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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of re-gifting gifts and the importance of not giving them as a gift. They explain that gifting is not a statement of the purpose of setting them, but rather a statement of the value of giving a gift. The speaker also encourages people to give gifts to increase love and reward their behavior.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu so one of the issues that gets brought up a fair amount is the issue of re gifting. Is it okay islamically? Is it okay? To be gift? If somebody gives you a gift, is it okay to take that gift and to give it to someone else as a gift? Now, I know some people don't like that idea. They're, they're uneasy with that concept. And sometimes people will say that the process that I'm actually told us not to do that. And what they're referring to, is this statement, which is actually not a statement,

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which says, Do not doubt that a gift should not be given as a gift or in other words, a gift should not be re gifted. And even though some people attribute the statement to the item, this is not a statement of the profits. That ally said, No, it is not a Hadeeth. This is just a statement that has become common amongst people, like people have heard it. And like I said, it's common, but it is not a statement of the purpose of setting them. And actually, if you look at the Sonos system, you look at his life, you find the opposite of this statement, and that is that the person seldom, not only did he not forbid us, or stop us or discourage us from re gifting his Sinatra shows that it is

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perfectly fine. It is perfectly normal, it is okay to re gift the President himself. We have numerous authentic narrations in whispers tenebris. gifted, we have no narration in which the person was given a gift as mentioned by the body, the person was given a gift and he took that gift and gave it to someone else as a gift. And like I said, there's numerous narrations. So islamically, there's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a gift that you have been given and giving it to somebody else, and even selling that gift. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a sonically it's considered your property, it's yours. And you can do with it, whatever you like. And I know

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sometimes people like I said, they don't like the idea. And sometimes people may feel hurt. Like if we find out that we gave someone a gift, and they gave it to someone else, we may feel hurt, like maybe they didn't like it or they don't care for they don't care for it. Or sometimes we may feel the person is being cheap, right. So they don't want to buy a gift for someone else, or they're using the gift that you gave them. And first of all, like islamically, like we can't make assumptions about people's intentions, like we don't know what their intentions are. We don't know why they did it. And we should assume the best. And one of the things that that I would encourage is

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that if we do find out that someone took a gift that we gave them, and they gave it to somebody else, one of the intentions that we should have is that we should feel we should feel happy that the person was able to take something we gave to them and pass it on to someone else and bring happiness to someone else's life and increase love. And that's actually one of the purposes of giving gifts to increase love. Per centum said, the how to do to have books that give gifts and increase love amongst one another. So we should feel happy that you know we gave this gift to this person because of that gift they were able to able to bring happiness to the life of someone else. And whatever

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reward they get for giving that gift we share in that reward as well. So this stigma we have about re gifting. We need to like get rid of it. There's no place for it in Islam. As I said we should assume the best in the person. And even like when we if we do we gift like there's nothing to feel guilty about. We shouldn't be ashamed to do it. It is perfectly normal and a Lost Planet Allah knows best take care said I'm more equal than what I have to lie