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Saad Tasleem Responds To Youtube Comment


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of tagalong, a web show where we talk about faith and society. I'm your host, Bilal Khan. And I have here with us sad to stream. Welcome back to Houston. Exactly. Eric, good to be here. So I'm basically started here doing some developing some added promotional material for his class trends, which talks about,

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you know, culture identity, self esteem body image, the general principles that go into fit in terms of how do we go about discussing and understanding fit as well as specific issues? Right, more? So the effect of clothing? Okay, yeah. So and how much of the class would you say is about clothing? So

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I would say about 50% is about clothing. Are you being generous? But in terms of specific issues? I'd say it's a less than 25%. Okay, so I included the other 25%. Because in the general principles, we mentioned clothing. Yeah. So one of the things is having being somebody who not only is helping produce some of the advertising and marketing material, I also get to see a lot of the comments that, that come now when it comes to sharing comments and getting people's feedback. It's usually a hit or miss. So now, now, this is one comment that you did get to see. Yeah. And, and I, I found it interesting, and I wanted us to discuss it. So I'm just gonna go right ahead into it. Let's talk

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about my comment. Wait. Okay, so this comment is on YouTube. For the video, what is Islamic fashion, and it is by Khalid bin Walid, the hardcoded de Waal, let's see. I mean, it's about 1500 years late, but maybe, you know, maybe somebody invented a time machine went back in time he learned English, and came back for maybe it's handed and his dad's name is Willie. Oh, that's possible to actually call it son. His name is violet. And there you go. dad's name isn't him? Did he leave this comment?

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It would be pretty funny if he did. So the comment goes as such, it says, The interesting thing about your style sad is no one would be able to identify you as a Muslim at a glance. You could easily be some trendy skater kid or whatever. I mean, you're kind of a trendy skater. Okay, hold on. That's my first issue with this comment. Okay, you don't like trendy skater kid. No. Like that's not my style. Like I don't dress like a skate like there's aspects of me that are flat shoes. That skater Yeah, but these are these aspects of the way I dress that is, I guess has some skater ish ish stuff. But to just classify me as a skater, I don't know. Okay.

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Or whatever. What's, what's in your heart will manifest in your limbs, words and outward appearance. Men should be proud to show they are Muslim. Not be obsessed with fitting in. Yep. Why don't you teach us something worthwhile?

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You really are wasting everyone's time with this rubbish. So obviously, just just by that word, we know that the person ain't American. Rubbish. I mean, you know, seems like it seems that way. All men need to know is cover the odor. look presentable and not imitate the kofod Oh, yes. and grow their beard more than a fistful length. Like, you're out, bro. You're I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure I'm out. So Amen. Okay, and oh, yes, grow their beard a fistful length, we aren't trying to be models on the catwalk

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it's sad to see a graduate from Medina, wasting his time when he could be teaching for more useful things and actually benefiting people. All right.

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There's so many layers to that comment, like we could do we could do like a shot, you know, like an explanation. Yeah, you break down like I did, for example, word for word and like sentence by sentence, we could literally just do that with this comment. So, I mean, I found this comment to be entertaining, but then it turns out they actually.

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You actually love this comment? Yeah, it's one of my favorite. You're like it's a beautiful comments. Great. It's a great comments. Okay. So give me your thoughts on this. I happen to hear so i'll tell you why. It's a great comment, okay? Because this comment, it almost like fully encompasses the need for this seminar. Okay? Because there's like, misconception after misconception, misunderstanding after misunderstanding. And it's like, we address all of these topics, we address all of these issues in the seminar. And so like, that's why you know, this is something that should be read in the seminar, like this comment should be read in the seminars like

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this is the stuff that we're going to be talking about. Okay. Right. And like I said, you can literally sentence by sentence break it down, and you know, and get benefit out of it. Ironically, the idea of being identified as a Muslim what is the most interesting thing about your style side, there's no one would be able to identify you as a Muslim like, what would you have to wear to be identified as a Muslim? Do you need to have a shirt that says Islam that does that doesn't mean necessarily that you're Muslim. Possibly

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Maybe or you could dress up like a Jedi a Jedi Knight? Yeah. Okay, well it depends Do you want to be Sith or you're revealing your nerd card?

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Or you can dress up like the elephant kings have to say now you lost me You went too far what the Lord of the Rings is tooth tooth to foreign.

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Or you can dress up like the professors of Hogwarts. And that's like, which form like there's Lord of the Rings even far this you've crossed the boundary and then come on. Oh, you are? Exactly what I'm saying. Harry Potter Potter. No, I said Hogwarts is not Harry Potter. Well, he happened to go there. Yeah, same, same same universe is probably okay. Or you can get a tattoo of a law on your chest. Yeah, right. So yeah, I'm sure you edit this out there. So we're so off topic. No, but you're talking about Islamic dress, right? Yeah, exactly. Okay, so yeah, so my my question would be, and just to get this person and whoever else may feel this way. Yeah, get them to think well, what would

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you have to wear to? You know, look Muslim. Okay. And what what do you how do you think somebody like that? I mean, we don't obviously don't know this person, but we kind of get an

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idea. What do you think if I were to ask you, yeah, right. That okay. So what would happen what what would I have to wear? Right? In order to be identified as a Muslim? Maybe so like, depending right, so So now my follow up question would be who is to say that that is if the definite Muslim dress because the prophet of Islam were short over I forgot martial arts.

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You know, sometimes you were a thug. And that's completely false. Okay, right. He did. He definitely been worth though. Okay. Right. His normal clothing was actually you know, what people wear for hygiene Irmak the add on to two sheets of cloth the one at the bottom what the tongue? Yeah, I mean, look here. So the bottom part your body is covered? I'm not going that far. But and then you have a sheet on top right. And then other times, you know, the President would wear and he's up, you know, the bottom sheet and then he would have a shirt on top. Okay, actually, what what are Bugatti brothers and sisters what they wear, they'll probably probably be, you know, closer to the sun,

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another part of the

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literal sun. That was one thing we talked about in the class when the person did something.

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How do you know if it's just something he did? Okay. Or if it's something that is part of legislation, it's something that we should do. So the typical questions that we discuss is okay, covering the head for men. Okay, right. We don't have an area where he uncovered his head and public key there was only rock decal. turpis recovering your head, right. Like, this is something I didn't realize until I came to Houston. If you're outside for a little while. It gets hot man. Yeah, okay. Yeah, exactly. So I may not be comfortable wearing, you know, 10 gallon cowboy hat or somebody at all, but like a fedora will do. I have my own thoughts in Fedora, but I'm not I'm not gonna get in.

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I'm not gonna go there. I'm not trying to offend anybody who wears Fedora.

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He's talking about, no, I'm just, you know, anybody wears Fedora? I'm never, I'm not gonna try to those are Fedora.

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He has a he has a thing of Fedora. For a while I have an entire coat rack of Fedora is hanging out right over Look, man, if you if you you know, as I always say, if you like it makes you feel good. If you're comfortable in it. hamdulillah you rock it and be and be proud of it. You know, I think we will grab on right now. Please don't do

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that. Yeah. So, you know, when the person um, did something? Is it considered something?

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I thought you're joking.

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But yeah, so did the person do something because it's just normal habit more to something which is encouraged in this video. Okay. So we talked about, like, how do you distinguish between the two? Okay, because there's things for some did that were simply his personal preferences. Well, if you're if you're a individual who follows the malherbe m hasm. And the hottie School of spot, you would say, that's all legislation. What, didn't you? No, no, no, because they're literalist. Now even okay.

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You know, let's give respect where respect is due. Okay. Even the body scholars didn't say that just because the President did something it became. So not in the sense that look, and that's the other thing. What do you mean by Sunnah? Okay, so we mentioned this.

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Hold on, hold on, hold on. So now as in actions, and things attributed to the process. Mm hmm. There's no

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reward attached to it necessarily, you know, and then there's sun as in the scholars have felt when they say something as soon as vacation of law exactly means this must mean something, which is that you're rewarded for if you do it, okay. And if you don't do it, obviously you're not sinful. Yeah. But if you do it, you're rewarded for it. So when we look at things that were sent him did this even though it scholars distinguish between something which is just his habits, his personal preferences, what as compared to something that you are actually rewarded for? So you're saying that simply asking what would Mohammed do ww MD would not be the appropriate approach to life.

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would be because if you tell me what he did in terms of behavior, then yes, absolutely everything the President did is awesome and amazing. Okay, we're not talking about that. Well, we're talking we're talking about in terms of how he dressed how he dressed. Certain preferences. Okay, so looking Muslim is one thing. Yeah. The other is, wait, listen, we're not gonna deal with that. Right? So, if it's not a job, if it's not, you're welcome. He said, Then what is it? Okay. And that's why I'm allowed to either. He addressed this issue a long time ago. He said, The sun numbers, meaning the way is priced at them is to wear what Allah provided for him. Okay. See, he wore the clothes that

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everybody else was wearing. Yeah, right. So I'm not gonna pay him is that his son, okay to wear the clothes of the people that you're living amongst. Okay. So

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that is, you know, that, um, that one brain teaser that comes up is like, Alright, so the godfather of Mk. Probably also dressed like the prophet SAW Sunday. Not probably they did. Okay, so the question is, are they addressing Islamic or the prophets? So interesting, like a non Islamic? Yeah. And we can't say either because they're both incorrect. Okay, because Islamic dress is not specific type to specific pieces of clothing. Okay, right. It's Islamic dress. You know, we mentioned this in the seminar, but Islamic dress is that dress, which fulfills the Islamic requirements. Okay, simple as that. So this T shirt, for example, if it fulfills the requirements, we say it's an Islamic

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dress. Okay. It's as simple as that. Gotcha. Right. Okay, so, so then, what is this long address that addresses that question, but then we're also looking at

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what, what's in your heart will manifest in your limbs? Meaning and I and, you know, look, and, and I don't like judging, I believe that people could be really bad inside, but what manifests in their lives? No, no, no, there's there's truth to that statement. But it's more it's more to it than that. Right. But I think the point that the brother or sister could be sister we don't know. Could be enough. Sometimes. You sometimes, you know, could be an alias. I don't know. Okay, right. Anyway, side point.

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But yeah, so I think the point that the brother or sister is trying to make is that if you were Muslim on the inside, you'd be Muslim on the outside, you would look Muslim. But that goes once again, back to and what's what's the what's the, what this person is lacking, really, is knowledge and understanding of the issue. And that's why it's like one misconception leads to another leads to another leads to another. So based off of the premise that, you know, Muslims, were these specific types of clothes. Yeah, right. Therefore, if you're not wearing those specific types of clothes, that means Islam. Exactly. Okay. Right. On the inside, it's almost like ultimatum, like, of course,

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okay. And that's it, you know, it's just these issues. It's a slippery slope. And, you know, ignorance is a slippery slope. We cannot say it's, the person did something you can never say it's bad. But we can also at the same time, go to the other side of the spectrum and say, hey, that's Islam is very clear here because then people misunderstand you. We can't necessarily say okay, that that is Islam. The question is, how do you distinguish between the two? Like, is it just something percent of did or is it something that was part of the legislation and that's what we discussed in the seminar. So take the seminars and get a good understanding of that issue inshallah. Okay,