out as a Catholic. And then from there, I moved on to

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Tibet to becoming a Baptists. Is it true that your father was a deacon, you have a father was a big Deacon? No, no. And he got more emerged in the church from a New Yorker, isn't he? But years ago, my father moved to Atlanta bought property, and helped build a church with over 1500 members. And his name is engraved in church because he died about six years ago. And his name is engraved on the church and he was the head Deacon of that church. He helped build it and finance it and everything he liked. Tell us did you grew up believing that Jesus was God and your Savior? Yes, this is what I was taught. He was God and he was a my save my personal Savior. And I had accepted him I was

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baptized, you know, dipped in water. And, you know, and told that I had a septic Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

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So tell us, how did this change in your life happened? Well, they came about, I was a very troubled youth when I grew up. At the age of 12 years old, I got in trouble and I was sent to youth Hall. And from there, I just continued spiraling out of control, because I really not I really didn't have the rules and guidance in my household, my father, mother, they went to church, you know, once in a while, but really, rules from the scripture was not really applied in the house. And I really didn't have no guidance, so to speak, gave me guidance, and I just

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gangs and, you know, cliques and stuff like that, and I sort of spiraled out of control. And so by the age of 16, or 17, I was really on a mission of self destruction. And at the age of 15, my father put me out of the house, tell us a little bit about this baptism.

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they take you and the day that I was supposed to serve Jesus, my Lord and Savior,

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they have

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either manmade pool or some water someplace and behind a curtain. And next thing I know, I was scared to death and, and he's the Reverend, he's in a pool, and they say a few things, and they take you under the water, and the name of the Father and name of the Son and name of the Holy Ghost. And I set the dish without really any knowledge. I really get, I really didn't understand what I was doing. Tell us, what is the belief. Now your belief now but the one who is so beloved and dear to our hearts, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him? Well, 100 Allah, by the guidance of Allah and you know, there was another track of me before I became to this to Quran and Sunnah. And I guess you asked me

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about that. But just speed it up.

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I came to understand that Jesus, and Islam we call them Esau, at least some of them may peace be upon him, that he was a prophet of God, a major one of the major prophets of God, and no prophet of God has ever claimed to be divine. They came with a divine message that God came but there was not divine there was human beings, and that God had raised up

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spiritually, and they came with a message and he saw the Selim came with the message of truth.

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How do you tackle the argument that some people adamantly make about Jesus being God? Well, I would say something quickly. My father, before he died, I went to visit him in Georgia, in the 80s. And when I was married at that time,

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I had small children, and one of my daughters, her name is Yasmine. And I hope she's watching this. She's an adult. Now, of course, she was in a room playing with her cousin, who was about 10 of her cousins there was playing in the living room, and they had an argument. There was talking about Jesus and our Christian cousins, were saying Jesus was God. And Yasmin said, No, Allah is God. He's the only guy. So my ex wife, she was at a table

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with me, and she was pinching me, because she was worried that my daughter was going to really bring this into the kitchen, where we was having dinner at a dining room, and was eating with my father, mother, brothers and sisters all at the table, who are Christians. And surely she did. And she came directly to the table. She said, Daddy, this into Jesus guy, who is God is Jesus guy. I told him that a laws guide, and my wife was very scared. And as turned to her, my daughter thing was quiet. I said, That's right, a laws guide. And my father became very angry. It was disappointed that I was teaching my children this type of concept. So what happened? The next morning, my father had to go

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to the church at Sunday school who was on a Saturday, and my mother father was getting red dress, but it wasn't inviting me to come to the church. Number one, because I was like a nice clothing. That is something like I have on there. And I had a one of these goofy hats on. So he was uncomfortable. So the rest out and left me for the church was about half a block away from the house. So I decided to get dressed and go to the church. And when I opened the door of the church,

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I guess this record, there was all eyes on me. All eyes was on me because he opened the door. And they see this person with this goofy hat on he's funny looking close to them strange glow. And they looked in now I was invited in and one of the ladies who was teaching the Sunday school service, she invited me to sit with her large group, and my father was teaching the other group. And he started to sweat profusely. So there was talking about Musa Moses, at least Allah May peace be upon him, and the things that he went through and everything. So what happened to speed this up? They asked me to make some comments, and I made some comments, just general knowledge that a Muslim has about these

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profits because we love them. And they're the same profits in Islam as in Christianity, same profits in Islam, because it's one link, and they're all brothers profits are brothers to one another. So the Reverend our pastor must have had some type of device that he could hear what was going on in his big church. And he stepped out from the back. And he signaled to me to come to him, and did he environment in the back room, and the pastor was, I guess, about 16

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70 years old then I was in my 20s. And he asked me, he said, You are not a Christian. I said, No, I'm not a Christian. He said, he said, Are you a Muslim? I said, Yes, I'm a Muslim. And he asked me questions about the Scripture. And he was very impressed at the answers I gave you. What did you learn this, as I learned this from the Quran, the Book of Allah, from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. And he was so convinced that what I was saying was truthful, that he invited me to give the talk for the day. So when I came back out, he started playing the organ as a signal to the pastor to come out and start to serve and give us a demonstration of how this sounds like, Well,

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okay, is to me, the, the cross, that's an old traditional song among Baptists people. So when he heard that I was a signal to come out, the audio was playing to people was saying that, so he came out. So Praise the Lord. He waved his hand, everybody got quiet. And he said, we have a special guest with us today. My father's sweating profusely, now he really concerned and my mother father, I mean, my mother, and brother sister was sitting on the front row, and their mouth was open like this, in disbelief, and as they were disbelieving me the night before, they was telling me I was all wrong. Here, their pastor saw something in what I was saying was truthful. So when he said, he said,

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we have a special guest. And he called his name nealon, which is pronounced Elaine Mohammed. Now, as he said, but he's brother, he's, he's a deacon now, son. And now all eyes went on to the deacon, because his son is a Muslim. He said, He's not a Christian. He's a Muslim. He said, But I find what he said was very truthful. And I want him to give the talk for the day. So I ended up giving a talk and I was talking about Musab the solemn Moses, how the people gave him trouble as he was trying to give them the truth that he rejected. And he kept rebelling, we're gonna do that the same today. So it went over very well. And then when I went back home, to pass that call me in the back to me with

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some other reference, so my father mother went home to help me about another hour, when I got home, open the door, all my family was standing up on their feet and clapping like this. And my mother Come and hug me, my stepmother, actually, she came and hugged me, and said, God bless you. I didn't know he was a man of the cloth. And my father, he bowed his head and just shook my hand, you know, he's a good job, son. And basically, that was it. And before he died, I'd done my best to explain to tell he the oneness of Allah, he accepted that there's only one God. But when I said, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he rejected it. So I made effort, and my mother's near her 80s. And I need to

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visit her, my stepmother and see if I can reach her. But I did the best I could at that time. So that's what happened. So now if someone asked you, who's paying the price for your sins, now, what do you say? Well, the concept of dying from the sin and original sin. This is not a concept in Islam, as we know Adam alayhis salaam is the father of all men, and how he is the mother of all men and women. And when they made the mistake in Paradise, and

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align, irises, karamja, Vinnie Adam, we have honored the children of Adam and Allah, and they told them and they and Allah forgive them. So in Islam, whatever you do, is upon you, you come in this world as a blank page. And all whatever you do, whether good or good or bad, is from you. We don't have to worry about it being passed down to us. So there's no Original Sin. So I don't I do not have this view. So when a Christian comes to me, and said that Jesus died for your sins, etc, etc.

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I informed them of the Islamic point of view. Tell us your experience with the nation. Well, I was in the Nation of Islam, and I came about that, as I said, I was a troubled very troubled youth. And I came into the Nation of Islam at a very young age. I was actually influenced by it at the age of 14 years old. And what happened they used to be at the subway stations in New York, but it was all over it it was like ants everywhere in New York. And in a predominantly ghetto areas there was there and this is unfortunate that people have cron and sooner there was not available. So this was what was in my environment. So I thought this was Islam. And so one day I was going to the subway, and

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every morning this person was stopped me and he said Get your Mohammed speaks your Mohammed speaks, get your Mohammed speaks, and I will try to avoid him and I ended up buying a paper and it had a picture of this man, big fat African American black man eating. Look what appeared to be a rat. It was a cartoon with a rat going in his mouth and he was sweating profusely

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It says, cat rat dog. This is what a pig is made of. This was a concert in a snowstorm. So I went home. And that weekend, it was edition in an African American culture. But we meet on Sunday morning have breakfast. So we have a breakfast and that breakfast consists of fat back meat. I don't know if they still anybody know what that is anymore, but I remember it. And bacon, eggs and you know, a lot of pork. And I used to love eating pork stuff, realizing but I used to love eating. So what happened? I wouldn't eat any of it. So my father looked at me and my brother sister said, What's wrong with you? How can you know he didn't know meat? How can we know? You know? I said, I don't eat

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any more pork. A day my father looked over. And he said, Why are you eating pork? And I said, Is it because it has 999 diseases, because it's with the Nation of Islam, it was developed, told me at the subway station, and it says made of a cat, rat and a dog. And when I said he learned from us or from the Nation of Islam, and he cursed Elijah Muhammad out at a table, he took all the pork and poured it on my plate and made me eat it. And he didn't know about five or six years later, that from this day full of my knowledge, I haven't eat any of that sense. And I joined it best when I came about joining the Nation of Islam.

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Now, how did you make the transition from the nation?

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Which is more of a nationalistic movement to Islam, which brings all people from all nationalities white, yellow, black, pink, purple, doesn't matter what color you are. real Islam brings people together as true brothers and sisters of humanity. Tell us? How did you make this transition to the real?

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Well, I get from the Nation of Islam, I joined the Nation of Islam, as I truly as a tribal youth and I was incarcerated. And I joined in through the prison system. And when I came out, I met Minister Farrakhan. He heard about the great things I've done in prison. And so he said, you're gonna do great work out here. And I did a lot to promote the Nation of Islam that was a lieutenant and in a snowstorm, which is, I was fly first was the name of the military, training them in the fruit of the fruit of Islam. And I did I became a lieutenant, which I mean, I give orders and teach those who are processing they call them processing brothers, how to be a good moment in history of Islam, and give

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them instruction. So

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when I, what made me leave the Nation of Islam was death, then the leader of the Nation of Islam at that time that Mr. Elijah Muhammad at that time, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Mr. Elijah Muhammad, who teacher was masterful rod Muhammad. And you have to understand that this came about in the 30s. And it was, ignorance was very prevalent in the African American community. And it was also a community of hopelessness, there was no hope. And so this man came with some hope. And he used a psychology that said, the black man was God. So he had to use a formula that worked to make us look at ourselves differently because we hated ourselves. And so it worked. And he said to white man was

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the dominant at that time. Caucasian people was beaten up, religion is hanging us and everything else. So it was easy for me to concede that he was the devil. So after some time, being in a snowstorm, I had a problem with that picture of massive fraud, Mohammed, because he looked white. And when I showed it to some people, they said, as a white man, I hated in my heart, my mind to the members of the new system, that I had a problem with that. So when he lives in 100, died, February 25 1975, I believe.

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I was devastated. I was rushed to Chicago as a lieutenant, I was informed that he had passed on day I was on a plane and everything. And then he told us, the next person would be God Himself. So you don't mind I was thinking that God was going to walk up on a platform and give a talk. This did not happen. It was email working, Mohammed and Rasouli, he moved us closer and closer to the Quran, and sooner, until eventually he started talking about the teachings of his father was incorrect. And so I took my Shahada in 1975 and at the hands of email work to Muhammad, my name, Elaine, Muhammad, he is when he gave me that name, their lifespan, his grave for the good things that he did do. But then

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I found that later, I needed to move from that whole entire experience. So in the late 80s, I love even email work do Mohammed community

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to move on to continue my studies and endeavors in Islam.

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Now, how do you reason with someone talk to someone from the nation to get them to understand to come to the real Islam well,

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When you're talking to you, you have to understand that this person first you have to see if they're sincere. There are some people that are in a nation of islam that are very, very sincere. And example. I'm here in Canada right now. And they had a car battle fester, we went downtown, we have a Canadian dollar Association, which is the special advisor to

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all people to go to our website, Canadian dollar Association website and see the work we have doing every year.

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We just had a big conference, here it is, you know, and we had some names that are known known. We had freeway, Napoleon, myself, de les Muhammad, and

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these and Dr. Lawrence Brown. And we just had a beautiful conference. But the big thing when you're talking to someone from the Nation of Islam, you should know what you're talking about. And you should understand that this person sincerely believes this to be true. So you shouldn't be live with him. You shouldn't say say you're wrong, and everything, because everything is not wrong. When the government wants to make a lie, he has to use some true. That's the bait, but the hook actually is the lie. So when I approached him, I approached him and shake their hand. And he said, I will say when it comes to law, this is $1 technique. Some Muslims might disagree with me. And I could see

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they're not Muslim. And we're not supposed to get this wrong. But I'm using dollar techniques. And when I shake their hand, and they feel that I'm sincere, sincerely caring about them, they open up. So what happened this weekend one was outselling the Nation of Islam, paper, whatever it was this weekend, downtown Toronto on young and dantas. And I was sitting under the umbrella of the Islamic umbrella table. And he walked up to me and he was looking like back and forth. And I didn't understand. I guess he was looking to see if his brothers was watching him. And he sit down, someone told him that

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there's a brother that was in a Nation of Islam. He's older, and he was used to be the former bodyguard of Muhammad Ali, as well as farrakhan. And he is knowledgeable of the nature of stone. So he came and asked me, very se, excuse me, he said, Why did you leave the nation using a nation? I said, Yes. He said, Why did you leave the nation? That was his question, as well to the depth of the leader. And I said, after that happened, I was looking at searching for something that will help me and I had a problem to pitch a mess for a mama told me the whole spiel. And I said, Well, I said, you're searching, I told us that you're searching right now. I said, when you find what you need to

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find, I say embrace it as an as true Islam, as allows God to guide you, as to but when he when you see the guidance accepted, and so I didn't have a lot of time to talk to him because he had to go. I said, I gave him my telephone number. He took it. He wanted to make contact with me. And I think he had respect. So anyone that came from the Nation of Islam, and know how to give dharwad property, we can reach those people. You know, and I hope that Minister Farrakhan

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you know, before he leaves this life, that he clears this and make it very clear that la de la la Bahama super loud and clear this argument occurred is controversy up because people said no, he's on the path. Some of them were saved this as well when I read the back of the paper when I bought the paper from them once in a while just to see if they change you if you turn to the back of the paper. It says the Muslim believes these are not Mr. believed. And one of them says, and we believe in God who came into prison massive fraud, Mohammed, this is incorrect.

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Shana lane, can you explain for our non Muslim audience, or watching the show, and for also the people from the nation? what actually is the Islamic belief or Islamic beliefs, you have what is known as the five pillars. The four pillars are Balinese, there's no God, but Allah Muhammad is His Messenger.

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The next is prayer. The next is the cat. The next is fasting during the month of Ramadan. And the fifth pillar is Hodge. These are the pillars and they're known as pillows, which means the whole up something and the cheap pillow is La Ilaha, Illallah, Muhammad, Muhammad Rasulullah. Then you have what is known as the six articles of belief, which is very important is the belief in the law is the belief in his angels is the belief in his books, books, we mean descriptions that was sent in a final revelation, which is Quran is the belief in his messengers and prophets. And the final prophet we know is Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and to believe in a day of judgment, and to believe in Divine

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Decree, which is very important. But when we come to Mohammed, the province of asylum, this is where when you're talking to people, they say, Well, I never heard of Muhammad. Well, I'm gonna give you another joke. I never heard of Obama.

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Right. And Obama is the President of the United States. Now, I never heard of him to his name come up in elections. And he is one of the 44th. President, I'm not sure. But he is the line. President, we do not follow the laws of George Washington today. Because while those laws are outdated, they will not apply to work to society in growth and development that has reached now. So Obama is in a leak in light of the Presidents that came before him. And he right now, we follow the laws enacted by Congress through President Obama. So we're Prophethood the Prophet started out with Adam being the first prophet of God, and moving all through the great prophets, Moses,

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and Esau Lee sell them and till we reach Muhammad. So Muhammad brought the final message that God has given to me to the Day of Judgment, the Prime Minister very clear that he has mercy to all mankind. Isa Ali Salim got a message to a certain group of people. And he made it very close. And the question read reading about this message was to this group of people, but the message of the Quran is to every human being. And that's why you in Islam, you find people from all different ethnic groups and races. And we just have two minutes left. Can you tell us shaken lane, as you had once so eloquently said, How can we avoid getting pimped by the Shakedown? Yes, yeah, we have to be

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very careful with this. I call him I did a lecture at Joe's you know, at the conference called shaytaan, the pill and he's pimping the whole wall. And if you don't want to get pooped by him, then you have to stay away from the entertainment halls of the pill. What are the entertainment halls at the movie theaters, you have to stay away from strip clubs. Besides polos, and people that talk 30 languages and fall Muslim. He says stay around the Muslims who are seeking to be upright, stay more, keep your heart mind attached to the code on the toe. He makes sure that you have Taqwa. And remember, you should have your

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your Eman your faith and believe it should be as though you're walking through a garden that has a lot of thorns and that your Eman is very fragile like cotton. And if you go through it, and not careful that cotton is going to get ripped. If you're not careful in this environment, young brothers young sister, whether male or female, whether old or young, then you're going to start to lose your Eman. And in conclusion, it's just like this, if a horse is coming down a dusty road, and you're standing on the side of the road, the horse might not run you over, but you will get something to death from that horse. So if you live in this environment, you will get some of your

00:33:04 --> 00:33:20

best of quiff on you. So you have to be very careful. And Omar Abdullah and said, he said the Muslim that mixes with the people in India the harm is better than a Muslim who does not mix with the people who does not enjoy the home. Thank you very much for being with us. Thank you.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:27

And I like to just give a say that I'm in Minnesota, I'm with the message message.

00:33:28 --> 00:34:22

sakasa and Jamie, we need your support, saving the message. So please go to our website in in dharwad dotnet. And support meshes. So that when they come to socket, Ohio made the Creator of the heavens and earth, Allah reward you. Thank you. And that was the former bodyguard of the world champion Heavyweight Champion famous Muhammad Ali, who is a Muslim, who is one who has made a conscious decision to acquire peace by submitting himself, submitting his will to the will of the Creator of the heavens and earth, to be obedient to be in line with what everything the creator wants him to do. That is what a Muslim is. So there are many, many 1000s of 1000s of people who are

00:34:22 --> 00:34:59

coming to this beautiful way of life, the way of life that was lived by Jesus Christ peace be upon him, Moses, peace be upon Abraham, peace be upon Noah, these were just a few of the messengers that came with this way of life. They taught people the same religion the same way. Do what God wants you to do, do it on his terms. Acquire peace, by submitting to the will of God by submitting to what the Creator wants you to do. And the last and final messenger sent to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him came with the same way as a mercy he was sent out

00:35:00 --> 00:35:18

Mercy to the world. So get to know a little bit more about us about this wonderful way of life continue to come back here on the deen show. And if you want to accept the way of all the messengers, you can do it right now you can call the number on the screen 1-800-662-8289

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and until next time until we meet again continue to tune in make dua for us and we'll see you inshallah God Willing until then, peace be unto you see what everyone's talking about.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:38

You find one contradiction it can't be from God.

00:35:40 --> 00:35:51

But the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshipping goddess I will never give up spreading this message. You take the necessary steps you don't know if you're gonna live to tomorrow.

00:35:56 --> 00:35:59

You got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

00:36:01 --> 00:36:09

The reality of life usually doesn't sink in until tragedy Commons

00:36:11 --> 00:36:16

you get a few bad people the media grabs ahold of that and spends it the way they want to.

00:36:18 --> 00:36:23

If you say that you do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim is attended our faith to

00:36:29 --> 00:36:35

eats comb each name lay everybody asleep.

00:36:36 --> 00:36:56

I arrived and asked a lot of thinking me Oh la You see, oh la you know, all the sins I do. I turn to you to forgive my sins.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:13

No one runs away. Oh Allah guide me

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