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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala so less than Malik Maha to light out of our cattle.

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The other results you will come in here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2012 they 24

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today inshallah tada I'd like to talk about the Zakat as it is one of the pillars

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of Islam. But also the other side that has to be paid out in, in Ramadan, which we call as a cattle federal

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Zakat of federal brothers and sisters is isn't is obligatory upon every Muslim who's self supporting, if he has one PSA or more than then that he needs a food for himself and his family on the day and night of eight. So, it is obligatory on every Muslim who is self supporting, if he has one PSA or more

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than he needs a food for himself and his family, on the day and night of a

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and that would explain what assignments First of all, the basis of this is reported,

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is narrated by him, and this is agreed upon as reported by Buhari and others, that the Prophet it is not to say them, you know, almost says that the Prophet enjoins the cattle federal law of dates, or a PSA of barley, barley upon all the Muslims, slave and free, male and female, young and old, and the Prophet Assalam he commanded that the Zakat to be to be paid out before the people went out to pray. Yeah, and he before the the the the aid center after the aid prayer hall was the captain federal and you could give it as a kettle federal is will not be counted as a cat it will become counted as as sadaqa.

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Also, besides Audrey Hina rates, as as agreed upon and headed with regard to the profit it is Sam says

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us that that there's a capital set aside of food or a set of dates or the size of barley, barley, or the size of raisins are the size of dried yogurt, this is all some of the you know this is imported again and agreed upon. And in terms of what could come out in form of Zakat and federal or the federal

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what is meant by side

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suddenly, brothers and sisters is four times the amount that may be held in the hands of a man of the average belt and the I'm not gonna bring somebody who's eight feet tall or someone who is three feet tall any average build you know Mashallah there's some people who are like they have these huge ends you know, Mashallah like a Boba Fett even when he you know used to be huge national on big on average build

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a four times the amount that may be held into hands. How much can you hold like this? Four times of that that's a sigh

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one side of date barley, raisins, or, or or food ganja like rice.

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If a person does not pay their cuts, and then differently that person is sending.

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That person is sending

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the other socket

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the socket of the web

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is different than does a cat of the fit of

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the cattle. Well, there's a cattle man is does a cat that is in fact, one of the pillars of Islam. The Pillars of Islam as you as you know is

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you know, bearing witness that there is no one worship with their worship but Allah and then you have the Sunnah. And then you have the Zakah

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that Zakat, it is not the fitrah it is in fact as a cat of Alma as the cut of the wealth, which some of scholars said, you know, could be paid out in Ramadan as well with the is a cut of the Federal

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what is the as long as it reaches or it meets two criteria, two criteria for you to pay the Zakat of the world you know now we're moved from sacchetto federa. As I understand it, explains a catheter could you know come out it has to come out

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before before you pray, need and it

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could come out in form of food, you know what it is prescribed for it to come out in the form of food. But if you give it let's say, as a as a as monetary, let's say funds, and you give it to a mosque and you say, Okay, I'm giving this money, but you guys need to buy food with it and distribute it amongst and distribute it amongst the, amongst the poor and the needy. So you could make that, you know, sort of, you know, requirements, you say, I want my money to come out in form of food as a federal, you know, I don't want you to give it to them in the form of clothing, or I want this jacket, the Federal to come out in form of food, so you could give it as cash so that they

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can buy food for the poor and the needy before before you pray ate. Now, now we move to the cattlemen, the cattlemen is, is is a pillar of Islam.

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And it's got to meet two conditions. first condition, it's got to meet the nisab second condition is got to make one Fuller, you know, lunar full lunar calendar. What is the nisab, then in sub Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters is 20 myth con 20 myth kind of gold 20 myth kind of goal is 85 grams of gold, or 595 grams of silver, if you have an amount of money, that is equivalent to 85 grams of gold, or 595 grams of silver, then you have to pay 2.5% on that amount. But there's another criteria. The other criteria is that it has to make one full lunar lunar calendar any one full year, if you have an amount that is equivalent to 85 grams of gold, or 595 grams of silver, right, and

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then it has made one full year one full lunar calendar and from let's say, less than a month to get to Ramadan, then you have to pay out 2.5% on that amount. Let's say in Canada here,

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gold is let's say about four or 540 something per ounce,

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which is about $18 per gram. So $18 per gram, if we time you know that

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times 85 grams, that will be about 15 $100 and $1,500. Right? So that $105,000 is the amount if I have $1,500 in my account, or more, right? So that's 85 grams of gold. If I have $1,500 in my account or more,

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which has made one full year during a calendar, then I have to pay 2.5%

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on that as Zakat charity has to come out as charity to the poor enemies.

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Understood, can I?

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How about if I have 1500? You know, last Ramadan, I had 1500 and then

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and then it made one full lunar calendar and then before the the year completed, it went down to 1000 do I need to pay zakat? No, you don't have to pay zakat. Why won't because it you know, the 1500 has to make one full lunar calendar one full year, it did not meet you know, it did not make it we went only about nine months. And then before it made, you know, completed the 12 months, I had less How about if I have 1500 and then

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and then it you know, less Ramadan. And then six months later, it went up to 2000 and then this Ramadan, I have 2000 you know, let's say 2000 in my account, no, I started doing 1500 now I have 2000 which you know, should I pay zakat on the 2000 or the 1500. You pay zakat on the 1500. Why? Because 1500 made one full year 2000, the 2000 there that 500 extra, it came let's say sometime around, you know half of the year so it has not made one full lunar calendar. So you only have to pay zakat on the 1500. But some of the scholars said that you may pay you know 2.5% on the 2000 so that you you know, don't have to pay it again. So you can pay you know Zakat on the 2000 per annum

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but in terms of what you have to pay is you have to pay for the amount that has made one full lunar calendar but if it went below the threshold and below the nisab then you don't have to pay us You don't even have to put music out Can I

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Some people ask me Jeff Can I give my Zakat in the mail to my parents? No You cannot give the kettlebell to your parents you have to you know your parents you have to if you can support them you do support them, but you don't give us a cut your parents you know it's not it's not be fitted to them. You have to support your parents. But don't you know, give them the Zakat Masada

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your brothers same thing that your brother you

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Could Some said you know you could help your brothers if, if they're in that nap that you have to pay because Allah subhana wa Tada. In fact, he says insalata tilbyr about the categories that eight categories of people that are eligible for Zakat in Masada how to deal for a while, Misaki when emelina Allah when we left at the Apollo boom Kabhi wilhemina what he said, Videla Wabi Sabi, it categories is that cash expenditure are only for the poor, and for the needy, and for those employed to collect it and if people going around collecting Zakat, you can give them as a cat, and for bringing hearts together for the stem and the newly comers to Islam, for bringing you know their

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hearts together, and for free and captives, any slaves and for those who are in debt, and for the cost of Allah and for the stranden for the stranded DNA, the traveler, these are all you know, these people, all these categories, eight categories, the Zakat is sort of can be paid out to them.

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So, these are the you know, again with regard to Zakat and Matt I know there this could be you know, a lot of questions with regards as a cat.

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You could please go and ask your your your your Imam in the masjid. But I just tried to give you here to give you the

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the main point or the main idea with regard to the difference first of all between Zakat, ephedra and Zakat to the man there's a cut of your wealth, which has to be paid out on your own for the world that you have or even your gold you know, let's say you know you have a gold or silver, if you have that gold or silver if the series that you have you know in store for instance, exceeds 595 grams meets or exceeds 595 grams of silver. Well if you have gold that meets or exceeds 85 grams of gold, then you have to pay zakat on that be it wealth as money or or gold and silver. How about if I have a property? Do I have to pay zakat on my property? What if that property you're renting it out?

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You pays a cut on the money that you get from the rent, you don't pay zakat on the property itself but you pick up on the money that you earn from renting out that property you have a rental car Do I need to pay rent in those I cut on all the cars that I have no you pays a cut on the income that you get by renting those cars provided that they meet the criteria the three short which is 85 grams of gold or one full lunar calendar one full year. So ladies and gentlemen you know I wanted to make sure that you know we understand this fact because again, eight is in only about you know seven or eight days and and we need to pay out hours a cat as Allah subhana wa tada says you know, the cat to

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purify yourselves to purify your wealth. That's why we need to pay out the second purify yourself purify your web, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward you abundantly until another until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012 I say I said mid to late gaida