Parenthood Is The Art Of Bringing Up Children Without Putting Them Down

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim we all know and understand that Islam has impressed upon us to be kind, obedient and dutiful to our parents. The famous verse in Jews 15 chapter 17 verse 23, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala prohibits us from even uttering the word off to our parents, and He further impresses upon us Colin Karima that say a kind loving and compassionate word to your parents will fit lahoma Jenna has will lower the wings of humility worker Rob Beckham, Huma Kamara, Bayani and sahira and supplicate a lot to have mercy on your parents. I mean, they are blind I mean, so it is a major crime to disobey your parents in any way. The question many obedient children ask what is the

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rule in if my parents are super sensitive, and they mislead every situation? Or if occasionally I slip up and they become angry for one rare occasion? And then they say nasty things towards me. Should I feel guilty about that or not? Well, this is your comfort, my obedient son and daughter, Allah subhanho wa Taala offers you the following solace in this regard. Verse 25, Rob book on alemu Bhima fino forsaken, Allah says he is well acquainted with the intentions of your heart. So I often say humans require explanation. Allah doesn't need an explanation. He's aware of the entire sequence of events interco knows Sally hain if you are noble by nature and you intend obeying your parents

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and serving them, which Allah Lucy writes in Romani passed within a Salah when Billa do Naruto pee well, facade Allah knows that the slip up was not deliberate was not malicious. was not intentional. You slipped up what kind of Muslim men Rosalie Yeah, you have been at their beck and call for years on end so metalphoto bad they rotten mean lady Dustin lol massage it and on one rare occasion after many years, you did not answer the call. And that too because it was on silent mode and they became angry for this. So Allah subhanho wa Taala offers comfort to such a child, for inner who can and in our being or for Allah is most forgiving to those who turn to Him and who intend good. And Allah

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Allah He concludes it by saying for not for lie he GSO dooner Adobe hated him and Bill Keller are the mercy of Allah intervene for such a child and it will shield him from the curse of his father or the anger of his mother. It will have no consequences upon such a child. So what's the message parent would is the art of bringing up children without putting them down.