The Spiritual Ladder – Diplomacy and Tactfulness

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. Allah subhanho wa Taala has instructed us in the Quran to invite towards the pristine teachings of Islam. But coupled with that Allah has also impressed upon us the importance of executing this injunction with wisdom and diplomacy. Often we engage in the first portion of this command, but we remain negligent and oblivious about the second aspect, and that is diplomacy and wisdom, while our toda de la Hillel kitabi in ability here accent and do not argue or debate with the people of the book, but in a good manner. Now let's just reflect over the impeccable legacy of the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi

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Salam who features in no less than 25 chapters and 63 verses of the Quran. And Allah has lavishly extolled His praises in the Quran. So on a particular instance, Ibrahim alayhis salam is sitting with his nation and his people. And they are a nation gripped by idolatry and polytheism. And he glances through the skies and there is a beautiful star, Twinkle twinkle little star for them agenda Allah Hill lane when he looks at the, the Gabon he sees the star. So he says be are you people alleging assuming claiming that that is my Lord, as you would say as you would believe? Okay, let's wait and see what happens. So after a period of time the star disappears. Tallulah or Hubble

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ethylene Ibrahim alayhis salam seizes the moment with great wisdom. He says I'm sure you will agree with me. We don't want to be worshipped in something or someone that appears and disappears which is transitory which is not anchored and on a particular night on a different night as scholars say they sit in again and then there is the moon and the moon is bright and it's shining and you could see the radiance of the moon. So he says Be Basilan. This is bright, probably this is it not the star This is the one for them. But after a period of time even the moon disappears. So he says that in lamea Houdini Robbie la Conan I mean alchemy, volleying. If my Lord does not guide me, then I will

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be from amongst the deviant ones. He did not say I will be from amongst you. He used it in a generic context, right? Atari is doing a three insinuation without being explicit. Then on a different instance, he sees the sun and it's bright and of course we know the brightness of the sun. So he says has a rugby has a cover, while this is really bright, far greater than the moon or that of the star for them after that. But when the sun tipped on the western horizon, and night had fallen, he said in the very own memento to recall, oh my nation, I publicly disassociate myself from all the objects that you worship besides Allah in New Jersey to Virginia, Lila de fatorda. some odd, I focus

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my exclusive attention to the Almighty. The scholars say he gradually developed first he said, I don't like things that appear and disappear. Then he said, if my lord doesn't guide me, I will be from the deviant people. And on the last stroke and on the final engagement, after he exposed the feebleness of these objects, that's when he said I this associate, so the message My brother is invite to the truth, but do so with wisdom and diplomacy. Like I always say, be an ambassador of the truth. But if you cannot be an ambassador, then don't be an obstacle to the truth.