The Promises of Shaytan

Riyadul Haqq


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Now Allah has made many promises

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and Shavon has made many promises.

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And these are covered in the Koran long before us shaytaan made a promise to Allah

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Allah forbid mount of waiting.

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He said oh Allah Oh my Lord just as you have led me astray

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look ordinary South Africans,

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I will surely sit

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on the straight path before

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from Mullah at the inner home in Benin ad him woman call for him one a morning wearing Shama ilium? What did you do, Masha clean, and then I would surely come to them

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from in front, from behind, from their right hand side from their left left hand side.

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And then you will surely find many of most of them.

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Not being grateful.

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So shaytaan made that promise to Allah. And in another verse.

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It's even more explicit. What are the hidden the minute Rebbe, they can see them?

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Oh, my Lord, I will surely take

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from Your servants.

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A fix share, meaning some of your servants servants will be mine. I will claim them I will claim a fixed share of your servants.

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Well, it will didn't learn nothing well Omen the unknown what I am or unknown.

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And when I've translated all of these verses with the emphasis, that I will surely I will most assuredly, I will definitely. This isn't an embellishment in language on my part, this is the this is the actual translation of the verses, the syntax and the format of these verses. Every one of them is with emphasis, with emphasis, he said to Allah, well, I will mainly in what I am Ron.

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Well, it will Dylan. He says, and I will most assuredly misguide them.

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And I will most assuredly give them false hope, give them hope.

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And I will most assuredly instruct them, and then repeats again in in the verse

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and then again

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and then last panel with the LSAS of him, yet you don't want more human need him? Well, my DOMA shaped llama in law, hoorah, that shape on promises,

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and gives them help.

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But in reality, shape arm does not promise them anything except deception.

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Our whole life is about promises and expectations.

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So what are these promises that shape arm gives us and what are these hopes and dreams, that shape and feeds

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various simple,

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the love of the dunya the love of wealth, the belief that we are only for this world,

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that there is nothing beyond

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attachment to this world.

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That false promise and the false hope of riches of wealth,

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and not just riches and wealth, but also of peace, of joy, of happiness, of tranquillity which we all seek,

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shape on gives us the false hope that we will discover this joy, this Felicity, this bliss, this happiness,

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this tranquility, in many different things, whether it's in

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food, drink substances, in most importantly in relationships, in wealth, in possessions, in goods, in belongings, in assets, in money,

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in fame, in prestige.

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Regardless of where and when Shavon promises all of these things tours,

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it's a deception.

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And that's why a lot he said to Allah, I will most assuredly lead them astray. I will most assuredly give them hope. I will most assuredly instruct them. Then they will disobey Allah commit sins. It's a longer

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that's not the end of it. Allah says, Yeah, you don't want more human need him. He promises them and he feeds them homes. Well my year in the homeless shape llama la hora. And che bomb does not promise them anything except assumption.

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We are surrounded by the Promise of Allah and by the promise of shape.

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And shape on doesn't just promises he actually threatens us. He feeds us, he fills us with fear. And that's what that verse tells us. A shape on Well, you're in luck, shape on threatens you with poverty.

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This is what drives desire. This is what drives greed.

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This is what drives anger.

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The fear of loss.

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We are not content within a food and drink and shelter and clothing. For today and for tomorrow.

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We are filled with this fear

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that at some given point in the future,

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our will be lacking these things or we lose these things.

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And so

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to thought that possibility of great loss later.

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We wish to fill our coffers right now, with enough that even if we did suffer a loss, we would be left with sufficient possessions to compensate for that loss. It's that fear of loss. It's that fear of poverty, which drives us