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Celebrating Thanksgiving

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Saad Tasleem

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Does that make sense? That makes a little bit of sense. But do you think like, like, is it better to celebrate Fourth of July or Christmas?

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In terms of what you know, like partying and stuff.

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Okay, I'm assuming that like the partying is Hello, Tom like halaal partying, right? Of course, of course, of course.

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The fourth, so what exactly is being celebrated on the Fourth of July? American imperialism?

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I knew that's where you that's the road, you're taking me down, right? So

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let me give you a clear example. Let's put Fourth of July aside. Let's talk about Thanksgiving. Right. Okay. So what why do people celebrate Thanksgiving? Let me hear this.

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American imperialism. Okay. Exactly. And like a genocide of the natives, right? So, the problem with thanksgiving and I know people listening be like, Man, everything's hot on now. Like all the holidays, we celebrate our hat on now. But you know, I gotta, I gotta speak the truth, right? The problem with Thanksgiving isn't a religious problem. Because it's not a religious holiday, even though I've heard some arguments being made in terms of like, oh, the pilgrims were Christian or whatever. But we'll put that aside, right. It's a it's a cultural holiday. It's associated with

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America, the United States of America. So from that side, like you can't really say like, oh, this is how long but as a Muslim, should we be sensitive to the social implications and like, the, the history of it, and what Thanksgiving means to like natives like Native Americans? Absolutely. So that is something that we should be aware of and conscious of, and, you know, we should be we should be woke to that, to use that term that a lot of people don't like, but you know, yeah, but I think Thanksgiving is the only time you can get a long Turkey though. Yeah.