Stop Doing This When Making Wudu!

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Assalamualaikum and welcome to another episode of forgotten soon as today we're going to be talking about our usage of water while making will do

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it is narrated in southern urban magia that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saw the companion said he was making will do and he said to him, Merhaba sort of said, he said, What is this excessiveness outside? And so I replied and said I feel we'll do it sir. Often he said, Can you be excessive while making will do and the process Adam said now Yes, of course, we're in control Alan Turing job even if you are at the bank of a flowing river. What does this Headey tell us? Well, it tells us that first of all, there is a such thing as being excessive when making Lou using too much water Second of all, this point is beautifully highlighted by the example of the process of setting them when he

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said that even if you're at the bank have a flowing river you can be excessive. Now this highlights that point because how can you waste water if you're at a river I mean, the waters flowing No matter how much water you use, you're not going to really decrease from the water of the river. But once again to highlight this point per centum said even if you're at a place where you won't make a difference in the water, even there you can be excessive while making Lulu and sometimes you'll hear people say well the sun number seven is to wash every body part three times we'll make it blue. And that is Yes, that is correct. That is as soon as I set them to wash each body part three times but

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that shouldn't be an excuse to wastewater and be excessive and we say this because all you have to do is look at how much water the president actually used when making will do on us and all the Allahu Allah Allahu Allah who tells us in Sahih Muslim, he says cannon Wu sublicense them yet the water bill mud he said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make will do with a hand full of water Why doesn't bissa either hum set the undead and that he used to make listen with four to five handfuls of water now this is incredible. I mean if you think about how much a handful of water is it's very little water to make all of our will do washing every body part three times with such a

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small amount of water truly highlights how little water the percent of use and on top of that to make a horison the whole bath with four to five handfuls of water once again, this really proves the point that we should be careful and use as less water as possible. And I know some of us are blessed with running water and an unlimited unlimited amount of running water and that kind of causes us to wastewater open up the tap and let the water keep flowing while we're making will do not paying any attention to how much water is being wasted. This goes against the son of the descendant so the Forgotten Sunnah is to be careful with how much water we use and use as little water as possible and

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allows penalty it knows best until next time I sit on one acre what happens when I got there.