Haifaa Younis – Don’t Blame It On Anyone

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various topics, including Iran, shayurts, and the importance of being yourself. They also mention their love for beauty and impressing people. The speaker emphasizes the need to register in a gym to stay ahead of social media.
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Don't blame it on anyone. Let's make a disclaimer from the beginning of the talk. Don't say it's my husband.

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Don't say it's my children. Don't say it is my family. Why I'm saying this?

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Because that's the excuses. shaytaan is going to put

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in my answer right away should be your answer. If it is your husband, how was the wife of Iran?

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Fear wrong?

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How did she made it? I'll be needy Endoca beaten Phil Jana. Ya Allah build the house

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in Dhaka build the house for me with you in Jana. She chose the neighbor before the neighborhood. They say she put him before Jana.

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Well, it's my children, or Satan and his son was Kapha

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Well, it's my parents will say Nick Brahim. His father was scaffold.

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So don't blame it on people. And don't blame it on Shavon I say this to myself before anyone you know who you blame and I blame. Who?

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Me is the biggest problem.

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I'm not saying the others are not. But the biggest obstacle in my path to Allah subhanho wa Taala as I am living before I go back is me.

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because I love this dunya Don't tell me you don't.

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I love the beauty of it.

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Right? I love to be different.

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I love to impress people. I love to be the most beautiful woman.

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I love to be the most popular person, especially in this day and age, that day off social media.

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So that in the path, the first thing I'm going to do, you know when you go when you say I'm going to go and register in a gym. The first step is you need to sit down with yourself and you need to talk to yourself.

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Where do you want to be at the end?

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