When Does the Last 3rd of the Night Start

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Qiyam, Tahajjud

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So when does the last third of the night start and

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before I get into talking about how we figure out when the last third of the night starts, I want to talk a little bit about the significance of the last third of the night. First and foremost, we know that when it comes to making dua and Vicodin worshiping Allah, we can worship a lot at any time, we can make the cut at any time, we can seek forgiveness from Allah at any time. However, there are certain times that are special for us certain times that may be better than others. And one of those times is the last third of the night, as we hear in the authentic Hadith of the Prophet, send them as mentioned assignable quality and sign most of them. And we're smarter than them said that our

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Lord meeting Allahu Allah, He descends to the lowest part of the heavens, when a third of the night is left, and he says, Who calls upon me so that I may answer them who asked of me, so that I may give to them, who seeks my forgiveness, so that I may forgive them. So the last third of the night is not only a time, where our do our is more likely to be answered, it's also a very spiritually powerful time as well. And those of you who've ever prayed in the last night of the night, you know that it is a very, very different experience as we feel even more spiritually connected to a large pile of data and the last third of the night. So the question is, when does the last third of the

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night start? And the answer to that is not that complicated, but it depends. It depends on where you are. And it depends on when the night starts and when the night ends, depending on your location. So in order to calculate the last third of the night, we need to figure out first of all, when the night starts, when the night ends, and how many hours there are in the night. So islamically the night starts at muffling time. So when modem comes in, we say that's the start of the night, and the night ends at February time. So when federic comes in, that is the end of the night. So let's say you're in a place where Muslim comes in at 8pm, we would say that's the start of the night and then

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Frederick comes in at 5am we would say that's the end of the night. And though the first thing that we do is that we figure out how many hours are from 8pm to 5am, which should be nine hours so we say the night is nine hours long. A third of that is three hours and follow along with me this math is john went out and not too complicated. But a third of nine hours is three hours. So we would say three hours is a third of the night we simply look at federa Now we said budget is at 5am and three hours before that is when the last third of the night starts. So in this case that'd be 2am but as I said, hopefully it's not too complicated but just plug in the numbers and you can figure it out

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inshallah to Allah and Allah knows best and I'll catch you in the next one. Take care said I want a comb what what a carrier