Saad Tasleem – Eid Mubarak! ʿĪd Al-Aḍḥā 2020

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © A person (Speaker 1) is speaking to someone in the audience and discussing the physical appearance of a brother (Speaker 2). Speaker 1 mentions that they had to record the eight messages indoors and that everyone had to wear a mask. They also talk about how the aid was different this year due to the Coronavirus and how everyone had to wear masks. Speaker 1 then gives an update on the law and mentions that someone wanted to settimane cool.
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Sit on one acre want to live at a counter. This is your brother side to sleep. I really quickly wanted to wish everyone a very happy Mubarak aide here from Maryland in the United States of America. I usually record these eight messages outside but it is pouring here today. So I had to do it indoors. But I'd love to hear where you are celebrating your aid. Please tell me in the comments below. Also, tell me how your aid was different this year. Due to the Coronavirus here, I haven't done that we managed to bring your aid in the mesh did. But obviously it was different. We had a limit of people in the masjid and everyone was six feet apart. And of course everyone had to wear a

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mask. So prayer was very different. But then we managed to establish the eighth prayer and that is the beginning of the day. I just got back from the eight prayer. And let's see how the rest of the day unfold and jela Doudna but let me know how your EAD is different this year and obviously where you are. All right. I'll catch you later inshallah. Take care of settimane cool what about the law. He wanted to

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