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The Bible is the third night of recitation and the importance of understanding the meaning of "has" and "hasn't" to produce clarity. The speakers emphasize the importance of clear verses and guidance in every prayer to produce something like the poor and the good. The title of the Bible is not a guarantee for people's happiness or sadness, but rather a guide for the heart and mind to provide evidence for the existence of God. The heart is crucial to the creation of the spiritual world and the mind is crucial to the creation of the spiritual world.

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Have you smelled Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah who ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela Sara Marie COVID with Allah who but I got to the third Jews of the Quran. The third night of recitation is sort of an bacara versus 253, to the end of swords of the Baccarat and also the beginning of sort of earlier, Milan, verses one to 92. So that's, that's what the third juice is made up of. Now the verse that I picked for you in sha Allah, Allah is from Sudan near Milan, verse number eight. What is this verse? Allah who's kind of went out of his route to be learning to share shape or the regime has been left behind or been allowed to sell a burner burner in head atana will hobble anomala don't

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garage MA in neck until Wahab Allah says that they say and we'll talk about who they are, those people are our Lord, do not let our hearts deviate. Do not let our hearts go straight after You have guided us and grant us Your mercy. Indeed you are the hub, the grantor or the giver of all bounties. Now, before we talk about you know this, they're out right here, it's a beautiful day off for us, to me exactly what everyone is saying. I mean, before we get into this, who is it that is saying this to our Why? Who is mentioning that they they're the ones who make this down? Oh you have to do is to go to the previous verse, the previous verse, Allah subhanaw taala says who Allah the unzila la

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Kitab He is the one who has revealed to you the book meaning the Quran minoo it cannot hanamaki tab of the Quran or from the Quran, there are certain verses that are we can say very clear, very precise, pun no Makita they are the foundation of the book. And then Allah says, whoa, whoa, whoa, huddled with a shabby hat. And there are other verses that are not that clear or not that specified. Now, this is actually a very important verse as well, we could reflect upon this verse, but I'm afraid we would need a lot more time to do that. And that's why I pick the next verse. But from the Quran, there are things that we all understand very clearly you don't need to even study to see it.

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A lot of times you can just read the translation or if you know Arabic, you can read the words of the verse. And it's very clear to you understand what this verse means. There are other verses that for the layman, for the average person, they are they they need basically you need more training, you need more knowledge, you you need more understanding, to really benefit from to really get the most out of those verses. And this is why act in actuality. We have a principle in Islam, given to us from the Quran, something that, you know, we consider a chronic principle, but Allah says first, and the decree in contemplative qalamoun that ask the people of knowledge, if you don't know. So

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those are the people who are qualified to give us the correct answers. So regarding these watershed behat, these verses that are not clear to everyone that they are, that require, you know, a certain level of knowledge. Allah subhanaw taala says for a Molina vehicle obey Him say that as for those people who have some deviation in their hearts, they have some something wrong, some ill will in their hearts, for you to be around them at the Shabbat mean, that they follow those unspecified verses. Now, what are we talking about here, we're talking about someone who takes a verse, that face value, the meaning is not just directly clear to everyone, if they want to misinterpret or they

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want to interpret Islam in a way that that fulfills their own desires, they will use those unspecified and so called unclear verses to change or, and, and and take the meaning away from what the actual meaning is to fit their own desires. This is what Allah has kind of, to Allah is talking about. This is why Allah says default and fit enough that they do this seeking to spread some, some some fitna, what do you have that really fit now, you know, something, which is that we can say this is a type of a doubt, right? Some some type of a problem that they want, they have their interpretation and they will use these unclear verses to try and get other people to follow them in

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this this deviation that they have. And they seek this false interpretation of these verses. And then Allah says, Well, yeah, I know that we know in the law, that that that that no one truly grasped them or understands or knows the meaning of these verses, these unspecified versus other than Allah who's paired with data and this is on the level that Allah knows and understands the meaning.

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Have these verses. Not everyone has that ability and our scholars have sealed. One of the examples they give up this is the the letters that are found at the beginning of certain verses. For example, in the beginning of

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the bacara, Allah says and ifla mean, what does NF now mean? actually mean? Well, we know that there are letters from the from the Arabic language, we know that there are letters by which the Quran is made up. But why exactly that Lockwood and if Lam Meem, at the beginning of this surah, the full extent of that meaning only Allah knows, we know in the scholars of STEM, they know to a certain level, what the what the, what the meaning is, for example, one of the wisdoms that they give is this is to show the miraculous nature of the Quran, that the miraculous nature of the Quran is so amazing that it comes about through a language that we know and we understand, right? So those of

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you who speak Arabic, Elif lamb mean, it's not something foreign to you the letters and if, I mean, we understand those language and we understand those, those those letters, we know those letters, but can we produce something like the Koran? No, we're not, we don't have the ability to use those same letters, but to produce something like the poor and we don't have that ability. So to show us the miraculous nature of the Quran, Allah has given us those letters. That's one interpretation of why Allah has put those letters at the beginning of a certain surahs the true once again, the true extent of that only Allah knows now that the next part of this verse, Allah says, what a little rasa

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conical and those who are well grounded in knowledge. Now one of the interpretations of this verse is that Allah Subhana, Allah is saying, Why am I here Allah Muto that we know in the law, word rasa hoonah. There that the true meaning of these verses are known only by Allah, and those were well grounded in their knowledge. Another interpretation of this is that we start the sentence from here, what rasa hone up in there and iapo Luna be he couldn't nominate India and beaner that those who are well grounded in knowledge, what do they say regarding these verses, they say, your Karuna Armin navabi they say we believe in it. Even though we may not know the full extent of the wisdom here. We

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believe in it couldn't have been there India have been at all of this is from our Lord, meaning they don't try to attach their own desires or their own interpretation that you know, can misinterpret the Quran. And then Allah says, Well, my avec my avec Kuru, in their own above that only those who are sound in their reasoning and understanding will be mindful of this matter, meaning that the vast majority of us what is their responsibility upon us, our responsibility is that even if we are not a rasa hoonah, even if we're not well grounded, in our knowledge, at least we have enough.

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We have enough reasoning to say, this is all from our Lord, and we believe in it. So these are the people that allow his panel to Allah is speaking about when we get into today's verse, where Allah says, they say, I've been up to

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date and our Lord, do not let our hearts deviate after you have missed after You have guided us. And this is especially relevant for us. Because I would imagine that, you know, most people here today, listening in and watching in out imagine that most of us are Muslim. And so if we are Muslim, we identify as Muslim, our hearts to a certain level have already been guided. But just because our hearts are guided or saying that our hearts are guided is not a guarantee, that our heart that our hearts will remain guided. And going back to yesterday's reflection, we talked about the door that we make for guidance in every single salon every single prayer we say it no sit all through studying

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our Lord Guide us to the straight path. Well, if we are if we think that we have our guidance is guaranteed and once we become Listen, we cannot go astray and once become Muslim. Once we become Muslim, we have the answer to every question in the world. And then we wouldn't make that do out in every single prayer. Every single record every single unit of prayer, we wouldn't be saying our love we wouldn't be pleading with Allah, Allah, God my heart to the truth, God my heart to the right path. But we continue to do that because we know and we understand that even after being listening, even after having access to the guidance, and this is a point of reflection here that we are

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reading, we are reciting the source of our guidance, the Quran.

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Even as we are reciting the source of our guidance, we are still asking Allah to not only guide our hearts and souls, in fact, to how we say as we said, happiness and sadness

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But we are pleading with Allah Do not let our hearts be deviated after You have guided our hearts after you have shown us the correct path, and then that they've had data after You have guided us. And this is the point to be made here that sometimes even the Quran and this may sound controversial, but I assure you it is not controversial. The Quran can be a source of misguidance for people. Now, let me let me let me let me let me let me qualify what I'm saying here. People can use the Quran to mislead people. And let me ask you, does that happen? Yes or no? People use the Quran to mislead people absolutely. Think about people who commit acts of terrorism. And then they

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quote the Quran, right? They say the Quran tells us to do this, this and this. Are they are they are they is the quotation incorrect? No, the Quran is guidance of Allah to Allah. But what is what is incorrect is their interpretation, application of those verses. And so having the Quran having access to that guidance, yes, that is very, very important, but also having the correct interpretation. And the correct meanings of that not using the Quran, to mislead people or to be misleaded is a lemma from Allah to Allah is a mercy from Allah Subhana Allah, and this is why part of this is what I have learned. I mean, that don't kalama that. Grant us Your mercy. The Rama

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belong, the mercy of luck covers all of the mercy of Allah. We're asking here, when we make this there and inshallah after today, we're going to be making this. We asked for all of Allah's mercy. But first and foremost, the context of this is that we're asking for Allah's mercy and not being misguided. And then even more want to get more specific than that. We're asking for Allah's mercy and not being misguided with the actual guidance that we have with the Quran or with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu I knew he was sending them and that is why it is important that we continually ask Allah for guidance and we continue to We ask Allah for this mercy. In naka

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untellable hub, we say certainly you are the giver of all bounties, you are the one once again Allah is the source. So if Allah is the one who has given us the message, Allah has given us the Quran, that Allah is also the one who has the ability to give us the correct understanding of the Quran. And likewise, this applies to all of Allah's other bounties as well. But we said specifically here, we're talking about the bounty, the rahima, all of that, of what of the correct guidance of being guided to that which is correct. And notice here and this is another point of reflection that we said about banana to blue banner that Oh our Lord, do not let our hearts be deviated. What does that

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mean to you? Why are we specifically asking or referring to our heart? And I want you to think about this for a minute. Why? Why are we referring back to our heart here? Why are we asking our hearts because an argument can be made that you know, we don't want our minds to be misled, right? We don't want our logic to be incorrect. What is that? What is the wisdom here? Why is the heart important and why is your heart important to you? The heart, the heart is the Turner Allah is the turning of the hearts. Yes, luck and turn the hearts that is very correct. And this is why one of the eyes that we make, talk to us about about the law and how she says the prophets I send them one of the ads he

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would frequently make is yarmulke lib. localu Sabbath can be allergenic Oh, Turner of the hearts keep my heart firm upon your deen upon your, your your religion or your way of life. The prophets I send them for example, an authentic hadith of the prophets. I send them said Allah what Neville just said the Moo ha, certainly in the body, there is a woodlot there is a piece of meat a piece of flesh. Either fella had follow, he just said, if it is doing okay, then the rest of the body will be okay as well. What he that first said that the President just said you could do if it is ruined or corrupted, then the rest of the body will be corrupted as well allow here. Certainly that is the

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heart. Now think about the rest of the body right? Is our mind part of the rest of the body? Yes, so part is corrupted. Then the mind can follow as well. Right? And this is why the prophets I send them in one day, he said a duck wahana taqwa piety he pointed persons at this to hide his chest he's gonna tuck was right here in the heart, meaning you take care of the heart, and everything else will follow if the heart is corrupted all the logic and evidence

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The world will be meaningless. Right? So I've had a lot, you know, people talk about, you know, what's the proof for the existence of God or whatever.

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A person whose heart is his sound and his heart is doing fine. They will see the evidence for God in everything that is around them. This is why the Bedouin, you know, they would say that when you ask a Bedouin, what is the evidence for the existence of God, the veteran would be shocked, because the veteran out in the desert says, Look around you, everything in existence, everything around us, is evidence of a creator. And that is why the heart a heart is so important. Yes, our mind is important. logic is important. Allah says that they do and do not use your outcome. Do not use your intellect, that is important. But if the heart is corrupted, then even sound logic will not be of

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any benefit to us. How many people spend countless, even not minutes, but ours in worship? Maybe just out of habit? Or maybe just because it's, you know, it's just become ritualistic? Right.

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You know, everybody's praying, I'm praying or in Ramadan now, yeah, look, think about how two people, you know, I know things are different, because of because of COVID and all that, but you know, in previous years that people go to throw away, they pray, you know, pray for two, three hours, but how many people's hearts are truly connected to that prayer? Right, it's the heart that needs to be connected to the prayer for us to truly benefit. You know, at once again, I you know, yesterday we spoke about, you know, there's all this focus on just getting through the Quran, right, let's just get through the Quran, let's just, you know, recite it and finish it, which is good had

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the lead, there's rewarding reciting the Quran.

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But to get true benefit out of the Quran, there has to be a present the presence of our heart, it's beautiful house panela

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someone who has come to Assam at a particular time in their life. This, this birth takes on like, I don't want to say more special, but extra special, but special in a different way. It becomes special in a different way.

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Having You know, when when we say, but I had eight and after You have guided us Do not let our hearts go astray. It's like, you know, we're holding on and look, you may you may or may not have experienced this, but I know a lot of people who came to Islam at a certain point in their life, they I certainly experienced this, that just because someone becomes Muslim doesn't mean everything's easy after that,

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you have to continue to work, we have to continue to work for this guidance. And that's an active role. And sometimes, you know, you really have to, we have to hold on because we will be tested, and we will be tried in our faith, we will be tested, and will be tried as as, as you know, as many, many people are, even if they're born into Islam, and that is why this guy once again becomes so significant, and it's actually very special. You know, there are people who, every day are misled, or you know, taken away from the correct path, even though guidances is all around them, you know, sometimes a person can be very close to guidance, and still, you know, they they're, you know, their

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hearts can be led astray. And we see this even in the stories of the prophets utran I'm sure you got to get to the story of Noah and knew his answer and his own son, right. And likewise, you know, the prophets I send them Papa Mohammed satellites, and then he had family members who did not accept Islam, his own uncle who the prophets that I send them pleaded with on his deathbed to say that, you know, in the law, the heart just could not, could not accept it. And so and so this is why you know, this this becomes so significant.