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The transcript discusses the history and presence of Islam in China, including its rise and downfall, as well as the dangerous political and economic imbalances. The Chinese government's actions to control the region, including the Belt and Road project, and the implementation of Islam, which is a strict approach to religion. The speakers emphasize the need for active citizens to prevent future events and provide access to hedge courses. The conversation also touches on the challenges of bringing together people in China's political, including the use of vinylon death air and the importance of privacy and transparency. The speakers also mention upcoming elections and the need for representatives to educate themselves and ask questions about the situation.

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wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Muhammad Ali he was a heavy legendary drain My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hope you're well hamdulillah Oprah has been to Allah subhana wa tada Mashallah ilaha illAllah we have a witness that none has the right to be worshipped besides the loss of data. We ask Allah to bless us and have mercy on us and forgive us our sins. made this work of Juma being a means that our sins of last week be forgiven. And Allah guide us in a week to come, mela make easy for the Ummah all those who are struggling and all those who are suffering throughout the world malas trying to make it easy for them. May Allah subhanaw taala bring ease and strength this oma we send our love greetings salutations ww Mohammed Salah Salaam to spice and pure family and to his companions and

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all those who follow me soon until the end of time. A lot of places to be on the student of Nabil Mohammed solo Salaam, in this dunya and in his companionship in the ophira amin Al Hamdulillah. Al Hamdulillah. Over the last two weeks, we're talking about the situation in China and we have a long history,

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one of the longest series of a short summary of a very long history of the presence of Islam post 1300 years, and this topic deserves so much more attention. But of course, things have to we move on and so today inshallah will conclude in our discussion on this specific series, and we'll talk about Hajj inshallah, in coming weeks, but just to for those who are new, those who are new faces here, we're summarizing how Islam arrived in China, we see it has a very long history, up until perhaps the Sahaba were the first generation of the Sahaba to tap in amongst the first people to actually reach China. And for a long time, Islam had a had a, an accepted position within the Chinese

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society. And Muslims, by and large, were allowed to practice the religion freely. Then we sit about 100 years ago, there was the communist revolution in China.

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And not less than 100 years ago, there was a there was first a civil war which overthrew the Emperor. And then China went through a period of upheaval, ultimately, the Communist Party won China, this is 1949. So about 70 years ago, and since then, China has been ruled by an all supreme party, the Communist Party of China is basically the Emperor, the Sorbonne, the kingdom, halifa, of China, and with communism, came a number of new policies. And we mentioned last week, and again, I reiterate this, that communism is a response to inequality. When you have an elite group that controls all the resources, controls, all the opportunities, and you have a mess, the masses are

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impoverished when people become radical, people become radicalized, and they look for policies that will grab wealth, and just take it. And that's why in our country, we're hearing things like land expropriation, without compensation, we are in about nationalize the minds, that the minds are in the hands of a few elite

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capitalists, so billionaires, that should be for the wealth of the country. And even though these policies sometimes, you know, by and large, many times we look at all the communist countries in the world, they haven't really, really succeeded in redistributing the wealth. It is more a reaction out of frustration. And our country is very dangerous, because we are the most unequal country in the world. In the whole world. Our country is the most, and Cape Town in particular, the some of the most wealthiest suburbs in the world, alongside some of the poorest suburbs in the world, and how long? How long can this continue? Before you find a radical talk, you find it odd to hear the talk

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is happening in Parliament. In fact, if you're not following, you should follow what's happening in politics. Already. Now, the ANC is putting through a bow to talk about changing the constitution that allows for expropriation of land without compensation meaning what that land will be taken from those who eat and to be honest and fee many people got land unfairly. There are certain many land owners in this country, if we ask in history, where did this land come from? It was obtained through incorrect means and so these are obviously a natural

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movement to say that should be reclaimed back. But with that comes tremendous upheaval, when you start reclaiming certain lands. When you start taking from one one side, this is first steps towards major carriers. So we said Our country is really in a very dangerous situation, and it requires some smart people. It requires people of integrity, it requires those who have to share with those who do not have and for those who don't have to uplift themselves to work hard to move forward.

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As I said, hamdulillah when we do multiple CDs you you think about it and at another series we doing this in my gym, where my work CDs

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In my lectures at woods, we're doing the seed of Nabisco salon. And we speaking at the time, when the visa salon just founded Medina, at the very beginning of Medina, there was major economic problems, you had a whole bunch of margerine coming from Africa, without any resources, without any money, no houses nothing. And then a visa salon was able to bring about a policy, which, which sort of uplifted the poor, without doing a radical change without turning the society upside down. The history of South Africa has always been one group has to win, and everyone must lose any sort of, it's my turn. Now, when is my turn going to come? There must be a way we all of us can benefit. And

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all the people in this country can live in dignity, and everyone's children can have a decent life. Yes, no one is going to be everyone's going to live in Clifton, not everyone. But it doesn't mean that if that but it's around when millions of young people are living in squatter camps, we need to say society does something wrong in our country. And we hope inshallah, we hope and we pray that as our fathers and forefathers removed one corrupt system, one immoral system, the political system changed with that the economic system will will change without causing.

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As we said, we had a almost a bloodless, a easy transition wasn't easy, but in competitively was an easy transition. We hope that the economic system as well. And as I say, there's some, some smart people in front of me and some of you are accountants, some of you are in high profile positions, understand that these phenomena with education comes in a manner with authority with business with financial power, it's only a test, Allah will take it back from you and from me, and he will reduce you and me to zero as you will reduce the king to zero as it reduces the streetsweeper to zero. It's just a taste. What did you do, those of you who had, what did you do? And those of you who don't

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have, what did you do? And so we need to solve these problems, it is our taste. And really, this is our challenge of this age. If you ask what is our challenge as South Africans, it is how do we fix this economic imbalance in our country, we don't want to go the route of a China, we don't want to go with the route of completely upside down. So we said the Communist Party came in and the way of fixing the economic imbalance was take from the rich massacred him. And we have now the land belongs to the state and from the state will determine what to produce humans get everyone gets a he. And these policies behind the law costed millions of people the lives you can re engineer a country

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overnight, and not expect it to be catastrophic results. But they did that they went through. And slowly this, China has become industrialized, they move from a farming peasant society, to a farming society. We may build factories, people began building factories and producing things and our China which as we see is on an upward trajectory economically, but with communism, came a whole bunch of ideologies, philosophies.

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As we said, communism initially was about economics was about the ruling class against the working class, it was about money. But with communism came the idea that we shouldn't have classes, we shouldn't have a division not only rich and poor, we shouldn't have even male and female, we shouldn't even have religion. Because religion segregates we shouldn't have Malay, Indian we should have. They should culture, history, religion, all these things divide us, we should only have the state. We are we basically worship the state, the commune, it is about not me as an individual. I'm, I'm just a small piece of a bigger machine. And it's all about the machines are about me. This is

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the methodology, the philosophy of communism. And as such religion, by and large, has been pushed out of China, we said they went through something they called Cultural Revolution. We books were burned, machines were torn down not only machines, but all religious symbols. And to the point where the vast majority of China like 80% of China is there to take a form, they won't take a specific religion, they will say, we are non religious, we are atheist, or we are spiritual. We have some kind of philosophy, but we don't ascribe to religion. And it's In fact, it's illegal in China to openly display religion. It's illegal to teach your children religion up until the age of 18. They

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said up until, because by teaching religion, you if you teach religion, you indoctrinate them. So they should make their own choice when they're 18. This is we set the policy within Mainland China for everyone. And for Islam, the is a very controlled, very rigid, very sanitized version that the government approved, in fact, the current president of China and a president, so we said China is ruled by the Communist Party. And the ruler, the leader, the chairman of the Communist Party, Xi Jinping, the ruler of the prison of China. Really, he, in his last, you know, they plan five years ahead, one of the specific things he highlighted, he said religion needs to

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To be confused, religion needs to conform to communist socialist ideology. So we take the Quran, and we will change it in a way that suits us. We'll take the Bible and we'll change it in a way that suits first it must be communist compliant before anything else. The imams as we sit around in China right now are all put the by the Communist Party, and they have in some of the magazines you have the picture of the president of China in the masjid, you have the Imam, whatever he sees his pro regime that comes first before Allah. The regime comes first. We say this is for the majority of Muslims in China and this is they have it better than the Uighur Muslims. And that's when we spoke

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about the Uighur Muslims. Last week, we see that they is this province, the far west of China, the in the age of China, the biggest province, which is called the Xinjiang this province has a group of people who are called Uighur, they are not Chinese ethnically. In fact, the country was colonized it was it was a different country called East Turkmenistan. And China basically conquered this country a few you know, but 200 years ago, and back and forth, he has been fighting for this country to be independent. And we said, As recently as about in the 1930s, this country was independent, it's split away from China, and even the name of the province of the people the they call it East

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Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan from a Turkish country. But the Chinese the terms within the name of the province, of course, they say it's part of China, they say it's called the new frontier, just by calling it the new frontier shows. It wasn't there before. In the past, it wasn't there. Now it's new. So this region is a problem region for China. It's a region that wants to split away from China. It doesn't speak the language of the Chinese and speak Mandarin. And we said, side note, if you strip people of the the religion, you take away the rich and poor, you have no identity anymore. All you have is China, as your identity your religion is China, your identity as we as as Muslims as

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Islam, our culture, that all has been taken away. So all you have allegiance to is your country state. And these people, they don't feel aligned to China. They don't speak the language, they don't have the culture. And of course, they practice religion, which is now seen as outside foreign, which is Islam. So we need to do something about these people.

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For the past 70 years, there's been repression, there's been anxiety between the Chinese government and the Muslims in this area, in fact, something just to know that when China invented its first nuclear bomb, few decades ago, the place they chose to teach it was in this province. Many, many people radiation, that's because this area was not seen. As part of, you know, it's an area which is easily to be abused.

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In recent times, things have become much worse. Why? As always, most people also what's the crux of the reason why is the this problem, it all comes down to money. Ultimately, it comes down to money. This region, which is a problem for China, which was to break away from China, which is not seen as Chinese, they have huge reserves of oil gas, they have mines, minerals. So this is a place rich in resources. Also, the current president of China is introducing a new policy called the Belt and Road project, the Belt and Road project, what is this about? He wants to build like a superhighway from China all the way to Europe, and by the sea. So that's through the land, and via the sea from China

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all the way through Africa back to Europe. So this was in the olden days, you have something called the Silk Road, a basically a road where caravans travelers wood, goods will go from China, through Asia, through India, through the Middle East, all the way to Europe, and people buy and sell trade, and everyone gets rich. China wants to rebuild this massive highway. And to do this through railway lines, pipelines, technology lines, internet infrastructure, you have to go through this province change and you have to go through it. Because that's the that's the gateway. So China needs to control this region.

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So the first step in controlling this region, they pumped it full, they sent millions of Han Chinese Chinese people from Mainland China, they sent them to this region, so much so that the demographics change. And we see this like millions or hundreds of 1000s of people coming from one city to another city and they change the demographics overnight. And the Chinese government did this deliberately gave them incentives, gave him the jobs and lit the local people. You didn't get jobs you became you became outsiders in your own land. And of course, when you start doing this over years, you see foreigners, in your perspective, foreigners or outsiders coming in, they get the jobs, they get the

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They going further in life. Therefore the suburbs sounds very much like our country, by the way, naturally, this will result in or result in animosity. And so in the early 2000s 2005 2008 2009, there was uprisings, there was protests, and there was terrorist acts, violence, Muslims, these are Muslim people, and they fought and they killed innocent people. And of course, this is also the time when there was the Global War on Terror. Right? That's the same time when many, many countries were invaded simply to do that terrorism today, we still don't know what exactly makes you a terrorist. So this was a perfect time for China to say, well, we're going to crack down this region, to root

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out terrorism. And so they sent in the personnel, and for the last two, three years now, with a very, very structured, very diabolical, evil policy of ethnic cleansing, cultural cleansing, where we see they both these massive compounds throughout the region, and they've so they are about 10 million Uyghurs in this area, they have incarcerated about 10% of the people 10% of the people locked up for no reason. I asked him, what's the reason you because there are criminals? If you commit a crime you in jail, there's not jail. This is a detention camp. What is it because you have terrorists, thoughts, terrorist ideologies. So what kind of things get you locked up? Having a

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Muslim name, sometimes speaking Arabic, practicing your religion in terms of acing sada having a beard if you're not old enough, if you wish, it's very, very simple things, people are being locked up almost arbitrarily, and the purpose of these camps, so there are people that have been locked up, and they managed to get out. And they tell you what it's like, you wake up in the morning, you begin by singing the National Anthem, you begin by praising the president, you before a meal, you must praise the praise. It's sort of like you worshiping the Communist Party. It's replaced religion with us, when you spend hours learning Mandarin, you're not allowed to speak. So as the language is not

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Chinese or Mandarin, we're not allowed to mention it, the six surveillance in the whole region and in these camps, cameras, microphones everywhere, if the year you speak a word that is not Chinese, you are censored, you're punished, you go through hours of learning Chinese history doctrine. And then afterwards off, you've done for five hours of Chinese, then you do four or five hours of Chinese Communist Party propaganda, you listen to the speeches of the presidents of China, you learn the policies, with the objective is to remove from you any concept of your Islamic identity. This is a picture you find posted, it says For example, a new policy you must wait civilized good looking

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clothing. So for example, civilized means you can't wait these robes and hijab This is uncivilized. So it's completely to remove your sense of religion, your sense of culture, and we see so this this operation happening in these camps at the same time, what makes it even worse, when you take the adults you lock them up men and women, the children are basically orphaned, and they are also locked up in orphanages, schools, they never get to go home and they're also to this indoctrination. So, we split this what we see now in this country, what we what what we are witnessing is of the worst examples of ethnic cultural cleansing, in modern times, you know, it is it is it is really shocking,

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unbelievable to think this is happening, the land obviously properties lands are confiscated, and the ultimate objective is to eradicate the idea that the the culture, the religion of these people completely to make it to disappear. So what does this mean for us?

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Besides feeling bad and learning something and you know, carrying on what do we learn from this and what do I What do you take away you leave the masjid first thing number one and again, sugar Subhanallah to, to have the opportunity to come to Juma right now is what law he will law he will law in the land and the times we live in. It is a great blessing. Not one single person.

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You know, in this country, you know, you can go for Juma our kids can leave school for Juma exam time which on exams have stopped even though we can't get either right. But they know they have to stop it. School basically had a problem and we they got in trouble for not not allowing the students to take off and eat this country will hamdulillah by the grace of Allah has given us an opportunity that few people have in the world. Even Muslim countries, yes, you can practice your Islam but even though it's censored sanitized, watch what you say. In the holiest of country lens, even the we know that the censorship, only what is approved by the government years behind on

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No one watches what my good buddies, but even the committee, it just goes out. Welcome Linda. Well hamdulillah and this is a blessing by the grace of Allah. And Allah says Allah insha Allah.

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Allah will give you more of a blessing. But if you don't give sugar if you don't fulfill this blessing that comes with the price amount of practice it gives you good then you'll be taken away and will be questioned about it. And so the number two, we have the freedom to practice our religion. So we should practice our English. It is said that in some parts of the world we mosques are shut down the US we know jawans in certain areas, no one coming No one is allowed they want to go and they turned away it year. No reason. But the mosques are empty. For no reason. We are parts of the world women want to wear hijab. They want to dress modestly but they dragged off the put in

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jail find what excuse Do we have not wearing Hijab here? What excuse something like the beard, you know the beards final all this debate, permissible, impermissible sooner, whatever in these countries, they will lock you up for having a beard. Here it sort of becomes like our duty over and above the sooner but I will practice my religion, my identity because I have the opportunity for all those who can't practice the dean, we will practice our Dean places where they can teach the children could earn without allowed to recite the Quran. For no reason the Quran is on the shelf and only opened up perhaps once a year. There's no excuse for us. There's no excuse for us. So for all

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those people that can't practice they Dean, we should make an extra effort that we will practice out burdine we will show the beauty of Islam

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we see the dangers of oppression. And if anything, you realize one system of oppression. And if it's replaced by another system operation, it is doomed to fail. We know and history will tell you know the rulers of China and many dictators of the World History will tell you that. And in fact we know from the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says the value mean will never be successful. When October 2013. Allah says in the end, the Mattachine will succeed, the end of the day, operation will not survive, this will not succeed. This is doomed to fail. If anything, it will make a new breed of angry young people. People will come out radicalize people who are normal would go in and come out

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hating the government, and they will choose means of violence. This is dangerous. And we therefore always speak out against oppression and we should not be reactionary. Now, as Muslims, we are also angry when we see what's happening in China, in Burma, in Yemen. throughout the world, we become angry the same time. The answer is not violence. The answer is not violence. It is we look at 13 years and I'd be so sad I'm watching Bilaal being lash dragged in the streets. On safer violence. We use the we use what channels we have. And at times we need to make suffer. And worse when we are in a certain position. Then things can we can we can change things, but it isn't. It's a long patience

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struggle. And as I said, as our forefathers have done in this country, it shows it's possible. You don't have to have blood in the streets to remove operation. It takes longer, it takes wisdom. It takes hard work, it takes education. This is how things change. So it's very dangerous. What's happening in China, we fear that what we miss thing is over and it will end in shall light war in because it's doomed to fail. We hope that it doesn't result in more angry young Muslims that move to terrorism and violence. That is actually does the counter the counter effect. And we therefore the first people to speak out against terrorism and we see the arms of terrorism, we see countries that

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will moderate. When terrorists get involved. It changes the situation, we never want to see things like that in our country. We're the first people to reject extremism, and violence.

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We continue to make the art because that is a requirement of all of us. So there's certain things you can do certain things you can't do. But each and every one of us need to make dua for the oppressed people of the world. You have to make do it and we have to do it. And if we're not used to it, you know, sorta once a day, at least, ultimately one ethical dilemma can Allah help our brothers, our brothers in humanity, not only our brothers in Islam, anyone who's being oppressed, all of them yeah, Allah help them throughout the world, just once a day, make this part of our door so that when we ask them the day of piano, what did you do is much I could have done a decent job, I

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felt bad. And I may do Ah, and hopefully that's our excuse on the day of piano. Lastly, before we talk specifically what you and I couldn't do for the weakest, what's important for us here, as I begin to see more and more and more.

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We feel like we're a small, tiny minority in the bottom of Africa, in a country which is not a massive country on the public stage, but will lie this Muslim minority, this tiny Muslim community

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is looked at with a lot of admiration for what it's achieved. And as a Muslim minority, we need to play a leadership role in how a Muslim minority can practice its Deen and contribute to society. And we can be good Muslims and very, very productive members of South Africans as well. We do good for the society and our Deen we are practicing as Muslims. Because behind Allah, when you read up on these articles, you see the comments at the bottom. The sad thing about what's happening in China, many people across the world will say, Well what China is doing, we don't really approve it. But the problem is Islam. If China allows these people to become practicing Muslims, you will find they will

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go backwards, they'll become they'll be more violence, there'll be more criminality in the these people will just do more harm to society because that's what they're doing in Europe. That's what they're doing in America from a perspective, we will show the difference, that the more you allow us to practice our Deen the more positives will bring to the to the table to this community. We have, as we said in the long and it only, it will only achieve this by getting involved in the politics, the problems of our country, we shouldn't only be looking at what's happening in China, we have problems happening kaleici just down the road. This is our problems as well. So we need to get

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involved in these struggles. And if you're not involved in some kind of community, upliftment, while you're not fulfilling your full Amana, you need to get involved as a Muslim. It's more than yourself, your family. What holiday America going on what's you know, the next call the next house, I'm going to build beyond that you need to get involved, not just you must eat even things as a community issues. We need to be active citizens, our forefathers did that. Our uncle's our dads or grandfathers did that. And hamdulillah. We are reaping the benefits of that of this. Now. We have a generation now which is more educated, more affluent than our forefathers, but have become more

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selfish also. So get involved, get involved, because you hold the future of the oma in South Africa, and really globally as well as a Muslim minority people look at that. What can we do specifically for the wiggers?

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In China, what can we do for them very difficult, because we can't even seem like a V, you can't even the gift of the givers can't go there and you know, send some money and feed, you can't do that. You can't even get in this vanilla. So for example, eating up many said again, you find the people who are doing the most work are the Europeans, the Americans, not our own people, nothing happening much in the Middle East to Muslim countries. We are they in fact, as we said last week, sadly, they even signed with China that they approve of the policies in China where you have to be law. But you find for example, the students of Yale, they got to get it begins with getting

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together, looking at your skills, some of you are very good Marshall on WhatsApp and Facebook, use it for your positive, use it for something positive, good at speaking good at fundraising, good. create awareness. So you have for example, they they got the students together, one group is involved in creating awareness, letting people know what's happening. Another group is involved of lobbying, the parliament telling the the presidents and the ministers or the the, you know, the the people in authority, what do you say what's happening in the country, you need to do something you wanted to vote, now that you're in charge, you need to do something, say something, another group

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very importantly, looking at this, it's all about economics, a lot of what's happening is about money. And if you're able to say, look, these companies, they are the ones putting up the surveillance in that region, they are the ones building these prisons, and that company is here in South Africa. When we speak up against that company. We won't do business with a company like that. So we need to look at these things strategically. We need to look at things strategically. It's not just about becoming angry and shouting and screaming. No, we need to look at things strategically. So we need to become organized.

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First step for all of us. Educate yourself for many of you, this is sort of I've heard a little bit if I didn't know I get you know feedback on the Joomla is sort of like how can how can this happen? And so little is being spoken about it. We know of penguins dying we know of animals that are struggling or rainforests in spite of the missing the small things or big things or plastic in the ocean. Yeah, these are big we will know about that kind of struggles any moment Be conscious. But this million a million people being locked up 1000s of children being held away from the parents, people dying and no one speaks about it. Because we are still not away. China's in a very good job

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to keep this thing contained. But they said Now the word is getting out. So learn movies many many articles about this. Many of the Western media outlets cnn BBC, you know these things are material they've even seen journalists in the that has done documentaries, some of the you know the leading person on the on this issue is called

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Adrien ziens, the guy called Adrienne zins, he's really the first man to be one of the first people to really bring highlight the situation. You know how he did it? He looked at all the government tenders. So China said we sending our tenders to build these massive complexes. Why do you need? Why do you need 50 prisons to be built in the small area? Why? Why do you need any looked at procurement documents?

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10,000, electric cattle prods patterns? What do you need these things for? Right. And slowly through these kinds of documents, we have now an batch of evidence to see what they're doing in China. So someone like this is actively researching He is a professor, so get to know more get to be away. And it's your job to educate and tell someone else about this. You know, that is awesome. So if you see something evil, then let him change it with his hand. But if you can't do that, and smile, many things in the world, we can't do that with our hand with his tongue by speaking out against it. That's vinylon death kmz. Allah I spoke out against at least told someone who didn't know you know

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what's happening in the, you know, what's going on in this region, just by you speaking about it, conveying the message is insha. Allah, you fighting back against opposition. And if you can't even speak out, you can't tell a friend.

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All of you in WhatsApp groups to have a conversation you're going to have around your supper tables this evening to speak about it. If you can't do that, at the very least we should hide it with our hearts through da da. We should feel very bad about it. But if we don't even feel bad about it, and we just move on, then there's something wrong inside. Then there's a prophecy. That's the lowest form of Eman. If you don't even feel bad when your Eman is in a dangerous situation, at least when we speak. Yeah, I see the heads, I see the anger, I see the sadness. That at least is an indication of the some I don't know these Chinese people. I don't know who they are. I don't know anything I

00:31:53--> 00:32:30

don't have. We don't have friends from me. But we feel deeply sad inside. That's an indication of human. So spread the word tell at least one person talk to family about it. We should ask why is our media our media outlets not mentioning this? One of the big media companies in South Africa, they have a very strong presence in China. They own a big company in China. Why don't they speak out on this? Why don't they you know, put this on the front page, we should ask them we should write to the editor. There are many things in the newspapers, opinion pieces, people can write in about anything, anything and everything they write about. Write something, some of you are good at writing, maybe

00:32:30--> 00:33:08

that's your contribution, I'm gonna write a letter and say, I can't believe 1 million people being locked up. And no one is saying anything. We don't bet an island in Panama, what's happening. We invite speakers to speak about DNA, which is very good. MCI car is very, very good. We should also invite speakers to talk about these kinds of operations, to educate ourselves. Maybe you're good at organizing things that do your contribution. The next thing we can also do is we can speak to our representatives, our minister of international relations, basically our ministry involved with international politics, our sister, Lady panda. So Muslim lady Hamdulillah, she's our minister. And

00:33:08--> 00:33:48

so we should better email, you can email her and you can say, what is South Africa's position on this? We have an embassy in China, China's embassy. What's happening? So I, for example, you can say this, I was gonna do my lecture and this email spoke some crazy stuff about China is true. Not true. I just want to know, is it authentic? And what do we say as South Africans about this? last week when we said they were 22 countries that wrote a letter to the UN saying that they are unhappy? What's happening in China? Why was South Africa not part of the 22? Why Why didn't we raise our I mean, just giving a condemnation will means nothing. People have been condemning what's happening in

00:33:48--> 00:33:57

Israel for 5060 years, nothing really happens, at least just to say, I condemn that. Why are we not doing that? Alhamdulillah Africa was not on the list of 37

00:33:59--> 00:34:31

horrible countries that actually approved China's actions. We weren't on that list where Zimbabwe was though, so we should also ask what's happening with our ambassador to China, Miss Seaman, Miss Dolan, Diana Seaman, that's her email as well. She's in China, Oscar, what's happening? Respectfully, as I say, do things with respect, do things with a diplomacy, these are channels, which we use, we use official channels, and we say you wanted our votes not so long ago, you see that we will.

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

If some of you are trying to take pictures of the emails, you know, we stored the slides off to you. So if you don't have or not on our WhatsApp list, give your name, email address your WhatsApp. We'll send the slides you'll have all this information there. So you don't have to take pictures. Yeah. So we should ask them you wanted our votes. We gave you the votes. Now we'd like you to answer our questions. You can speak to political parties the ANC the DA the EF l Gemma, Gemma is in Parliament. Some of you voted for Gemma. One of the things that

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

It will bring Islamic issues to the attention of Parliament. Yes, we are one chain, but we're going to speak it. So we should ask them there is a motion in Parliament, what are we doing about things in China, email them, ask them, we want to see something being said or done.

00:35:15--> 00:35:55

So Africa also, very interestingly, South Africa has a very powerful seat at the UN, the Security Council of the UN is the most the strongest panel. And usually, it's the five big countries, America, Britain, France, China, and Russia. And they get to invite smaller countries to also participate. So Africa is on that council by invitation, obviously, and therefore, it has a vote in some of the highest stage, we should ask them as well to use that ci on that platform. Because South Africa is moving very close and cozy with China, we need to ask these questions. We're doing business with these people. So we need to understand, of course, we can also do things financially.

00:35:56--> 00:36:36

There are a lot of Uyghurs that have lived, China can come back, they living as refugees throughout the world. And certain organizations that look to help these people, or people ways of bringing them, bring them back. And then of course, a fault, the more detailed the accountants sitting here, the people that guy's with numbers, someone needs to do research, which companies are actually active in this province. A lot of the technology that is being used for surveillance, facial recognition, is going to be used in cell phones is going to be exported. A lot of smart a lot of people are looking at I listened to a long three hour documentary by MIT symposium, MIT, Harvard,

00:36:36--> 00:37:07

and they spoke about technology. And that old technology is being used in this. A lot of cutting edge technology is being tested in this area. Some countries are looking at and saying, Oh, that's a good idea. We should be doing some of that stuff. So we need to ask these questions. And the businesses we do with the people bow partners. Do they have blood on their hands, and we should boycott these people? We boycott Savonarola, companies that don't treat animals correctly, and we should we should boycott them. What about people, we don't treat people feeling.

00:37:08--> 00:37:49

I ended up with something of positivity and optimism. A lot of the commentators have said, the one thing China hates, with all the power, and all they might like every dictator, like they don't like the party government, like all these dictators, they hate bad PR, it hurts them. A criminal always knows what he's doing is wrong. And when his crimes are made known, it really hurts you. And they have the full is a website for examples file in all these anonymously, people may Allah bless them. They collect all these accounts of people throughout the world, documenting my son mistaken, I was taken and they put it up there. And once it's online, and it's made public, automatically friends

00:37:49--> 00:38:00

and family are suddenly released from these detention centers, because they feel very ashamed when these things are made public. China wants to be seen as a global leader, they want to be seen as a good clean government.

00:38:01--> 00:38:31

Probably human rights. So these things really hurt them. So make your voices heard and inshallah through that, as the Prophet says, If you speak out against it, maybe that will be enough without raising the hand. The professor says, the growth of the greatest forms of jihad is to speak a word of truth to the face of a tyrant. That's a very difficult thing to do. So these measures can work because Neela and each and every one of you have an obligation to do this. Allah gives a promise and Allah says,

00:38:33--> 00:39:12

Allah has promised those who have a man among you and has done good righteous deeds, that He will surely grant him succession meaning authority, goodness upon the earth, just as He granted it to those before them. Also look at his thing. Ultimately, the good guys are gonna win. You don't have to worry about that. You just do have a man and you do good deeds, what's in your power and Allah will give the success we believe that we believe that is belongs to Allah, authority belongs to Allah, everything belongs to Allah. Our job is we do what we can do. And the race is in the hands of Allah, and that you will surely establish for them the religion which he has preferred for them,

00:39:12--> 00:39:52

they will surely surely substitute for them after so let's see if I will. If you do these things, listen to this ayah Allah says, we will substitute for them the fear, the insecurity, substitute that they worship Allah, none but him, Allah will replace that with securities Allah, Allah promises that from from us. What do you see is every man do good deeds, and Allah will do the rest alone will take care of the rest. We also last panel data to have mercy on every single person in this dunya May Allah help the oppressed and the oppressor? May Allah guide the oppressor, and May Allah alleviate the hardship of the oppressed. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us for our

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

shortcomings, Malaspina data help grant us to be proactive and do good to the soma. We will leave this world

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

Better than the way we find found it and Allah forgive our shortcomings. I mean, as I said this this topic deserves so much more attention. We'll move on to talking about Hajj insha Allah in the weeks to come. But if you have any comments wishes, you can always email me and we can talk more on this. Just a few announcements. As I said height season is upon us for those who like to go through the budget.

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You can speak to the back also the hedge course if you'd like to know the ins and outs of hedge we did a one day crash course on hedge the exit of hedge everything you need to know inshallah that's on the USB you can actually get this free if you give us if you want it via WhatsApp, we'll send you free. The one for free is only for the USB and then you can always send the USB back to get updated any other material. In other announcements. Our sister David's the daughter of the letter G Sally David jemalloc. She has passed away today

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also thank you so the Genesis is a system for anti fragile maciejewski was allowed to grow into genital filters they have mercy in in her cover and Alhamdulillah different Friday's a good sign similar on that Piazza is a good info what hamdulillah then

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