Are You a Good Muslim

Saad Tasleem


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Do you find it hard to think of yourself as a good Muslim? You are watching hashtag asleep.

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Look, sometimes we put ourselves in these categories good Muslim and bad Muslim, practicing and not practicing sinful, pious and so on and so forth. These categories can sometimes actually be restrictive to us, it can actually hold us in and hold us back. Sometimes we underestimate our own capacity for good. Never underestimate your own capacity for good. Yeah, you may live a certain lifestyle right now. It doesn't mean you can't change. Yeah, you may be certain way right now it doesn't mean you can't be different. It's important to be hopeful in your own ability for goodness, not only yourself, but the people around you as well. Never look at someone and say, This is who

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they are. They're just a bad person or a bad Muslim. They can be a good Muslim, and so can you and Allah knows best. Until next time, I sit on one a comb what I'm going to light