Yahya Ibrahim – Nasihah To The Youth In The West History Repeats Itself

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is important in bringing people to Christ and finding their own success. The importance of history repeats itself and the need for priority before returning to Egypt is emphasized. The use of the words Islam in the eyes of Moosa and the importance of protecting oneself in difficult situations is also emphasized. The need for personal leave of priorities and mindful behavior is emphasized.
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Bismillah murni Rashi

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah in Alhamdulillah Hinata who wanna Stein who and

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when out of Allah human Cerulean fusina woman, Dr. Molina, Maja De La Hoya Allah anymore that woman you blame for her the Allah. What a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de la sharika or a shadow Mohammed Abdullah he was a pseudo sallallahu alayhi wa Tada. He was sending them yeah, you had Latina am an otaku? La haka Ducati well as a mutant ninja and to Muslim moon. Yeah yohannes itakura como la de hakomi nuptse wahida Allah caminhada over salmon humare jalin Cassie wrong one Isa, otaku la la de de la una v one or ham. In the law. How can la Kumara Kiba? Yeah, you have Latina M and o De La Hoya kulu Colin de de de la American. Well, philippou become one minute Rasulullah

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hobbema and now that

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our praise and glory is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is due to him and none other we praise Him.

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We seek His forgiveness and we ask Him for His mercy. We just define we state that there is no God or deity worthy of worship other than Allah and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is this worshiping servant and final messenger. I advise myself and you with the important area in sort of the earlier homerun Yeah, and your head Lavina and men who are you who believe it Taku la haka. toccata. Fear Allah, the fear that he is most deserving of you. Well, that's a multi level and to Muslim moon and do not die unless you are in the state of an Islam. And that's what follows. It is with great pleasure and honor and happiness that I find myself standing in front of you here my

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brothers and sisters at the University of Houston. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, who has gathered us from our varying districts in places and countries, together as all once again in gentle dose with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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My topic with you in these fleeting moments and hopefully through Juma

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may seem strange.

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It is titled history repeats itself. And I just wish to give two lessons from the lives of two of the great prophets of Islam.

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We will not speak directly about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Although he is the finality and the completion of all of the prophets, his message was what gave that Imam and the completion to all of the messages that were also sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala. For the message of Islam is one and singular.

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History repeats itself.

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The first lesson that we derive is from the life of Musa alayhis, salaam.

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All of us know the story whether we've seen the movie The 10 commandments, or whether we've read it in the Koran.

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We know the basic framework,

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but there are intricate points and details that are important for us to focus on and to pay heed and attention to one of these is what was Moosa calling to and who was he calling?

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Musa alayhis salam came to Freetown and there is a misconception that he came and said, Let my people go

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He did not say let a specific race or let a specific ethnicity or let a specific group or cultural

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nation leave bondage. Rather, he came with a call to the unit unity of worship the unification and singling out Allah subhanho wa Taala. Alone in worship, he even called around he didn't come for the Hebrews. He came to call people to Islam to tell him and therefore Allah admonishes Moosa telling him when you come to this Pharaoh, this tyrant who said to the people, and our Bookman, Allah, I'm your greatest God, as it said to us in the Koran, who said as the love described in the Quran, malim to la comida and I know of no God for you to worship but me.

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Allah tells Moosa come to this man, what could what could Colin Lena, speak to him for words.

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Now allow, who knows, maybe he will accept your call to what so he he comes to most

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That monster comes to fit down and he says to him, worship Allah

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malim to recommend Allah I know of no God for you to worship was the answer of

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their own answers Moosa and says,

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color woman rabuka Maria Musa, tell me who is this God you are calling this to, that was the struggle.

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And when a certain group of people, not just the Israelites, not just the Hebrews, when a certain amount of people, accepted Islam, and accepted moves at the Prophet of Allah, Moosa was given leave by Allah to exit from the land of

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beautiful as it may be, full of splendor as it may be, to exit and to leave and distance himself from it to s3, take a night journey

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and flee from Pharaoh and his tyranny.

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box around the bow Who said I will know Judo, he and his soldiers quickly followed.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala brings to us an important lesson

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after moves that crosses the ocean, in the sea, by the will of Allah

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and so on is drowned.

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This arrogant, disbelieving governing ruler,

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him and his soldiers and his troops, leaving behind a nation

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full of wealth,

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full of splendor, full of gold and silver, without an army to defend it. Without a king to government, defeated by a lowly man who came crying out from the desert, or badulla worship one God.

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What did Moosa do? What would you want? I wish to do you just defeated the greatest tyrant of the greatest civilization known to mankind.

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Would you not return as a conquering King?

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Would you not return and say I now have proven that I am a prophet, killer. Moosa heeded the call of Allah 14 years

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in the Sinai desert, yes, he who are in a state of

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bewilderment. Without a nation without a place. This is our first lesson.

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The lesson that you and I derive from this is that we each have our own land of Egypt.

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Something that's accessible, something you can attain something that you may have deserved and conquered things to come to and to grasp, and it's within your hand.

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But the order of a law supersedes your desires.

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So you place a law as your priority and leave off

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your agent.

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Even if it means you struggle, even if it means what you perceive then what was seemingly beautiful, what you thought would have greater good would it not have seemed better for Moosa to return to Egypt and convert all of the Egyptians to Islam

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they were not ready.

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Go to the desert for two years.

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Each of us are confronted with a similar circumstance, maybe each and every day of our lives. We must put the priority of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his laws and what he has obligated upon us before what our hearts may desire. Before what we wish for is attained. We always measure things. Is it halal, or is it hot?

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Is it sooner? Is it better? Is it good? Is it evil?

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That is the first lesson.

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The second

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comes to us after moves Moosa it is the lesson of David and Goliath. And this is an important lesson because of the circumstances that we see. In the very lesson that gulyas

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was put to death. The famous story found in the hole and found in Torah, the gospel, the engine,

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who conquered the land of Palestine, who took it from the people of disbelief.

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It was a prophet of Allah. Allah describes to us the story and history repeats itself in the portal and a page and a half before a little kursi in Surah Al Baqarah. Allah introduces to us King Sol.

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Allah gave the Israelites Paul loot as a medic, as a king, and a lot more than if you wish to reclaim this land. That was a promised land not for the Hebrews. Not for the Israelites, but for those of faith, as we have established,

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it is a promised land for those who believe in Allah and believe in the message of Allah Islam. Allah tells pollute, bring with you an army.

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And he says in the law,

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a law shall give you a test to see if you are worthy of attaining this sacred land, the land of the prophets. The test is that of a river

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munchetty burning who fella is sending me tell this vast army, that you have gathered, that you are prepared to face the Philistines, the disbelievers who are more numerous than you outnumbering you tell your army after having March days and months in the desert, that Allah is testing you with a river. The one who drinks from the river today sending me is not from us, is not going to be worthy of crossing the river to face the enemies of Allah, except those who take a single handful of water. Especially boomin, who kalila minim. Allah says, the majority of the army

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who were Muslim, who are going to free their land, who were seemingly fighting for Allah drank from the river failed the test in left khaleel except few in number.

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And Allah ordered that all of the others those who were drained from the river remain behind

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and that only those blessed few who heeded the words of Allah who answered that simple test and remain thirsty that they are to cross that river.

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And the first door that they made upon crossing into this holy land, they said Allah home muffled Li Li Na sobre O Allah, grant us patience, I want you to keep this word slub

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in the back of your mind, we are going to return to it for history repeats itself or benefiting Aileen Sabra with a bit academic, and give our feet steadfastness make us firm, when solna ll calm and Catherine and give us victory over those who disbelieve

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that has removed from the law. They defeated them solely by the will of Allah by the leave of Allah Wakata Elijah, woo, dilute, and David slew Goliath.

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There is an important lesson in this, which is our second lesson that it is not numbers.

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It is not quantity. It is quality.

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And it is the exact same thing that was repeated to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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The Prophet of Allah was ordered in the Quran and was shown in the hole and

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Allah says to him and us his own map, as Sharon saw the room remember that word patience that I said? Keep at the back of your mind 20 of you

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who are patient?

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Yes, really boo me attain? Shall defeat 210%.

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Look out into your oma today look at around those of you who are present. How many Muslims do you have on campus? Close to 2000 Muslims.

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Let's say a quarter of them are men 500 Muslims, who should be on campus on Fridays? How many of them are present with here with us here today? How many of the Muslim community here that you have in Houston? You have 200,000 Muslims in Houston. Let's say you have 50 major mosques that hold 1000 people each.

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Do you feel that these mosques are full on the day of Juma? Do you see and observe that there are 50,000 Muslims praying Jamaat each and every week? answer's no. You won't find the 10%

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think to yourself

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Think you are those who have answered the call of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered the call of Allah in the Quran in surah 10 jumaane you are those who are religious.

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You are the religious people. Think now to yourself in the last month

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Have you prayed every single time?

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the bare minimum

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not talking about praying any sooner. I'm not talking about praying any tahajud night prayers pray two rakaat before fudge, think of just the bare minimum.

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How many of us in the last month

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have prayed every single measure in its proper time?

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I Sharon saw the rune 20 who are patient patient upon what not just patient when they are in adversity and under strain but patient in answering the call of Allah subhana wa tada in obey Allah subhana wa Taala in distancing themselves from what Allah has prohibited 20 who are patient defeat 200 and such history repeats itself cyclical

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when the oma is in a state of strength spiritually, it is in a state of strength, in dominion and in sovereignty and in power. And in economics.

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When it is morally corrupt, it is corrupt on all these levels as well. And therefore it is a balance that Allah subhanho wa Taala has set. Allah mentions to us in sort of ignore

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what are the law who live in New Mexico, a law has promised and we know that the promise of a law is never broken. What are the law who levena M and human a law has promised those of you who have faith

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and those who perform righteous deeds, less definitely for now until he shall give them Dominion upon the earth. Whether you met Kenan Allah home Dena home, and he shall give them the ability to facilitate and to implement their religion.

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Whether you bet dilemna home in daddy's house for him,

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and he shall change their condition of fear and hardship to one of security and prosperity. But it's conditional

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to being unwavering in faith and working righteous deeds. Look to yourselves, look to your families, look to the people who surround you look to your best friends, do we have those 10%? Do we have the 20 out of the 200?

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And you shall see that the answer is no resoundingly No, not just in your community, and not just in a particular area in the world. Rather, it is the state of the oma and therefore it is something that becomes a duty on myself and you to begin with ourselves, not asking you for much. And Allah has not asked you for much.

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It is simple.

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live a life of Islam.

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When you hear the Prophet said, say Samana will Ivana here and I obey. When you hear a law has ordered you say, some manual Ah, I hear and I obey. When you hear there is a prohibition, distance yourself from it.

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Do not go after your Egypt, when you know that a law has prohibited you to entering it.

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pass that test. Do not drink from that river. Be from those who will answer the call of Allah, even if it is seemingly difficult. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala has shown us

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that the amount of reward

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is comparable to the amount of hardship that one faces

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my brothers and sisters, those of our brothers and sisters in Palestine know their enemies. They know who their enemies are,

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but you will not may not know.

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And therefore the scholars of Islam, the teachers, and if the law will be named to be tested by Allah giving you good things, Nana Grace's bounties ease is a more difficult test for you and your religion than Allah to test you with hardship. with hardship, you know, you are in difficulty. You know your enemy

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But when you are in ease you become lacks, you forget and you neglect and you become in a state of offline. Let us be from those who shall wake up and answer the call of Allah and His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam akula holy * that was the federal law

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hamdulillah salat wa salam, ala nabina

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa tada early he was suddenly about

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we have a duty

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to ourselves and a duty to our families and a duty to those who we interact with from amongst Muslims, and a duty to those who we interact with who are not from amongst the Muslims.

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But the primary duty

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and an integral concept of Islam is self preservation.

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You must protect yourself.

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on the plane coming over the flight attendant she says, if there's an emergency, and the gas mask falls down, the mask for breathing falls down. Put your mask on first before helping someone else.

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What good is putting it on someone else and you die. You don't preserve yourself?

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What good is it if you help someone when you yourself put yourself in a dangerous situation that you yourself cannot recover and possibly help numerous others.

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And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in Nakuru, Kenya, you have levena m n O, O you who believe

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Who Am fullcycle Save yourselves, Wesley home, and your families, save yourselves and your families. And this is an important concept. If you do not under you understand your faith. If you are not grounded in your spirituality to a loss of Highland with Allah, you will be of no help or consequence or significance to those who you may attempt to be an example to be from those who will preserve themselves how

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Elena's knowledge, all of your students, I'm a student, you're all here students at this university,

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a place of so called higher learning.

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Think of the hours that you put I know your exams are coming in the next two weeks as your mind. Think of the hours that you put.

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Have you put a 10th of a 10th

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of a 10th in learning a verse from the hotel every night.

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And learning Aziz from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a week.

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When was the last time you simply got up in the middle of the night and prayed to rock out for no particular reason? When was the last time you entered the bathroom and you made will do not for prayer but just to be in will do. When was the last time you open the portal and for no particular reason other than to read a page or two? When was the last time you invited a brother to dinner? not asking them for notes. Not to take anything from them just to be hospitable.

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When was the last time you bought a book and gave it to your brother as a gift not to embarrass him?

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Just to gift a book arbitrary about Islam.

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When was the last time you called up a brother out of the blue and said Sir, I'm on a committee. How are you? I just wanted to keep in touch.

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When was the last time you smiled in your brother's face?

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When was the last time you shared some good time with another Muslim? When was the last time you freed yourself so that you can share time with Muslim?

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When was the last time you opted to close your book and open the portal and or to attend the class? You have studies and you say no I think I'm going to go attend this lecture tonight.

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When was the last time you've done these voluntary acts that complete that essentials that you may have neglected previously in your life.

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View your life has been finite.

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It is not infinite. And what you do and what you sow you reap and what you perform you get in return

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what you do of righteousness you will receive its reward

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and what you do of evil that you will

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neglect, it's repentance. And you turn to Allah in sin with it. Day in and day out. If you were still committing the same Masia, the same sin that you were upon last year, and it's been a year, and nothing's changed.

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You're in URIs, urine, a state of heedlessness, you're in a state of blind.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:36

Following of your desires, you haven't changed yourself to the better, you haven't progressed. And it's in all aspects of your life.

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It's not just in Islam, if you're still having the same marital problem, or the same fight with a particular brother, or a particular sister, and it's been ongoing, day after day, month after month, and it's been a year, there is a serious problem that you haven't addressed.

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Begin to bring about a change in your life. And such was the call of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Begin with the essentials with yourself so that you can be a beacon unto others so that they can follow in your example. These are the words I leave you with. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us from those who see the truth as being truth. And to this see the false hood as being false hood, aloha Marina Takahata Nora Sapna teba Marina Del Philadelphian and modok Machina aloha Moroccan and Villa Hoda, Taka or Hamas, amin Allahumma attina dunya, Hassan, Hassan and Okinawa now Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala

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he was happy he was a limp Welcome to Sala

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