Slow Down in Ramadan

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Assalamu alaikum today I want to discuss slowing down in the month of Ramadan.

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What I mean by slowing down is slowing down in our acts of worship, and in specific slowing down our prayer. Look, I know outside of the month of Ramadan, it's easy to feel like our prayer is just a ritual, we need to get it done, get it over as quick as possible and get back to work or go back to school and get back to doing whatever we were doing. Just get it out of the way. But in the month of Ramadan, as our spirituality comes into focus, this is the time where we can work on our prayer as well. And one of the ways we can accomplish that is simply by slowing down slowing down the prayer as a whole, but also slowing down the specific aspects or the specific parts of the prayer. So

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spending more time in every position of the prayer. So when we are in the record, spending more time in record, letting our body settle into that position. Likewise, when we are incensed that letting our body settle into that sense that also that means moving from one position to another position slowly so going into the court slowly coming out of the record is slowly going into sense that slowly coming out of the sense that slowly making a conscious effort to beautify the physical aspects of our prayer. I know we make an effort to beautify other aspects of our prayer which beautify our recitation and so on and so forth. But likewise, making the physical aspects of the

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prayer, the movements of the prayer, beautiful as well. Another way we can slow down our prayer, what would help in slowing down our prayer is making sure that we have enough time to pray Our prayer meeting, not waiting until the last minute to pray the prayer. So making sure there's enough time so not delaying the huddle until just offset is about to come. We're not doing awesome, until just momentum is about to come, for example. And actually the person who gave us this very specific example, if I said I'm actually referred to this prayer, as a prayer of the hypocrite instead of said, this is the prayer of the hypocrite, the one who waits until the sun is just about to set and

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then they quickly pick out for a cause of prayer law Yokota lafiya in their calendar. At first, it doesn't remember a lot in these four articles, except for just a little bit. There's very little time they're rushing to the prayer, they're trying to get it done. So there's no time to remember a lot. There's no time to beautify the prayer. There's no time for the heart to be settled in this prayer in this heart to really benefit from this prayer. You know, and I mentioned this point about Ramadan before that sometimes we get caught up in numbers and amounts and so on and so forth. Our priority in our bond should be just like our priority outside of the month of Ramadan and that is

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our obligatory our fund prayers and back making the most of those fun prayers. So we shouldn't be spending the most amount of effort in beautifying and perfecting our prayers. Before we ever turned to the suddenness of the new iPhone and tada we had a family and obviously we can do both. That is the best but our focus should be our prayers, making them the best, the most beautiful, the most beneficial prayers possible. So take advantage of the spirituality of the month of Ramadan, take advantage of the blessings of the month of Ramadan. We all know and understand that it is easier to worship Allah in the month of Ramadan, so use this time to help beautify your prayer. Take your time

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when it comes to your father prayers, at the very least, and Allah has power to Allah knows best take care of us and I'm on equal what I meant to lie or what I can do.