How Much is Too Much?

Saad Tasleem


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Allah has condemned excessiveness or extravagance, as Allah says, What not to sift through and do not be extravagant or excessive. Now when it comes to spending, what exactly does that mean? Well islamically it means one of three things. Number one is to spend on something which is how long or impermissible and so this is regardless of the amount even the tiniest amount if it is spent on something that Allah has made impermissible, it is considered as soft extravagance and excessiveness number two is to spend beyond one's means now this is to take money away from something that is required and needed and to spend on something that is not needed. And this also means that it

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differs from person to person, depending on what their means are. Number three is to completely waste one's wealth or one's money. So for example, to take $100 bill and to throw it in the garbage that would be considered a soft or excessiveness