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Filmfest Uk 2016 this year Hamdulillah, I had the opportunity to work on the theme and the scheduling and the program for this day that we're going to be celebrating knowledge inshallah Tada. But I wanted this day to be different than that than all of the film fests that have come before. And the way that we're gonna make it different is that this year, we want to make every single topic as relevant as possible. So we want it that the people come to this conference. And it's not just these obscure topics or these theoretical topics that we hear about, yeah, we may feel good for a little bit and we go home, we've taken nothing away from it. So we wanted to focus on topics that

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deal with our everyday lives. The theme for the conference is fitna trials and tribulations but not just trials and tribulations. We want to move forward, how do we move forward in times where we're being tested, and tried and we're going through difficulties. You know, one of the things that happens is sometimes we stay stagnant. When we're tested and tried, we break down and we don't know how to move forward from there. So this conference, we're going to learn and inspire each other to move forward in these difficult times. And we're going to be discussing some real topics, topics that are relevant to all of us, and especially Muslims living in the UK, we're gonna be talking

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about things like a sama phobia, we're gonna be talking about extremism. We're gonna be talking about community issues, and family problems. We're gonna be talking about divorce and addiction. We're gonna be talking about converts and all these real issues, things like differing with people, how do you deal with people that you have a difference of opinion with? Do you let that cripple your community what do you do? How do you move forward? So I invite you inshallah, to Allah to come to infest Uk 2016 I will be there. We have a collection of hamdulillah great speakers. I don't need to introduce them, you know, all of them had the law. So I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there

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in sha Allah Tada. Take care. Sit on ya come to light