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Saad Tasleem

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We are all tested in this life. We're either tested with hardships and difficulty, or we're tested with ease. As Allah says, When blue can be shared, we will highly fitna and we test you with bad and good as a trial, the bad can be easier to recognize because we know when we're going through something difficult, and we can recognize that as a test. But the ease or the good can be more difficult to recognize as a test when things are going well. We're living a comfortable life, things are going our way. It's hard to see that as a test. But indeed, that is a test. An example of that is Allah has blessed us with wealth. What do we do with that wealth? Do we see that wealth as a

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test? Meaning do we use that wealth to help those who need our help instead of just saying Hashtag blessed do we use those blessings for good? Do we use those blessings to help people