Forgotten Sunnahs – Episode 01

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Episode Notes

Ascending & Descending


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The first episode of forgotten contributor Listeners is about a Sun knew related to ascending and descending. Jasmine actions to send people inside a dinner cabinet and makes a statement about wanting to encourage people to climb stairs and ride the escalator. She also talks about how people can apply this advice to their lives, such as using abandwidth or a phone to call a police officer.

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Assalamu alaikum Welcome to the first episode of forgotten suddenness. In today's episode we're talking about the Sunnah related to ascending and descending.

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Jasmine Abdullah, the Companion of the Prophet set ally send them inside Bahati it is narrated, that he says could not eat outside a dinner cabinet what he then azana sabana. He says that when we would climb or ascend we would say Allah Kabbalah, when we would descend or go down we would say Subhana Allah now this is something that the Prophet said will I send them encourage the companions to do so we know this is a son of narcissism and encourage for us as well. So what are some ways that we can apply it in our lives? Well, first of all, climbing the stairs going up or down the stairs when going up saying a lot about it when coming down sinks and panela the escalator the elevator. Also if

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you're in your car or vehicle and the car is going uphill, say button when it's going downhill saying some kind of law or if you're in a plane when the plane is taking off, we say hello, when the plane is landing, we say Subhan Allah those are just some examples of how we can apply this forgotten some into our lives. But I'd like to hear from you as well in the comments below. Let's hear some other ways that you can come up with that we can apply this sooner in our lives as well. And a large bandwidth Yeah, I don't know as best until next time, I sit on what a comb what the law what I can't do