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The history of Islam is discussed, including the title of Islam and the title of the throne, as well as the importance of protecting against oppression and sham areas. The speakers also discuss predictions and predictions from Islam's founder, their importance, and the need for a strong faith in oneself. They also talk about emotional struggles and the importance of not giving up on promises. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a book on Islam.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim one of the scholars have said stories in the Quran is specifically prophets stories are Joon Min julu Dilla, one of Allah soldiers that he uses to strengthen the heart of the people. When the island he said the statement the people listening one of them said Matt that he look What's your proof? So we quoted in a year from the Quran he says Allah subhanaw taala says or will be lacking the shaitaan regime will Kula Nakusoo Allah came in and Rasul or Mohammed or believers we tell you the stories of the prophets in the Quran, why man who said b2b for Isaac, what makes your heart strong during the times of fitna and tribulation? This is the time that we are

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desperate and Allah tells you the stories of prophets are of the greatest aspect and means to make you strong. May Allah strengthen all of your hearts, me Robin Alameen. And now we're not going to talk about any profit. We don't differentiate, we believe in all of them. Lando Federico, by now has a minimum in terms of Eman we believe in one and disbelieve in the other law. But there is a differentiation as in two is better than the other. But this prophet of today Alayhis Salam is special. He is not just a prophet that Allah sent is one of odorless mineral so what does that mean? One of the top and elite prophets Allah sent and who are the five helped me out the shell give me

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any top five give me one. New Haile Salam Excellent. But Ibrahim Ali Salam, every Sunday Maryam Muhammad wa sallam and Musa accent May Allah bless you protect you and grant you the companionship of all five say I mean, Musa Ali Salam, the most mentioned prophet in the Quran. Isn't that just good enough of a start? The most mentioned name of a prophet in the Quran, how many times about 136 times the name of Musa was on the Quran? And how many sewers about actually over 30 songs out of 114 Musa Ali Salaam is the one who should all have insha Allah when you see him in Jannah you will say Jazza Hello halen white. You will see him in general you might even probably give him a hug why?

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Because without Allah and then him I had to take a break to go pray my 47th Salah

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What do you mean I'm confused? Rasool Allah Azza wa sallam when he received the obligation to pray to Allah. Allah says come sooner. Salah 50 Salam, and by the way, Allah would never make it possible except that you can do something for Allah 50 of them. But Musa alayhis salam when he saw Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says Ma Ma Karabo COVID Allah obligate upon you. He says come sooner Salah 50 Salawat he says bro I dealt with Benny yesterday is yesterday Allah go and ask for the thief to lighten the number back and forth until it became five but five in movements but 50 and reward. May Allah make you steadfast upon Salah say I mean, so now your love to Musa should have

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grown to the next level. Musa alayhis salam is the only prophet Allah has recorded in the Quran since the creation of Adam, that he spoke to Allah while he is on earth. Tomorrow Mohammed salah I said the word Earth Mohammed Sam spoke to Allah while he was in the heavens and Musa gate was given the title Kaeleen Allah the one who spoke to Allah subhanho wa Taala the story of Musa last part before I jump right to the story, is has full of lessons full of lessons to the one who was born in chaotic times, whether warzones mudjacking if you had to the people that were born in COVID, and it could everyone is tested according to their Eman being born in COVID. I remember him and my daughter

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may Allah bless her and all my daughters, I mean and all your children. When COVID hit, she was still a baby. And then she's growing a little bit when she saw people coming to the house when things were coming a bit loose in terms of rules and visitation. She would be terrified. She used to be extremely quiet and Subhanallah it kind of makes you sad a little bit does it not? Especially the children at that time may Allah bless them and protect them. This story is for children and people who were raised in rich families. May Allah make you all rich and Dean, Amira, Bellamy and dunya was good for you. Right? And this story is also good for people that come from poor families that hold

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off with a little bit how is that possible? That's mu Sally salaam, rich family you will see poor family you will see for the ones who fight for injustice. Musa is your role model to learn from and to those who committed the crime. Learn from Musa Subhan Allah to the one who fight for injustice, I will learn from him. And for the ones who have committed a crime. I will learn from him now. He's a human being at the end of the day, to the ones that are very isolated that have no one around them to the one who have

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whole nation following them, Musa alayhis salam is the one to look up to and and the highlight the highlight of all highlights to the ones who are oppressed and Muslimeen la comme goodworth. Emotionally salami have a role model in Musa Ali Salaam and his Yaqeen and certainty in Allah subhanho wa taala. Brother Bismillah go for it. When did this happen? Where was Musa Musa alayhis salam was in Egypt. But before I tell you about his birth, before I tell you when he came to this dunya let me tell you a little bit about history. So Egypt obviously we know where is Egypt, what continent in Africa right by without getting into too much political matters about Africa and some

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people said when he talked about the map, it should be upside down. So Africa should be on the top and North America the bottom but and when it gets a little bit too political sometimes, but let's make the session simple. There's a guy his name is Ron, is that his name? Well, that's the title. It's a title. So everyone who leads during the time of Egypt at that time is known as the throne. What is his actual name? We don't have a specific confirmation from the Quran or sunnah. That was he a good leader, he was absolutely miserable. He was actually the worst for out of all pharaohs. He was so arrogant, such a narcissist that he went as far as saying, I'm not a buku Malala he got so

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obsessed about himself that he said he's God, Mission he's the best I'm number one. No one is better than me. No, I am God, I am worthy of worship. You are nothing without me. You all need me and not a book called Allah. He went so far in his boom in his oppression in his arrogance. They had to oppress an entire nation to maintain his position and seat who is that nation? He oppressed? Were they the Egyptians? No, it was Benny straw eel. Okay, they were like Muslim immigrants. Who are Benny is trying to words Benny means what children is through email, pay close attention. My my friends and colleagues it says add this in your in your notes. Benny is ready. The children of

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Israel Sri eel is a name of Prophet. Don't forget that evident because sometimes people curse that it's about aid and so on. So he is in a beam and via Illa is a prophet of Allah. What's his other name? Yaku. So Prophet Yaqoob Jacob is Israel is the same man by just different names. So when we say Benny is surat al we're talking about the children of Israel. How many children does Israel Isla Alayhis Salam have or had 12 Excellent. Tell me one famous son he had use of is an excellent use of Valley salaam he was from a sham from Philistine area and so on. So use of Valley sand you wonder okay, if they were born there, and Yaku was from the sham area, what brought them to Egypt Long

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story short, Yusuf Ali salaam moved to move to Egypt and eventually became the financial minister of Egypt and just like many people, especially in Dearborn, right when one uncle moved for example from Yemen you have the whole family move over a lot we got a shovel Hamdulillah we got a Chrysler we got this we got that we got all the good stuff right handed me Allah bless all of your family say I mean and that's useful for a Salah moved he had a good job good income he told his whole family come move and all of a sudden he ended up in Egypt. Time passes by hundreds of years eventually Benny is right he moves from being leaders in the government to being people who are receiving so much oppression

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from this man right here for our May Allah protect us from all frowns even our time and you know, Bill al Amin, now this Pharaoh he was hearing a lot about someone some religion according to him, Abrahamic religion, that there might be someone eventually who will help Benny a slight eel and lift the oppression and so on. But he didn't take it too too serious. Until one night he woke up fuzzer from a nightmare. In this nightmare, he wakes up yelling, screaming, this Pharaoh in his palace in his mansion. What is scaring God today? Subhanallah what's scaring you today? It's a nightmare he had. So he called all the magicians all the dream interpreters, all the fortune tellers, all the

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priests all the chiefs. You have to help but he's going nuts everyone just come. What do you want? Just get up for around once you it's late at night. You either get up or you will stay sleeping forever. What do you want to do? I'm coming I'm coming. So they all came to frown. What's the matter? Yeah, you had medic? Yeah, you are robbed whatever. They said. What's the matter? He's a dream. A nightmare that I had. I want to know what does it mean? What's the dream? He said I dreamt nah, fire comes from a sham area. This fire is coming and goes

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destroys all of the homes of the Egyptians while but then the Coptic people but it does not harm the people have been installed in we all live in the same area correct Benny is right in and the Egyptians and so on now they are in Egypt. But this fire burns all of us but not many slaves these losers. What does this mean? They come together

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they're nervous they have to tell them they have to tell him what's the dream should we say as is just say it as is there's telling the truth. You agree that's what it means right? Yeah, true. Consensus any difference of opinion? It's talent talent. Yeah, frown.

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We all have agreed on the meaning of the dream.

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This dream means hula moon, a young boy who is born from Benny Surah Al which originally from a sham originally that will come the throne you take over your kingdom and change the religion of the land. And this boy shall soon be born what

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one of many why is this wicked people takes over my throne no way soldiers are sub angry. Command what's the command sir? Yes sir. From now on every single baby boy that is born kill them

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What about those who never tonight the moment you hear a baby crying from a house that means the delivery took place you kill them no questions asked. No one opens up their mouth you will be who Urbana home wire stuffing is

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a home in who can Amina move CD in Allah said he killed either

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not not throwing them in the river and let them drown No, with a knife and cut them off and right in the house and they leave them in the walk by so what about the girls let them survive in this pain. May Allah protect us all y'all Rob? Misery, Allah says he's a corruptor. He's a corruptor. And I want you all to remember something. If Brown says every boy shall die, and Allah wants to make one survive, then no power in the world can stop that. So Allah yes or no? So the whole world of all of us, all of us wants to move this poster right here. This painting all of us are you lucky said yes. Go all of us and Allah wants it to remain Wallah, he no power in the world will move it. And the

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opposite is true. If Allah subhanho wa Taala wants it to float in the air, and all of us tried to put it back. Allah will not put it back if what he wants is to float in the air. And always remember that if Allah is with you, then it doesn't matter who's against you. He took all the means. And now the rule is being applied. How does it work? There are soldiers along with them. They are midwives if you wish to say who are responsible to mark every house that is expecting a baby. So they go through all of Benny Israel neighborhood, and they were some say in the hundreds of 1000s. And the moment they know there's a pregnancy, there's a mark on the house, and they check the due date. And

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they always check what happened the child, every mother and father and family that were once excited to have a baby maybe even decorated the room. Maybe they just got married two years ago or so. And that's their first child. After all that joy. It's night. It's a nightmare. And they all pray. Yeah, Allah, please protect us. Yeah, Allah help us. And no one wants to have a baby boy for what a disaster it may be. And I will not exaggerate. I believe if I say perhaps the next day there was a baby was delivered, you may agree possibly. And possibly the next day, the shoulders walk in to hear the baby crying. Maybe the mom doesn't know what's going on. They grab their baby. It's a boy and

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they get with a cut and kill and throw him in the house. And they leave why there's a lot of babies to take care of well as a biller, but why. What will Allah do to people that separate the children from the parents? You Allah, Yahweh, yo yo, we are Willa. Whoa to the one who separates between the parent and the child. These are not my words, though. It's common sense. Look to rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah said him said, he says men for Raka baignoire leader tinware whoever separates a mum from her children and also for the father's works for ROTC Allah who may know who they know better he'll Nakayama. You will be separated from your loved ones mo Qiyamah. You will be isolated

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you'll be alone and what I that that will be May Allah protect us. So don't be a mini for our own and separate people from their families and justly May Allah protect us not just that Allah says to those who cut the family will very strong language be ready with a Kalina Anna whom Allah they're the ones that

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Allah says I will show no mercy to for our son mo am Apsara home, I'll make them death. I'll make them blind. No thing can change. Nothing can change them. It's over for them. May Allah protect us. And be aware when you do such moves. The soldiers kill a baby after the other. Some said 1000s of babies have died already.

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There's a complaint being raised.

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The Chiefs they gather frown, we want to share with you a concern here. What do you guys want? Okay, see all the workers that we have all the dirty job then not one muscley or 50? Does? Who does it? When you say okay, what do you guys want? So when they eventually these workers get old, they retire, there's not another generation that will continue the job. So then we can have a really big time shortage of employees. So what he has proposed? I'm on Guam. How about you just do something like change the rule a little bit do something. He said, Okay. I want a year we kill all the baby boys. And a year we spare them? What do you guys think? Sure. I'm sure every one of them thinks it's

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just dumb anyways, like, what about what was that one year that this guy comes out? Right? According to them, anyhow, the rule changes the notes. The news spreads like wildfire. Guys, Hamas one year there's killing of babies one year There isn't. There was a mother.

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Who when hamdulillah was pregnant during the year when there's no killing of babies hamdulillah and then when she delivered it was a boy So Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. And that boy was a wonderful child. His name was Harun right Harun who was coming in sha Allah right, Harun Allah is Salah. Some say Harun had he had a sister, a wonderful sister, some say her name was Maria. So now they have she has two child, this wonderful mom, Mother yum and how to My name is the older sister. No, the year of killing babies comes.

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And many people here know that even if you don't want to have a child, Allah can still make it happen. Even if you take all the precautions, all the measures, to not have a child, it can happen. And if it happens, no one complains about Allah. Because remember later you can leave Allah on us and Illa Allah will never make something happen like that in your life. When you cannot handle Oh, I have already five kids, I can't believe I had the sixth one come in. There's, I can't do this love Allah, you can in sha Allah you can, because Allah will never make it happen. Unless you can handle. And this exactly what happened. The mother of her rune is now pregnant. But now it's during the year

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of killing baby boys. She's not sure if it's a boy or a girl. But she wants to take the means that has been as bad and she will do whatever is necessary to do what? Hide the pregnancy. She doesn't tell her friends doesn't tell no neighbors. She's risking her life now. Why? Because if she ended up eventually being exposed, she has a baby boy, she will to be killed. Because you never told us. He never signed up when you're pregnant. We have a whole registration process. You never did it. So you and your kid and whoever knows and was silent will also be killed. May Allah protect us all. I mean, so then this happens to her, she's still insist on to take the means I want to hide my pregnancy,

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she ties it a rope around her stomach, whatever is necessary. Not that any signs of heaven. But then eventually,

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contractions take place. Nine months or so had passed by. And now she's trying her best to suppress her pain.

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I don't want to yell. I don't want no one to know. Because it might be a baby boy. Eventually, she delivers the baby. And we delivered the baby as happy as she would have been delivering the baby as sad and concerned as she would be because it's a boy. It's a matter of time, though she took the means you know it's a matter of time until the baby what cries? If he does not already almost pretty much crying and trying to tone down his voice. Right then in there.

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Allah sends revelation to that lady now. What are we hiding

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Musa? How does she get a revelation? Some say Ilham Allah inserted in her heart some say Allah sent an angel. Don't worry about the process. Worry about the results you received revelation. What's the revelation? Here is it is Bismillah already. Allah tells the mother of Musa now the baby it's a matter of time till he gets killed. That's logic. Allah says and are they breastfeed him? Now any mother at that time when there's a child, very likely she never even touched him, let alone breastfeed because you don't make it by the time the soldiers they come. But Allah says up there in okay, then Allah says for you

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50 IRA when you feel scared that the soldiers may know about him for LT he phillium What does it mean? Put them in a box like a coffin, cover the box, put your baby inside it and place them onto the river, let the river let the box go with the flow of the river. Then Allah says, while at the Harvey wanna Zenni don't be scared of what will happen and do not regret doing what I'm telling you to do. In raw do who la keywatcher elu Meenal mursaleen Allah makes two promises. What's the number one number two please because we will need it to the end. Number one, we promise we will bring him back to you. Anyone with intellect and logic as a human level? It makes no sense. But because you're

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dealing with Allah, all wise you trust Allah subhana wa Stylez judgment. So Allah says number two, I will not just return him back to you. Eventually, he will be a prophet of Allah. Allahu Akbar. Musen Allah Sophia, do you know me? What will happen? So what was the first command, Breastfeed the child she grabs Musa alayhis salam, and she starts breastfeeding him. She's done the meal. He's done with drinking the milk. She places him and she started getting what? Scared. He's gonna get caught. What should I do? He's gonna get caught. The soldiers are approaching. Maybe some Rumors are spreading what happens? Allah sends revelation. What's the revelation? Allah says, angiography. Both now go

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put them in the coffin, cover him up and release him for alcohol. Photography. He phillium She's struggling. It's painful. It's difficult. She puts the child into that basket. She covers the basket. I don't know what she did. Did she hug him? Did she cry? Did she talk to him? Did she tell them? Allah promised me we'll be back to mom. Allah promised me we'll be back to mom, Allah. It's been. I would travel for a weekend to do a seminar in Europe or anywhere a weekend will cry because of the kids when they cry for leaving. And when when one of my kids would hit the window. As I'm leaving. I hate dour. I hate Dawa. It's painful. 100 Lamb smelling smells good. But that day I

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wasn't. I wasn't acquit down. I was crying I called my family. I don't want to do this no more. I was traveling to Denmark that day. I'm done. over a weekend I know in sha Allah will come back and sha Allah. Then what about a mom putting your child and logic? You're not coming back? You just miss Adhatoda can Allah Subhan I'm going to trust Allah subhanho wa Taala and she places him in the basket flows and flows. You like She's so lucky.

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Imagine I'm in trouble Allah sends an angel Yeah, mad turn right. Ah,

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yeah. Should we actually want to enter your brother man, I like attending your sessions. I'll be honest, okay. Like it's not perfect. There's a lot of improvement that is needed. But see, these are the parts in the story where I feel like I don't know how I relate to this. I feel like See that's why any lab how many promises that Allah give her how many

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for the tool for command for statement like or for parts, but as in commands to breastfeed them. And when you get scared put them in the basket and under the water that says

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how many promises Allah give you and i

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It's the Quran. sha Allah reveals to her what this is like to if you have a whole Quran revealed to you, full of promises. If you do this, I will give you that Allah told her if you breastfeed them you put them into the onto the river. I will bring him back he becomes a prophet all over the Quran. If you do one I give you two if you do three I give you four if you do five I give you six give me an iron all over the Quran.

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Hamas we never say we cannot really tell us.

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Give me an ayah in the Quran, where Allah tells you if you do one, I promise you to just like the mother of Musa

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Romania tequila, yeah Jalla Jalla Jalla Maharaj Allah says whoever is stuck in a situation, okay, you're stuck in a situation and you do that which is right. And you don't use the Haram resources and you're stuck. Allah promises you I will give you an exit all the doors in closed Allah tells you if they're all in closed, do what's right don't be pressured to haram. Like that one person may Allah forgive her Yato and guider Allah knows the heart. Spirit speaking to that individual with a group of people working in a bar. Why selling alcohol why pouring alcohol why? Brother myself

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family struggling financially Muslim sister Why Muslim? My family struggling financially? I'm going to college any tuition payments la tequila Allah bring an exit continue the if there's more one more word one more promise while your resume in high school, right that's it. And Allah said I promise to provide you in ways you've never imagined and many of you here are today especially the elders, you are receiving this brilla from ways when you were a teenager even 20s you never thought you will have what you have today yes or no? agreed that this was a tequila give me another promise as all over the Quran and Hadith

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Bismillah one more. There's a lot so next time you open the Quran, you promise you will try to focus a little bit more on Allah's word, Allah's promise and how he fulfills it go for it.

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I sent you may Allah make you have the Motoki let's see, I mean, whoever relies on Allah, Allah will suffice you but let me give you a hadith last one Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what does he say? So Allah I send them he says Mantella cache and the love whoever leaves something for Allah, or you who's doing the Haram are you is now in a pickle inappropriate relationship, or you as an inappropriate income, you leave it for Allah, I want the whole law higher and min Allah promises to give you better than what you left command will come in. So we continue the story, you will no one will come out or put in review or anything like that. You know what we cannot relate to not say we

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can relate to more than anyone because you have a revelation of 114 source Don sha Allah. So really, she gets this revelation, she puts the child into that basket, it's not easy at all, at all. To basket flows and flows and flows out of all the locations that the Nile River and Allah knows best, what part of it where the basket can land where the basket can go? It is headed towards the worst non negotiable possible location. No, I'm not saying it's headed to a waterfall with fall the basket and the coffin will flip and he will drown luck. I'm not saying in the location where there are alligators and animals. No, it's landing in the worst possible location, it landed right next to

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Pharaoh's palace.

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Sometimes, the worst thing that can ever happen to you would be the best thing that will ever happen to you after that it will bring about the best part of your life. Many people who may be refugees and they move to this country, the people around they felt so bad for themselves. And it's and it's very sad situation, no doubt in that. But sometimes that move that emigration or that migration was the best thing that happened to them agreed. In my situation. I'm an example in front of you. I actually came to Canada as a refugee.

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As a refugee moved to our house, no furniture slept on the carpet. I don't see the ground where the carpet handle we brought a carpet with us. But that was sad family was crying also Pamela but it ended up being the best thing Allah has ever given to us. But when do you realize that not day one or two, sometimes year five year 10 But you have to trust Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah bless you and if one of the best things that happened to my life is seeing you guys in being in your company will lie that's enough of an AMA just Akuma la hip will hamdulillah for being having this wonderful group. May Allah keep a steadfast say I mean, so here, the baby is landing, who sees the

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baby? Servers of ESEA or of the Allah What do you just say Radi Allahu Anta in that palette? Anyone in this palace deserves Radi Allahu Anhu. Yes, there's one person that we know for sure. It is the wife of frown. How she's the best of the best. She's the most humble woman in all of Muslim and I will not exaggerate if I say all Earth. She was someone of generosity and kindness and gratitude to why she still was around. Yeah, relax. You don't know what's happening in the house. You don't know what will happen if she tells him You know what? I'm filing for divorce. You don't know what happens to her. So there's wisdom. There's hikma don't apply the rules in one house on to the other house

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without knowing the conditions of the other house.

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She's a wonderful lady. She knows her husband is not a gut. The guy's sick next in my stomach hurts. Right?

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I don't know. I don't know. I'm just I'm I'm contemplating about how changing the earth or whatever. It's nothing nonsense. He says I'm God. We have no god or anything like that. Right? She knows her husband is a loser. She knows it. He's killing baby boys for no reason. While you're doing this, but she can't talk too much. Her life is on the line. She can't save the kids very difficult. But whatever she can do to save at least one child I will do anything.

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Within my capacity, the coffin arrives next to the palace. And who finds it? The server's of ser Radi Allahu Ana. They pick up the box and say, let's open up. Let's open it. They say no, no, no, listen, if we open it, maybe Asya will get angry that's not get in trouble. Okay? As it's okay, so they bring the box they have no clue what's in there. So what does it mean? The baby's not crying. No, Allah subhana wa Tada. Right, the box is abroad. And we found this right next to it like, Okay, open, she opens the coffin. And immediately, she falls in love with a beautiful baby.

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Mama, the respect she has is unbelievable. Allah says about that baby will take you to a lake and have beaten mini whoever has a pure heart sees this baby will fall in love. So one of the ways to check your Eman, see how much you love Musa alayhis salam. Right. So may Allah allow this session to increase our love towards him to sign up Allah Allah to Allah. So then what happened? She loves him. She says Kurata I only May Allah make him like a source of pleasure to me. And what happens after that she knows that for our knows about this baby boy is obviously from Venezuela in Yes. But of course, who will do that? It's the Year of killing babies. So it's common sense. Also his skin

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color. What about skin color? It's not the skin color of the Masurian and Akbar which is what he was very dark at that time. Musa Ali Salam, some say she It was her who named him Musa. She grabbed that baby. She went to frown.

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She said Karatu Anan leveluk please, this one child, I pass one test for that one child. I'm not saying stop killing the other challenge this one child please correct to find a source of pleasure for me and you please Kellen I beg you love Dr. Lu Assa onion fan.

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Please, for our I beg you, he may be a benefit for us or we may adopt him. And you know, we don't have kids. They never had kids at that time. Just that one day the

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frown says this cariah I'm lucky. Okay source of pleasure for your eyes. But not for me. Sure, don't kill them. Spirit is life.

00:32:24--> 00:33:09

panela don't look at it in a general sense and know us only one life. It's all what you can do is save one person. All what you can do is assist one individual that's your capacity. What do I say to me? Yes or no? It's a blessing from Allah. It's not all or nothing. She was so happy. She was so excited. She had that baby. So here when this happened, she was so happy but Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters, when we mentioned here but the wife of Frauen Allah subhanho wa Taala did not forget about to the mother of Musa so the next area in the Quran, Allah says was behalf on Mimosa law. Allah says the heart of the mother of Musa was empty. And what is it fatty? Empty? Empty from

00:33:09--> 00:33:10

anything you want to eat something?

00:33:11--> 00:33:52

You did you do this thing that you told us to do? I can't think of anything. Nothing. No interest asleep. No interest of feeding herself. No interest to me. Anyone talk to anyone fairly empty, except from thinking about most. Thinking about her baby. Where is he hot? Where'd he go? She was so much in pain but Allah Tala has any remember, but she's an insana. She struggled in very well he agreed he did very well step 123. Struggling you know breastfeeding him though it may not make sense to human capacity, but it's okay. I trust Allah putting she worked hard but Allah is breaking down. Even though she received revelation

00:33:53--> 00:33:56

Feriha empty. She's so sad in how bad

00:33:57--> 00:34:44

in Canada two dB. She was about to say that he opened the door. I lost my son. I lost and you want to hear saw a box into the river that my babies they're in character tube shoes and tell the world the soul does frown. My baby. That's how bad it was for her. That's how much in pain she was at. I asked you before I continue to lie. Please, for all the children. Please don't cause pain to your mom. Well lie it is so painful. No one knows the magnitude of the pain except Allah. And then the mother herself that goes through that. It doesn't love you. I asked you by Allah fear Allah with your mother specifically. Remember, as we all know, in authentic hadith, the Prophet SAW Selim told

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

someone who made his mom cry. He told someone who went to go for jihad. He told him go exam her and go and be with your mom can company or a mom accompany her for in genetic data layer

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

Jenna's right beneath her feet. Remember that May Allah protect you and make your righteous children to your mom. And that's it. I mean, it was she was in pain. But Allah says she was about to say it but then what happened? Lola and Ravana Allah. So Allah said as she was about to unleash, Allah says we had the leash a rope and we tied her heart. Why did the coulomb intimate meaning so she may stay as a strong believer, like see brother another example in your session that I cannot relate to.

00:35:32--> 00:35:40

Right? Imagine I'm about to make something do something wrong then all of a sudden Allah helps me out. How amazing is that? I want to click something internet freezing. Actually that did happen.

00:35:42--> 00:36:24

I was about to click something my phone froze. How many times I gave you before? Really? How many ask yourself how many times you're about to do something that is wrong. It doesn't work out how many times but you want to Allah and yellow but Allah colic and that beneficial way. You have to struggle at the beginning of the road. Are you guys with me? The last area in Surah to uncover the last day. Allah says in the Quran, when Lady Naja do Faena, Lana, the unknown suelen Allah says, if you struggle to be good, you're trying on layout brother, I'm trying. Allah says I promise if you try another promise, it's coming. If you try to become a better man, a better woman, Allah says then the

00:36:24--> 00:37:09

unknown sabudana Allah says, Oh, gotcha, I'll take the right path. I will help you. But you have to do your best to be on the right path in the wheel so tough at the beginning lesson Oh, then you'll get cruise control. Oh, that's nice. But you have to go through that struggle. Very famous Hadith by Allah codici. Allah says woman at 10am She at a two who her wala Allah says whoever walks to me for life, Allah says, if you walk to me, the doors are open. That's an amazing, amazing 24/7 policy. If Allah says if you walk to me, I walk to you be humbled and shy like of course I will do it. Now. If you walk to me, I will run to you but you all what you have to do is take a step this walk, just

00:37:09--> 00:37:31

walk. I'm about to shake myself before I shake you Sarla walk. Yeah, Tarlac all I've been trying to become a better person. You know, you're it doesn't work. And I'm telling you the options. Either Allah is not fulfilling his promise because he said you're trying, or you're doing it wrong, I guess with me, so make sure you do it right. May Allah guide you all to the truth. Say I mean.

00:37:32--> 00:38:13

And right when this is happening, she wants to speak up so loud, we're reaching the end of this session right here. The mother tells her daughter, this wonderful, amazing woman, she tells her *. Ishani See, track your brother down? I don't know. Look around. Be smart about it. Find where he's at. Where did he end up at? And this wonderful, wonderful sister who cares about her brother? All the sisters our brothers learn from Maria may Allah be pleased by her NP please buy you say I mean, she didn't say I don't care about him. You You and dad chose to bring him to this world. Right now. I don't have time for this. I got friends to hang out. No, she listened to mom ba to do it.

00:38:13--> 00:38:53

They knew the root word he then respect to mom and dad. And she went and she put her life on the line and Mahadeva soldier MJ the Disability Law. But she had a very smart, right. She's walking she had to not panic. You know walk through the river. I don't know what she did grab a flower on writing this. Right? I don't know she had to she has to be very smart. If you read the books of Tafseer she had to be very intelligent. Because as even though they found this child they taking care of him. There's still some concern. Who are the parents? If they found that the parents some issue happens but I was just kidding. I'm not ready for this. So she comes and she walks around and

00:38:53--> 00:39:37

then what happens? There's chaos happening in the palace chaos. Why? I'm telling you this within hours from this whole experience. We're just hours Why did the chaos this baby is not stopping the whole crying thing. We brought him so much milk. There's a whole lineup of women trying to breastfeed this boy baby Musa and he's rejecting wahat run la Hill murale their main copy Allah made haram prohibited Musa to accept the milk from anyone except Except to will tell you so as he has nervous the babies dying right before my eyes get me every single possible woman who's able to breastfeed a child go for it. Lineup no one is able to breastfeed this baby boy what's going on? And

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

they're fighting on and get paid by frown and his wife come on. He didn't go in line anything nothing is working. So then she commands take him to the marketplace like literally take baby Musa go to the downtown muscle okay and that time and to say anyone who has milk unable to provide it to a baby, go and attempt to run the soldier anxious

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

The baby's not just crying. He's on the verge of death. Crying so loud. What do we do? The first lady comes I have two children. I swear I just breastfed my one of them. I don't know why he's not accepting this tray. Give me another chance. Wait, another doesn't work. The next lady third four, five. And who sees this?

00:40:20--> 00:40:21


00:40:22--> 00:40:27

She wants to see like Who's that? Oh my god. That's him. Oh my.

00:40:28--> 00:40:42

Oh my Okay. Okay. I'm not a mother so I can attempt. Okay, soldiers. Soldiers. I know it's a very tense situation here to look at birtinya coluna I'm not

00:40:44--> 00:41:03

gonna say When shall I tell you of a family? I'm very optimistic. I'm telling you a family that will give you the absolute care this baby deserves and they will do it with sincerity and wanting nothing but the best come here huh? Come here. Why you say sincerity? Why you say why you're so confident like that?

00:41:05--> 00:41:12

Well, because when you have an opportunity to please the king Pharaoh you will do everything you can to please him because I know we also get paid for it.

00:41:14--> 00:41:32

Okay, these felt there's something that you know that we don't know. The where's the house? Come follow me. Imagine Williams walking by seems to go a little bit faster. Soldiers and whole crew from the the the adopted son of Pharaoh and Queen Asya. Right. She comes knocks on the door of the mother.

00:41:34--> 00:41:36

The mother opens mom

00:41:38--> 00:41:42

there's a stranger a baby. He needs to be breastfed.

00:41:43--> 00:42:00

Okay, and they said we're gonna try and see because he just got her own baby. It's so cute. So lucky to have you have an opportunity to save someone's life anyways. Okay, Mom, try him. Bismillah the machine sees the baby now we're smiling. But now when she sees them.

00:42:02--> 00:42:06

She's being the babies being delivered by farrowed. Soldier back to mom.

00:42:07--> 00:42:15

She grabs the baby controls her emotions, brings him closer to her and he starts drinking the milk.

00:42:17--> 00:43:17

Marian felt relieved. Soldiers were like Yes. Finally. Yes. Go Go Tillandsia other shows Go Daddy, go tell the Queen we found the mother who can be able to breastfeed this child. Go and she's breastfeeding for baby Musa. She crying. She's saying hamdulillah lady so Takanawa Allah who fulfills His promise, say a few hours ago he seemed on the verge of death. And today what? Follow the Dana who Isla Omi Katanga, Rhino, Hawala, Zan, Juanita alamin ah de la Hee ha. Won a king Xsara hula moon. So Allah says and we returned him back to his mom, so that she may see pleasure in her child. And she may not regret whatever happened. Whatever happened of being pregnant, whatever

00:43:17--> 00:44:01

happened, whatever Allah, Allah for her, she will not regret it. And so she may know and all of us know that Allah's promise will always take place, but most people just do not know. Remember Allah's promise. Musa is in the house by now as it tells her one last thing. Can you please move to my palace? And we will pay you by Just breastfeed him here and take care of him. So the mother of Moses says, I have a daughter, I have a son. I have a family. i It will be very difficult for me to move there. Can I keep him with me in the house as a daycare and then at the end of the day or every time there's no meals I can bring him back to you. Sal De La Nina the heart full of mercy on Russia. She

00:44:01--> 00:44:18

said yes and she approved so Musa stayed in the house of his actual mother, but no one knows the details except you guys in sha Allah this time. Musa grows what happens next? We'll throw know what will happen to him and much more after the break inshallah sacrament.