Omar Suleiman – The Beginning and the End – EP 58 Desperate Measures

Omar Suleiman
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Now if you notice the one last pentatonic is talking about shavon, attacking you from the different directions, Allah Subhana Allah does not mention the top or the bottom. Okay. And there are different explanations for that some of the scholars they said that from the weakness of shavon is that he'll only come to you from ways that you can anticipate right. So, above you and beneath you, right there is no way to anticipate that alright. So, he only come to you from those directions, some of their dilemma they said that

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shavon will not come to you from above you, because revelation comes from above, and he will not come to you from beneath you, because such as beneath you such as under you. So such those at the bottom prostration is at the bottom and revelation is above you. So shavon cannot affect you from those directions. And there's a very beautiful statement from ebenen bustle the low tide I know he says he can come to you from all of these directions what i t come and folk he cannot come to you from above you because the one who is engaged with the one who is above will not be affected by shaitan if you are engaged with a loss of Hannah to Allah Indira and looking above, and calling upon

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a loss of Hannah to Allah and so on so forth, shavon cannot interfere in that in that connection, because that connection is far too strong for him to suffer. That's the connection that he fears most. Because once you have that connection, he's out he can't do anything anymore. So what is shaytaan? Do what is you know, what are the the the essentials of his derawan? What is he tried to do? Allah subhanaw taala says your ad hoc way, Mortal Kombat fascia. We're not going to talk about the specific tools of shape on yet. But yeah, it'll come in fact, number one, he promises you poverty. He promises you Doom way Mortal Kombat fascia. And he commands you to do shameless deeds

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commands you to do evil will allow you to come a few rotten men who will follow a loss of hundreds and on the other hand, he promises you forgiveness from him. So he assures you he puts you at ease. And he promises you father, he promises you bounty. Now if you realize here, what's a bond does, Allah connects the two year into common Fuck, he promises you poverty, what shavon tries to do is he tries to create within you an insecurity, a sense of insecurity, okay? that everything is going to fall apart, everything is going down, you know, you're going to go into poverty, if you try to do this good deed, you're in trouble. And if you don't do this bad deed, you're in trouble. So he

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creates this insecurity within you. But then here's the second thing that he does. And this is very important, because this is going to come up in our in our discussions over the next few times as we go through the the consistencies within the Darrell of shaitan, create the insecurity and then he directs you to a how Tom to an to an unlawful act to try to solve it as the only option. Okay, what does that mean? First, he creates, you know, he creates this insecurity and you think to yourself, oh, my God, I'm in trouble. What am I going to do? And he portrays in front of you a sin as the only possible option to deal with that insecurity. All right? Now, think about marketing, for example,

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all right, what does every commercial try to do in that 32nd slot? First, it tries to create an insecurity, then it tries to provide a solution, okay? First, it makes you, you know, it puts you in the situation where, you know, you're miserable. You know, life is terrible. And then suddenly, this can falls into your hand, and then everything is great, all of a sudden, right, you're, you know, first you were in doom and gloom, and now you're on a beach in Hawaii, for some reason, and you're happy and everything is great, you're not beautiful, you know, you look like this, and there are things that you might not have even noticed, you know, in the past, right. But suddenly, it starts

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showing you things and your face really looks like this. Now, here's the product that's gonna make you beautiful. So marketing is to create an insecurity and then provide the solution. So say bond creates the insecurity. And then the only solution he will ever give you is a hot arm solution because he wants to take you away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So whether that's with money, or with anything else, whether he's promising you poverty, or promising you misery, you know, one of the one of my students when we did the Tafseer of this ayah he came to me and he said, you know, Subhan Allah, every time I find myself resorting to some, you know, to a hub on relationship shape

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on comes to meet, like so many times, you know, and I keep having this thought that you're never going to get married anyway. You're never going to get married anyway. So instead of you're never going to get married anyway, so you know, here's some things that you can do. You're never going to get married anyway. You need to go to *.

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Okay, you need to engage in this prohibition you need to have this relationship otherwise, you're in trouble. Yeah, a document fuck Wait, Morocco is Russia. Allah subhanaw taala. On the other hand, look what a lost

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While La Jolla, doko mahira 10 minute, a lot of promises you forgiveness from him. So a lot puts you to ease Allah Subhana Allah gives you a sense of security, that so long as you turn towards me so long as you seek forgiveness from me, you are going to have an amazing hereafter. Right? Allah subhanaw taala is going to take care of you. What's waiting for you is amazing. And as long as you have the forgiveness of Allah, you don't need anything else in the world because that is the one thing in life that you can't do without. Right when the prophets lie Selim says in lahmacun because Allah will not a fellow body as long as you're not angry with me, I don't care about anything else.

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So last panatela puts you at ease. He makes you feel secure. And he also grants you fidella He promises you bounties from him so he promises you goodness in this world as well. So long as you remain committed to Allah subhanaw taala and ethical Allah subhanaw taala will provide for you How many times do you see people resort to harm let's just talk about money, for example, resort to harm income, and a loss pantai destroys it for them. Whereas another person, you know, sticks to *. And you know, they struggle for some time and then Allah subhanaw taala opens amazing doors for them. I've seen it so many times one of my closest friends from Hanalei came here, this is actually

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a true story. He came here with his family, and eight brothers. Alright, so their nine brothers and total they came from a difficult country. And I hope he's not watching this video, right, but his eight brothers all opens convenience stores.

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And they told him, you know, this is the only way to make money. This is the only way you're gonna survive. You've got to open a convenience store so they literally spread out. And they opened convenience stores and sold alcohol. Okay, they sold Hummer, he held out he took a bunch of odd jobs and said, You know what, I'm not gonna do anything that's hot up until Subhanallah he found himself working for someone that did flooring in a house and now Mashallah, this brother owns 20 different flooring stores. He's the most wealthy of all of his brothers. And he did it all in hella, right, because he committed himself to that. So he says, so how long that struggle was worth it. Because

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during that struggle I gained to what couldn't have lost. I gain trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And then now I can go to sleep at night knowing I have halaal income, knowing that what a loss has provided for me, is pure. So shavon comes to you and says, if you don't do this, your life is gonna be miserable, and everything's gonna fall apart. And that this that he's always proposing is always hot up. Whereas a loss of parents I says, just focus on seeking my forgiveness and doing what I tell you to do. And eventually it's going to all come together, if not in this life than in the next and we ask Allah to grant us His forgiveness and to grant us his fallen to grant us as bounty. salaam

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In this episode, Omar Suleiman talks about the mention from Allah SWT about shaytaan not being able to attack from top and bottom direction. Tune in to educate yourself about its reasons and the promises of Allah SWT for mankind.

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