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Have you ever seen this happen?

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Saad Tasleem

Channel: Saad Tasleem

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When was the last time

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you saw someone change their opinion in the comments of a post? So when was the last time like two people are going at it? In the comments, you know, like back and forth and back and forth. Like I disagree. Here's my evidence who did it? And then after like 30 comments, one person says, oh, okay, just like, You know what, you convinced me I was wrong. And you're right. I personally have never seen that happen. Maybe you've seen it happen. But it's almost never that online. Someone goes Oh, you convince me because we went back and forth in the comments. I have seen it happen in person. I've seen it happen when talking to someone and giving them the evidences and really, you know,

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dissecting the issue and getting to hear from someone that you know, you can convince someone in person, but online, it's it's so difficult