Are you too hard on yourself? Self-Criticism

Saad Tasleem


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It's okay to be critical of oneself and perhaps even needed, but maybe instead of saying self criticism, we should be saying self analysis, the word criticism often has negative emotions attached to it. So maybe it's better to stay away from that. So with our self analysis, we want to be in a positive mindset. Self analysis is actually very important so we can recognize where we need to improve and what we need to work on. However, it is very important also that we are not overly hard on ourselves. And you may say, How do I know if I'm being too hard on myself? Well, when we are so hard on ourselves that we begin to lose hope then we've gone too far. I'm never going to be able

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to do it, or I'm never going to get better. So what's the point hope is necessary because we want to keep ourselves in a position that we stay motivated to better ourselves, even if we don't always see immediate success or immediate results. So we need to redefine simply putting the effort as part of the success itself.